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Let's Get Physical [Quest|Rishi]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

Let's Get Physical [Quest|Rishi] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:05 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

It had been around 4 o clock today, and Rishi had been getting ready to go train. Now today she wouldn't be training herself for any reason, today she would be training others. She wasn't sure how this was going to go, because she hadn't trained anyone before, but she was sure that she was going to be able to train them without a problem and she would help them get prepared for their future jobs. She jumped in the shower and made the whole hotel room steamy. She loved using the hot water and even though she does all of that to her skin, somehow she manages to stay very pale. She doesn't understand how that works really, seeing as she has fire magic and all.

She got out and did a quick blow dry on her hair, then put it up into a pony tail. She slipped into her battle dress, something that she hadn't worn since the battle a few weeks ago. It made her look pretty innocent, but really she was a vicious monster who was always waiting for the day she would get to slaughter someone. Today she would have to put that feeling aside though, as the people she was supposed to be training today were actually small children. All she had to do was prepare them for becoming Rune Knights, and seeing how snobby some of them were it seemed it wouldn't take much. She walked out of the hotel room, ready to go train the children.

The streets had seemed pretty quiet today, and it had seemed that activity around Crocus was like a light switch. One minute it was flipped on and there was a commotion, next minute it's off and it looks like an abandoned city. It was kind of odd how that worked but Rishi couldn't really say anything about that, as sometimes she played into it as well. Her dress flowed in the winter winds and her silver hair seemed to form arcs, making her look like a creature from another world. She wondered what the kids would think about that though, as she didn't want anyone in Crocus suspecting her to be a vampire. She wanted to keep that a secret, and if that secret got out things could go in all sorts of wrong directions for her.

Rishi had arrived at the park, and there seemed to be more than a few kids waiting. She had expected around 3 or 4, not a whole class. No matter, she would teach these kids the way of the Rune Knight, even though she wasn't one herself. She walked up to the class and stood in front of them and all that had come out of the small crowd was "ooh" and "ahh" or "oh my goodness!" These weren't the reactions she had been expecting, but they seemed good so she wasn't going to complain. "Alright kids, my name is... umm... Miss Namatzu and i'll be your teacher today. Now all of you have come out here today to learn how to be Rune Knights, and I'm here to teach you just that," she said with a stern tone.

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Word Count: 530/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#2Rishi Namatzu 

Let's Get Physical [Quest|Rishi] Empty on Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:13 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

The kids had seemed a bit surprised, and then one had asked, "Excuse me  Miss Namatzu but... how can you teach us to be Rune Knights if you're a part of Fairy Tail?" he said pointing to her guild mark. She had thought about that before and had responded with, "Well that shouldn't matter. It's like saying, 'How are you going to teach me to take a number 2 if you're a girl?' It's all the same and that is all. Any other questions before we begin?" she asked with an innocent smile. This was going to be fun, and Rishi had been planning to push the children to their limits. The children were silent, and Rishi had assumed they were ready to begin. "Alright everyone I need you to give me 5 laps around the park." With that the children had ran in a single file line around the park, and since the park had been pretty small Rishi figured they'd be done in the next 8 minutes.

In the meantime she was sipping her lemonade, thinking about what she was going to do next. This wasn't as effortless as she had once thought, and it required her to put in a bit of effort. If she wanted the kids to have fun while doing this, she was going to have to think up some kind of game. She thought for a bit and realized she didn't have much time left until the kids would be done, so she would have to be fast. She was planning on doing a jump rope activity, which would help them with their endurance. Rishi would be participating in this as well, to make it more of a challenge. All they had to do was beat her in a jump rope contest and they would all get a reward. If they didn't though, they would have to do 30 push-ups for each person who stopped within the first 2 minutes. Yes... this seemed nice enough, and Rune Knights were supposed to be up for anything, so this would help them with that as well.

The kids had finished and arrived back in their places, and the kid that had spoken before had said, "Alright what are we doing next Miss Namatzu?" Rishi only sighed. This kid seemed to be the one who was going to disobey the rules. Not as bad as normal kids, but talking without permission was going to get him in trouble when he gets older. "Well first off, I need you to stop speaking without asking permission. Secondly, we will be playing a game that has to do with jump rope. If you beat me in a jump rope contest, you will all get a reward. If you happen to lose though... for every person that dropped out in the first 2 minutes, all of you have to do 30 push ups multiplied by each person who dropped out. I wish you all good luck, now head over and grab a jump rope everyone," she said with a hint of determination in her voice. She wasn't going to let these kids get off easy, as she was here to help them, not let them slack off.

Rishi had the kids go 3 on 1 in rounds, and many of them had lasted. There were actually 2 that happened to beat her, which she had been pretty happy about, seeing as she was a tough opponent when it comes to physical activities and 2 of these kids managed to beat her. She loved seeing the smiles on their faces as they jumped, and even though there were 1 or 2 kids that had gotten out before the 2 minute mark, she wasn't going to make anyone do any push ups, and instead she had given them all a bottle of water, a snack, and a popsicle. "Good job today guys! We're done for today so you can go," and as she said that the kids had packed up their stuff and left, leaving a few popsicle wrappers on the floor. She had cleaned them up and headed to Armin, who had thanked her and gave her the money she was owed, and she went back to her hotel room as happy as can be, ready to start a new day tomorrow.

Tags: @quest
Word Count: 1251/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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