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Can't even open the cup [seta]

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Fenrir was reeling from his last night, so much happened he could barely focus on his training he was so full of energy. His shoulders drooped down, his voice had deepened, and even his boyish nature had been sullied by hints of ruggedness as stubble grew on his chin, cheeks and even a wispy mustache was forming above his lips. Overall his confidence was through the roof all thanks to that strange woman’s odd training technique. At the end he was super tired, but other than that he felt like a new man! Despite it being so simple whatever happened made him feel like an animal, a new man! He put the prime in primate for short.

With this new found body of confidence came new training methods, it was sort of hard to find ladies to help him train like how the purple haired lady did but who’s to say they just didn’t need some convincing? It was kinda weird with the lack of clothes and weighted clothing, but hey it was no big deal he could always go to the pretty lady some more. For now he was enjoying some of those cards, the ones for dueling and stuff. Right now he had even gone as far as to get ‘rare’ cards an entire deck centered around what was called a ‘Red Dragon Arch Fiend he had no idea why it was considered rare but he took good care of his new deck and even added new cards.

With his new deck he was sitting in the park beating opponents left and right at a picnic table. Now it was a duel between him and a husky fellow.

“Hm, I summon my Big Piece Golem and I use him and my dread dragon to summon Red Dragon Archfiend and If I’m not mistaken that is the game!” he laughed, it was true and the chubby fellow ran away crying before he could even put down his last card. Confused Fenrir picked up his cards and looked them over. “Lotta naked people..." he blushed as he ogled at the cards.

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#2Seta Kaiba 

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Seta Kaiba
Ever since she had tapped into the first Core Point within Fiore Seta found herself haunted by recurring nightmares. She couldn't describe them in detail, for despite their vividness her memories of the event were rather blurry, but whenever she woke up from them the nightmare left her feeling incredibly frustrated and sad.

Having just awoken from such a dream the brown-haired woman had decided to wash away her concerns by taking a shower, and yet despite its refreshing feeling she still couldn't help but feel that something was missing, that something didn't feel right...

"Morning sis!" After having changed into her usual clothes and having entered the living chamber of their estate Seta was eagerly greet by her little brother, the lad busily reading some papers.

"Any interesting reports Mokuba?" Her question made the boy nod his head while he explained with a hint of curiosity. "That weird guy from before, the Fenrir one has been making a little bit of a name for himself."

Oh? The Saiyan one? She still remembered that mysterious transformation of his, and yet what happened afterward left her somewhat confused as if a haze shrouded her memories.

However, when after an hour she found herself at the park the Saiyan was dueling at Seta folded her arms beneath her chest and asked her brother in an annoyed tone. "And why are we here again?" But Mokuba merely smiled as he explained excitedly. "Isn't it a good idea to check up on him? He might even be useful for our work on the Mana ley lines~"


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Not long after defeating the large man came a familiar scent, call it his Lycan blood acting up but he could sense a familiar presence in the park not far from his latest match. With a single hand he swiped up all of his cards and his most recent opponents. Seemed he wouldn’t be coming back for them so Fenrir could at least put them in his bag to keep them safe for a short time.

Smelling the air he’d take in the familiar scent again but this time he’d find a certain sweetness to it, almost like lavender, no wait bananas! He couldn’t tell which but it was attracting him mighty hard. He kept sniffing the air until he would be just a few feet from her and her brother.

“Hey it’s you again! Mmm, you smell really pretty. You eat something tasty… Whoa.” he looked her up and down, did something change with her? She seemed more… Ok? Maybe she was glowing more or she was just more radiant but Fenrir was infatuated by the light she gave off.

“Hey it’s you two, Moku and uh, his delightful looking sister.” he extended a hand to her, if she accepted he’d place a kiss on her knuckle and flash her a devilishly charming smile, something fairly atypical considering how he was a few days ago. He couldn’t explain it, but something was just… Off with him. “May I say Miss Seta you are looking as beautiful as when we last met.” she was a sight for sore eyes… Though she may have noticed he wasn’t himself.

Can't even open the cup [seta] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
#4Seta Kaiba 

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Seta Kaiba
What in the world was happening here? Seta couldn't help but blink in bewilderment as Fenrir placed a kiss on the back of her hand, causing Mokuba to inquire with a hint of curiosity. "What in the world happened to him?" That clearly wasn't the same behavior he had shown last time they had met! "Did you hit your head or something? Or perhaps your foolishness leveled up and made your brain deteriorate..." Wow, savage as usual, or perhaps she was being one hell of a Tsundere.

Meanwhile, Mokuba was trying to stand on the tip of his toes, a hand raised for Fenrir's forehead. "He doesn't seem to have a fever... so it's likely that he isn't being delirious from that." Mokuba's words made her shake her head lightly while pressing a hand on her hip. "Either way, that 'delightful looking sister has a name, it's Seta, it's only four letters so try to remember it next time, lest I'll start calling you Pathetic Monkey instead of Fenrir."

But still, after a moment a soft beep came from her pocket, making her hand slip into the pocket of her coat and pull out a gadget of some sorts. "Hmm, odd, for some reason it's reacting to him..."


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"But I did say your name milady... Forgive me," he'd let her hand go and allow the young woman to take his temperature, they wouldn't find a fever, but they would find him to be indeed sick. Call him a romantic? Or call him a fool but what happened him those few days ago had made him more of a man than he had even been before. Though with one woman gone another came, though this one would of course be much more reluctant to show him an kind of affection. "I guess we monkies just become infatuated with pretty women. Story of Tarzan and Jane comes to mind."

He looked at the gadget bewildered, "What a beautiful pair you two make... Ah, is that some sort of watch? Is it reacting to me really? I guess you might have to spend more time with me then? I have some more cards young mokuba can check out while we talk about uh, whatever it is you have there." he rubbed the top of his head and looked down at her, "C'mon, I'll even buy you both a good meal, getting to spend more time with someone so beautiful is a luxury I do not wish to miss."

With that he'd lean in closer to whisper in her ear, "Plus you know, ever since I beat you I still haven't gotten those noodles of yours." what was wrong with him...

Can't even open the cup [seta] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
#6Seta Kaiba 

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Seta Kaiba
"Tarwho?" Clearly confused by the man's statement Seta's attention was quickly driven to the device in her hand, the beeping getting even louder. "It's more like a scanner, it detects powerful mana currents within the land. Although I got no explanation why it would react to you-" Mokuba couldn't help but blink in bewilderment at Baron's statement, clearly wondering if the man was drunk, but with him trying to suggest for the two of them to spend some time together, he might have almost succeeded in convincing her if not for the whisper into her ear. Seta's cheeks turned scarlet at the mentioning of the noodles, making a straight turn toward the direction of the part she had entered from and darted out of there while Mokuba smiled weakly in return. "Did you seriously just scare my sis to the point she NOPED out of here?" A hand raised to the back of his head as he started to chase after his sister. "A first time for everything I guess... You better go and get this resolved Cassanova!" Mokuba stated with a light wave as he ran off into the direction his sister had disappeared toward. Now that had truly been one hell of a peculiar experience...


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She seemed to get flustered by his words, maybe it was his scent or his new found masculinity but she did NOT seem to be buying what he said about eating the noodles. Not that he didn’t mind the chase, he watched little mokuba scurry after her and followed the boy as they dashed after his sister. In a jogging pace he caught up to Mokuba and sped up as the chased went on. His scraggly beard and hair blew in the wind as he was in hot pursuit. “Ya know kid, your sister is pretty fast, I might have to test her speed one of these days if you know what I mean.” he nudged the kid as they ran before speeding past him. “Hey! Stop running! I’m strugglin’ to keep up with ya! Why are you so red?” His legs sprinted on, he was after his prey now, like a wolf stalking the divine white doe. He would keep running as far as she did before trying to reach out to her, “Will you slow down already?”

Was all of this over the noodles? Or well, what was happening to him? It seemed she was on board until he spoke in her ear, was it too much? It seemed the other lady didn’t mind when he did so why was she so afraid?

Can't even open the cup [seta] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
#8Seta Kaiba 

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Seta Kaiba
Although Fenrir was able to keep up with the chase after Seta, it seemed that fortune wouldn't smile upon him today, for the moment he reached her she had ran into a wealthy-looking mansion and two heavily armored guards stepped before Fenrir, blocking him the way while Mokuba stepped beside the man, patting his shoulder lightly. "You better don't think of fighting them, if you did you'd get your rear landed in jail, but I'll talk to sis so that at least she won't hate you for those perverted comments about slurping your noodles. Although, someone really needs to teach you about how to talk to a girl or woman someday."

An amused sigh came from Mokuba as he stepped past the guards and mused out loud. "See ya later Fenrir!" The boy said with a light wave as he dashed into the manor, yet as he approached Seta's room he could notice that curiously enough it was locked and a muffled voice was coming from inside. "Why the hell is he doing that?! When I think about how strong he is he is pretty cool but that perverted attitude of his is so repulsive!" Yeah, for now it might had been best for him to leave her be...


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