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Crocus > Era Town [Foot Travel]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

Crocus > Era Town [Foot Travel] Empty Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:30 pm

Seta Kaiba
So much had happened recently... First she had discovered the existence of the mystical ley lines and the fact that the Core Points were located across Fiore. Further research had revealed that by tapping into those ley lines she could enhance the capacities of her magic, but it was an exhausting and time-consuming process, and with the one in Crocus being properly attuned to she had made it her goal to find the remaining points and claim them for her own. Of course, that was easier said than done, and life itself wasn't going to make it much easier for herself either! No, with the recent events having led to the head of the Kaiba household to be bedridden, and possibly approaching death's embrace the future seemed to insist on placing her into the man's seat at the head of the household, but before she could accept such a duty she needed to accomplish her own ambition. She needed to obtain the secrets of Fiore's ley lines and make it her own! After that she could proceed with her search for those mystical cards supposed to be made by Illumin himself: the fabled 'God Cards'.

Mokuba trailed beside her, excitedly looking across the scenery they traversed. "Say sis~ This is the first time in months we left the capital, didn't we?" The young woman nodded her head lightly while she replied in a slightly apologetic tone. "Sorry Mokuba, I know how much you love the outdoors and traveling, and yet were forced to stay in the city for so long."

However, in return to her apologize the boy merely shook his head and grinned sheepishly at her. "Nonsense sis! You know I like traveling with you the most, whether its inside the city or outside on the countryside." The words made her smile for a moment, a nod of approval coming from the young woman who was quick to notice that in the distance the large mountain became visible after a whole day of traveling. Indeed, the mountain was a good sign for them, because it was the landmark upon which Era was build on, and as they approached the city her brother's excitement intensified. "So you think we'll find another Core Point here in Era?" It made sense for there to be one, in the end the rumors spoke of a rather mysterious landmark nearby the town, and the device she carried with her seemed to confirm the rumors. However, she was still a bit curious about how she had discovered the existence of those ley lines. Sure, a cloaked stranger she had met at Crocus' Artisan Building told her about them, and while she initially took the rumor with a grain of salt, the man's words were quick to be confirmed as a fact, and as a result she was now a step closer to becoming powerful enough to obtain the secrets of Fiore's ley lines and the ability to confirm the myth of the mystical God Cards as a 'fact'...


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