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Let's Get Physical [Quest | Michelle & Victor]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
The previous evening was fun. Michelle had completely forgotten about finding the Rune Knight girl and instead, ended up finding a lost sword and then cooking. The assassin never thought such mundane activities would actually be fun. But, she had to give it to the blonde man. It was only because of him that she did all that. Otherwise, she didn’t see her doing any of this alone.

Habits die hard. Despite sleeping very late at night, Michelle woke before sunrise and was ready for her morning workout. She decided to wake up Victor too and knocked on his door. “Hey! I’m heading to the park. Come train with me. Let’s see what you got,” she yelled before banging the door once more. There was no way any normal human could sleep through her banging. In fact, all the noise had made the couple in the room next to him groan in disbelief.

Michelle didn’t wait for him to respond. If she had to drag him out for training, then he probably wasn’t worth the trouble. As she walked out of the inn, she found a small boy trundle along the street looking very sad. Usually, she wouldn’t have cared, but she was in a particularly good mood this morning. So, she approached him and ruffled his hair before kneeling to be at his eye level. “What’s wrong, boy?” she asked. “Our master is ill. So, there is no one to train us this morning,” he said, almost tearing up. She smiled and gave a soft sigh. The woman had no idea why she chose to do this, but she already spoke the words before she could rethink it. “I’ll train you lot,” she said.


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#2Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Victor was a lucky man. While he'd chosen to lose one companion, he had already found another, perhaps... Although Phoebe and Michelle were worlds apart, in so many ways, the dark-skinned one did fill the void swiftly, in only a few hours that they spent together. In fact, while he had assumed things couldn't get smoother than his time with Phoebe, the Hunter had just proved him wrong and that in itself was a rarity. It was easier not to have the friction of attraction between two people. That facet of emotions simply caused drama and took time away from is the day. There was nothing like no strings attached, he thought as he lay awake in his bed. He wondered if he could find a way to have Michelle work with him again, or would she vanish in the morning the way she had on the night they first met.

A very loud demanding voice and incessant banging on the door told him otherwise. 'Ok... That's not going to work.' he thought, but still smiled, it felt good to have someone to train with. He slid off his bed and stretched, he could already hear her footfall grow softer, letting him know she'd walked away. Quickly, he went through his morning routine and then skipped stairs on his way down to the bar, Michelle was already gone. He quickly ordered himself an espresso and drank it like a shot, before jogging to the park to find her. 'Michelle!' he called out while running around the periphery. 'I'm here! You ready?' he challenged.


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#3Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
The sad boy was no longer sad after Michelle offered to teach him and his friends. “You?! But you are a girl,” he said, laughing. The assassin squinted her eyes and pulled the boy’s ear, just enough for it to hurt a little but not much. “You think girls can’t fight?” she asked. “Take me to where you all train and I’ll show you,” she added. The boy didn’t have much of an option as she held him by the ear and wasn’t willing to let go unless he obliged. Now that it had become a matter of pride for her and the rest of the fighting females in the world, she was determined to show them women can fight.

The boy walked along towards the park. When she entered the park, she saw four other boys there. She let go of the one she was holding and he ran towards his friends, whispering what had happened to the rest of the squad. One after another, the other four began laughing too. Michelle wasn’t amused. “Form a line. Now,” she said menacingly. The laughter stopped immediately and the boys fell in line. This wasn’t the first time ignorant kids have laughed at her and she had whipped them into shape. “Now… If I hear so much as a snicker, all of you are going to be running twenty laps around the park. Am I clear?” she asked. There was no response. “I said… Am I clear?” she repeated loudly. The startled boys yelled a ‘yes’ in chorus and she let slip a small smirk. “Good!”

Before she could begin, however, she heard Victor call out and run towards them. She waved at him and turned back to the boys. Once he was within her earshot, she would make the introductions. “I’m Michelle. And this Victor. We will be training you today as your master is ill,” she said sternly.


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#4Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
A group of young boys? This is what training was going to be? his pace slowed down considerably as he approached them. He eyed Michelle meaningfully, as he tried to decipher what the hell was going on. She found a way to explain while introducing them. He could swear the woman was telepathic. He put on a friendly smile. So they were going to show little snots how the real mages fight... he assumed. He let his smile stretch wider as he eyed the boys, a few of them seemed visibly reassured at his arrival, probably didn't trust women enough, he empathized, he usually had an aversion to women believing they were on top too... Perhaps it was his mother's effect. He blinked at them in a silently reassuring manner.

'What are you all training for?' he asked, keeping things friendly, but letting an authoritative note linger in his voice. When they piped up to say they were training to join the Rune Knight force, he almost choked as he tried to control his laughter, he failed but covered it up as something that sounded like an encouraging chuckle. 'That's great... That's great.' he lied as he momentarily turned his back to them and gave Michelle the Why these idiots? face.

But perhaps it was for the best, maybe if the new generation had smarter trainers, the Knights could actually become a respectable field, not that Victor was going to spend any considerable time in achieving that useless goal... it hardly mattered. He cleared his throat to carry this ridiculous mission on. 'So what are we doing today, Michelle?' he asked, as though they were putting up a show, and the interaction was the way to keep the boy's interested.


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#5Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Rune Knights?! Rune. Fucking. Knights. She wasn’t one to swear, even in her head. But she found it rather pathetic that these young kids have the ambition to join the Rune Knights, if one can even call that an ambition. But then, she remembered Fenrir and the other Rune Knight girl she was in search of and realized they weren’t as bad as she thought Rune Knights would be. In fact, she had a feeling both of them were much stronger than she was, but she would never acknowledge such feelings of course.

Michelle could sense the reservation Victor had against the organization too from his voice. She tried to control her laughter and it would seem she was a lot better at it than her training partner was. Speaking of Victor, the boys seemed a lot more interested in him than her. She wasn’t one to be jealous; the woman didn’t enjoy attention anyway. So long as they are motivated to train. Nevertheless, she took it upon herself to show them that girls can fight too and she wasn’t going to back out of that one.

“First things first. We warm up,” she said in response to Victor’s question. “Ten laps,” she announced and began jogging. She expected everyone to follow her, including Victor. While there was still some distance between the boys and them, she quickly whispered to the blonde man. “Don’t slow down in front of the kids,” she said, grinning and staring him in the eye for a second. “Let’s go, boys. No slacking,” she yelled, as she drove the boys to begin running.


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#6Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
'Slow down?' Victor mocked... 'I'll race ya.' he said, nodding at the boys who quickly fell in line. This little gender battle could be fun. While he wasn't sure how fighting would go, since he didn't really have any experience taking people head on and things got trickier with his lack of magic... He was convinced he could go toe to toe with her when it came to fitness, with ease. As they started taking their laps, however, he was surprised at her stamina.

They raced on ahead as the boys began huffing at the back. 'Oh come on, you can't sprint through a marathon.' One of them complained as he slowed down falling behind. 'The one who last runs an extra ten.' he added the condition, somehow it spurred everyone on. He turned to glare at the one who had whined, he was compelled to add not gonna let a girl beat you, are you? but he didn't, simply because it probably wouldn't sit well with Michelle, with the way the teased each other, though, it could... she didn't seem like the sensitive kind, but he wasn't going to risk it this early on.

He had to turn to deal with the boy so many times, that the woman actually managed to beat him. He frowned and barked at the boy who came last, to relieve some of his annoyance. 'You! Go... NOW. Rest of you... Water break, we meet back in three mins sharp.' his voice was quite commanding. He didn't want them to linger and scoff at the fact that he did lose after all, though it was close enough for the tired kids to have missed it. 'Not bad... missy.' he complimented, there was an honor to losing with grace and to let it fuel the need to work harder.


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#7Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
The fun began. Victor picked the bait and challenged her to a race. This would be a good time to show girls can be strong too. Although she wasn’t a lot faster than him, it was apparent that she could beat him if she sprinted. For the most part, she didn’t overtake him and kept close to where he was. She suspected he might pull one on her and go for a last sprint burst, and so, preserved her energy. It seemed like that wasn’t the case. Besides, the boys caused some trouble midway and he had to handle that. She didn’t take advantage of those moments. Her job wasn’t to show she was faster than him; it was simply to show a lady can be as fast and strong as a man. So, that narrow win was sufficient.

However, most of the boys were super tired to even notice who won the race. At the end of it, they were gasping for breath and Victor sent the last kid for another ten rounds. She appreciated the stern voice. Those who come last must be pushed to work harder. That was the only way they would improve.

There was no mocking or maiming Victor in front of the kids. She waited for the three minute break to be over and began the stretching routine. “After warming up, you should always stretch so that you don’t cramp any muscle during training,” she explained, as she stretched one muscle after another from toe to head. The training went on and Michelle partnered up with Victor to show some basic combat manoeuvres. The day went by as she trained all of the boys, and eventually they eased up to her. Finally, out of curiosity, she asked who their original trainer was. “Armin Sensei” they said in a chorus. Michelle didn’t need further explanation. “Sword guy,” she said with a poker face, turning towards Victor.


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#8Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
Michelle and he seemed to be in tandem, there were no arguments, no explanations required. Once the boys dragged themselves back in front of the duo, just a glare from Victor was enough to make them straighten up and essentially stop lagging. Michelle took them through the stretches and he followed suit. Like so many men, he wasn't too particular about flexibility, it was one of those traits that just seemed more feminine, as he followed her directions, he realized just how much that was probably going to cost him... He observed her form in quick glances, the flexibility meant she could kick higher, take longer strides...

A new goal to work on, the man decided. Following that they two took them through the basics, somehow the boys weren't too great with just those either, they were taught the more archaic style of fighting, Victor could appreciate it for the sake of history and honor, but most of the moves they were proficient in, wouldn't work against criminals who were willing to play dirty. When they divulged the name of their actual trainer and Michelle attributed it to a person, Victor barely resisted the urge to scoff. How could a man who lost his sword to a dog, train the future generation? The Rune Knights were doomed. It was apparent from the tone she took that she didn't want to meet him again, so Victor took it upon himself to go fetch their reward. 'See you before dinner? Hopefully after a shower.' he asked before walking away to go collect for them.


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