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Translate the Note [Quest: Seta]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

Translate the Note [Quest: Seta] Empty Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:06 pm

Seta Kaiba
The library was a place she was prone to visit quite frequently, perhaps because she considered books to be a source of knowledge, and for the Kaiba household knowledge was power. As a result, it was to be expected that when Seta was given a request by the apprentice of the famous Merlin that she was eager enough to accept it.

Wandering amidst the rows of bookshelves often inspired Seta to think about new ideas, for example, new strategies to employ both in card games and actual combat when it came to her magic usage. Nonetheless, on this particular visit, she actually had a specific book she was searching for. A dictionary that was used for the translation of the Valan Runic language. With her 'weapons' at her disposal, Seta made her way to the nearby table, taking a seat while shifting a finger across the pages of the book. "What your doing?"

A sudden voice called her thoughts back to reality, making Seta look upwards to spot her little brother curiously leaning over the chair opposite of her own to inspect the book she was using. "It's a dictionary on the Valan Runic language Mokuba, it's for a request."

Seta explained calmly as she shifted her focus from the rune toward the dictionary. After browsing for several pages she stumbled upon a rune that looked identical to the one that was on the paper list.

"Hmm this means Hare..." Seta's hand reached to a small piece of paper as she wrote down the word, soon explaining a bit further. "It seems that Luciel, the apprentice of Merlin has discovered an ancient note that might be useful for her research."

As she further investigated the rune the young woman discovered that the second rune was meant to represent meat. Hare Meat? Was this a catalyst used in some alchemical recipe or a spell?

"Oh! Now that is interesting~" Mokuba seemed quite excited at the idea of his sister helping someone else, causing him to sit down in the chair while he started to sit down just around the same time Seta finished looking onto the second part.

"Cabbage..." Musing softly Seta wrote down the word while Mokuba tilted his head slightly to the side in confusion. "Hare Meat, Cabbage..."

Mokuba certainly seemed interested in the whole matter of the nature of the note she was translating, but so far everything was proceeding quite smoothly.

"Potatoes..." The runes for the next word were quickly discovered, and yet Mokuba already started to figure out a certain detail about the list. "Umm sis?" Seta shook her head lightly, addressing the boy. "Just a moment Mokuba, I'm almost done with this word." The last collection of runes seemingly was giving her a problem, but she wasn't the type of person who would let herself get demotivated just because of the difficulty! Just a little bit more and she would be ready to complete this request for Luciel and get back to her own work.

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#2Seta Kaiba 

Translate the Note [Quest: Seta] Empty Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:06 pm

Seta Kaiba
Trailing along the page Seta quickly found that the first rune of the final part of the note represented the letter O, a bit further into the book after flipping a few pages she found the next letter: X. Did that mean the first word was 'Ox'? With only one collection of runes left she returned her focus onto the note, the first letter slowly revealing itself to had been a H, a bit further back to the start of the book and she found the letter O again, and with the next rune being another O it was quite easy for her to spot the fact that so far the word was made out of H O O so with just a bit more work and she was getting close to finishing her request. The next letter was a new one: the letter V and with a bit more searching she discovered another rune: the letter E and after a moment of searching she finally found the last letter in the list: S. So the last word was Hooves? Raising a hand to her chin Seta pulled her translation of the note and started to repeat the words she had translated so far.

"Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and... Ox Hooves?" That certainly didn't sound like the recipe for a rare ancient alchemical potion or the instructions for a powerful spell... "You got to be kidding me---" Seemingly coming to the realization Seta raised a hand to her forehead, sighing loudly while her little brother started laughing out loud. "It's a grocery list!" Now that was quite lackluster, but at the same time she had to admit that doing this assignment had been beneficial for her in a rather weird way.

Due to her diligent studying of the language, Seta felt she was starting to get a solid grasp of the runes, to the point she could translate them much faster than normally and some runes were even memorized out of her head already. Still, she hoped Luciel would be happy with her little grocery list, whatever she planned to do with it. A soft groan escaped her lips as she placed the paper on the desk at the lobby of the library where she was asked to leave it alongside the translation she made for the note and soon started to walk out of the library.

"So, did you have fun?" Mokuba's question made Seta tilt her head slightly to the side in confusion. "Did I look like I was having fun?" The boy's grin was accompanied with a teasing remark. "You did! you looked like you were quite dedicated into the whole thing." A soft sigh followed while she had to admit her brother was sort of right on the matter. Even if it was a weird request, challenging her mind by looking at the correct runes and figuring out the translation was kind of fun, even if she was unlikely to ever admit that detail out loud to anyone...

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