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Let's get Physical [Quest: Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
The strong discipline to get stronger came more from Phoebe than Persephone at this point. While the Goddess wanted her vessel to be stronger as well, she could deal with taking it slow, she had had many more days of that and wouldn’t mind to continue in a slow pace as long as it had its effect on the long run. But Phoebe couldn’t stand that idea and simply would continue to with the slow plan that was forming in her mind. She wanted to get better, physically, mentally. Which sounded as if she was an unstable person but she was more of a cry baby when it came to being alone and she hated that. She didn’t need anyone, she had her family and she could probably make use of the new half-brother that she got thanks to her mother. Which still frustrated her till a point of no return but perhaps it was because she didn’t understand things. The dots were not connected as she had got a vision about eight months ago with her mother with a toddler, she couldn’t remember the vision clearly anymore, so she could not compare it to Silver now. Perhaps that would have made it easier if he looked like that baby but she had to give up on that.

Phoebe felt the earth resonate underneath her feet, she had been able to control the ranges of magic now better. The difference from her fire magic and the loose ends of this Nature magic. There needed to be time where she would focus on using herbs and would understand them without always depending on Persephone, even though there would be no possible way that they would be separated, it would be nice and definitely better for the two of them. They had to be an ultimate team work after all. Phoebe heard the thudding sound that she made on the cobblestones, every other step that she made because of the steps she took, harsh, quick, wanting to run faster than yesterday. Her long shiny black hair swinging from one side to the next as she continued on her morning run. She had to wait on a corner because the street she wanted to cross was busy and she felt her calves aching for a stop but she wouldn’t. Until she looked at the left and recognized the guy that had lost his sword. ”The dumb monkey looks ill.” Persephone couldn’t help but say in Phoebe her mind and the mage turned towards him. The reason why Persephone called him a dumb monkey was because a) she considered everyone a monkey that was below her and b) he had lost his sword, how do you do that. He seemed to collapse already and Phoebe quickly rushed over to help him before he would collide with the stones. A woman came out of the apartment that he just left and Phoebe zoned out for her screams and comments and simply helped Armin up and bring him inside.


Let's get Physical [Quest: Phoebe] VZmj2zD
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Phoebe Rainsworth
As soon as Armin was back on the bed, she listened to the woman called Merlin, who explained that he wanted to give his training to the pupils of the Rune Knights and that he had done everything to not listen to her. Phoebe shook her head and had to resist the urge to roll her eyes, so she turned to Armin. ”If it’s so important to you, I could do it.” To which the man seemed to be a bit more relieved, she turned to look at Merlin, ”It will probably ease his mind.” So she took notes in her mind about what Armin would normally do during the training and she would head over to the place that he told her. She would be there soon enough and was glad she was wearing training clothes instead of heels and so on.

Phoebe stood in front of the children that seemed to be raised very well, they asked her politely where Armin was and she explained he was ill and that she would be the substitute. Which reminded her shortly about the lessons in Magnolia that she had taken over from Sandine. Since the theme of today’s lesson was fitness, she let them first warm up and run around the space of the trainings field. They didn’t like it but she explained to the little knights, probably pages, why it was so important. They quickly stopped complaining and went on to make it a small match, which was motivating enough. She let them train their planking and push up abilities to see their muscles. If they were going to be knights, they would probably need to carry weapons right, so that was a good thing. She also said this out loud to get them motivated again and went on with the training for that purpose. Finally when the children were too tired, she let them go. Promising them that next week Armin would be around again. She was sure that this Merlin woman would be able to cure him soon. Persephone had remained silent the whole time, seeing as they could use their time for better things. She removed the little bit of attributes that she got and pocketed the key before making it back to Armin and first inform about his health.

Thank god he had stayed in bed since the morning and she was rather glad to hear that. She placed the key on the nightstand and told him how the training was, as detailed as she could, which he seemed to like. He nodded her towards a pouch to grab some jewels from and thanked her before already falling asleep. Merlin thanked her as well and Phoebe headed outside to walk slowly back towards the inn. Perhaps she could do something else as well now. But she would first want to fresh up and eat something. Persephone at least was now a little more satisfied, ”Charity work is nothing to us, remember that.” and she would.


Let's get Physical [Quest: Phoebe] VZmj2zD
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