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Crocus to Mag [foot travel]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

Crocus to Mag [foot travel] Empty Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:04 am

Rishi Namatzu
Today was finally the day. Today was the day that she would travel back to Magnolia, her hometown, to see everyone again. She hadn't been gone for too long, but for her it had felt like she had been gone for years, and when she went back all the children would be grown adults. She had also wanted to see Kazuki again, the earth mage who she had met in the streets. His laughter echoed throughout her mind, and no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't forget him. She had made sure to make space for her new small fiery companion. It had been a vulpix, and she had found him while she had been on her way home from the battle for the capital. She hadn't decided what to name him, that was until she had thought of Kazuki again. Of course she wasn't going to name him Kazuki jr. or anything like that, but it had made her think of space. She didn't know what drew her to the name she had chosen, but it had been so, and she wasn't going to change it. "I'll call you Venus!" She had loved the name, and she thought it fit him well. He had been with her for a few days now, and everything he did had matched the name. She put him on the ground and signaled for him to follow her, and off to Magnolia they went, leaving the town of Crocus.

They had arrived a few days later, and everyone had welcomed her back. The kids that she had seen before she left were still kids, and all the people she had wanted to see had been there. All except Kazuki. She was going to find him one day, and she would do whatever it takes to do so. For now though her and Venus would just rest, and get prepared for the next day.

oh man what a world, the things I hear, if I could act on my revenge then oh, would I?
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Crocus to Mag [foot travel] Untitled_drawing

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