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Solutions [Odin & Nastasya]

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#1Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

Solutions [Odin & Nastasya] Empty Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:44 pm

Nastasya Crowe ✝
After being sort of saved from the streets, it was perhaps smarter to stay inside and see what would be going on. At the moment there was this strange light pattern, starting from her heart, walking out to her arms and along her neckline up to her jawline, she wasn't sure if it could do any damage, at the moment she had hidden it by wearing the right clothing but it would perhaps be smart to get it checked.

As she walked back to the ark, something felt strange, it was far too quiet when she entered the ship, she had no idea where most minions were as she didn't believe they were all killed, that would be ridiculous. Calling out if anyone was around was a dumb idea, she couldn't ask Victoire, she had not found her again. Which also brought serious worry, she walked around, soundlessly, wondering if she could find someone with answers. All she knew was that they won, but what was this all for? Why had their soldiers screamed down the street that the other army had given up and that they had won and what were the consequences now?

It would be nice to have that as her only problem, her body hurt and she needed a possible healer that understood the meaning of an undead. Finally she gave up since the ship felt so empty, "Anyone here?" she called out.

#2Odin † 

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Odin †

"Anyone here?"

Those words echoed throughout the Grimoire Heart guildhall, more commonly referred to as the Ark, and Odin could pick out the voice from the moment he heard it. After all, there were very few people in his own guild he spoke to, and even fewer were female. It was the voice of Nastasya, Odin's partner in crime, no doubt having now returned from her own mission in Crocus. Perhaps, like Odin, it had been a tremendous success, but that didn't matter much, as her loud voice echoed throughout the Ark. Everyone heard it, but only Odin responded, walking through a place he was starting to view as a home away from home, something he hadn't really done until now. His skeletal feet clacked against the metal floor as he walked, as he was only wearing a pair of joggers, revealing the skeletal upper half of his body along with his feet. It still felt strange to him, so he often looked at his own figure in the mirror, trying to become more accustomed to what it was that stared back. It wasn't easy.

Finding Nastasya on the outside deck, Odin walked over to her and simply told her the truth. She had arrived back late, and the rest of the guild, those that had survived at least, had already returned and were now in their rooms, thinking. The wind chilled Odin's bones as he spoke, but it was a feeling he welcomed rater than flinched from, "Everyone is here Nastasya, but no one understands. We did what was asked of us, keeping the enemy busy, but we've yet to hear any reason as to why. Crowley, Icarus, Theseus, none of them are here, and no one knows why." Noticing her beaten form, Odin's expression changed from one of seriousness to one of concern, "Nastasya, are you okay? What happened to you?"

#3Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She had no idea if there was anyone here at all? Because why was their no one in the hallway, or well in the training rooms? Even if they had won in a way, than they could just prepare for step two and tell her what step two was thank you very much. Even if she called out, no one answered her but she did heard some footsteps and she looked up. She tried to hide the light pattern that had reached her jawline and was growing towards her cheek, but that was hidden by the turtleneck that she was wearing.

Perhaps she was late but she did have had her issues, she wasn't sure what she should expect from the others. She looked up glad to see Odin immediately, it was always a relieve to find her friend. Everyone was here but locked in their own rooms? There was nothing interesting to do? To chat? Train, but she understand very well what Odin meant, no one had any idea, "I only heard that we won and some other things that are very confusing." The girl, Alisa, speaking about Zade. She nodded, "No one heard a thing? Did you know he even asked Zade to help? I bumped into a girl that described him perfectly." she shook her head, well it felt very mean to not even know what she was fighting for. She looked at the ground and pouted because she wasn't very happy about the situation, she looked up when she heard her name and the questions that followed and she felt a blush (that actually appeared) reach her cheeks. "It could have been better. Long story short: I lost the battle by some ridiculous strong demon that appeared out of nowhere, I was so close to hitting that... never mind. Than I bumped into what I believe to be a Seraphim, I never saw one before but that did hurt, I got this strange pattern of light on my body," she lowered the turtleneck a bit to show the weird swirling design that was coming from around her heart and creeped up even higher than it had the moment she entered the ark, "Than I bumped into a woman, who bumped into me while I tried to drink blood and she locked me up, made me drink no blood for hours and almost feel like dying and here I am.. I feel like I lost everything, strangely saying, so empty, so.. I don't even know what happened."

#4Odin † 

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Odin †

Odin instantly felt like an asshole for asking anything after he heard what Nastasya had gone through. He had noticed that she was acting differently, but there was no way to know the true extent of what she had experienced in the last day, maybe more. She did seem to have some knowledge about the fight that Odin hadn't yet been aware of: that Zade had been asked to join. Zade was one of the strongest agents of Crowley, like Icarus and Theseus, but he was one that was rarely brought out into the field. From what Odin had heard of the man, mostly through stories of places he had fought, he was a monster of the battlefield, killing indiscriminately and relishing the feeling that came with combat. He was a strange one, someone who only seemed to grow stronger the more he was weakened, but it made sense that he would be brought out for this fight. The battle in Crocus was one of the hardest fought yet, and it seemed paramount that Grimoire Heart succeeded in their missions. Regardless of whether they won or lost, after hearing that Nastasya hadn't been able to take out her opponents due to a powerful demon appearing and working for the light guilds, but that didn't matter. They hadn't been tasked to wipe out the good mages, rather they had been tasked to keep them busy so that Icarus, Theseus and Crowley could complete whatever it was that they came here to do, something Odin wasn't quite sure about himself.

The conversation then took a solemn turn, as Nastasya detailed the events that had transpired more recently, after her unfortunate defeat. She revealed her skin, showing a strange light pattern forming, one that seemed to be spreading, as she mentioned having met a Seraphim. That got Odin's attention instantly, as he only knew of one Seraphim and it had to be Arisa. But that didn't make sense, because Nastasya knew Arisa, why would the latter do something like this, "Did you get the name of the one that did this to you?" That was all Odin could ask as she continued to talk about what had happened after that. As if the strange light pattern wasn't confusing enough, Nastasya had been chained up and starved of blood, something Odin had never seen but imagined wasn't a pretty sight. He knew, to an extent, of her cravings for blood, so to be denied that must've been the worst form of torture imaginable, "Give me their names and they will pay for what they did."

Odin was content to just allow Nastasya to answer his questions after their talk, but then his eyes darted to something on her face that he hadn't realised before, something that wasn't supposed to be there. She was a vampire, undead, devoid of any life force, how was what Odin was seeing even possible, it shouldn't have been.

"Nastasya, you're blushing."

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Nastasya didn't even know Arisa was a Seraphim, as they had not seen each other for what felt like a year, "No, he didn't say it or I can't remember because he went all out with this light power which was pretty scary but he was white.. blonde.. haired and he had one golden eye. Very strange." She looked at the ground, "Like some sort of artifact. I don't know, I don't even want to know, because of that thing I believe he immediately knew I was a mage," she lowered her voice as if she was acting this guy and put her hands on her hips, "You are a mage, on the dark side or not?" She turned to Odin, "Something like that, to be honest those darn 'good' guys," she used to make the quotation with her fingers, "attacked already while I didn't even do anything. I walked to the group, bam! thrown back onto the cobblestones without doing anything! This guy, simply assumed, this woman Alisa, simply figured out that I was a vampire and threw me bam into the next building to fight before she took me away to starve to death, ironically." She felt a bit embarrassed for all the actions but also very annoyed, they all made their dumb assumptions, she didn't do anything wrong with the last two, she even asked Alisa to take her away from the bleeding waitress to not bite her but no, thanks to that she got swept right up, she had chopped down Victoire and.. she stared around her.. oh no, what if she forgot? What if that happened to Victoire.

She completely missed the idea for names but she had said that, Alisa was the only name and perhaps the other would come to her, though how many guys would a person know that had a relic for an eye? She looked up though at the next sentence, calling out her name worked as well and she stared with big red eyes at her friend, slowly turning up her hand to her red cheeks, "But.. I ought not to be able to blush." she said with a high pitched voice, showing a bit of panic, was that why she felt empty, she touched her left canine, not even sharp?! "Can I-Can I be human again?"


#6Odin † 

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Odin †

Well it was clear that it wasn't Arisa that Nastasya had met, simply by the fact that the Seraphim she had encountered had evidently been a male, something Odin hadn't seen in his life, not yet anyway. She tried to describe the man to Odin, being extremely detailed, even going so far as to tell the Lich about an artifact of some sorts that the man had in his eye. Now that was something Odin knew he'd remember if he'd ever seen it, but there was no time he recalled seeing such a thing. He knew a few white, blonde men, he had defeated one during his mission for the guild, but none had wielded a strange artifact in their eye. That would make things more difficult, as without a name Odin would just have to search for the person with the strange eye and hope for the best. That didn't give him much to go on, but at least it was likely that this person, whoever he was, would still be in Crocus after the battle. Perhaps he took part, but who could know. Odin would have to keep an eye out for this man's eye. Even the imitation of the voice didn't help much, but the next person on the list had a name, and it was a name Odin recognised.

Alisa, the Blue Pegasus mage, and someone who Odin saw as a friend, or had done at least. They were on opposite sides in the war, but they had gotten along well before knowing the truth about each other. Alisa had been kind, beautiful, and an interesting person, who shared the same views as Odin on many different things, from art to battle, to the art of battle. If things had been different... Odin didn't know what might've happened between them both. But now, she had hurt his friend, which meant there was nothing to be done. "I don't know the first man, but I do know the woman. Alisa, a powerful Blue Pegasus mage. I know how to find her."

At Odin's final statement, he saw panic and fear in his partner's eyes, who felt her cheeks and began to understand what it could mean. She checked her teeth, her normally sharp canines, but her eyes told Odin what he feared. Her teeth weren't sharp, which meant she had changed. Meeting the Seraph, receiving the strange light power from him, and then being starved, one of these things had triggered a change in Nastasya, changing her form from the vampire Odin had known for so long back to her original. She had reverted, she was now a human again, and Odin had no idea what to say, but he thought he'd try.

"Are... are you okay?"

#7Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She didn't know much, no act of revenge had yet made a possession of her. She had been lost, within herself and out of herself as she had been trying to find Victoire everywhere but had not had the ability to find her for some reason. She looked back at Odin when he spoke again, they both didn't know the first person. She couldn't remember if he introduced himself, but a golden eye, blonde hair and a seraph was a very detailed description, one would find him. She was sure of that and her anger got the better of her again, she felt herself trembling, it was like the emotions were so much more than ever before, she didn't know how this worked and why it worked. "Now you say it, I remember seeing the insignia." The best she wanted was to forget everything again, but it was no option, it did happen. The balance of right and wrong wasn't there. The good believed so, yet they were allowed to do bad things without being called criminal, coming out as doing criminal jobs changed you immediately into a bad person. For some reason it felt so frustrating but on the other hand she absolutely didn't care.

But that wasn't all, as if the torture, the loss of Victiore wasn't enough, she had changed back to being human. No longer the ability of blood magic, back to the shadows, back to normal teeth and not being silent in her footsteps. Her eyes, normally lilac, had been red, she had seen that but that was the only thing. "I.. I actually don't know." she felt tears welling up in her eyes, but she actually didn't feel the need to cry, it was this dumb human body! "I'm not hurt anymore, it explains why I haven't had the need to drink blood, it feels so.. strange though. I didn't mind being a vampire."

#8Odin † 

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Odin †

Alisa Vollan, a damn powerful Blue Pegasus mage as they went, and someone who Odin knew rather well. She would be the first of the two that he would hunt down. She had starved Nastasya, starved his closest friend, and been partly responsible for turning her back into her human form. The second man, with the fancy eye and the blonde hair, he would be the second target, and Odin would find him no matter what, and end his miserable existence for what he did to Nastasya. She was his closest friend, and she had done something to her that was terrible. If she had wanted to be a human again, Odin wouldn't have minded, but the tears forming in her eyes spoke all the words that she couldn't. Being a vampire hadn't made her life easier in the long run, no one wanted to be immortal and live forever if they could avoid it, and it was difficult to become accustomed to the powers that came with it, but she had managed, and she had become strong even with those drawbacks. And now all that time training had been wasted, she had none of those abilities, and was back to square one. She had lost everything, and even Victoire was nowhere to be seen: the beast usually being her only form of solace in an otherwise ever changing world.

She didn't know how to feel, all the sensations currently going through her body would be new to her, things she hadn't experienced in months, years even. Nastasya had not minded being a vampire, but her need to feed had disappeared, and she was human once more. Odin didn't honestly know what to see, but he didn't need to say anything, as a voice interrupted them: a loud, booming voice that he recognised as that of Crowley, more by what he said than by the sound. All of Crocus, maybe all of Fiore could hear what he was currently saying, and it was a strange message, but told Odin and Nastasya everything they needed to know.

Arthurias Davare di Fioria, better known as Crowley, the new Emperor of Fiore, and guild master to one of the most evil guilds in existence, having wiped out all of the guild masters to achieve his plan. The name Zade was also mentioned, along with Icarus and Theseus, the heads of the guild. Odin couldn't quite process what was being said, but he waited until his master had finished before speaking, breaking the silence that had formed in the voice's absence.

"Wait a second... WHAT!?"

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
One tear crossed her cheek and she quickly wiped it away. Everything was back to when she came here, when she joined Grimoire Heart for the first time. She felt this time not empty of emotions there were too many she couldn't handle. Mostly she had them thrown away and only felt frustration and anger, ready to party for revenge but now, she turned her hand, palm up and tried to summon some blood magic. Nothing worked. Of course not, she had gotten blood magic when she had turned into a vampire but she used to be a shadow make mage.

There was always shadows around and she stared at her own shortly but nothing happened, no matter how much commanding she wanted to be in her mind, not while she tried to move her hand, she also didn't feel the connection with the shadows as she had done before. A lot had changed and she could basically begin again with becoming the person that she wanted to be. Where she had always tried to be impressive and had always been lowest on the list, she sure as hell was even below minions now. It was so frustrating, everything since her arrival in Crocus had been frustrating and especially now she couldn't use magic, wasn't a vampire anymore and lost Victoire.

But before she could tell Odin that no magic was responding to her, she heard a voice, she didn't recognize it, she had never heard Crowley speak but We are Grimoire Heart made her silence immediately. She stared at the floor as she listened. At firts she frowned, not understanding much about it, it felt like a fake facade was hold to show them to be the good guys. She didn't believe in good and evil, she believed in those using every way to get their result and the ones that would tell why they did something, not secretive and that's what happened to her the last days. But slowly the frown disappeared for a face that showed unbelieve to what she heard.

Once the speech was over, she couldn't get her red eyes off the floor, perhaps it had been a good course but she couldn't help but feel betrayed and she looked up when she heard Odin, "So.. we fell for that." Hadn't she told Aonaka that they shouldn't be considered bad, look at them now. "So we were basically fighting to get our Emperor back on the throne." Back on square one on everything. There wasn't even a Grimoire Heart anymore.

#10Odin † 

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Odin †

It was a lot to take in, hearing that everything Odin and Nastasya, hell that everyone had fought for, had been for a personal objective of the guild master. Of course, Odin had expected this could be the case, but he had hoped that he was doing something to make a difference, and not just allow a child to take the throne that he felt he deserved. Although, despite this uncontrollable frustration at only now finding out the true purpose for the guild Odin had called home even existing, there was some of what his former guildmaster spoke that Odin paid particular attention to. Of course Theseus, Icarus and even Zade were mentioned, but Crowley, Arthurias, whatever his name was, he was looking to abolish discrimination against the races, abolish the very thing that had caused so many people to hate Odin on sight, to fear or despise his existence just because he existed.

Nastasya didn't seem overly happy that they had been tricked, and Odin could of course sympathise, as he felt similarly, but there were many things that he was taking note of, and many things he was thinking through.

"We helped crown the new emperor, without even knowing who, or what he was, that's true. But, is what he's suggesting so bad? He seems to actually be a good guy, who's to say we're bad?"

#11Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She felt like her legs were too wobbly and that she wouldn't hold on, that the gravity would be too strong and would pull on her and let her fall on the ground and just stare at the nothing. The void that had opened from losing another place that she believed could become hers and not even hers alone but everyone thought differently. Was she so easily offended by such things? On one hand there were far things worse than Crowley being the new emperor, their actions disappeared by the act of words of this 24th emperor or what number did he say? But the whole speech confused and she puckered a bit about it as she was trying to regain some sentences in her mind and she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

She cuoldn't help but let a scornful short laugh, "Don't get me wrong Odin, I don't believe in good and bad anymore. I do believe it can be a good thing that Crowl.. whatever his name is, is on the throne. He sounds like a guy that would care and try very well. I just think it's a very strange speech considering we were doing the dirty job. What did he say? Ehm... only those prepare to be killed can kill? That's nonsense. I never planned to die. Where was he the whole time? Hiding his pretty face and let Icarus do everything? Let us? That makes no sense. Sure some guys like you can join his Emperor Guard, I won't judge anyone for that but I am surely not on the invitation list and nor would I want to."

She wasn't sure what this discomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach was, if it was some sort of idiocy that she thought about again and that made her feel a part of nothing again. She felt as if she, even if she was standing in the ark, was already far away from it. The light pattern, the human being without a companion that she became. She couldn't help but smile at him, she would just go on with what she was doing all along, without the petty jobs that she couldn't manage for Grimoire Heart.

#12Odin † 

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Odin †

It seemed that, for quite possibly the first time, Nastasya and Odin were at an impasse, both of them having very different opinions on what Arthurias had done, and what he had used them for. Now Odin could completely understand where his partner was coming from: he didn't like being used without knowing the purpose, especially when the purpose was so game-changing. And while Odin was irritated about what had happened, of course he was, he could understand some of the need. To attempt, and succeed, in a coup was not something you did without having only a close knit group of people knowing. And while Odin still had reservations about the future now, he was willing to side with Arthurias, and help him, as it seemed the former guild master wished to do the same. Racism was something Odin had experienced from many people, even his closest friends did it without meaning to. They looked him and saw the monster that he thought he had become, now he wasn't so sure if that had to be the case.

Nastasya, on the other hand, didn't really seem to like the new Emperor, as he spoke about fighting for the people and yet he himself had done little of the fighting, instead allowing a great many men to fight and die for a cause they didn't even know the truth about. Many had died for this to happen, but if good came about then maybe it had been a necessary loss overall? Odin didn't know for sure.

"If I am given the offer to fight for a man that seems like he's trying to do some good for people like me: the others, then I will accept that offer. My only question now is, who would we be fighting?"

#13Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She wasn't sure what the future would bring to them, being on a different path perhaps after this? Would that mean she would be alone again? What was actually going to happen to her now that she was human and without her blood magic? She didn't want to think too long about it and she simply ndoded. She understood what Odin meant, of course. She just had the feeling long ago that she didn't belong in Grimoire Heart and that meant she wouldn't get a written invitation, she believed that Crowley would know and either Icarus. "I hope he sticks true to his words. Perhaps there is no one too fight but that sounds like a perfect future. Nah I think he made quite a few enemies by taking that spot. Guildmasters might not agree because of the killing of the previous Guildmasters and I still wonder why that was necessary. There might be others that want to try and get the throne now. You would have to be there to protect our dear new emperor now wouldn't you?" he didn't mean to be mean, she actually meant it as a funny thing and made her sound like a purring cat. Which was more of a previous vampire thing and would probably soon die away as well. "I wonder what I can do." It actually felt painful, with her human feelings; that no one was waiting for her and she couldn't help but say that out loud. "Who is waiting on a vampire that turned human. No one is waiting for me." With no power and always losing. Blergh, pathetic.

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Odin †

Nastasya was right, Arthurias had made many enemies trying to get the throne, not least of which likely being every guild that they had fought against in the previous battle, that being every guild in Fiore, both light and dark. The top dogs of Grimoire Heart, Theseus and Icarus, had attacked and killed each of the former guild masters, paving the way for a new regime under the new masters. While it may have been necessary to remove anyone in power that would have any long standing reason to defend the previous emperor, it didn't help that most guild mages probably had lost a valued leader in the form of their previous masters. Some had lost a friend, others a father figure, others an idol, and it was likely none were overly happy about it. Arthurias may have gotten his throne, but it was very possible that most of Fiore's mages weren't in support of his claim. The question then became would any of them risk trying to do something about it?

Nastasya made a slightly snarky comment about how Odin would have to defend the Emperor if he became one of his personal guards, which made the Lich chuckle slightly, "Imagine that, going from one of the most hated individuals in the world to protecting the King himself, the change of scenery might be healthy." Not that Odin had any reason to worry about his health, being without any important, or unimportant, organs in his body. Nastasya did ask what it was that she could do now that the guild had disbanded, sounding a little down from having lost almost everything that had made her the person she had once been. Odin didn't know exactly what to say, but he had to try something.

"Think of it this way, you may have lost the aspects of your old life that made you Nastasya Crowe, the vampire of Grimoire Heart, but that means you have every option to be who you want to be. You are no longer a vampire, you are no longer in the guild, that doesn't mean you aren't my friend. I can't tell you what to do with yourself, that's your decision to make, but know that you are always entitled to free drinks and a bed if you're ever in Oak. Once all this business is settled, I hope to go back to my pub and finally relax. It's almost been a year since I was there, and god do I miss that place."

#15Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She was at least glad to know that she didn't offend him. That's the least she wanted to do. Although it felt like that they were going to be different people in different worlds now that he had a shot at being a royal guard and she being a... a nothing.. but well atleast she didn't meant to offend him. But luckily Odin knew her longer than just now so that didn't happen. She laughed a little because of his response, "It might be, just don't breath in too much fresh air, you never know what the good guys do with it." But there was a smile on her face again, even though she was lost in a world that had shaped her into being Nastasya Crowe and being the one that became the vampire of Grimoire Heart, she was now.. nothing. Human. Lost.

And as she said that out loud, her friend responded again that made her at least a little bit happier with herself. She had not known that there was this fear that they couldn't be friends anymore, she stared at him, yet satisfied that they could be, and she nodded slowly. "Thank you, I think the pub has always been my favourite place in Fiore. Don't mind me being there, they took my house and now my guild, I have no where to go. But as you say it, there are now opportunities to discover the world in a new light and perhaps I might. I mean I have no where to start, so I might go back to Oak, find a way to get started there and travel again, I don't know. But what I do now, is that I'm glad we can still be friends." It was out before she knew it, but than again, sometimes you had to tell your friends that you appreciated them.

#16Odin † 

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Odin †

They were joking about what the future could hold for them both, but they knew deep down that this was where their paths would likely diverge. Before, they had been two of the deadliest Grimoire Heart mages around, known for being partners constantly and completing any task asked of them, but now the guild that had bound them was ending, and so was this part of their stories. Odin was still going to stick around with those that he had aligned himself with, while Nastasya was moving on with her life, moving to experience new things now that she had left. Odin felt happy for her, especially since she would now be a different person. Her face would always be the same, but the vampire and the blood magic had left her. And that wasn't a bad thing, rather it would make her life altogether much more interesting. She had been a human once, and given that up for power, never being able to experience certain things again because of the change. And now she was human again, and she could experience everything that she had missed. Odin had not been a Lich long enough to miss anything as much as Nastasya probably did, but now she had the chance to experience it once more. In a way, Odin envied her, as he knew that there would come a time where he missed aspects of being a human.

"You know, there's nothing stopping you from starting a family now. Maybe not a great idea given our line of work, but that choice is once again yours, as are so many more."

She was happy to have a place at the pub in Oak, but of course she would, as she belonged there as much as Odin did, having had as many adventures there as he had, as well as having used the place to meet so many new people, just as he had. She had an idea of how to begin her new life, now that she was free to be who she wanted to be: she would start in Oak once more, and then perhaps see the world, who knew what she could do.

"And don't forget, you are no longer Malice, you know longer need to use the other name you had either: Oswald or something. You are Nastasya, and now you can go and be Nastasya."

#17Nastasya Crowe ✝ 

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
Where would the world bring her now that she was her again? She had never been away from the shadows that consumed her as a child, that made her the killer of both her parents, not even direct for both of them but at least the killer of her father, the girl that had this dark side always attatched to her. It was now sort of gone, it felt very weird for sure but she was now herself, no shadows trying to get her to listen to them, to work with them and so on. No vampire, no need for blood, no crazy being that could only be obsessed by it. As much as she had liked being a vampire, the obsessiveness that came with needing blood was a big no go and now she was released from that being. She was herself; Nastasya Crowe.

She frowned a little, looking at the floor of the ark, a place she would never be able to visit again and she listened, wondered and was even surprised what the possibilities were, they were endless. But they way they talked, it felt hurtful. A red blotchy pattern appeared on her cheeks. There was a pain in her chest because the consequences of not being a Grimoire Heart mage and a world open to her brought so many perspectives but also many ends. She blamed it on being human again and the power that emotions had for them, "I'm going to miss you." Because even if she would stop by in the pub, she would leave, she would go and find a way her world worked. He had his job, she had to discover a new world as indeed Nastasya.

A tear dropped from her left eye and she looked up at Odin, she wanted to say so many things but opened her mouth and no sound came out. "Yea, I can be Nastasya." Even though it hurt and she already felt like there was a bigger distance between them, she smiled and brushed away that one tear, "I can do whatever I want now."

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Odin †

Parting was never an easy thing to do, especially when you had gone through as much as Odin and Nastasya. Having met in Crocus, so many years ago, and having no idea the havoc they would both wreak across Fiore, it was interesting. Odin wondered if there would ever exist a magic that could let him go back to that moment, to the day, and just watch it unfold. He would not change anything, but he would like to just see how he and Nastasya were back then, the two of them never actually talking all that much during the altercation. Odin had fought against a strange bird fire takeover mage, and Nastasya had talked to Arisa, the two of them having known each other previously. To think how different they were then, and how much they would do together. Odin regretted many things, but meeting Nastasya would never become one of them, that he was sure of.

"You make it sound like I'm dying, and we both know that isn't possible. We will still meet in my pub, still talk about where our lives have taken us, it just so happens that we're walking different paths now." Odin was going to miss his dear friend, although he was not capable of showing it as she was, noticing the tear that wet her cheek, before she wiped it away with a form of determination, as she proclaimed who she was. "Exactly. Never forget who you were, but don't let that stop you from being who you wish to become. And besides, if you ever want to have a conversation about where we've been, you know where to find me. And if I'm not home, Mac will point you in my direction. I look forward to hearing about the great Nastasya Crowe. My name might not be uttered as much, as I think my life might become dull. With Theseus, Caius, Icarus and myself protecting the Emperor, doubt many will try. You'll certainly have the more interesting stories to tell."

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Nastasya Crowe ✝
She couldn't help but laugh a little again, as she had said it as if they would never see each other again, but yes perhaps they wouldn't. Where would she go, where would she turn and where would she find her place and be welcome. The only one in the world that she actually trusted was Odin but it felt very sad to say that and perhaps she forgot a few people because she simply had not seen them in a long time, "I promise not to die to quickly now that I'm human again." she said with a little giggle. Because he had a good point, she would always stop by the pub of course, she couldn't leave her favourite spot behind suddenly. She felt at least a little better when Odin sketched the world in a better light than she would and she couldn't help but grin a little, "I will come by from time to time to tell you all my stories."

The idea that she was capable of starting to be herself and even think about futures where she would just grow older and so on, it was a bit scary and yet very thrilling. She looked over her shoulder at the door, "Never thought it would come to this. I don't know how I pictured the future but to just be without a guild, it surely feels weird." She didn't mean it all bad to Crowley, she actually was glad a man like him, who could think in different ways was the emperor, she just didn't feel the need to join his guards, she wouldn't consider herself good enough either. "I should go, I need to try and find Victoire." She was sure she wouldn't find her but she should at least try and find.. well whatever there might be.

She needed to get rid of the sad feeling that she had and she took a step back, the ark was no longer her place to stay, "See you soon again handsome." She said and gave a wink before turning around and walking out of the ark, forming a short list in her mind of what she wanted to do.


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Odin †

The more they joked and laughed, the more serious Odin realised this moment would be in their lives. This was a conversation between two friends about to go their separate ways and not see each other for potentially a ridiculously long time, and it was close to reaching a conclusion. Nastasya joked about not dying too quickly now that she had become a human being, to which Odin just snickered, amused and happy that she was able to make jokes about her new form, showing some kind of transition from what she had been feeling mere minutes ago, and she also promised to come towards the pub and tell her stories to Odin as often as she could, something that greatly pleased the former dark mage, "I look forward to hearing them all my friend."

Of course, the joking feelings were also coupled with anticipation, and not necessarily excitement, as Nastasya wondered aloud what she would do next. Being without a guild was a foreign concept to them both, with Odin only remaining within a similar organisation, while his partner was completely without. He couldn't imagine how it felt, but he hoped that she knew she always had a home in his pub, whenever she needed or wanted it. She also needed to find Victoire though, as Odin realised there was a reason she hadn't been accompanied by her companion. Odin said nothing about it, but he truly wished her to find the snow fox creature, as it wouldn't be kind for Nastasya to start this new journey alone. He wished her well, and hoped she wouldn't be too overwhelmed by everything that was new.

And then it ended, a simple, rather cocky farewell from the girl Odin had called his closest friend as she walked away, disappearing into the area, leaving Odin alone on the Ark. He would stand there for a few minutes, secretly hoping she'd come back but knowing the impossibility of what he asked. Then, with a content smile, Odin looked up to the sky, thinking about what the future could hold for both him and, more importantly, for Nastasya Crowe, former Vampire of Grimoire Heart.


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