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Cat and Mouse [Sage/Social]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Cat and Mouse [Sage/Social] Empty Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:43 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
It was a normal day in the Rune Knight precinct. People running around carrying files, people kissing their boss's ass, people carrying coffee. People bustled around the second floor about their business while Aleksandr watched them from the balcony. He was slacking off for he needed to relax. He took a drag from his cigarette. A slow, stretched out drag. He then turned his head towards the city, away from the busy crowd. He started watching the sky, for all the hustle was too busy and complex but yet boring to him. "I wonder if every day here is so shitty." He said to himself and took another drag. He was in uniform and was on duty. But he had really nothing to do, so he decided to do nothing.

Out of nowhere, the Lieutenant came running into the balcony. Aleksandr looked back at him for the noise had alerted him. 'I wonder why he came running to me when he could have just sent someone to look for me and have me sent to his office. Probably wanted to catch me in the act and scream at me. Ah.' He thought to himself. "Sokolov, what the hell are you doing out here?" The Lieutenant spoke loudly. Lieutenant Harrison was a short man with a bald-spotted head. He moved like he was about to miss a train and always looked like he was in a hurry. Before Aleksandr could even answer, Harrison screamed at him "Get it together, idiot! We've got news that a perp's in the vicinity and I want you to get him. He's been troubling us for a long time. He is known as Jerry, just Jerry. You may have heard of him." Aleksandr nodded. A colleague had mentioned the perp to him the other day. "He was last spotted in the East end, around Woody's Tavern about an hour ago. I'm also assigning you a partner, go down to the first floor and look for Sage Elm." Harrison said hurriedly, but Aleksandr could follow it, most of it, anyways "Sage what sir?" Aleksandr asked. "Elm. Now get to work." answered Harrison. "Okay, sir." Aleksandr dropped his cigarette and crushed it and then exited the balcony and walked down the stairs.

#2Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage was sitting on a chair in his office, the chair has rollers beneath it, and so whilst reading a book he spun himself gently. Then there was a knock at the door, "Come in," Sage said and repositioning himself and dropped the book on the desk but his fingers weren't moved from the book so that he doesn't have to search for the page he left again. A lady with black hair, tied in a bun with purple rectangular glasses walked into Sage's room, the lady looked young as in her 20's, she was wearing a black vest and a black skirt that fits together, also a white cloth underneath her vest, her lips reddened by her lipstick. "Lieutenant Harrison gave you a new case, this case has been going on for quite a long time now and he wants to get it done as soon as possible," she explained, but before she could continue Sage interrupted her, "And hence, he wants an expert to close the case for good," he stated and leaned on his roller chair, his right leg crosses on top of his left leg and his head leaning on his right hand. The lady smiled, "Yes sir, this is the file and I believe that's all I have to tell you.", Sage knew why she smiled. He always knows what's going on and finishes people's sentences, especially her because she works as his secretary.

"Oh yes, and this time you have a partner, his name is Aleksandr Sokolov.", she stated and left the room, closing the door and left Sage intrigued. He had never ever been asked to work with partners before, he felt excited for some reason, he couldn't wait. Sage decided to leave the book he was reading aside, bringing the case file closer towards him. Sage opened the case file, it was quite thick for sure, in it he could see a man named Jerry, he then looked at all the crimes that had been done by him, "Holy Sh*t," Sage cursed, he had never seen someone doing a lot of crimes before, and nasty ones too. Sage closed the case file, he couldn't bear to keep reading it. He glanced to the left side of the room where his armour is waiting for him to put it on.

#3Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Alek took a left turn and started to look for Sage's office. He was probably Seated or higher for Harrison to have partnered Alek with him which meant that he must have an office of his own which would make Alek's search a lot easier. He stopped in approximately the centre of the room and looked around the place and yeah, there it was. A lady had just exited it. Was she his secretary? He had seen her here before but never really talked to her. 'Well, maybe Harrison told her to tell Sage about the mission. I hope so.' He thought to himself and started walking towards Sage's office. He passed the woman on his way but didn't even offer her as much of a 'Good day.' or 'Hello.' or even a glance and look of acknowledgement.

When he reached the door, he stopped. He took a deep breath and decided it would be best to knock. He took a step back as he was too close to the door and knocked on the door twice. "Aleksandr Sokolov. May I come in?" he said it just loud enough so that Sage can actually hear it.

#4Sage † 

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Sage †
Like always, Sage doesn't like to waste time and he always wants to execute the plan right away. He stood from his chair and walked towards the torso mannequin where his armour is kept, he wore the armour, it looked good on him, he liked the fact that the armour is not that bulky but just nice to fit his body shape, plus the green scales of the armour match with him. He then heard a knock on the door, and it was continued with a name, Aleksandr Sokolov, the partner that he'll be working with. Sage raised his right hand to the right side of his head, then moving it backwards so that his long hair would look nicer or something. Aleksandr also asked for permission to come in, but Sage think that won't be necessary. He walked in front of the door, and opened it, revealing a young blondie with red eyes and also quite an attractive face, but Sage knows that everyone in the department is way older than him, and probably the man before him is 3 to 4 years old older than him.

Sage couldn't help but smile, his pupils dilate and he said, "Oh hey, I'm Sage as you may know, so shall we get started?".

#5Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
He had to wait for some seconds before Sage opened the door, of course. When the gate opened, it revealed behind it a Heterochromic blonde. He had very pointy ears and a sharp face. He asked if they should get started. Aleksandr opened his mouth for a second and then answered "Yep. Right away. Do you have a picture of him? Also, I'm assuming Harrison had someone tell you where he was last spotted? If not, he was spotted around east, Woody's Tavern about an hour ago." He said and moved out of the way, towards right and said "Also, pleased to meet you. We gotta roll now though." The Blonde was wearing an armor of sorts, but Alek wasn't gonna bother doing that. 'Oh shit i gotta blend into the crowd.'

"Hey sorry but I gotta change into something, normal."
and ran upstairs and into his office. He put on a white sweat-shirt and black pants. He sat upon his table and put on Sport sneakers and then hurried downstairs. "Let's roll." He said to Sage after he got downstairs.

#6Sage † 

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Sage †
"Oh yeah, I do actually," Sage answered as Alek asked him if he has any picture of the criminal, "lemme get it,", with just one step of his right leg and an extension of his right arm, Sage reached the file and opened it and took the picture that was clipped to it, "There, you can keep it if you think you need it." he offered Alek as he already remembered the perp's face, his hair spiky and his facial hair thin, his right brow got a slight cut at the middle end, and his face a little chubby, his body is not fat but a little bulky, yep he got all of the info in his mind. Alek then stated where the perp was last sighted, which mean they gotta hurry up and act fast. Despite the fact that Alek said they need to get on their way now, he then said that he's going to change into something normal which probably triggered Sage a little.

He was wearing his armour, which actually looks like a normal thing to wear plus he patrols the capital every day and almost every bad guy knows who the blondie with heterochromia is. When Alek had changed his cloth, Sage crosses his arm and walked out of the headquarters, to the East side of the capital, while they are on their way Sage shared with Alek his plan, "So here's the plan,", he was smiling for some reason, as he never had a partner before so he was more than excited to share his plan. "I'll be hiding somewhere outside of the Tavern while you go into the tavern and act normal, order a drink or something, and scan the area for Jerry, he might still be eating, once you're done drinking or something come out and report to me," he knew that he's the youngest among both of them but he's just too excited. 

He then continued, "If one of Jerry's followers noticed you, break a glass or something, then I'll come and help you." he knew that this might be dangerous, plus he has another plan aside from this one, which is just bust into the tavern, but he didn't want to create a commotion, thinking back, busting in would be stupid because Jerry might escape before they ever see his chubby face. "So are you ok with the plan?", he didn't want to be bossy that's why he asked.

#7Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
He took the picture from Sage's hand and said "Thanks. Sorry for the delay, A undercover Cop's gotta blend in." and smiled. He walked beside Sage for most of the way and kept his silence, an awkward uncomfortable silence. He wasn't particularly fond of having partners on cases, but this guy seemed cool. Then Sage shared the 'plan' with him which was also kind of his plan. Act like you're a civilian then walk up to perp and say 'Surprise, motherfucker.' Then bust their ass and throw 'em in jail. Then comes the party. It seemed to him that Sage was going to be on watch and Aleks would have to pose as a customer and break a glass or something if he needed help. Sage told him to act normal, which was going to be pretty easy for him as he was...a normal person.

He took a look once more at Jerry's picture and then slipped it into his left jeans pocket. Sage asked him he was okay with the plan. Well, he didn't mind the plan at all, it was kind of a good plan too, Alek would just have to be careful not to mess this up or he was gonna pay. "Oh yeah, it's good." he smiled and said. Soon, they reached Woody's Tavern. "Well, here it is. You're gonna be outside or gonna hide somewhere else?"

#8Sage † 

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Sage †
As Alek asked Sage his question, he answered, "Well I'll be around here, keeping my profile low, which I'm very good at believe me, and block the escape route if Jerry wants to run away if he notices us.". Sage looked at Alek then a sudden thought came across his mind, "Oh yeah, if in case Jerry's not here we'll have to track him by asking questions and stuff, but let's just hope he's in there." Sage gave Alek one last smile, "good luck mate." he said to Alek then he left the scene, expecting Alek to get into the pub straight away,

Sage made his way on top of the roof of a 2-storey apartment building, his eyes observing the whole pub easily, he could see the people that came in and the people that walked out of it, whilst looking at the boring pub, Sage sat on a wooden chair he found on the roof and his legs crossed, the right on the left, his back leaning on the wooden chair, his right elbow resting on his right hip, his head leaning on his right arm, his left hand busy spinning a pen, yes a pen that Sage brings along wherever he goes just in case.

#9Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Sage's answer felt reassuring to Alek. "Alright, Alright, Alright." Alek replied and smiled. Sage then went on about how they'll have to track Jerry if he's not there, which was pretty obvious. He didn't say anything until Sage wished him good luck. "Thanks, matie." and then went inside without saying another word. The bar wasn't jam-packed and there were only a few people here and there, and that would it make it easy to spot Jerry if he wasn't here, Alek hoped that he was, though. There was no body in the room that matched the picture, at least not on the surface, but leaving the Pub just like that would attract a lot of suspicion, which wasn't what he was going for cause maybe one of Jerry's henchman are here.

Aleksandr sat on a bar stool and looked around, he was on duty so he wasn't gonna order anything heavy. "Give me a Red Wine, please. The bartender passed his drink and Alek looked around once again. The bartender had a scruffy beard and a moustache. A cap covered his black hair. Was he trying to hide his face? Was he Jerry? A flurry of questions went through Alek's head but then he decided to chill out. He should get Sage, maybe. He finished the drink as quickly as he could, paid for it and then headed out and waited for Sage.

#10Sage † 

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Sage †
Seeing Alek walk out of the bar too soon didn't excite Sage that much, he would've loved to get into a fight or something, he then noticed something sneaking at the back of the pub, a group of people wearing blazers with weird hairstyles made a run for it, and Sage knew who was running as soon as he saw the features of Jerry in the man in the middle of the group, Sage pushed his pen down into his right pocket, then bent his knees, dashing towards the area where the gang was, "Hoho, hello, sorry for ruining your perfect day, but a man gotta do his job!" he then snap his right fingers, a flash was produced and all the man was blinded due to the flash, but things won't get that easy, they attacked Sage even though they can't see anything, which was very bold and stupid.

Sage gave one of them a punch in the stomach and the other a kick at his crotch, but he let his guard down, a man punched his head from behind, it was nothing for Sage though, as he was quite a resilience, he gathered hatred in his eyes and turned back, the man was wearing sunglasses so he wasn't affected by the blinding spell he cast before, "Boy, you'll regret that." Sage punched the man in the chest, throwing him off a few feets away from him and knocking him out.

He turned to Alek, whatever he was doing, he would give him some hand-locks to lock all of them up, after locking them all up in the jail, he would say goodbye to Alek and said it was good to partner up with him, Sage seemed tired, socialising does wear him out the most.


#11Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
As soon as he had got out of the bar, Alek saw a group running across the street. He recognized them, but before he could do anything, Sage made a run from it and started fighting. "Go on, do all the work, I don't care," he mumbled to himself and watched as Sage beat up all the bad guys. He was quite weak from almost months of zero practice, so there was a reason to not interrupt. He didn't want to get his ass beat up, anyways. Sage beat all of them up by himself, and then turned to Alek and gave him some handcuffs. 'Now he needs help.' he thought. He helped Sage in locking all of them up and escorted them to their respective prison cells. Sage then said it was good partnering up to him, to which there was only one work-appropriate reply. "Likewise. It was nice to work with you. Goodbye." he filed the paperwork himself and then went back into his office and took a small nap on his chair. He went home afterwards and had a good dinner and one of the best sleep he's had in a while. He wouldn't call it the best of days, but it was fine.


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