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So we meet again! [Liana]

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So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:31 pm

Fenrir's days were getting longer as he awaited word from his good friend on their trip to the mountains. He was expecting the answer of rather or not they would attend the training session so he'd know rather or not to pack extra bandages. It wasn't so much he was going to hurt his friends, but more that he wanted them both to go all out during the training session. He didn't know them to be a warrior, but they had a sword and armor. Therefore, they must have been somewhat proficient at fighting and surviving.

Cracking his knuckles, Fenrir looked up at the sky and narrowed his visage; there was a lot of work to do so he'd need to warm himself up before the big day when they left. Leaning over he'd stand on his hands and bend his knees allowing his legs to slouch as he began doing handstand push-ups, in the grass of the garden. He was always in the garden nowadays as it made him comfortable to hang out there, though he still didn't have a clue who's garden it was.

"One..." he lowered himself down to the ground before pushing back up, he would repeat doing this until he either collapsed or got too strained.


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:29 am

The Nature's Bonder
Another day in the garden.

This time, the young Sylvaine didn't specifically invite anyone. She merely wanted to spend some time alone, making sure to take advantage of such days before the entire training starts once more. Right now was time for recovery after such a vicious and seemingly endless war, people hadn't still gotten over it, especially with the new emperor that had taken the reins of the entire country, being also the leader of Grimoire Heart.

"Hopefully the ice cream guy comes over again..."

Liana was tempted to taste the sweet chocolate treat that she had last time with Alisa. Just remembering its incredible flavor brought a faint blush to her cheeks. "... It was so goood...~"

As the elf continues on her way across the garden, from afar she spots someone familiar. Her eyes widen and she doesn't hesitate to start walking towards that same individual, a soft smile growing across her features. It had indeed been quite some time since they have met for the first time, sadly one that was very brief. But then she remembered that he told her he was also going to stop by Crocus to help with the war.

"Baron? Is that you?"

She asks once she closed the gap enough for him to hear, all the while observing him doing push-ups. "He looks different..."
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So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:32 pm

He had heard that name again. 'Baron' he didn't have a clue who or what it was but this woman was not the first to call him this strange name. Every time it was mentioned he thought about that day with Lilith when he had killed the creature that lurked in his dreams and first contacted the power of the golden warrior. She must have known him before he woke up in the Rune Knight's sickbay. That'd explain why he didn't first recognize her. He smiled at her meekly, though he didn't quite know how to respond to her if she was one of his old friends.

"I'm sorry? Baron?" he stood up from his handstand and scratched the back of his head, "My name is Fenrir, but it's okay if you recognize me apparently I had an accident or something." he was blunt about what happened to himself that was for sure, though this woman... She was an ELF with elfy ears, ears that made him smile wide at the very sight of them.

His hands absentmindedly reached for her ears as his eyes shimmered in the light, he was mesmerized by her ears, the very thought of touching them made him gitty with glee as he bit his lower lip.

"Gotta touch."


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:50 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Now that was quite a surprise. The girl still remembers their meeting as if it was yesterday, even with how brief it was and even after such a chaotic war. Surely the latter would make her forget about many things, especially those that weren't even that worth of being memorized. Yet the elf didn't even miss a single second of how their encounter went. To know that he now appears to have some sort of amnesia is rather saddening, if she'd have to be brutally honest. But of course, it wouldn't affect whatever promising friendship they could build up in the years to go.

"You want me to call you Fenrir from now on then? Was it you who came up with that name? It's a pretty interesting one." She states, eventually returning the same smile after offering him an expression of surprise. "I'm sorry for what happened anyway. In case you forgot who I am, my nam--...!" And at that moment, her introduction had been interrupted by the male stepping closer and closer, his hands extending out towards a certain spot in her face, it seemed. The closer he got, the more she realized he desired those pointy ears of hers.

"G-Gotta touch? You mean these?"

Liana asks with her eyebrows furrowed, raising her own hands up to cup her ears and push them a bit forth. All the while, a single foot would move backwards, as if she found the need to walk away from him. The entire situation was starting to grow awkward.
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So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:53 pm

Fenrir was near salivation as he tried his best to touch her ears, two outstretched hands reaching for her delicate, long ears with the intent to contact them, or at the very lest cup them. He wanted them badly, he needed them, he needed her ears he desired them most, he wanted to touch an elf's ears, and that was what he would do for sure. She must have been put here just for this moment, so he could finally toucha pair of elven ears for all of his hard work and such. She was going to let him; she had to let him, he needed this.

"I need this." he quietly huffed, his breathing becoming heavy as he began to sweat. There was a bead of sweat, cascading from his temple down his jawline as a wide open-mouthed grin was on his face, his eyes glimmering with lust and childlike wonder a strange combination for a large Saiyan, but none the less it was his will, and nothing would stop him from feeling those elfy ears on his hands.

Fenrir's smile grew wider as he got closer, though soon he would absentmindedly follow her as she backed away, closing the distance between the two of them as he closed in on the objects of his interest. He did not know her name, but that was the least of his worries as he drew so close, he could feel them already.

One foot stepped in front of another, it all happened so quickly as he ended up tripping on his own foot and falling forward ears nearly in hand. As he fell he'd like tumble onto the little elf, though his wits would soon come back to him and he'd force himself to fall to her right, though out of reaction he'd reach for whatever was around, and she just so happened to be there, thus he'd grad her by her arm and pull her down with him defeating the purpose of him trying to avoid her in the first place.


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:58 am

The Nature's Bonder
The situation was only getting weirder and weirder. At first, the girl just saw it as a strong curiosity to feel and see the ears of an elf. But then it was clear it had become something else. Due to that, while she knew he had most likely suffered from amnesia, the young Sylvaine still wondered if this was truly the Baron she knew. Was it really him? Or was he just a double? She couldn't know.

Liana could only continue step back each time he stepped forwards, those emerald orbs of hers now successfully tracking that bead of sweat drooling down his lips. And just when he was about to reach her ears with those lusty and hungry hands, he'd fall down much to the elf's surprise as she froze for that moment. Without much of a time to react, she'd pulled down with him to the ground by a grasp of her arm. It dazed her for a little as she lightly hit the back of her head on the grass of the gardens. Though, the moment she came back to her senses, which was only brief seconds afterwards, the girl immediately felt two things.

Her chest being squeezed and her lips being touched.

As her eyes slowly open, she understands now why she felt such. The first thing that she noticed was his head right above hers, his lips pressing on against hers, the wet feeling of his saliva momentarily coating them. And then, her eyes trail down, and she ultimately takes the sight of both of his seemingly cupping down hard against her bosom, squeezing it.


Obviously, in an instant, her entire face became as red as a tomato, a huge blush covering the entirety of her visage. She couldn't help, but witness what he was doing for at least the few seconds she was shocked and immensely embarrassed. Though, in case he didn't immediately release, she'd push him back herself, her hands pressing hard against the front of his shoulders and shoving him off and away from being on top of her.


After such a cute yelp, Liana would roll and then crawl further away from him, her eyes widening as she made sure to keep considerable distance, sitting down on the grass and observing him for now.
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So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:47 pm

Fenrir had done something wrong, or atleast it seemed like it as the girl toppled down with him. He took her by her arm as he fell, they’’d roll just a moment and after a short silence he had felt something, two things in his presence. In his hands were two soft things, squishy, like globes, he gave the objects a squeeze as his eyes groggily opened only to see a pair of shut ones before them, ivory eyelids in his feeling his vision.

His lips were being touched as well, the two of them were… Touching mouths? He didn’t, quite get it, but to a passersby it must have looked funny. Fenrir wouldn’t retract until the Elf made the first move, shoving him back onto his rear. He looked down at his hands and back at her, she must have been embarrassed about something, but what? He didn’t do anything, or atleast he didn’t think he did something wrong. Their mouths touched and he squeezed the bouncy things on her chest but he didn’t mean to.

“Are you okay?”

THe Saiyan would cross his legs and looked at her for a moment as silence fell between the two of them. There was something awkward about what just happened but he couldn’t tell what, she seemed panicked, sitting in the grass a few feet away. What did he say? Did he do something wrong? Maybe she thought he was trying to fight her? Well he wasn’t trying, he just kinda fell and then before he knew it his hands ended up in the weirdest position.

He’d stand up and offer a hand, “Sorry about that, I lost my head there.” he rubbed the back of his neck, “I uh.. Really like pointy ears.”


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:47 pm

The Nature's Bonder

Liana grumbled to herself as that happened. Obviously, for someone who had never been touched so indecently, especially by a man, like that, the embarrassment was immense. The blush previously grown on her face had slowly become less intense, yet one couldn't deny that the entirety of her face still attained a similar pinkish tone.

Her legs would come closer, knees touching one another as her hands are kept pressed against the grass behind her as she struggled to look back at him. Therefore, an awkward silence ensued, at least for the couple of seconds they denied even sharing a word back-and-forth. Luckily, Fenrir appeared to have been brave enough to do so. Or well, not exactly brave as he still seemed to be confused and jumbled about the situation.

When she was offered a hand, she hesitated, yet the elf understood more about the state he was in. He had suffered amnesia, that much wasn't deniable, thus he forgot even something as simple as proper manners. For now, she'd forgive him. "It's okay... Don't feel sorry." Liana mumbled back to him, extending her hand out to take his and then ultimately standing alongside the man, looking down and away, but at least finding enough courage to speak back to him.

"Thank you..."

The young Sylvaine would think his last statement was both a compliment and a share of his like for pointy ears, appreciating it properly with a low nod and a slightly stronger blush. At least she didn't look like a tomato anymore. That was a good thing.

In the end, Liana would straighten herself, allowing a faint huff to escape her parted lips before setting a more comfortable and confident gaze upon his own, finally bringing back a soft, friendly smile.

"I noticed that you were doing some exercise though. Is it for anything in particular?"

The elf inquired curiously, now almost instinctively crossing arms over her chest, willing to hear his response with a welcoming vibe.
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So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:34 pm

All seemed well now, she was at the very least more relaxed and didn't have any issue with him at the moment, though as far as he knew she could have been embarrassed because she had left her self so vulnerable to his tugging had he been an opponent things could have been much worst for sure! He'd have to make it up to her by showing her some of his moves, later on; maybe she could get some use out of his dragon punch! Or his Wyvern kick! Or well... Any of his other oddly named moves, that way she could be ready for anything!

When she accepted his hand up, he'd offer her a sympathetic smile, though it seemed she was still spaced out from their little encounter. Sadly, there was nothing but silence between the two of them as he waited for her to speak. Apparently, she was someone from his past; perhaps she could be a link to his past self, they could have been friends, though they could have also been enemies! She didn't seem too hostile, so perhaps the safest assumption to make was that they were at the very least acquaintances.

Crossing his arms he'd look her down from head to toe, something about her reminded him of that raven-haired woman he had met before, Alisa. They had similar builds, seemed close in height, but this Elf had a certain softness like she couldn't even hurt a fly. That was refreshing since most he had met were the hardy, rough types.

Soon he'd hear her break their silence with a question, one that put him back in mind of his previous exercise, "Right, I was doing it because I was having magic trouble, I thought more training would help me get things back in order but-"

He paused, this put him in mind of his training with Michi, maybe this girl could help him. "Listen I know this might sound strange." he cleared his throat, "But can I slurp your noodles and can we please train together somewhere."


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:12 am

The Nature's Bonder
"Oh, so you also want to be a mage, huh?"

The elf questioned. While she has already learned how to be one thanks to Alisa's training, the 'also' came from the fact that the young Sylvaine was once someone who equally had the same ambition, of becoming a mage. She was happy to know that the man in front of her, one she had met not too long ago, was not just your typical citizen. Then again, he did say he wanted to go to Crocus when they met. Yet, it wasn't still stated if it was to help the capital like she did or if it was for something else.

Once again, he had to make their meeting awkward with the following question. "Wh-What...?" Liana was completely skeptical at first, merely staring his way with a widened gaze, those emerald orbs of hers glued on his as the thought of what he said came to her head. Unable to understand what he meant after brief seconds of shocked pondering, she'd scratch one side of her head whilst asking in a nervous tone.

"Umm... What do you mean... By that?"

One couldn't deny that a faint blush returned to taint her cheeks, as 'slurping someone's noodles' sounded rather lewd in her closet pervert mind. "I-I mean, training is fine...! But... I'm not sure what you mean by... By slurping on my noodles...?" This girl only thought the most pervert of things, yet hopefully that wasn't the case.
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So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:01 pm

"Want to be a mage?" he'd repeat her words before nonchalantly laughing them off, "Oh no, I don't want to be a mage I want to be a fighter! Or well, a martial artist maybe? I don't know what to call it... I guess we can call it a merge between the two? Martial arts mage." he nodded, "I mean I have magic, so you're mostly right."

There was some agreement in his voice, but he mostly shook off the idea of being a mage, he wanted to be a pacifist and someone who studied in marital arts having magic was just a bonus for him nothing more, nothing else from a thing that he just so happened to have. Then again having magic helped him out a lot down the line, had it not been for his magic or his wolf abilities he probably would be a dead man right about now. His magic gave him the will to fight after all, without it he'd be a goner sitting alone as he listened to the Demon lord's every word.

Speaking of the Demon Lord Asmodeus, there was a familiarity in this girl that he had known with the lust filled entity. Liana reminded him of Esperia, she seemed innocent, but at this point in his stay in Crocus he knew better than to judge a book by its cover for all he knew this girl could have been a demon lord too and that would have been bad news for him if it was one of the few that betrayed the Lord of Lust.

With a smile on his face, he looked at the girl and clenched a fist, "Yeah, training, or well, my kind of training." he nodded to her, "Last time I did it with a friend of mine, and we ended up blowing a hole in the roof of my old barracks, if you're interested we can probably do it too~"

There was a certain innocence in his words, but there was also a certain pervertedness to them aswell. Fenrir lacked a fair sense of wrong and right when it came to things like 'slurping noodles,' but he did sort of know what the act was thanks to his windy friend and the angry girl. Though, the training part was more obscene than the little elf thought.

"Then when we're done we'll go out for noodles~"


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:57 am

The Nature's Bonder
Once again, the elf failed to understand exactly what he meant with such a statement. Before he mentioned 'slurping on her noodles', now he mentions that they'll merely go out for noodles. "You mean noodles as in... Going out to eat noodles? Like in a restaurant?" The girl questioned once more, scratching the side of her head a couple of times as she awaited a response. Either way, the fact that he was able to blow a hole in a roof during training made her slightly nervous. She had never learned to be that destructive and thoughts make her believe that she would only be a burden for him if they really do such.

"But... Are you sure I won't be holding you back? I don't think I'm that strong... At least not strong enough to blow a hole."

She admits, Liana not exactly confident about the idea of going out to practice with someone like him. Just hearing what he was able to do during mere training made her obviously anxious. His frame also caught her attention now. He was rather muscular and probably about three times stronger than her. Not only because she was a woman and he was a man, but also by comparing his muscular attributes to hers, which were barely visible anyway due to the garments she sported.

In the end, if his response was something that didn't make her want to question more about his plans, she nodded and smiled.

"Either way, I'll try my best. Lead the way!"

And so she readied to follow after him.
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She seemed confused by both of his propositions, he'd explain one and the other at a later time since she had agreed to be his training partner. With a smile on his face he'd nod to her and suggest for her to follow him as he began making a pace towards the center of the city. The walk wouldn't be too long, he had been here so long he knew just about every noodle shop there was in the Holy capital thus getting to one would be a breeze. Rubbing his hands together he'd begin to further lighten up as he pointed to a small building between two towering ones.

The front sign of the building read 'Yujiro's noodle shop.' a small spot that didn't draw alot of customers, but their food was delicious. Fenrir paced up to the shop and waved for Liana to follow him as he held the curtain to the shop open for her. It wasn't very big, in fact there were no tables only seats at the counter and behind the counter the small window to the kitchen to give and receive orders. Fenrir sat down and patted the seat next to him, "You'll need all of the food you can get when we train, believe me I think I almost passed out the last time I had a partner and from the looks of things you'll be just as good as she was~"


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:34 pm

The Nature's Bonder
The fact that no following explanation was given to her further questions made her a little bit nervous once more. Just what exactly was he planning? Was it really the normal kind of training or was it something completely different? Most of her thoughts pointed towards the former, yet there was something on the back of her mind that told her this was more obscene than it actually sounded, which is what made her anxious.

Either way, the elf would willingly follow after the male, able to keep a soft smile plastered across her features as she looked around a few times until those emerald orbs of hers would ultimately glue upon the building he pointed at. 'Yujiro's noodle shop', it read. Well, that made her a bit more relieved, the answer being given in the form of a simple shop which delivered noodles for people to eat. Liana doesn't exactly know much of Crocus, so it's obvious that she was skeptical at first.

As they walked in, the girl was somewhat amazed at the fact there were no actual tables and just seats by a single counter leading into what appeared to be a kitchen. It appeared that this was supposed to be even faster than fast-food itself, which made her wonder what awaited her.

"I really can't imagine you passing out so easily, you know? I'm hoping to see what is making you so exhausted."

Liana comments towards his statement, eventually sitting down besides him, where he had patted. Her gaze would be kept on him, the same smile visible across her visage before she added.

"Why don't you tell me more about your training?"
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So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:01 am

Fenrir awaited the cashier to take their order, though while he waited, the young woman opened her mouth to speak asking him something interesting. She wanted to know more about his training methods. Scratching his chin Fenrir tilted his head and smiled at her with a meek show of his teeth. "Oh uh, well our training session will be pretty intense." he rubbed his hands together and thought about how his training could tie into this conversation. It was tough to explain, but maybe, just maybe he could offer a reasonable explanation. "Hmm." he tapped his chin and then leaned over to her.

For a moment he'd whisper to her about what would happen, given what had happened with Michi he explained what he had done with her. This was going to be interesting... He'd go into detail about everything from how they got onto the bed to how he expelled all of his mana. She was in for quite a story.

Soon after whispering his story into her ear he'd reel back and smile at her, "So it won't be that bad, but I think if I can find energy like that again with out things will go really well, you might even get an energy boost."


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:27 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Intense training. She wasn't yet quite used to those, after all, it hasn't been long since the elf started training her magic. It's true that she has been working on her physique since she left her hometown and started travelliing, yet all the exercises that she has done so far haven't been so tiring as to actually call them 'intense'. At that point, Liana knew that she was up to something different and new. Something rougher.

Though, it wasn't that 'kind' of rough that she expected.

While he may have already given her quite the number of clues, the late teenager had no idea of knowing exactly that it was 'that' which he has been practicing. She leaned in to listen to his whisper carefully, at first smiling curiously, wondering exactly what methods he used for him to say that he had become extremely exhausted. Once it reached the part of the 'bed', there and then she blinked and was caught off guard. Liana hesitated a little, her mind telling her to back off, yet her body telling her not to. In the end, he finished it before she started to feel truly bad.


She voiced in a mumble, looking away, finding it obviously hard to glance back at him once such a story was shared. Having technically just met him, she didn't know if it was a good idea for her to partake in such events. Sure, it might as well just be a 'one-night-stand', as some call it, though, the way he acted and everything, she was sure that it could easily become a risk, especially since he apparently did it with another woman. "Well... Um... I don't know... You'll have to let me think about it more..." Liana responded, scratching one side of her cheek as a faint blush already started to grow upon her visage, merely staring back into the kitchen, wondering just how long they would take.

"... I'm not sure if I'm ready for that..."

It may have not looked like it for him, though for her, that revelation was so sudden that now she had to go back on her initial agreement for training. It was just a lot of responsibility, she wasn't sure if she could bare. "It was obvious, but I mean... I... I had no idea it was going to be something like that... What do I do? What do I do now?!"
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Fenrir was confused as she seemed flustered by the very idea of training with him. He didn't quite understand her confusion nor her befuddlement; it was a process that only took so much time.  Now that he thought about it, the last session was just an hour at the most and at the very least thirty minutes before he blew a hole in the roof of his old barracks. Speaking of which, without the barracks, he couldn't train her in a room, but maybe they could use a field, or a local gym could assist them, Whatever the place he needed this.

That said, he didn't particularly 'need' the training, but it would have been beneficial in his development as a fighter. Nothing ventured nothing gained! It was just a small tidbit of a practice session she could likely handle! She seemed to have some strength to her, she could probably take him! Though he would nod at her retort and just as he did so the shop owner would greet them from the small window.

"Hello, what you want?" he spoke swiftly as it seemed he was already preparing their meal.

"Two bowls of miso." Fenrir raised two fingers and looked at his companion, "That cool with you? And no worries, just think on it, from what I hear it's some really important training."


So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:42 am

Barry had found himself eating more than enough, he looked at the girl and patted her on the shoulder. "You got a place to stay tonight? I'm heading to Magnolia tonight, so you can have my room at the inn if not, and if you don't you can just toss the key somewhere." he wore a friendly grin as he raised his bowl of noodles to his lips and slurped them down. This was delicious, this place was delicious! There was so much good food, though it pained him to have to leave the girl so abruptly, unaware that he had done this once before.

He'd pet her on the back and then put jewels on the table, there was enough to cover her in case she wanted more and they were his last meaning he'd be hitting the road broke sadly. If only he could have seen this coming, if only he knew this wasn't the first time they've met. He'd be delighted to touch her ears one day but for now they would have to part for the time being though hopefully they'd meet again somewhere nice maybe. Or in another time zone, like the other countries!



So we meet again! [Liana] Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 3:25 am

The Nature's Bonder
Liana firstly shook her head at his question about if she was fine with the meal he had ordered. Yet, the elf still took that chance to turn over to the owner and ask for something in specific, a condition, that well, she has to have in every single meal she ends up having her hands on. "As long as it doesn't contain anything animal, then I'll take it." The young Sylvaine stated with a light smile, eventually returning her attention back to her new friend. Of course, she was still a bit weirded out, though she's not someone to stay with that kind of mindset for too long.

Minutes passed and now they were already both feasting on their meal. Well, Liana probably wasn't, unlike Fenrir, but she still didn't want to keep him waiting until she actually finished her ramen. Another question was made then, or more so of a suggestion, which she responded without much of a hesitation, obviously after gulping down her food. "Oh, no, I'm fine. I have a place. But thanks for the offer." The elf answers gratefully, at this point having already eaten the bowl's contents empty.

"Thanks, heehee..." The pet on her back elicited a single soft giggle to escape her lips, nodding and even offering the man a curt bow as they were about to part ways. Sadly. Admittedly, she was starting to grow interested and curious about him.

All good things must come to an end though.

"I guess there's always another time..."

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