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CROCUS TO DAHILA [FOOT TRAVEL] Empty Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:52 am

It was finally over. Grimoire Heart had finally won the day and taken over Fiore. Crowley was now the emperor of the entire country was at his disposal. Caius was cleared of all crimes and was now free to live out his days as he see fit. He was offered to serve as an emperors guard but it was something that he still pondered on. For now, he would head back to Dahila town, he was called out by some of the dark mages for more work to be done and help them out to conquer the city. He had helped them before and this would help them clear his mind for the situation at hand. He did not know what to do as his life was dedicated to Grimoire Heart but now it was no more. This would at least take his mind off of things as he would continue back into the world and continue doing the missions to earn some fame and reputation. Crowley approved of the actions even though they weren't necessarily the nicest of missions as it would have to do with killing someone. However, they believed that the strong were the ones that ruled so if they didn't stop him then it was their fault and they would be the weak ones that didn't stand a chance because of their rule. Caius gathered his things and would continue to head out and go towards them and would head to the side and would go and head to the gates of Crocus. His next step would be with the crazy priests in Dahliia to complete his mission that was taking over the town. Ther was still more church work that needed to be done. Caius would head out and take the long walk down the path south towards the city. After it was done the town would be taken over and he would finished with his work there. Another town would be liberated from teh completion of rule in the country of Fiore.

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Hi I'm Caius

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