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Travel to Dahlia by Foot

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She had one final task, and she would see to it that she would succeed. She was being called back to Dahlia for one special event. She had no time to waste. If her deity would have them all die, she would see to it that her own death was glorious and grand. They were all servants, and to their master, they would feast upon obedience.

She feared nothing more than the loss of a great soul, and that was none of her own. She took up her bag along with her book and other small collectives. She was going to make a run to that city, away from all of this chaos. She was lucky to have missed it all. But that was not important. What mattered was that she served well.

Day and night would blur into one as she would make her way to the city limits. The woman she met before would serve to be useful, but none as prized as what would remain of the last skill. It was a sight to witness, and to miss the final moments would be a lost treasure.

She would hail a man, to try and ride her way there my carriage. Perhaps it would be faster in the long run. This way she could be fully attentive when she arrived.

The bloodline would stop flowing, but it would not end. It would be saved, protected, quarantined.  She would be happy knowing that much.

She didn't pray this time, for she understood why she had no real reason to. Her god was with her, and she meant literally not just metaphorically. What was a prayer when she could physically take her god in her hands. She was no deity, and here she learned her true name. Nameless had a name, but she would never acknowledge it. Those that held this information would do nothing more than tear up old memories that did not exist. All it did was make her imagine what life she could have lived before. Before all of this.

They had to come together, and to build up, they first had to break down.

After it was over, she would take her knowledge to Oak to converse with the risen soul. She may have not been the crown, but she was the one who had been closest to their god and had seen her in her purest form. That was alone enough to satisfy Mikiko.

And soon, they would satisfy Nameless.


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