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Translate the Note [Lacie | Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Translate the Note [Lacie | Quest] Empty Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:11 pm

Lacie Eventide
Things had changed and she didn’t know how to actually deal with that. It might have its effect on her but it could also be that it had no effect at all and that she would be stuck in a loop of believing everything was going to be alright while still it was the same foggy symphony that it was before. Unfortunately there was no music to guide her through her life that had become a very adventurous rollercoaster that she sometimes regretted, especially with her random fear for heights. To which the doctor had said that it might had come from her twin sister which was bullshit, they didn’t had this strange unspeakable magic relationship that one bumped into the table and the other got the same bruise. Never did that happen to them, not for as far as she could remember, would that have to mean that she would have lost her memory at the same point as Alice did? That was clearly not the case as she could remember a lot of things, unfortunately in the end far too much. But it had some good things, using and abusing her new power, being able to learn very quickly and change her father. She wondered if he was still around in Baska, if only she would be able to find information about Alice her whereabouts and send her father towards that. There were a lot of questions still and yet, she didn’t know how or why, she had the feeling she would never get answers to them.

Had Lacie always been aware that she wouldn’t live long, yes. The reason she didn’t know, she had not been afraid by it, her only challenge in life was that Alice would go first. She was the eldest twin, that must mean she must also leave first. And her life was basically a blessing in Lacie her eyes and that made it even more unfair, she didn’t know why she had become so obsessed with it but perhaps it was by finding out that she had not been dead all along and that she had been mother’s favourite as well as blessed by the Divine, who had left her to rot. Probed and illegal tests done by nuns, dropped by her father, secretly dropped by her mother. No one seemed to care about Lacie, no one or well no one that truly knew her. She had really liked Judina but she wasn’t sure if they would ever meet again after her mistake in Baska, on the market. She had manipulated her way in to get what she wanted and she wondered if Judina ever agreed with that way. She had not asked, she had run off. That had been a mistake, and one she had been able to make more often but it was getting too dangerous in Baska. It was getting too dangerous to be alone and she was making dangerous possible alliances and she should perhaps return to Michelle to ask more information about how this worked with a master. There might be solutions.


#2Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She was clearly daydreaming far too much. She had not seen Michelle after her arrival anymore to Crocus, which was definitely not what she had originally planned to do but Michelle had other jobs to do and she had only followed because she had been too damn curious about the disaster that had happened in Crocus, she had heard the gossip about Grimoire Heart and the royalty, she wasn’t sure who told her that or if that was Michelle as well, which would make the most sense after all she had not spoken with anyone else, unless it was Remy Martello, the one giving her, her jobs in Oak. Before she had left and it might be a smart move to return as she felt there a little saver. There had been a waitress that confused her with Alice but that was fine, as long as Alice didn’t know, find out or would move over there but seeing miss Lieutenant, she doubt that.

She shook her head lightly as she was trying to focus on a job in Crocus Library at the moment but it was a rather dull one and she wasn’t the smartest. Lacie had a memory that was good, but she didn’t understand things quickly, it take her a couple of times to read books to understand things. Now the good thing was that she mostly didn’t mind reading. There were just moments that you had something else to do. But right now she had to read, she would have to read the Valan Runic Language Dictionary. She had found the book ages ago but had lost her mind in daydreaming before she had been able to translate the note for Luciel, who had asked for this job. She should really get back to working on that and finish it and hand the note back to Luciel before it would take the whole day. The note wasn’t even that long so she was taking her time already. It had become just a boring job after translating the word Hare Meat. It couldn’t be an interesting note if that was the first readable word. She focused on the second word now and fixed that one easily: cabbage. More sounds like a new sort of soup. Lacie mentioned sarcastic to herself but she wanted to get this job done and so she continued to the third word. Potatoes. Right this was probably a way of cooking some meal and not a specific interesting potion. Only the last ingredient: Ox Hooves, sounded very gross to add to a meal but you don’t always have very picky eaters. Who knows perhaps it was very tasty. Perhaps it was just a grocery list, that made it a lot safer. She closed the dictionary of the Valan Runic Language and brought it back to the spot where it should stand and headed out to the desk at the front to leave the note for Luciel. There were some jewels for her ready and she thanked the librarian and left it. Weird way of doing a job. Luciel would have finished it far quicker.


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