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Translate the Note [Quest: Akira and Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
It was on their way back from Lady Merlin's study, after receiving their hefty reward, Akira sighed as she noticed the pale blonde girl strolling towards them. She had the amulet around her neck, it gave off the same ephemeral glow that it had in Lady Merlin's hand, but she still didn't look too happy. 'Does she ever smile?' Aki asked with a sullen expression. Perhaps the irony was not missed on Tsuru.

She was trying to find a reason to change her path so they did not run into the birthday girl again, but it seemed unavoidable. Akira cleared her throat when Luciel was close enough, hoping that the rat mutator was not, in fact, attempting to engage them in a conversation. But alas, such hopes never bore fruit, perhaps this is why Aki held onto her pessimism.

'You two helped with this amulet right?' she asked with a poker face. Akira's brows furrow. Her tone betrayed nothing that would aid the lunar mage in understanding her intent. So Akira didn't know if they were to lie, or not... Lady Merlin had not left them any clear instructions either. So Akira did what she always did, she turned to Tsuru. In such times, the healer was the one who handled the situation and guided Akira through it.


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The amulet was enchanted and the birthday present was delivered. Haru thought, finally, he could get back to helping the poor commoners in the rebuilding effort. However, while they managed to escape the nobility, they were ambushed by the assistant for another odd task. He couldn’t help but snort a laugh at Akira’s comment. “My guess is, she is incapable of smiling. Unlike you,” he said, laughing a bit more after adding the last bit.

For the first time, Haru was not too upset about avoiding someone and followed Akira when she changed directions to avoid eye contact with Luciel. However, it would seem the girl was not there by accident and was there with the purpose of contacting them; so, there really was no escape. The healer put on a strained smile and greeted her. “Hey again! Hope you like the amulet,” he said, his lips twitching as he attempted to keep it curved up. The blonde girl had no expression whatsoever and seemed more curious about whether they helped enchant the amulet.

Haru didn’t know if he can be honest here. Would she be mad if she realized we did it for Lady Merlin and the gift was not hand-crafted by the lady herself? he wondered. Thinking it a safe bet to play it diplomatically, he said something extremely non-committal. “Umm… We helped a bit. Yeah…” he said, dragging out the words as much as he could, giving plenty of opportunities for the young girl to intervene and not wait for more details.


#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Akira rolled her eyes and laughed mirthlessly, mocking Tsuru for his insult. She narrowed her eyes at him, before snapping her head away pointedly, along with a soft scoff. She guessed Tsuru expected her to feel a kinship with Luciel. Aki didn't feel the need to explain that just because two people didn't like other people, that it would automatically mean they would find a way to like each other, because of the similarities. She did want to, however, add, that Luciel probably kept to herself because she was definitely involved in some sort of illicit research, but that chance was snatched away from her the moment the blonde was within earshot.

Tsuru took the honest route but downplayed how much they helped. Aki took note, although, in her head, half-truth was as bad as lies. Even this news, didn't really cause any emotion to flit across the woman's face. Akira wondered if Luciel was even a real person or just some created entity... 'Oh good, good.' she remarked so flatly, she could have been reading a really boring book. 'That means you two are smart then...' she added. It would've almost been better if she had the tone of superiority while saying it rather than that causal fact stating static voice. 'Then you can help me too.' she said, holding out a piece of paper.


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Akira’s reaction to his comment only made him giggle more, but all that had to stop when Luciel appeared right in front of them. It was really hard for the healer to make out what exactly the blonde was feeling about her present, if at all anything. But, it would seem she was only curious about their involvement with the enchantment to gauge their intelligence and see if it was good enough for a potential task she needs help with.

Haru squinted his eyes at the piece of paper Luciel was holding up, but couldn’t make out anything at all. “What’s that?” he asked, stepping forward to take a better look. But it wasn’t that he couldn’t see what was written, it was that he couldn’t understand it. “It’s written in Valan Runic language. Not very common. I was wondering if it has any important information regarding the project I was working on and would like it translated. There is a dictionary in the local library,” she said, handing the paper to him.

Before Haru could ask why she couldn’t do it herself, she answered it for him. “I have to help Lady Merlin with something more important and it’s urgent,” she said, waving and walking away from the two. Sighing softly, Haru pocketed the piece of paper and nodded towards the direction of the library. It would seem the two were going to be stuck with the nobles and their silly tasks for the day. As they made their way towards the library, he realized how Luciel didn’t even wait for him to say ‘yes’ before she walked away and was rather grumpy about the lack of respect. “Did she just passively order us around?” he asked, minutes after the incident.


#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Did Akira manage to notice a sliver of disappointment in the blonde's eyes when Hatsuharu asked what the paper was? Akira meanwhile had recognized it to be some sort of an alien language. Maybe if she had a better look at it she'd be able to recognize what an offer her own input, but before she could, Luciel provided the specifics. 'Another project...' Akira said, skirting behind Tsuru, so only he could hear the condescension laced with worry in her mocking words.

Akira wanted to ask why she couldn't do it herself, but at this point, it was better to just silently assume that all the nobles, or well to do, were perpetually busy with something else. At least this was far easier than the amulet work. When she went on to explain what kept her busy, Akira's eyes widened, it was like she'd read her mind. 'Kinda did.' she responded to Tsuru's realization, as she shoved her hands into her pocket and turned towards the library.

'I guess we're headed to the library then...' she added, just to get out of Luciel's earshot and out of the range of any assumed magic that could have allowed her to read Akira's thoughts. The woman must have had really thick skin, if she used such abilities often, perhaps that is what stole her smile. But Akira couldn't really empathize with Lady Merlin's minion.


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Despite the public library being quite close from the Mercurius, the walk was a long drag for Haru. He couldn’t believe that it has come to such a point where the lady’s apprentice took their help for granted and didn’t even bother to wait for confirmation. And he felt stupid for just accepting the paper without uttering a word, like it was his job to listen to them. But of course, nothing kept the man grumpy for long. He forgot and forgave the blonde girl within minutes and was back to his happy self by the time they were about to enter the library.

Since they wouldn’t be allowed to converse once inside the library, he communicated the plan of action before entering the large metal gates. “I’ll go find the dictionary from the shelves. You go find a table for us,” he said. With that, he took the turn towards the ten-feet-tall racked shelves and began scanning the labels for the right section. This oddly felt similar to what they did for finding the right book for enchanting the amulet; only, this time, the number of books and sections were hundred times more.

It was highly organized, however. So, it didn’t take him long to find the dictionary section and find a good one for the Valan Runic language. Once he found a decent copy of it—one that still had an intact stem of the cover—he took it and walked towards the large round benches. If Akira had found them a table, he would walk up to her and hand her the book before taking a seat next to her.


#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Akira was intrigued by the expressions she saw flit across her partner's face. This was progress, but it puzzled her, had he never encountered this before? The disparity between the authoritative nobles and the less fortunate, or perhaps less lucky in Akira's case, was always plain to see and something that often had to be ignored. She wondered if things were just piling on since they'd been aiding these two women, Merlin and Luciel for a while now...

Soon she noticed his annoyance fade to give way to the more characteristic chirpy face he wore. They'd reached the library, she wordlessly nodded at him when he relayed the plan and slid between the other library users to find themselves a table. Libraries while quite useful, didn't see as much hustle and bustle as other community areas did. While Akira had never really used one other than for borrowing books when she was younger, she could get used to the peace and quiet that the place offered.

Sliding into a wooden chair, designed to keep you focused and working, she waited for Tsuru to return. Once he had, she flipped through the pages of the dictionary. Since she'd never really read anything like this before, her eyes had to scan each alien symbol to find the right ones. 'If you want... you can carry on, I'll give the translated note and such...' she offered some peace to her partner, should he not want to encounter the woman again.


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As planned, Akira had found them a table and Haru spotted her almost immediately. He walked to the table, gently pulled the wooden chair away from the table without making noise and sat down. After giving her the dictionary, the healer had no idea what to do and looked around aimlessly. This was probably what prompted his partner to say he could go if he wished. He shook his head and whispered, “I’ll wait.” He then went on to pick a random book off the table and begin reading it.

The healer was so out of it that he had no clue what he was reading about. It was some speculative history book where the author spoke about the origins of magic and one of the leading theory was that it came from outer space. Haru got bored by the verbose and redundant text very soon, and in less than a few minutes his head had dropped to the table and he dozed off. If the book he had on his lap hadn’t slipped off and fell to the carpeted floor with a soft thud, he would have a good nap while Akira worked on the translation. Alas, gravity woke him up and he attempted reading through the boring book again, never going past the first page.

After a few more minutes, he would finally give up and take Akira’s offer. “Alright… I’m going home. Hopefully tomorrow will be better,” he whispered, before getting off the chair, pushing it back under the table with as little noise as possible and making his way to the inn.


#9Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Akira was fairly focused on getting this done. It was boring work, but perhaps they just had to grit their teeth and stride through it. It was kind of the healer to wait, but Akira knew it wasn't necessary and she hoped he'd stop trying to abide by what politeness dictated and just took a moment for himself. She wasn't going to push him away though, his silent company wasn't all that bad. But he did arrive to the same conclusion as her and decided to call it a day. She nodded in his direction as an empathetic see you around later.

Slowly the symbols she needed to translate began emerging and so far the list was so useless, she wanted to throw something. The girl ran her fingers through her hair, frustrated.These words weren't even important for research, she was sure they weren't. they seemed to be some kind of a grocery list. She resisted the urge to crumple the list and her half-done translation and throw them both away. Now that she had an inkling, she attempted looking for similar words, which only made her take longer... Finally she did find the last blessed word and finished.

Hare-meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves.

On her way out, the librarian requested she leave the list and translation with her. She offered Akira money, enough to split between her and the Healer. Akira took the reward, shrugged, and made her way out too.


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