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Foot Travel : Crocus to Dahlia

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#1Shura Ranzu † 

Foot Travel : Crocus to Dahlia Empty Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:46 am

Shura Ranzu †

Shura Ranzu

Everything was a lie. It seemed as if Grimoire Heart was on their side all along. However they still killed Phantom Lord's master. It was all confusing. What was the reason? He could barely stand up to a minion with his current gear, much less their new king. It was defeating. yet now, he had won in some sense. But even that feeling did not last for long. Chisu was lost and thought to go to Dahlia, with all of her relatives. What was the reason? Why was this-

He sat on his own bed, staring at the wall that lay illuminated under the moonlight.

‘Going to Oak, I have some things to take care of. This is not goodbye but see ya soon.’

The words hung in the back of his mind. It felt so log ago, yet as if it was the other day. He had left her behind so often, he had never expected her to leave him behind. He needed to make his presence known in the guild, by doing that he was going to usurp the throne. Part of him hoped it would be a easy transition and no one needed to get hurt. He enjoyed the idea of someone stepping up to the plate to oppose him. A show of strength was something he was fond of. He didn’t have much except his clothes and weapon. Best to travel light just in case things got dangerous, was the thought process he followed. No need to have a lot of luggage.

He had to take the throne, he had to prove himself. But he was last of his era. None could understand his feelings towards the other bodies of power. But that didn't matter if he could lead them all into salvation. He knew he would fit right in, not saying that he was a shady individual. He knew he could find work. Someone in the underworld was always looking for someone else to do the dirty work for them. Even though he was apart of a guild he often offered services to the highest bidder if something needed to be done.

Leaving the inn, not many folks were out and about. There were little to no dark spots for someone to ambush from. Standing about two meters away from the doorway he took a moment to look around to make sure the coast was clear. His paranoia was grounded by his mishap in Dahlia. Ever since that day he was looking over his shoulder. Like the woman told him, the moment he make the pact he became a player in the world. Now that he was getting stronger and he was about to take over a guild. He was slowly becoming a person of interest. He was okay with that though, the time for sticking to the shadows had ended. It was his time to step out into the main stage for all to see.

He was going back to that place, unsure of why. He had forgotten his reason to leave. Now, all he wanted was to see her face one last time. He had to stop whatever it was. He was going to save her. He had to.

Whatever the cost. He was going back to Dahlia.

MP: 2350/2850
WC: 545/400

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