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Translate the Note [Quest | Michelle & Victor]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
So far, it had been a fun-filled day; at least for Michelle, if not for Victor. She had a great time training the kids, pushing them beyond their limits. The assassin had trained several young children before. However, most of those lessons were on how to kill someone as quickly and efficiently as possible. This time around, it was mostly just physical training. After they were done for the day, when they were walking back towards the inn, a short blonde girl stopped them and requested assistance.

Upon looking closer, it was clear that this was the same girl who had asked her to kill the rat before. That was one tough fight. The purple-haired woman had to wonder what mess they had created this time around. However, it seemed the girl wasn’t bordering on the unethical this time. She simply needed someone to translate an old runic script using the books they find in the library. It was a simple job and the girl offered good money.

Michelle really needed to stop getting distracted and start looking for the Rune Knight girl. But, she figured this one wouldn’t take that long. Besides, the day was almost over, anyway. So, she took the note that needed to translated from Luciel and then turned towards Victor. “It was clear you couldn’t fight. Can you read?” she asked, dangling the note in front of him and mocking him. She stuck her tongue out, however, to show she was kidding.


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#2Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
When Victor noticed Luciel, he decided to linger at the back and wait for Michelle to do the talking. With his hands in his pocket, he wondered what the young girl needed now. Killing the rat had been a problem... for Phoebe, but it was that was the last he'd seen of her, its where he'd left her. The blonde girl had witnessed that entire process,  she was probably judging Vic for being a prick. Changing arm candies so often and leaving the damsels to do all the dirty work. It was one of those rare times when he'd made a bad impression on a woman...

Nonetheless, it should've been clear to her from the way Michelle spoke though, that the Hunter was not the kind who'd entertain Victor that way anyway. When the tan woman returned, she teased him in a manner that stung his pride a little. Mostly because he was reminded of the fact that Lucifer had still not kept his end of the bargain and Vic had no clue what he was waiting for. Of course, along with his body, the demon did have access to Victor's mind, a soft chuckle followed a single word.


Victor snatched the paper from Michelle and scowled at her in an exaggerated mocking manner before saying 'Why you can't?' and raising his eyebrows. The joke was still on him though as his eye scoured the paper. It was all written in symbols that he'd almost never seen before. 'What is this?' he snapped, still a little prickled about her statement regarding his ability to fight. He said, now holding the note between his fingers as he folded his arms and waited for an explanation.


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#3Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle didn’t notice Victor hanging further back than usual when she was talking to Luciel; not until the expressionless blondie left them with the note to be translated and she turned around to show it to him. Her brows furrowed, wondering why he stayed so far back, but she didn’t think much of it. It was a lot more fun to tease him. When he snatched the note from her and asked if she can’t, she waited for him to take a good look at what was written in the note before laughing. “Got ya!” she said, winking. “It’s in some runic language. We are supposed to translate it using the books in the library. After that noisy day with the kids, I thought some peace and quiet would be nice. Plus… She always offers good money,” she said, gesturing him to follow her.

She had been to the library before. Not because she was big on reading, but mostly because there was a secluded spot in there that was so mystically silent for her to meditate peacefully. It was a trick she learned from a twelve-year old she was training back in base. The walk wasn’t too long. They reached the humungous building in less than five minutes and Michelle noticed that it was almost closing time. “Looks like this is a race against time. We gotto finish this quickly,” she said, pointing at the board with the open hours. They barely had an hour, within which they have to find the right book and translate it all accurately.


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#4Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
'I know...' Victor said dryly. 'She made me-' Victor stopped midway, it wasn't he who had killed the rat anyways, it was that goddess Persephone. Why did his mind betray him this way? It kept dragging him to the same damn moment like it was playing in a loop inside his head. He wondered if Lucifer would pipe up with something again, the demon didn't. '-Last time I met her, she said she accidentally dropped some potion on a rat and mutated it into some psycho form.' he offered, with the look they shared it seemed Michelle had a similar encounter with her. 'Similar gimmick with you? I won't be surprised if it isn't an accident at all...' he said clearing his throat as he held out the note in front of him again. He attempted focusing on the symbols...

The more he stared at them, the more familiar they seemed. But, he felt like he needed to keep talking about something else while he subconsciously figured out where he'd seen similar runes before. The boy was quite well read, his father loved dabbling in several things and sounding intelligent, back in the day, it helped people trust him more easily apparently.

Absently he added 'The kind of crap she pulls, I bet she just offers all that money to keep people quiet...' he said, gingerly pressing the tips of his fingers into his forehead and then he suddenly snapped his fingers when she mentioned the library, the name of the exact dictionary he was looking for swam into his mind. 'I know the book we're going to need...  And I think I already know what some of these might mean, but we should confirm.' he said, before turning sharply and making a beeline for the library. Once they were there he'd settle down at the study tables after sharing the name of the dictionary with Michelle, requesting her to go fetch a copy.


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#5Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
To be frank, Michelle wasn’t surprised much when Victor told her the blonde girl approached him too with the mutant rat. That did not seem like an accident to her from the start. And it happening twice just proved that the girl was up to no good. She simply nodded in a knowing fashion as the man took the note from her and began musing. At first, she thought he was working on cracking the translation, but when he went on about the blonde girl, she grew impatient. “Hey… Enough about her, Sherlock. Can we get this thing done before the library closes?” she asked, rushing him.

It seemed to work, as his face suddenly lit up like a bulb and he hurried to the library, saying he knew what book they should look at. Once they were inside, she watched as he sat on a table and mentioned the dictionary she should pick up for him to confirm the translation. She immediately rushed to the appropriate section and began searching down the line until she found the matching one. Picking up the dictionary, she jogged back, keeping her footsteps as silent as possible, and handed the book to Victor without saying much. She didn’t want to disturb the rest of the people in the library by making any noise.

After handing him the book, she sat opposite him and waited, rather impatiently, for him to confirm the translation. The man seemed rather well-read, unlike her, and that was something she could appreciate. He also seems to have some potential on the physical side. She figured, with his sharp mind and a little focused training, the man could accomplish some great things. That made her wonder if he could use magic; she made a mental note to ask him that later, when they were out of the library.


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#6Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
He had his fingers in his hair, they hoisted up his head which was feeling heavy. His face hung over the note that was now lying on the table as he waited for Michelle. He wanted to crack this somehow without needing to use the book... But it wasn't that easy... He had a crazed look in his eyes, the red flashing a betraying the obsession that he'd given into. He muttered like a madman... 'Potato Ox?' he questioned, whispering softly but out loud. That made no sense, it couldn't be. As Michelle returned, he noticed how softly her feet fell on the ground, she hardly gave any indication of her return, until the dictionary fell to the table with a soft thud and startled him.

Maybe he was just too focused... Maybe it was the carpet, but from his deductions, she definitely was far less noisy than the average human. It got him thinking about the kind of work she did. Michelle was trained, silent and matter of fact. His fingers fisted in his hair, tugging gently, pulling him out of the distracting reverie of thoughts borne out of his need to crack puzzles. But the less he focused on the symbols the more they were sort of falling into place at the back of his mind. When she slid the book towards him. He silently held up a hand, so that she didn't break his line of thought again. 'Meat... Cabbage...' he thought, wondering if it should be the other way around... He looked up at her briefly, as he tapped his feet, fighting the itch to just claw at the book till it gave him the answer, that would be far less satisfying.


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#7Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
From where she sat, the man looked like he was about to lose it. She had to wonder what terrible secrets the runic note contained for him to look so berserk. Unfortunately, however, she couldn’t ask. One because, the librarian looked positively annoyed that the two of them had entered so near the closing time and didn’t look like they were done with their work. And two, Victor himself held up a hand to stop her from asking anything, while he continued muttering.

Michelle rolled her eyes and gently rested her head on the table, playing with the other books that were on the table, while he continued obsessing over the translation. A few minutes passed and it was almost time. She looked up at the large clock near the librarian, who was no longer in her seat. Michelle was worried he was going to come to them and ask them leave. Her eyes darted from his seat to the path he could potentially take to reach them, and there he was, walking straight up to them.

She gave him a forced, weird smile, which he didn’t care to return, and she didn’t blame him. He walked as close to her and began whispering very softly. “Luciel asked me to give you two this. I refused to let her in as it is closing time. So, after you are done with your work, leave the translation here and she will pick it up tomorrow,” he said, dropping the pouch of jewels next to her gently, and leaving without another word. She knew this was their cue and they need to wrap it up as soon as possible. Turning towards Victor, she would point towards the huge clock and shrug. Hopefully, he will be done soon and the two can leave without creating a scene with the librarian.


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#8Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
'That's-' he said that loudly enough to receive a scowl from the librarian who was walking towards them. Even though there was no one else here but them, so close to the closing time... Perhaps that was the reason for her annoyance. '-it.' he whispered softer. He threw his head back and put his palms on the table, the blonde leaned back and grinned maniacally. 'Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potato, Ox... Hooves I think.' he said as he quickly pulled the ragged book closer to himself and began flicking the pages to cross check. As the librarian said something to Michelle, Victor could vaguely hear something about leaving the translation here, for the blonde girl to pick up. Worked for him, he didn't have to see her dead face again.

'Oh we're done, we're done!' he said as he swiftly turning the pages just to confirm as he jotted down the words while Michelle was gesturing at the clock. Once he was done, with two fingers he pushed the parchment along the table towards the librarian, almost in a childlike manner, he sat there grinning for a second, expecting praise or something. The librarian just picked up the piece, having already dropped the money, he left with it. Victor's smile turned upside down and only then did he realize how stupid the words were. 'What the hell... That was some damn grocery list... What a waste...' he muttered, now getting up and sliding his hands into his pocket. He grumbled and lead the way out of the library.


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