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Translate The Note [Quest | Asura]

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#1Asura Nightshade 

Translate The Note [Quest | Asura] Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:56 am

Asura Nightshade
The library. How long had it been since Asura had been to this place. The last time was perhaps, when she was still at the Rune Knight Academy, training to be one. That wasn't too long ago, perhaps a few months at most. But during those times, it was mostly reading books about the history of Fiore, it's clashes with other lands, how it came to be, the royalty, the existence of the Magic Council and the Knights and the various guilds. Basically, everything that captivated and kept her rooted to her little spot in the library.

Now, after a while, she stood at the entrance of Fiore's biggest library and wondered yet again, what had compelled her to be here. Well, simply put, she was assigned a task. She took a folded sheet which contained another note, out of her coat pockets and opened it up to see the information it contained. A woman named Luciel – the name seeming oddly familiar – had found a mysterious note in a very old and ancient Runic language and wondered what it could be. As far as the blonde knew, this woman was a researcher under the great wizard, Merlin and had committed her life to researching various things. This note might possess something of importance or a key to unlocking a great secret. Or, perhaps, Asura was far in over her head. She was tasked with this because clearly, the Headquarters didn't consider it important enough. It would be quite amusing if it did turn out to be something extremely important such as how to obtain a very powerful lost magic or something. But then again, they gave this to her and not a Page so it ought to mean they placed some importance on it...probably not.

"Oh well, here goes nothing."
Folding the note and the sheet back into her pocket, she ventured inside the library.  

The blonde looked around for a minute, taking in the sight of such an old and respected establishment and had to marvel at how humongous the library was. Imagine the amount of history contained in this one place, books from millennia's ago. If it were up to Asura, she'd want to live here. She fleetingly, wondered whether soon, a book documenting the events of the past few weeks would be put up in this place as well; whether generations down the line, the history of Fiore would contain the overthrowing of the Kingdom and the rise of Crowley and how his reign ended. The events were still quite fresh and the entire country was yet in a state of disarray especially Crocus.

Taking a deep breath, she ventured inside towards the isles and started scanning for the one that would contain anything about Runic languages. Not only did she have to decrypt this, but she also had to find out which language it was. Asura released a light sigh and accepted the fact that she'd be here for quite a bit. This was her fourth quest after the war, her previous ones being with Akira, Haru, Fenrir and Xandra and she was still getting in the mood of going back on quests. After the war, these quests seemed like child's play. Well, not that she was much help in the war anyways. But, Asura was still allowed to be a little whiny that they sent her on such a small quest especially, after her quest with Xandra......wait, Xandra! That's where she knew Luciel from! Luciel was the one who accidently caused that rat to become big too. Huh, this girl was quite a work of art.

Remembering Luciel, the blonde snapped out of her daze and focused on her work. She found the section for ancient runic languages somewhere in the middle of the 'Wars of Fiore' section and 'Most Famous Mages of Fiore' section. The blonde grabbed a few dictionaries and sat on a table nearby, as she lay them out and took the note out. She started opening the dictionaries one by one and seeing if the letters matched in any places. There were a few matches however, it was mostly one letter being in that language with no presence of the rest. Asura had gotten up two times to get more books before finally, after almost two hours, she found it.  
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#2Asura Nightshade 

Translate The Note [Quest | Asura] Empty Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:18 am

Asura Nightshade
"That's it!" She exclaimed only to be a stink eye and a 'shh' by the librarian. The blonde bowed her head in apology as she sat there, once again, making sure that all the letters were there in this particularly dictionary. After cross-checking, she let out a light, contended sigh and turned to the front cover to see which language it was. Valan. According to the dictionary, this language had existed somewhere between 900-1200 years ago. So, it was indeed quite old. She wondered how this note had survived the passage of time. Maybe it had a spell on it to preserve it? So, could it mean that there was something extremely important in this note? Filling with anticipation, the blonde quickly flipped the pages of the dictionary to find the exact words that would fit with those in the note. She had previously gotten a pen and a blank piece of paper to note them down. This would take some time.

Asura started, one by one, trying to find the words that she was looking for.





The blonde kept finding noting down whatever words she could find. So far she found four and couldn't really understand what they meant. Two revolved around animals and two around vegetables. Was it ingredients for a secret potion of some sort that required animal blood and some form of ingredient from these vegetables? Deciding to not dwell too much on it, she presumed trying to find the other words that were missing.



And....done. That was it. Those were the words. As she put them together, she noticed that they formed 'Hare Meat', 'Cabbage', 'Potatoes' and 'Ox Hooves'. All written one after the other. Asura pursed her lips as she realized what she had just decrypted. A grocery list. She had translated a grocery list.  

The blonde let her head fall back as she lamented the fact that she had nearly spent 4-5 hours trying to translate this note that ended up being a grocery list. A grocery list! Asura wanted to laugh at the incredulity of this situation. Surely, life was taking a jab at her. She lifted her head up and glanced at the note as well as the translation she had written alongside on another paper. As far as she was told, Luciel would come to get this material in a while, around 6'o clock in the evening and it was 5 as of the time being. There was still an hour left however, the blonde didn't have it in her to stay another hour and so, she quickly got up and started putting all the books back from where she found them in a mere ten minutes. She quickly arranged the table and left the papers on them as she glanced at them one last time before leaving. Asura wondered whether to inform the librarian but decided against it in the end.

As the sun was setting, the blonde left the library, stretching once she existed the building. Sitting for a few hours had certainly caused her bones to become stiff. She wondered whether Luciel would have any use of this note. Probably not. In the end, it was a disappointment and a waste of time. Asura really wondered how a grocery list had managed to survive so many years but she didn't want to dwell on it too much. For now, she'd head back to the inn and take a nice long bath after of course, reporting to the HQ. It might have been a waste of a day but in the end, the blonde had gone through quite a few bundles of books and a few of the things stuck within her mind. It wasn't everyday she had the opportunity to go to a library so even if it the result wasn't rewarding, the process did give her a little bit of a prize.

As she walked back to the Rune Knight HQ, she wondered what they'd have in store for her next.
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