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Let's get Physical [Quest: Seta]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

Let's get Physical [Quest: Seta] Empty Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:03 am

Seta Kaiba
It appeared quite a peculiar assignment had awaited her. When Seta woke up early in the morning she found herself summoned by her adoptive father, the head of the Kaiba household who had a very curious mission in mind for her. An associate of the man had fallen ill, and was unable to continue his assigned duty of training a group of children in preparing to join the army once they became old enough. A noble goal perhaps, but she couldn't exactly understand why her father would grant her such a task, even if he mentioned it being a great way to teach her leadership skills, even if that sounded like a petty excuse to shift the work onto her.

So there she was, approaching the park where the training would take place, dressed in her fancy attire and her trustworthy card deck stashed in the holsider on her waist. A mere glimpse around the park quickly confirmed that the group of children were talking among themselves, clearly having not recognized her as their instructor.

"ATTENTION!" Her voice boomed through the park, starting the children who looked at her as she stepped before the group. "I am Seta of the Kaiba household, and today I will be in charge of your training." The children looked at each other, seemingly bewildered for a moment before one of the boys commented about the fact the army was no place for a woman, leading to a second child to comment about how they wouldn't listen to a 'big girl' like her.

Those brats were fortunate that she had a soft spot for children, and knew how to deal with them so after a moment she mused out loud. "I won't be the one training you, at least not directly." A tap on her card holster followed, a flourishing sweep of her hand causing a card to be drawn to her side, the children looking at her with a bit of curiosity visible in their eyes. Activating her spell Seta caused the area beside her to lit up, a large hulking juggernaut of a Battle Ox emerging beside her. With a light wave of her hand the battle Ox stepped forwards, flexing the muscles in his arms and chest. "This is Drill Sergeant Ox!" Ooohs and sounds of awe came from the children as her plan seemed to work flawlessly, the Minotaur looking down with a stern gaze upon the children.

"The five of you better be prepared, cause this will be a training from hell, and by the time we're done you will be sweating, crying and wishing your mommy was here to comfort you... BUT YOU WILL BE STRONGER! You will be a step closer to becoming a true soldier!"

It was clear her words were starting to inspire the boys as she prepared to set her plan into motion. It was time to see just how strong the resolve of those kids was, and whether they were truly prepared to get serious...

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#2Seta Kaiba 

Let's get Physical [Quest: Seta] Empty Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:04 am

Seta Kaiba
It was only a matter of moments before their training began, the Battle Ox jogging through the park while the five boys marched behind him while Seta watched the group with arms folded beneath her chest. "Let's get down to business.... to train, you bums!" The Battle Ox had started to hum a melody that the children surprisingly enough considered catchy enough to sing along.

"Did they send me pussies, when I asked: for sons!" With the last bit the boys eagerly exclaimed the 'for sons' bit. Soon the boys and the battle ox were starting to perform push-ups as the little song continued. "You're all spineless failures! Pathetic lot! But you haven't got a clue...."

One of the boys seemingly was on the verge of collapsing, but not before Seta crouched down to help reinforce his grip on the ground with her own and briefly helped him with the exercise. "Someday I'll.... MAKE A BATTLE OX OUT OF YOU!!!!!!"

Wait what, how could a children's card game monster turn human children into a battle ox? That idea sounded both amusing and... kind of frightening to imagine. For hours the exercises continued: They ran, they did push-ups, they did sit-ups, even squats and at some point they had the bright idea to exercise with the Battle Ox himself, who was kind enough to go easy on the children.

By the time dusk arrived the five boys were all collapsed onto the ground. "How do you all feel?" Seta's question made the exhausted boys sit upright while briefly looking at her and the battle Ox when suddenly they all stood upright and saluted her, exclaiming in unison: "LIKE TRUE SOLDIERS INSTRUCTOR KAIBA, DRILL SERGEANT OX!"

Good, it seemed her plan had worked out perfectly, with a curt nod of her head she decided to play along a little bit longer, speaking sternly. "You are dismissed privates!"

The boys eagerly seemed to go their own ways, happily chatting among each other when suddenly a boy's voice came from behind her. "Seems you had a ton of fun today Big Sis Seta." It appeared her little brother Mokuba had arrived, the boy looking at her with a sheepish grin as she raised a hand to ruffle his hair. "I wish I could have joined them." But that only made Seta laugh, humming teasingly in return. "I believe that if you joined them you would have collapsed from exhaustion Mokuba." In the end Mokuba wasn't really a trained soldier or anything, and she preferred to keep it that way. He could leave the hard and difficult things to his big sister, that was why she had struggling so much to begin with. To ensure she could create a world where none of her siblings had to worry about hardships or painful experiences. She would be the Atlas to shoulder those problems for them, even if she didn't say that aloud...

"Let's go home now, shall we Mokuba?" The boy nodded his head eagerly, clearly excited to spend more time with his sibling.

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