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Down the Drain [Social | Michelle]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Down the Drain [Social | Michelle] Empty Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:41 am

Akira Shimada
Having heard the characteristic sounds... of what Akira assumed to be some interactions of a rather personal nature, she pulled a pillow over her head. But they were rather stubborn in finding a way to disturb her, as she lay curled on the bunk bed, trying to read the book she had borrowed. She grit her teeth as she attempted to continue ignoring the thuds and the creaks. Finally, upon not being able to take it anymore, the girl decided stride to the room and tell the people to tone it down, something perhaps everyone on the same floor wanted to do, but couldn't muster the courage for. She deduced it was probably because no one wanted to witness anything of that sort of personal nature. She didn't either... but this was getting ridiculous.

She stormed over, trying to make as much sound as she could with her feet to give them a fair warning, but to no avail, their own voices drowned out her attempt, no doubt. Finally, she knocked on the door but received no response. Just to show urgency, she pulled the handle of the door, assuming the room would be locked, but the attempt at opening it would garner their attention, to her surprise, the room was in fact open... The door swung open just as a loud blast made her wince. Instinctively, her hand found the handle again and she slammed the door shut, assuming that someone attempted to attack her. When it was rather silent on the other end and no one inquired about her presence, she slowly opened it a crack again, her eyes widened at the hole in the roof as she noticed.

She also noted the gust of wind that seemed to be escaping out of the room... Something strange had happened here. She peered into the room and noticed the unconscious Rune Knight in a rather exposed state... The girl dashed out of the room and down the stairs to hopefully catch this mysterious gust of wind. After causing such destruction, she was likely escaping...

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#2Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle was truly lost in the act she was engaging in and had completely forgotten about everything else. By the time her senses came back to her, there was a hole in the roof, Fenrir was out cold, and there was someone trying to open the door. She realized all the noise from her ‘training’ with the Saiyan has caused quite the uncomfortable wave across the floor. If the one outside saw her and decided to ask questions, things could get tricky; not to mention she still hadn’t accomplished the task she infiltrated the campus for in the first place.

With her Haze spell still sustained, slipping into her clothes was not an impossible task as it would have been had she been in her normal form. In less than a few seconds, she was back in her clothes and already on her way down the air duct. Michelle remembered Fenrir mention the patrol calendar in the lounge downstairs. It was difficult for the assassin to know exactly where on the ground floor the lounge was, especially considering she was now racing against time. Just as she escaped Fenrir’s room through the air duct, she noticed that whoever was trying to open the door had succeeded and she was sure they had a glimpse of her form. After all, she wasn’t perfectly invisible in her Haze. So, whoever that was, would definitely follow her downstairs and she wanted to be out of the building by then.

However, the ground floor was huge and several large rooms; every single one of them with terrible lighting. It took forever for her to find the right one. Luckily, she didn’t have to do this while running around the corridor and opening every single door; moving through the air ducts in her wind form was definitely faster. Finally, she found the lounge with the patrol calendar. It was time for her to snatch the papers and get the hell out of there. She plucked the large sheet that was stuck on the wall, rolled it up, and was back into the air ducts. This time, she zoomed through the narrow ducts and took the turn that brought her out of the building. Pouring out of the duct exit, she took her humanoid form and began running towards the crack of the wall that she originally came through that morning. Hopefully, whoever was following her would not be fast enough to spot her before she escapes.

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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
It was definitely not easy to follow the gentle whoosh of air that Akira had heard escape into the vent. If one didn't know where to focus, they'd miss it for sure. Akira noticed it fade away in a downward direction, so she raced back out of the room and down the staircase, one hand sweeping the railing alongside the stairs for stability, while the other relinquished the gun. If the woman was looking for a quick exit, she'd have gone through the hole or the window, but she didn't... She was after something. If only the lunar mage had any clue what that was...

Akira tentatively followed this sound, kicking open the doors of the various rooms on her way in case the gust of wind reformed into a person to access any of the rooms at some point. As the woman paused, from time to time, she could hear a faint tinkling sound in the vents, as the wind rattled inside. Akira had just hesitantly kicked open the door to the lounge. The mage didn't think the lounge possessed anything too crucial. But of course, Akira was wrong... She noticed a dark haired woman grabbing the sheet with the patrol duty and dematerializing into the wind again. Her brows furrowed together, out of all the documents, why had the Rune Knights never thought of keeping the patrol duty information in a place with a little more security.

She escaped through the ducts again. 'Damn it.' Akira hissed as she streaked through the corridor and out the door, into the Rune Knight's training grounds. She noticed the gust of wind filtering through the hole, so Akira kept sprinting, till she was out of the main gates now. The guards gave her a startled look, which she returned with a scathing one, blaming them for letting the infiltrator get away. 'Halt!' she demanded as the wind form continued traversing away from the headquarters, slowly taking her human form again. Aki cocked her gun and aimed it in the direction of the escape artist... 'STOP! Or I'll shoot...' she warned, narrowing her eyes, just barely making out the purplish hair.

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#4Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Just as she suspected, the one who had opened the door had followed her down. She did not get an opportunity to take a good look at her pursuer until she was about to exit. The one who was chasing her was the reason why Michelle was doing this mission at all. She needed to know where this dark-haired young darkness-wielding Rune Knight will be so that she could ambush her and take her to Benjamin. The girl had raised an alarm with her loud warning, and a few more guards were alerted of her presence. Michelle knew it would be foolish to engage her target then and there. There was no way she could fight off an entire building full of Rune Knights and take the girl; she would be captured.

Seeing no other option, she gritted her teeth and chose to escape for the time being. Ultimately, she had failed her mission. Originally, she had planned to copy the details in the patrol calendar and leave the actual one alone so that they Rune Knights weren’t alerted and end up changing the schedule. All that was out the window the moment she grabbed the original calendar and made a run for it. Now, it was highly unlikely the schedule would stay the same. It didn’t matter now; what had happened had happened. At least she will know where the girl won’t be for the next few days.

Of course, Michelle didn’t heed Akira’s warning and started moving unpredictably so that she would have a hard time taking a shot at her. When she was close enough to the crack in the wall, she quickly deformed and entered it to escape the compound.


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#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Little had Akira known, that she was the reason for all the work the woman had just done. Where is Tsuru when I need him? Aki thought, he was faster than she was, he'd have a much better chance of catching this purple-haired wielder of wind. She had her gun pointed, but as usual, she was unsure of taking the shot. Her arm readjusted ever so often as she ran after the woman, one eye shut which was allegedly supposed to improve her aim. Aki bit her lower lip as she continued to struggle, reminding herself once again, that she had to work on her aim.

Just to be sure, she could have used her exploding shots, but unfortunately, Akira wasn't sure who would end up being collateral damage, the Rune Knights and the headquarters had seen enough death and destruction for the time being. The issue was, on the back of that blessed calendars was a tentative list of formations and teams that the Rune Knights had planned for the attack, this rendered them vulnerable, in case someone was seeking specifics on the Knights, or those that had fought alongside them against the new empire. The round duties could be changed, but that randomly scribbled extra information, was a pretty grave problem. We really have to work on our security.

Only briefly did their eyes meet, before Aki took her shot. The chase went on, to the second outer periphery. It was now or never. It was tough to handle a gun and at the moment, under pressure, it was near impossible. The woman had already turned into the wind again and slipped through a crack in the wall. Aki's bullet embedded itself fruitlessly into the wall somewhere near the crack... She could seek some solace in the fact that at least had the woman not become that gust, she'd perhaps have gotten her leg... Aki cursed and turned back towards the headquarters, someone had to know more and she had an idea where to start.

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