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Translate the Note [Quest: Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
As she headed back towards the inn, she wondered what she could do and perhaps it was good to take a detour past the quest board. It would surely make things easier if she knew what to do. While walking towards that part of town, she found Luciel and even when it brought back memories that she didn’t want to think about, she politely asked how the blonde was doing. Her jaw locked, her teeth gritted and trying her very best to plaster this polite smile on her face to ignore all the past happenings. While Luciel had a short talk with her, she pointed out that she came here to post a quest. Such a coincidence as Phoebe told her she came here to pick one up. So Luciel explained to her what she needed and Phoebe accepted, translating a note, that couldn’t be so bad. Especially not compared to fighting and killing off a rodent basically on her own. She should block her memory from adding things that weren’t there anymore! But she took the job from Luciel and told her she would get to it as soon as possible, so they discussed how she would bring it to Luciel but the girl had already made an appointment with the librarian that she could hand it in there. So she got that all discussed as well as the reward that she could pick up with the librarian as well.

With the quest notes in hand, Phoebe walked back towards the inn to freshen up and get some better clothing on her body. She would not feel the need to dress as fancy as she normally did, she didn’t know if the whole fiasco had its effect on her and she didn’t want to think about it, all she wanted was to go on and do something. So she took a simple pair of black jeans, grabbed a t-shirt and a blazer, fixed her long hair by brushing it a couple of times. When all was done, she made sure that the little bit of make-up that she used was sitting fine before taking her purse, her key and the paper and headed out. She needed to grab some food before she would go to the library and she had to think about what she actually wanted to eat. The idea of eating downstairs in the inn after cooking there yesterday didn’t feel so nice. She wanted something healthier. So she went towards the store a couple of blocks away and bought a salad that she finished on a bench around the store. Once that was all done, she made her way towards the library, she had not been here yet before but it gave her the opportunity to scout for some books that she might wanted to use later when she would take her time to study herbs and all the other things that Persephone wanted her to know. First she needed to do this translation, than other plans.


Translate the Note [Quest: Phoebe] VZmj2zD
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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
When she arrived in the library, she showed the librarian the note of the quest and got the paper that needed translation. She took a spot in the library that was empty and silent, which was normal for a library of course but there would always be some hushed whispers. She left her purse and the note there before walking over to the bookshelf that held all the dictionaries and went to look for the one she needed as the paper from Luciel had indicated. Valan Runic Languages... She didn’t see it so quickly but as she followed the alphabetic order she got it and walked back to the spot where she had left her belongings which were obviously still there. She sat herself on the comfortable maroon coloured chair and went to look over the note before she would start working on a second paper to write it all down with the help of the Valan Runic dictionary. Thank god the translation list wasn’t so long so it would take a couple of hours, not weeks. Depending on how fast she would understand the writing and so on. It was a difficult puzzle but nothing that would stop Phoebe from trying and completing the job at hand.

She sighed as she finally finished translating the first word and heard Persephone repeat her translation in her mind, Hare meat? You sure? But she had been sure, she actually had double checked because it was a strange word to start with. Persephone ushered her to start on the second word, perhaps finding some sort of solution to the whole mystery. It would take a few times before she was sure that she got the second word translated correctly as well, ”It’s getting interesting with that cabbage. It might be just a simple grocery list.” And Phoebe was afraid that Persephone was right, but at least gave her the confidence that they were using the correct translations as it could be just a recipe. Persephone was now getting sceptic, again she believed that they could use their time on something better, but she didn’t pull the strings and thus Phoebe went on, mentioning that they could use some jewels now that they stayed away from home. Persephone had no answer to that and only let out a groan when the next word was potatoes. This really was a grocery list and she found it dumb that someone could be so hyped about it, but then Phoebe pointed out Luciel had not known. The last word was Ox hooves and she surely hoped that it wouldn’t be in one mix of a stew because it sounded disgusting. At least she had learned a bit more, perhaps she could make secret messages to her fellow allies in this Valan Runic language but she had no allies at the moment apart from Persephone and that wasn’t necessary as she was sharing her thoughts with the Goddess. Phoebe placed the dictionary back and handed the note to the librarian to get the jewels and she went back into the library to gather other information.


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