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Crocus to Oak [Foot Travel]

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#1Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Crocus to Oak [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:06 am

Nastasya Crowe ✝
Many things had become different but she couldn't even remember how or why she had done that. She couldn't remember much. She could feel, that much was true and what she felt wasn't very comfortable. There was a pain in her chest as well as a trickling itch that spread through a golden line on her skin from her heart to now her jawline, which she hid most of the time by her clothing, which was easy in winter. She felt a lot of different things and even though her memory was rather empty she could feel that there was a difference in contrast to what she had probably felt before. She was more aware of the cold, of being thirsty or hungry and there was this nagging feeling of lost and loneliness that she hated the most.

She didn't remember other people, she only remembered that she wanted to be out of the capital and that she would have to be as she didn't belong here. She didn't belong anywhere, which could be a good thing, it could give you the opportunity to start things anew and be a new you. Only she hoped to have had her memory for that. She knew she wanted to go to Oak, that she wanted to be close to people who would probably think the same as she did; Phantom Lord.

At the moment she didn't plan in joining, not yet, there might be people she liked but the inkling of feeling lonely made it a very hard temptation to say no. But she would have to figure out a few things herself. Her memory, her thoughts that were and felt so slow that she couldn't catch much thoughts. She stared in a puddle of water, no idea if it had rained the previous night, her whole rthytm seemed to be so mixed up that she didn't even know if she slept at all. What had happened to her? She would like to know as well. The reflection that stared back at her, had fierce red eyes and with that a short sand blonde hair colour that reached just above her shoulders. It didn't feel like her, if someone would confince her that she had switched bodies, she would perhaps believe it. She didn't know anything, everything was so different, everything felt like a dream world with dragons and fairies and magics. She was a human, a normal human being, right? No magic for her, no secret organisations, would Phantom Lord accept humans? Perhaps as a barmaid.

There it was again, that word that pulled her towards Oak as well, was there a bar? a pub? Something, something so heavy in her brain, even if the name had slipped from her now. A pub that would hold answers, but only if the right person would be there. Perhaps someday she would go there and find the right man, she wouldn't know at the moment if it was so important, if she actually wanted her memory back, all she wanted to know was her name, she had one in her mind that she believed to be hers because she believed people call her that. As in a faint distant memory will tell her again again different voice calling her out in that name. So that was her name..

Lilja Oswald

So she took the little bit of clothing she had, she had found an inn that let her stay in a room as long as she did the dishes last night and she did. She did had some money but she wanted to keep it in case of emergency. She needed to have a room in Oak as well. So she walked there, from Crocus to Oak. Not taking the train to save money again and she needed to sort out her mind anyway, because she didn't feel the need to sleep or so, she would go on and on and on and on and on.. until she was too tired and collapsed near the road to sleep. No one was here, everyone seemed to be in Crocus or anywhere else for the matter, not interested in the life of a lonely traveller. Which was good, certainly good. She yawned as she walked on again. Back to her home? Was that her home? It felt like it, though she believed firmly that her home was taking from her and she had no idea where it was. Better to start a new one in that case.

Finally after walking for what felt like a week and perhaps it was a week, her memory wouldn't be able to keep up, she arrived in town. Which seemed to give up a familiar vibe but was new to her, she had no idea where to go. The pub was not here, not at first sight but she bumped into a man that looked like to work in a hotel, "Miss Oswald? Welcome back." She looked at him surprised, "Thank you." But where the heck was she and how did she got back? She simply followed him to the hotel to get her usual room, perhaps some memories would be here. She would never know.


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