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#1Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
It was only her second day at Crocus and she already wished she wasn’t ordered to come here. Her first day ended up being a disaster. She shared a bed with a strange man and woke up to find all her money missing. Whatever ensued after that was not pleasant, to put it mildly. She never had much money, but she never was completely broke like she was now either. As much as she wanted to beat the shit out of that blonde guy for robbing her, she had more important things to do.

The bronze-skinned assassin walked through the rubble-ridden streets towards the Rune Knight quarters. She noticed that the Rune Knight buildings were already in the process of being repaired. Of course… Top priority! She knew once the repairs are complete it will be a real pain to infiltrate the building. Realizing now was the best time to sneak in and steal the intel she was asked to, she ran along the walls until she found an opening.

Obviously, the Rune Knights were not stupid; they blocked every hole that was big enough for someone to enter. However, they were probably too understaffed to fix the smaller holes. For Michelle, a single crack was enough. She reached an isolated section of the wall and looked around to ensure no one was around to witness her breaking in. Once she confirmed that she was alone, she cast her Haze. Her hazy wind form slowly slinked into the crack and she formed back into herself when she was on the other side. She crouched down and looked around to see where she can hide before someone spots her. After all, it was a very bright day and her haze does not do much to conceal her.


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“Okay so I guess I’ll call this one just Super Saiyan.” a man’s voice rang through the Rune Knight HQ’s training hall. In the center of the rather large room stood Fenrir the Lycan clad in his favorite training wear; body concealed in a black tank top, green sweat pants, and black sneakers. With all of his training at its peak he had just realized earlier in the day that he needed names for all of the forms he knew thus far. At the moment he had just named his first form ‘Super Saiyan’ given that was the name Mare had come up with in his research, it wasn’t flashy but it sounded imposing enough.

His lips parted as he sharply exhaled into his second form, “Ooo, this must be just past a Super Saiyan… How about Super saiyan Two?” he looked down at himself, unlike Super Saiyan this ‘ascended’ form came with a few small details that made it differentiate enough to tell it wasn’t the same; around the golden veil like aura around him sparks buzzed about in sporadic fashion, “Ooo these are pretty. Is it lightning?| he reached out to touch his golden mana only to realize that he could do no such thing! It merely followed his movements… What a disappointment. Looked like he wasn’t a lightning mage…

“Okay, okay I think I have enough in me for one more…” Obviously he had enough mana at his disposal to go well above what he deemed Super Saiyan two, but now it was a matter of figuring out how far he could go. He didn’t realize another hand entered the facility. Clenching his fist and falling into a power stance he’d bend his knees and began to dispel his mana in an effort to transform again. In the midst of eliminating his mana he felt himself begin to struggle to force the transformation to happen, thus the Hall would be filled with his powerful bellowing. He’d continue despite feeling himself to grow weaker he’d feel his veins begin to pop, the blue sparks that once inhabited his second form raditaint off of him as his bright golden aura formed a sphere around him. “Just. A. Little. Bit. Closer!” he roared the words before throwing his head back. At this point the building had begun to shake, his power up and force taking a toll on the structure as dust remnants began to fall from the ceiling and weights fell from their bars. All over Crocus the effects would likely be felt as he pushed himself beyond his limit. With his voice cracked now, he began to yell with even more vigor as his hair began to elongate to the point it reshed the back of his knees.

With a lass push he had done it, he took on yet another new form, “Whoa… What should I call th-” before he could make a peep his hair retracted and he was back to normal, he fell to a knee and looked at his hands. They were clammy and sweaty as was the rest of his body, “What the heck? I thought I could hold it…” he wiped the sweat from his brow, “Guess I should try again later… Shower break ooo Or maybe a nap... I wonder if the cafeteria has any food... Ugh so much to do!" he beamed to himself, as he rubbed his hands together. He'd have to try to push it again!

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Michelle Hunter
The infiltration was eventless so far. She had reached the grassy patch at the rear end of the compound and it looked deserted. Looks like most of the cops are inside or at the front. The assassin tip-toed to the nearest door and tried opening it. Of course, it was locked. She suspected as much and that was why she had sustained her haze. All doors had keyholes and this one was no exception. Just like the crack, she used the keyhole and was on the inside of the building in no time. However, the moment she entered the building, she had to wonder if it was a mistake. Michelle heard loud consistent bellowing from somewhere within the building and soon the entire building began to shake. For a moment, Michelle thought it was an earthquake, but she had a feeling it had something to do with the yelling that was reverberating through the inner walls.

She kept close to the wall and approached the source of the yelling. It appeared to be coming through a door to her right. The woman had no idea why she got curious about who was causing all this ruckus. Not to mention all the commotion was likely to attract more Rune Knights to the spot. So, if anything, she should be running away from there; but she couldn’t help but want to know. She opened the door very slightly and peeked through to find a golden-haired man standing in the middle of what seemed to be a training hall and yelling at the top of his voice. The floor underneath him shook violently as an electrifying aura zapped the air around him. Michelle’s eyes widened in disbelief. She always thought the Rune Knights were complete losers and had no idea they had someone as powerful among their ranks. She watched the man, with her mouth slightly agape at his powerful form, and completely forgot about her predicament. Suddenly, the man dropped to the ground; his hair changed to black and his aura vanished. This brought her back to reality and she realized she needed to get the hell out of there if she wished not to be caught.

Her need to escape became more clear and urgent when she heard the man say something about ‘cafeteria’. She knew that meant he would be exiting the training hall. The assassin looked around to see if there were any other rooms nearby she could quickly get in to hide. But, unfortunately, she ran out of luck. The next door in the long corridor was quite far away and she knew she wouldn’t make it there before the man makes it out of the door. Realizing she had no other choice, she stood next to the door, sticking very close to the wall and hoped to knock the man out immediately after he exited the training hall. She knew she wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight against this one.

If the man came out through the door, Michelle would move swiftly in an attempt to hit him at the back of his head. However, in her hurry, she would accidentally trip over her own foot and fall face-first on the man clumsily. She knew she had messed up; so, she would immediately pull her hand back and act surprised. “AH!” she would yelp. If they both fell down, she would quickly hoist herself up on her elbows, while still staying on top of him and speak in her sweet voice. “I’m so sorry…”


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With his mind made up on where he would go next he had decided on visiting the cafeteria for a spell. It would only be a pit stop, however, as he still had a multitude of work ahead of him. Even with the war over his schedule was still full of jobs as far as the rebuilding effort was concerned. There was the matter of clearing rubble, assisting families in finding missing family members, rebuilding homes as well as building temporary space for the newly homeless families to dwell. It was quite a schedule, but from what he was told he was indeed a Rune Knight, so he would work dutifully and hard to make his betters proud. Was a bit robotic wasn’t it? Taking orders like that… But he lived to serve.

With his hands on his hips he exited through the double doors to the outer hall, through the lone door in the area. Just as he cracked it open he had found his world quite literally turned upside down as he tumbled backward and landed on his rear, a warm body on top of him elbows digging into his sore pectorals. He was in a bit of a daze given whoever got tangled up with him seemed to be smaller than him but packed quite a wallop, though that could have been an effect of his head hitting the floor. Rubbing the back of his sore cranium he looked up at who was now on top of him, one eye closed the other peering open as he parted his lips to speak, “Ouch… Are you okay?” when both of his eyes caught a gaze at her paused for a moment, gasping at the exotic beauty.

She was like none he had ever seen before, so different… So new. How could he explain it? There was so much different about her. Her hair was lavender and refined, he skin was flawless and her voice was angelic. Never had he seen such a combination in his life. She was that one word Aura had taught him, “Hot” to say the least. He smiled up at her and gave her a goofy chuckle, “It’s okay, accidents happen…” he tried to sit up, “Are you a Rune Knight too? I don’t think I’ve seen you at any of the drills.” it was quite odd if she was, though for all he knew she could have been one of the civilians affected by the recent tragedy.

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle knew she had no choice but to play along for a while, until she found an opportunity to slip away without raising suspicion. If she made a run for it immediately after he turned his back, that would definitely cause an alarm. Wishing to avoid that, she kept her act on. First things first, she wanted to avoid answering many questions. The more she talks, the more she had to lie, and the easier it becomes to accidentally say something inconsistent. So, she decided to keep him distracted enough so that he believes whatever she says and doesn’t prod too much for details.

The muscular man gave her a goofy chuckle; a reaction that she seemed to elicit out of every man when she was that close to them. She had done this act numerous times before to mess it up. Smiling back ‘nervously’, she put her hands on his chest and got off him while ‘accidentally’ brushing her bosom on her way up. The contact was very short and seemed natural and accidental; but it would be long enough to surprise any man. She sat across him with both her legs folded towards her right and looked right into the Rune Knight’s eyes as she responded to his question.

“Oh! I’m not a Rune Knight… yet. But I would like to become one. You know… After the attack, I thought I would sign up and do my part. The guards at the gate gave me directions, but it looks like I got them mixed up,” she said, laughing at the last bit and scratching her head. The assassin remained seated on the ground and would give the man an opportunity to offer his hand to help her up. She knew, the more chivalrous you make the men feel, the easier it is to keep them distracted. However, despite her sound plan, she couldn’t help but feel a tinge of attraction towards the black-haired Rune Knight across her. Of course, Michelle would never accept that she was capable of showing emotions. But they were very much there, suppressed as they may be. Deep down, the true Michelle gave a small smile at the odd combination of power and innocence that the man had showed so far.


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Naturally Fenrir was curious about this woman’s intentions in the training facility. He hadn’t seen her, not in the morning briefing nor at the mess hall for breakfast, but those two things of course would have little to do with her if she wasn’t a knight or just visiting the place. For all he knew she could have entered while he was training his magic, that’d make the most sense to him thus he saw no reason to be suspicious. He would, however, try to make a note of her exotic features, the combination of purple hair and golden eyes is something that he would want to remember for a long time.

With suspicions aside, Fenrir’s main interest was rather or not she was here to train. Most of the other Knights didn’t like to train with him, mostly because he would try to make them push their limits. Maybe, just maybe on the off chance she wasn’t like them, perhaps she wanted to train with him? That’d be a blessing, he needed a new training partner since Shalltear was still recovering from their last session and the twins were scared he’d touch their ears. A good training partner for the Lycan, in short, was hard to come by and this woman seemed pretty fit enough to train with him… Speaking of her physique, Fenrir wasn’t oblivious to the fact that her bust had brushed against him. In truth he had never felt something like that, a strange softness. Nimbus wasn’t even that soft. To think a millisecond of touch had such a profound effect on him, so much so that he couldn’t help but offer a nervous smile of his own to her when she finally sat across from him.

He’d listen to her story just as his mind began to drift off to a guessing game of what had brushed into him. Was she hiding something in there? Was one question of many. “Oh!” he beamed, “That’s awesome! I’m so glad you decided to join us!” he’d reach over and take her hand between his two, “Really, I know this is random but i’m always glad to meet another knight, even if they’re just signing up~” he was ecstatic to hear such fine news, “Tell me, do you want a tour? You’ve seen the training facility, but I can totally show you more! Ooo what about the mess hall? Or we can go to the mess hall and then the barracks!” as childish as it seemed his words were genuine, if she was a new knight he wanted her to feel welcome! “I’m Fenrir by the way, Seated Knight at your service.”

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle gently lifted her chin and looked up at the Rune Knight as he got off the floor. Her eyes remained wide and lips slightly parted, still holding onto her damsel in distress act. However, as much as she can act, she couldn’t help but feel the rising tension between the two as she held onto his hand while he helped her get back up. Her eyes involuntarily followed his muscular arms and chest. The shy and gentle façade slowly retreated, and her true naughty side waited for a chance to flirt. Among all the emotional conflict within, the logical Michelle saw an opportunity to complete the mission; the assassin may not have mastered control over herself yet, but she wasn’t going to simply forget about why she was there.

There she was, wondering where the barracks might be and how she would get there without raising an alarm. And the answer stood right in front of her. His offer to give her a tour made her eyes go even wider and she smiled. “You would?! That’s so sweet of you…” she blurted out, with her hand still on his. “But, are you sure? I would hate to intrude,” she added, sounding a little worried. She knew there was no way he was going to retract the offer, but she had to play the part and say the right things.

If Fenrir was still willing to give her the tour, she would hold both her hands in front of her chest and make an ecstatic sound. “Thank you so much! I’m Michelle, by the way,” she would say, followed by a curtsy. Her immediate thought would be to ask the Rune Knight man to take her to the barracks; the sooner she got this over with, the better. But, before she could utter a word, her stomach growled and that kind of made the decision for her. “How about we go to the mess hall first and then to the barracks?” she said, a little embarrassed. However, she quickly followed that with a bold suggestion, surprising even herself. “After that… Maybe… You can show me your quarters?” The words came out right as she thought them, giving her no time to assess the implications. What is wrong with me?! She was glad, at least, she didn’t say it in a flirtatious tone. “Er- I mean… After I join… I was just curious what kind of room I’ll be staying in,” she blurted, trying to cover up, all the while avoiding eye contact.

Hopefully, Fenrir wouldn’t think much on it and take her to the mess quickly, avoiding any awkward silences.


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Playing into his own gentle nature he’d help her up with a gentle tug just as he would a downed comrade. Upon getting her up it seemed she didn’t want to entirely let go. Of course, Fenrir didn’t pay it any mind as he thought about the Mess Hall menu for the day. His taste buds had already imagined what delicacies he could sample at the HQ’s fine eatery; Pizza, ramen, sandwiches, and hot dogs all called to him in the form of a smorgasbord of glutinous bliss. Upon helping her up and making sure she was good to go there was little hesitance in her response, it seemed she was just as excited as he was to get going!

“Sure thing, we’ll make a round for the hall and then we can go to my room~ You’ll love it trust me.” he assured her with a thumbs up as he turned around to exit the double doors he had originally been in front of just before their chance encounter. The two blue doors would swing open as the sun’s beams immediately began to warm him up or atleast what remained of the now setting orange light. He’d wipe the sweat from his brow and take a deep breath, lungs filling with cool winter air as he placed his hands on his hips to admired the beauty of the HQ’s courtyard. If Michelle had looked around she’d notice a few other buildings connected by a concrete fence to keep intruders out. Behind them was the training facility, not far was the mess hall and the HQ was likely a block or two away from them right now. He’d point to a building to their right, “Alrighty, we’ll be heading there to eat.” by the tone of his voice she’d be able to tell he was quite excited to get eating.

Whistling a cheerful tune he’d start making a pace towards the mess hall, he was so excited to get eating! He’d stack his plate to the ceiling after his last training session, all of that powering up made him extremely hungry. After a short walk, perhaps only a few minutes he’d step toward the threshold of a red door and opened it for her as he gestured for her to head in. If she entered he’d follow behind and stretch his arms. “Phew, this is gonna be awesome. Whaddya wanna try first?” there wasn’t much to the hall, it was large like a gymnasium but there was a lack of choices among places to eat. At one end were the tables nine wooden tables in rows of three along separated from one another with just enough room to walk through the isles, on the other end was the lunch line, or well, more of a buffet line. There were knights serving food, two to be exact privates who had just joined no doubt, but in truth they were only there for show as it was acceptable to pick out your own meal.

Fenrir grabbed two plates and handed one ot Michi, “By the way can I call you Michi? I know it’s a bit strange to asks but I thought it’d be kinda nice.” after she’d answer he’d guide her to the lunch lines… Time to see what was on the menu.

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Michelle Hunter
Thankfully, there was no awkward silence or embarrassing pauses. The purple-haired assassin sighed softly as her new guide to the Rune Knight compound turned towards the exit and began walking. Michelle kept very close to him as they made their way towards the mess hall and took in her surroundings carefully. She made it seem like she was excited to be there, which she was, but for completely different reasons than the Rune Knight might assume. Walking alongside the Rune Knight made the others not question her existence within the walls.

Michelle looked around at every building that was within the walls and was surprised how quickly they had managed to repair the damage. Every passing moment, her opinion regarding the Rune Knights improved. Many may laugh at them, but they surely weren’t a bunch she would like to cross. “You guys are really efficient. The buildings are all back to being functional… And it hasn’t even been a week,” she said, wondering out loud. They had even managed to put up the concrete fence real quick. She realized had it not been for her infiltration capabilities, it would be impossible to penetrate these walls. Now, the question was, could she pull it off on her way out too?

Although no other Rune Knight looked at her with suspicion on their way to the mess hall, thanks to being around Fenrir, Michelle couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was too visible. Everything about her was exotic; from her skin colour to her hair and even her eye colour. It was all too easy to remember. If something went wrong here, anybody could spot her and there won’t be any ‘hiding in plain vision’. She needed to do this right and do it fast.

But… There was also the desire to prolong it a bit so that she can spend some time knowing this innocent man she was following. She had no option but to admit to herself that she may be interested in the man… curious, at the very least. The young lady thanked Fenrir as he held the door open for her. “Thank you,” she said, smiling at him as she entered the hall. The hall was simple and efficient. Stalls on one end, tables on the other; nothing much to awe at except for the sheer size of it. But what truly mattered was the choices they had on food. Michelle remembered the sad excuse for food the commoners were handed the previous night; these men were surely better off compared to them.

“Oh! I’m not a picky eater… What do you recommend?” she asked, taking the plate he offered. She noticed the man was quite excited about the food and reckoned he must have tried everything there to find out what was best. Besides, she knew whatever she got here would be way better than what she might find out in the city, anyway. She would follow him to the stalls and fill her plate with whatever he recommended.

Michelle couldn’t help but laugh when the man asked if she can call her ‘Michi’. No one had ever attempted to give her nicknames, and to be frank, she didn’t mind it actually. “Of course! Michi is fine. What do I call you?” she asked, realizing the man hadn’t given his name yet.


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"Hmm." he cupped his chin with his hand and thought for a moment about what he wanted to eat first, he was feeling something spicy today, maybe spice noodles? Those were always a treat, though the cafeteria didn't have them. He could probably just stack his plate with some choice food and call it a day, "Well everything is pretty good but I'm feeling ham today." he nodded to her as he walked towards the lunch line. It was more of a buffet than anything as the two privates watched the Lycan and his exotic companion approach. The taller of the two lunch workers whistled at Michi while the other simply ogled her.

Fenrir would continue on down the line picking up a few things to quench his appetite while the males stared at Michi, "Oh yeah, my name is Fenrir, it's nice to meet ya ha ha." he looked back at her for a moment before stacking his plate. He'd grab the essentials first, he raked a few french fries onto hops plate, a couple of apples, a banana, three slices of pizza, two cheese burgers, a handful of bread-rolls, a fruit cup, a couple of granola bars and a pair of ham sandwiches. The food was stacked perfectly on his plate as he looked to his new friend, "So what are you having?"

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle wasn’t looking at the men ogling at her, but she could still feel their eyes move up and down, stopping at her curves. From the corner of her eyes, she could even see one of them gulp visibly. The assassin was much used to this; so much that it doesn’t bother her the least. In fact, over the years, she had learned to use this to her advantage. But, there was no advantage to gain here. So, she ignored it completely. She watched as her ‘guide’ filled his plate with different dishes. The woman was no stranger to large meals herself, but even to her, this seemed a bit odd. However, she wasn’t one to judge. She followed him and filled her plate with a decent amount of food too. There was plenty of variety and she had make a few difficult decisions with some of them, but in the end, she managed to strike that perfect balance of healthy and tasty. “I think I’ll try a bit of everything I like,” she said, smiling at him as he turned to look at her. While her plate was nowhere as full as Baron’s, it was still a lot more than what usually women ate out of their fear of being fat. Michelle couldn’t care less; she worked out really hard every day. There was no way she was going to get fat.

Thinking of working out, she couldn’t help but notice the muscles in front of her. She would have loved to brawl with him under the right circumstances. He was surely much stronger than she was; maybe she can learn a few things. But for that to happen, she should end the day without revealing her true identity. As they sat down to eat, she would chirpily ask him, “So… After the tour, maybe another day, do you think you can teach me how to fight?” She was no novice, but he didn’t need to know that yet. If at all she had to fight him, it would be better if he thought she was a clueless damsel in distress. Awaiting his response, she would pick up the sliced pineapples on her plate and take a small bite. The men were still staring at her and it began to annoy her a little bit. She turned around to make sure her companion cannot see her expression and frowned at the staring Rune Knights; that death glare was enough to make them go back to their ‘busy’ job and leave the two alone.


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He cracked his knuckles and got ready to dig in when they sat down, man did he get a good spread for himself this time around. Maybe he was trying to show off just a bit for the woman next to him, but that was all in good fun. Heck, the last woman he hogged a lot of food with had seen him almost choke as he tried to wolf down a meal in front of them. This time around he'd be a bit more reserved, maybe just try to eat with more elegance and grace. Elegance coming in the form of him picking up an apple and absolutely eviscerating it in a few big bites leaving only a core. With a mouthful he moved on to opening two of his granola bars at once and chomped them down with ease just as he looked back to her, "You wanna fight me?" his eyes lit up, a dazzling gleam to onyx pools, "Of course I'd love to fight with you! I need a good spar." he nodded as he put down his wrappers.

With his hands still busy with his food he offered her a cheeky grin as he moved on to his burgers, holding one over another he'd scarf them down and in what seemed liked no time at all his plate was already mostly cleared. He was a very fast eater, yet with almost of all of his food gone he was still fairly hungry. As they ate on he scooped vanilla pudding out of a cup and looked to the golden eyed beauty, "So, I hope you don't mind me asking but do you have any particular profession in mind while joining us? I would love to have you out on the field with me, we could probably even be partners." he nodded taking a light scoop of pudding and shoveling it to his mouth, though he would make a tiny mess at the side of his lips. He wouldn't notice for a moment, in fact it'd probably remain as he quickly finished his pudding cup.

"I can't wait to show you my room, I think you'll like it~ The knights were nice enough to give me my own equipment, but between you and me I like to use the weights in the faculty much more sturdy." he nodded to her.

He truthfully was excited to show off his room, it was nice to have a visitor given his last two bunk mates all requested different rooms because of his excessive snoring. He had been working on it though just in case he ever did get another! He was taking special remedies that'd help him, like water vapor and sleeping on his stomach more. He was getting so ahead of himself, but she was his very first visitor so he had to give her the best tour ever! One that she would remember for the rest of the week if possible!

"Sorry If I'm being "pushy" Asmo tells me I can be a little too energetic about new people..."

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle couldn’t believe the sight in front of her. Is this guy serious?! She watched, completely dumbstruck, as he devoured the food in his plate like someone who hadn’t seen food in weeks. Realizing she had been staring at him for almost an entire minute, she blushed and looked down into her plate. She had to admit even when eating like a monster, the man had his innocent charm. The chocolate-skinned girl tried to keep up with her food. She didn’t want him waiting for her as she ate her food. But it seemed an impossible task. By the time she was done with even quarter her plate, he was already digging into his dessert.

She was startled when he asked her if she wished to ‘fight’ her. His excited tone made her swallow too fast and gave her a hiccup; she had to immediately gulp down the glass of water to stop it. “Er… Not fight… I meant, train,” she tried to clarify, but it was drowned in his follow-up response. She gave up on correcting him; her pride wanted him to fight her seriously even though she knew she might be pushing her luck here. So, instead, she simply smiled and thanked him. “Thank you.”

Michelle thought for a moment before answering his question about her capabilities. She wasn’t sure she wanted to divulge much information, but also knew it would be suspicious if she remained cryptic all the time. So, she gave up only enough to ensure the man doesn’t doubt her intentions. “Oh! I fight close range. Know a few things about getting behind enemy lines and taking out key targets. I would love to be in your squad,” she said, smiling widely. “What about you? Do you use magic?” she followed up with a question, truly eager to know what this man was capable of. After all, she did come here to gather intel.

And then, the topic shifted to his room again. Even with her slightly darker skin, it would be obvious that plenty of blood had gushed into her face, turning her red. The usually phlegmatic assassin couldn’t understand why she was having his flurry of feelings around this man. She actively avoided asking herself that question, worried she might have to come to a conclusion she does not like, which was highly likely. So, she kept stuffing herself with the rest of the food on her plate, trying to finish it before it became a ridiculously long wait for her guide. Hearing him apologize, she swallowed quickly and dismissed his worry. “Not at all! I’m excited too. I’m very happy I ran into someone like you. Made my day so much easier,” she said. None of that was a lie, at least.


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Perhaps he was digging in a bit too quickly, he had already been all but finished as he opened his second pudding cup. He loved pudding quite a bit, aside from rice and ramen it was possibly his favorite food. His bad manners seemed to throw her off, which he did notice, but a smile would only form on his munching lips as she tried to keep up with him for a short moment. He had quite a few questions for her, but he was going at such a pace he wasn't savoring her conversation which was an issue he had thought he worked out with Alisa not too long ago. Really it was just nice to have a friend around besides Shalltear, the twins, or Asmo, he loved them all but he liked to meet new people and this woman was by far one of the most interesting he had met since arriving in Crocus.

When she corrected him he caught on, having a moment 'oooooh' before mentally smacking himself on the forehead. He had gotten so excited at the word fight everything else was drowned out, 'my bad' was muttered but she likely wouldn't hear it through all of the cafeteria chatter around them. The place was filling up as Knights came in from patrol, the other tables already had a few patrons around them some would stare others were too busy fraternizing among themselves to care. Fenrir, well he didn't have any reason to care who looked at them as long as his new friends was alright with it.

The question of fighting styles came up, much to his surprise she was a close range melee type of fighter, or maybe an assassin of sorts. Her retort made him giddy as he listened to her. Behind the enemy lines, "That's a pretty bold style," he complimented her, "Oh, well I like to be on the front lines, try my best to take a bite out of the opposition before going all out and wearing them down over the course of the fight." he nodded as if he was assuring himself of his own style, "Oh and yes, I don't know if you saw but when I was in the training area earlier I was trying to use it some but it takes a lot of out of me."

It was true, his magic had a fair drain on his body, not only did he have to maintain his forms, but with Lycan's influence he was finding himself experiencing quite a few strange transformations. His train of thought went to what he had dubbed a 'Super Saiyan Four' but he was immediately brought back down to earth when she complimented him. "Wait you really mean that? That's amazing!" he stood up as he cheered the words with child like enthusiasm, "Let's get going with the rest of the tour then! I can't wait to show you my room!" his goofy grin was in full shine, of course he would only go if she was ready, but he was so excited!

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Michelle Hunter
Michelle found the man’s style of combat very impressive and bold. “I’m always scared to take on multiple targets at the same time. Too many blind-spots to cover,” she admitted. There was something that she could learn from him; maybe, if things went well. While she did get a look at his aura during his training, she couldn’t really make out what kind of magic it was and what it did. Does it make him super strong? she wondered. The way he spoke of being in the frontlines and dishing out damage on every side, it would make perfect sense for him to utilize a magic that helps him in close combat. As much as she wanted to prod him for more information, she decided not to. She was worried he might think she was more interested in his magic than in him.

The mess hall seemed to fill up really quick and many more men—even some women—began to stare at her. Not wishing to gather any more attention than she already had, the dark-skinned girl was more than ready to leave when Fenrir got up all excited to continue the tour. Frankly, she couldn’t wait to see his room either, but before that, she needed to know where the barracks was. “You think we can first go see the barracks? I really want to know how you guys train around here,” she said with a little excitement in her voice.

She would follow her guide and exit the mess with him, if he did, without making eye contact with any of the other Rune Knights there. Wishing to know more, she chose to ask about his motivations instead of his magic this time around. “So… Fenrir? Why did you join the Rune Knights?” she asked, as she followed him to wherever she was taking him, which she hoped would be the barracks.


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When he got up to go, it seemed she reciprocated his desires in leaving. With a smile on his face and a skip in his step, he'd guide her out of the mess, paying no mind to his fellow knights as they eyed the duo. Fenrir would whistle a cheerful tune as he'd open the door for her again, it was polite to do so as he was taught so he would do so at every chance he got. Plus there was a bonus in being kind to others; he couldn't describe it, but it felt amazing.

"Um, well you're right about blind spots I guess, but I get a big rush from fighting lots of people at once, even if I lose I learn something new about myself and my opponents so the next time I can go at them even harder. I guess I'm a bit of a goof when it comes to fightin' haha."

Fenrir would look back at her as she asked to see the barracks, "Well yeah, that's where we're heading. The barracks is right over there near the HQ." he pointed out a building that looked like a multi-story hotel. The barracks was very simple in design, concrete and standing tall a few yards away from the HQ; they were the two tallest buildings on base, so they weren't that hard to miss. After a short walk, they'd be there in no time.

His exotic companion would ask another question; he smiled back at her and cupped his chin. "Well, honestly a few weeks ago I just woke up in their HQ, and I was told I was a knight by a friend of mine." he admitted, "But later on I found out what they did, and the fact that they help those in need really appealed to me, and I stayed."

It was a pretty good question, "That and I know it sounds cheesy, but it's pretty cool to play the hero and helping others and all. Oh, barracks is right here." he'd point out he building again.

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Michelle Hunter
The assassin admired how he talked so lightly about losing. Losing a battle, failing a mission… These are things that haunted the young lady for many nights. Unfortunately, she did not have the same easy-going spirit as he did, and she knew she couldn’t afford it either. The lady existed to serve her master and she would be of no use to him if she kept failing over and over. That was one of her biggest fear.

Fenrir held the door open for her again, and she was pleased. "Thank you!" she said as she walked through and waited for him to follow. This one is a keeper. Although her shy smile was an act in the beginning, the longer she was around him, the more real it became.

After posing the questions, Michelle always listened well and never interrupted, giving him enough time to open up as much as he wished and also processing all the information at the same time. She didn’t wish to say anything insensitive, especially after realizing the man had lost all his memories recently. She wondered how her life would be if something like that happened to her. Would the man she cared for so much and was willing to give her life for even notice that she was missing? These were questions she never asked herself; but being with this Rune Knight had kindled many things that her brain had avoided exploring all these years.

The dark-skinned lady was broken out of her reverie when Fenrir stopped and pointed towards a building, announcing it as the barracks. There! The woman knew most of the crucial information would be at HQ; but that also meant it was a lot more difficult to infiltrate and steal intel without getting caught. The barracks, however, had less security but still had some vital information. For example, while she was preparing for this mission, she overheard one of the inebriated Rune Knight at a nearby bar, and he mentioned checking a ‘patrol calendar’ at the barracks. That was what she came into the compound for.

Excited at the opportunity, Michelle placed her fingers on his elbow and then gently brushed it down to his palm in a tugging motion. “I wanna see what’s inside! Can we, please?,” she asked, all wide-eyed and eager. If he said yes, she would smile widely and thank him.


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How pleasant she was. The fact that she mirrored his enthusiasm had Fenrir humming with delight as they approached the barracks, he couldn't contain his excitement, but the fact that she seemed to into their little tour made him all the happier to show her around the base. There was so much more they could have seen, but with the day winding down and lights out coming soon it was apparent that this beautiful day would have to meet its end soon. The Lycan wanted to spend more time with her to get to know her better, maybe when she joined the ranks she'd be down to talk more, but for now, the tour had to be on the priority.

With the barracks in sight, his anticipation began to grow even further beyond. He couldn't' wait to show her his room; he'd show Michi everything! The nimbus, the lounge, the vending machines, everything incredible that he had come to love! Fenrir was even certain that'd she'd love it just as much as he did. They'd have so much fun, heck if he asked nice enough maybe he could get her into the Knights sooner rather than later. That way they could be roommates and have tons of fun training and sparring.

Fenrir jogged up to the barracks and opened the door for her again. When she was ready, he'd guide her to his room which was on the very top floor. It was strange, but his betters insisted he took the high level. Given there were only six floors, it wasn't much of a jog up the steps for Fenrir. There was an elevator, but he much preferred taking the steps for the short work out. Soon they would be on the sixth level, the six hundred number hall all across the way. With a smile, he'd take Michi straight to his room not wasting any time.

"After we see my room I'll take you down to the lounge; I need to get down there any way to check out my patrol schedule." they wouldn't have to go too far as they would arrive at door 602. He'd slide in his key and open the door to reveal a rather small room. It was the small room, not very big maybe seven by seven at the most but it was cozy enough. In one corner was a worn down training dummy on top of a minifridge.

His bed wasn't that big either, big enough for one but that didn't matter much now did it. Overall it was shabby, but cozy, a little dark... Very den-like.

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Michelle Hunter
There were many reasons why Michelle was excited, and even nervous to be frank. While she had been deceiving people to get her way almost all her life, for some reason, she felt bad for taking advantage of this innocent man. She sincerely hoped none of her actions get him into trouble, and made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t involve him in any more of her schemes. The young assassin already felt guilty enough.

Fenrir opened the door for her again; it felt like she could get used to this. She thanked him and entered the barracks. It was a lot more compact than she expected it to be. The doors were much closer to each other compared to the training hall she first entered through, for obvious reasons. She followed Fenrir up the steps, and had no problem keeping up with him all the way up. It will take a lot more to drain this lady’s energy.

“You live all the way up in the top floor? The view must be breath-taking,” she said in awe, as she ran towards the nearest window before following him to his room. It was indeed a beautiful view. While she couldn’t see the edges of the huge city, it was still high enough for her to get a wonderful bird’s view. A large smile came up on her face involuntarily. Realizing Fenrir had already walked to his room, she jogged quickly to where he was.

The purple-haired lady entered his room tentatively and looked around. It wasn’t too big, but she thought it was perfect. While she always keeps her room very neat and tidy, she didn’t mind the shabbiness for once. She found it very fitting with the man’s character. Walking up to the training dummy with a chuckle, she stood in front of it and turned towards Fenrir, taking a fighting stance. For a moment, she had completely forgotten about her mission and was truly enjoying the present. Standing with one hand behind her and the other in front, she beckoned Fenrir to come at her. “You wouldn’t need that dummy after I join the ranks,” she said, with a naughty smile.


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"Yeah, they gave it to me because of my Nimbus, I can keep an eye on it from anywhere." he pointed out of the window. Speaking of the Nimbus he hadn't seen the yellow cloud in days, he wondered if it migrated south for the winter, but then he realized it was just a magical floating cloud the weather didn't bother it anyway. Maybe he could catch it again, though he couldn't fly so there would be an issue pulling it back down to earth and it was a cloud so it couldn't really be grabbed. He'd just have to solve that issue when he got to it.

Looking back at Michi she had fallen into a stance and told him he wouldn't need his training dummy. Now she was speaking his language, he hadn't taken her for a fighter at first, though given how swift she was when she nearly toppled him he couldn't be too surprised, that and her combat style would call for quite a bit of training. Fenrir would stand up straight and activate his magic, transforming into a Super Saiyan. Truthfully it was better to be safe than sorry when facing someone you've never fought before.

He'd fall into stance as well before dashing forward; he wouldn't start too roughly, in fact, he wanted more to gauge her strength before he got serious. Starting off he'd throw a quick right jab at her, planting his right foot into the ground he'd make aim for her cheek. If she were as sharp as he reckoned he'd assume she'd dodge, which would earn the reaction of him spinning for a heel kick had he not made contact with her. The thing about him was, he had lousy balance so if his kick missed he'd likely be pushable.

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Michelle Hunter
As she had already seen this happen before when he was training before, she was not much surprised when his hair colour changed from black to golden again. She knew this was some kind of magic that made him a lot more powerful. So, there was no point trying to block his attacks; she was pretty sure his attack can overpower her blocks and manage to push through. The assassin, therefore, made herself ready to dodge.

The first jab was rather easy to dodge, but that didn’t make her lose her guard. She knew there was always a follow-up attack after a direct one. So, she put her right leg back and swirled around right in time to escape the following heel kick. His leg zoomed past her with mere inches to spare in between. Had she not been trained the way she was, it would have been a definite hit. It also proved that Fenrir was not kidding around either.

Right after the kick, the assassin saw an opportunity, at which she immediately pounced on. Maybe because they were in a cramped space, Fenrir seemed to have lost a bit of his balance after the kick, and Michelle immediately charged forward and pushed him down. Unfortunately, however, she lost her balance too while pushing and fell right on top of the man. Thankfully, she pushed in the direction where the bed was and it would cushion their fall. For the second time on the same day, Michelle was on top of Fenrir; and this time, it was while they were on a bed.

Her attraction towards him became a lot more apparent and kind of irresistible at that moment. The usually phlegmatic assassin had trouble keeping her feelings in check and she traced her hands down his biceps as she pushed herself up. She wouldn’t get up completely, but would instead sit on top of his torso and smirk naughtily. “Gotcha!” she would say, booping his nose with her finger. Lost in her internal battle, she would be completely vulnerable to anything Fenrir does next.


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What happened next was all a blur for the Saiyan, he screwed up his initial attack just far of her chin, and his kick had left him so unbalanced that in his follow through she put him down with relative ease. Fenrir's left leg, while spinning had slipped from beneath him and before he knew it, his adversary was on top of him. "H-huh?" he was stunned for a moment as he looked up at Michi, just for this moment he was at her mercy, whatever move she wanted to make she could do so with his guard down.  

Fenrir suspected a punch as his guard went up, his arms retracting to his neck to protect his most vital area. With tightened eyes, he waited for what should have been the killing blow from Michi's onslaught of offense, but instead, he had felt a soft 'boop' against his nose. Opening his eyes groggily the man would look up at the assassin with a confused gaze, she left her self open for a counter attack? Or was she trying to toy with him because of the weakness he had shown? "No..." he'd mumble his words and clear his throat.

With swiftness blessed to him by his new form he'd flip their positions, his hips dipping below hers and his form rolling hers over as his waist pinned him between her legs.  "Ha! Now, how I've got you!" he smirked, it was a meager attempt to copy her antics.

Still, between her legs, he'd look down at the bronze-skinned woman examining her once again. He was lost in her eyes with a bewildered expression on his face. "Do I... Win" he cleared his throat and slowly let go of her wrist, "You're really fast." in this stunned state he was likely vulnerable to any more of her tricks if she had anything else up her sleeve, if not he'd raise back away from her and meekly smile.

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Michelle Hunter
The purple-haired assassin giggled as she ‘booped’ the innocent Rune Knight and let out a squeal when he muttered a dismissal before reversing their positions. She took a sharp breath in and looked right into his eyes as he dug his hips into hers and pinned her down the same way she did him. Her laugh faded slowly into a smirk as she snaked her arms around his neck and held him there. Pulling him down, with her lips almost touching his ear, she whispered softly. “There is no winning in training.”

What followed wouldn’t be considered training under any circumstances, but that’s how she will guise it as for the naïve Saiyan. “I’ll show you a secret training method that made me so fast,” she said, giggling. Michelle had not forgotten her mission, but that was not the priority right then. She had given in to the moment and enjoying the company of this man who had made her feel a lot of things that she had never felt before. It made her wonder what more new things were in store for her, and the curiosity was too much to pass up on.

The dark-skinned beauty would definitely have a lot of fun teaching Fenrir the art of pleasing women all the while keeping his innocence intact. By the time they were done, she would be forced into her ethereal wind form and completely breathless. The assassin did feel a bit guilty that she used him to get into the Rune Knight campus and would soon have to leave him without so much as a goodbye. She only hoped they would meet again sometime, under better circumstances, and have the chance to make up an excuse for her terrible manners.



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"Secret training method?" his face lit up with glee as she spoke the words, prepping for her worst, though before he knew they'd be doing something odd, but it seemed to work because his abdominals were at least tightening so it must have been working whatever this training method was called.  Michi was so kind in teaching him things like this, though the sounds she made through him for a loop as it seemed she enjoyed the training! Not that he didn't, but he saved his yelling for his transformations. Determined to perfect this new training method Fenrir had felt his body tense up!

Without so much as a warning he had powered up into his max form, the third before taking on even more power, his vision had been filled with blue, and his body was surrounded by an eerie orange heat as he gritted his teeth and roared as his new found energy manifested itself in the form of a violet blast of energy.

Just as she became ethereal, he had unlocked a new form for about two minutes before he would pass out from the sheer force of his... Delivery. Defeated the Saiyan would fall back on his mattress and fell asleep like a champion.


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