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Drowned in Doubt [Social | Akira]

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#26Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'Will you shut up about that!' she said through grit teeth, hissing softly, what she really wanted to do was yell, but the environment wasn't conducive for that. Screaming at Tsuru would definitely attract way too much attention and probably double their problems, so on principle, she curbed such urges with ease... She did smack him on the shoulder though. At least he had joined her despite the danger and despite this allegedly being her mess.

When he spoke of the temperature change, which was really hard to miss, she responded casually. 'I'm not complaining, it's probably the best thing that is going to happen to us...' she responded, unclasping her hands and feeling the need to stretch her arms a little. 'Gods... that was cold.' she said as she felt her jaw hurt from all the teeth clattering it had induced on their way. 'But yes... It is weird, think we could be dealing with a fire mage or something?' she shared her most obvious deduction, without giving it much thought.

Perhaps she was way to calm for his happiness since he mentioned the, need to stay vigilant. She resisted the urge to snap at him again, it wasn't like she was flouncing around, of course, she was on her guard. But his next suggestion was a fair one, her spell would aid them in seeing through the darkness better, as the cave shrouded the two. She raised her hands to cover her eyes to cast her spell, upon uncovering them she could see about ten meters around them as clearly as in the light.

She extended her hand towards him, carefully, hoping it didn't snag on his make-shift dressing. She overshot though, just to be safe and felt her hand on his cheek. Aki could feel the scar under her fingers, for some reason it made her... feel rather low. 'Umm sorry, just offering it so you can hold on... So we don't lose each other.... er in the darkness.' she said, hesitantly. Her voice a little softer and shyer than usual, perhaps because she was embarrassed at having touched the reminder of his wound.

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No matter how many times he says it, he felt the need to point it out over and over every time they plunged themselves into more trouble. Despite the warmth inside, the cave gave him the creeps and the fact that he couldn’t see anything didn’t help matters. Haru felt a hand on his face, right over his birthmark, all of a sudden and almost jumped back in fear. But then, he realized it was Akira and held her hand as she suggested instead of her shoulder. He simply followed her but took in as much information of the surroundings they were in as he could, which wasn’t much.

He didn’t want to bother asking anything to Akira as that would mean they will have to talk and in the eerie silence they were in, even the softest whisper was going to sound like a scream. There was one other thing that he noticed, which seemed odder than the sudden rise in temperature. The ground they were walking on was perfectly flat. If this was a natural formation, it was highly unlikely that it would be without any bumps or dents. So, he presumed this was a deliberate haven built by someone using magic. And that made him wonder what else can the person inside control?

If the two were in a cave that was created magically, they were already pretty much trapped.

The realization was way too late. Just as they were about twenty feet into the cave, the walls closed in on the entrance, cutting off their escape and what little light that filtered in. “Well… I did anticipate that,” Haru said, a little sad that his prediction came true. Now, they had no other option but to go further deep into the den.

#28Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
'It hardly matters.' she responded sullenly, but nonetheless, her grip tightened on his hand as the wall closed behind them. Guilt began overwhelming her as it often did, she was the one who landed them in this mess. She didn't want to cash any debts in, but helping the noble as Tsuru had suggested had gotten them into the mess with that earth mage. The very fact that they were in Crocus was because the healer thought it was imperative they answered the call to arms. But the difference was, all his requests were for helping others. In comparison, her excursion seemed selfish now, for one single weapon. But she had no way to anticipate that it would land them in a seemingly life and death situation... again.

So far nothing stood out, it felt more like a corridor of a building than the cave they'd just walked into. Akira wondered if that is what it was and if it was going to lead to someplace extravagant. Maybe they'd locked up some large beast in here. She wondered if the Doya's friend had chosen to be here or had someone put him here to ensure he didn't harm anyone perhaps? If the latter was the case, Akira was certain they were the food to be sent here periodically or something, some other sort of life force maybe...

'It's not like the guy is just going to let us walk out, regardless of whether the exit is open or not...' She muttered, but perhaps this affected Tsuru worse than her, with his speed, perhaps he'd had a chance at escape which was no snatched away from him. She heard a soft click in front of her and she froze. 'I think there is something up ahead.' she whispered, her voice tainted with urgency and anxiety. She tugged at his hand to stop him from walking on.

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The healer sighed, seeing the point Akira made. “You are right,” he said, realizing there really was no escape if the one inside wished to keep them here. After all, every part of the cave was under his control and this only proved that. He continued following his partner until stopped after the click. Haru heard it too. It sounded like something unlocked ahead of them and he was right. Immediately after the click, the walls glowed a fluorescent green, like it had magical crystals imbued within them. The light emanating from the walls illuminated the scene ahead of them and Haru wasn’t blind anymore. He looked up to see an enormously large stone arch-gate open slowly. The gate was at least ten feet wide, and more than double that in height. Haru craned his head to look at the top and his eyes widened, marvelling at the intricate carvings the gate had.

“Would you look at that?” he exclaimed, almost forgetting where he was and speaking in his normal volume. When his words echoed back, he realized his mistake and whispered an apology. “Sorry!” But all their efforts to hide their presence were foolish and futile. Whoever was inside already knew exactly where they were; the closing entrance and opening gates are clear proof of that.

“Guess there is no point tip-toeing anymore,” he said before yelling out loud. “ANYBODY HOME?!” he screamed, and the cave screamed back the same words a dozen times. Apart from that, there was no other response. “I think they want us to come through the gate,” he stated the obvious to Akira before taking the first step towards the interiors. From where they stood, they couldn’t see much of what was on the other side. However, the moment they would put a foot inside, the large thirty-foot-wide arena would instantly light up with large torches on its wall. In the middle of the arena was a ten-foot-tall stone gargoyle, crouching motionlessly.

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Akira Shimada
She gasped as the walls lit up, still not leaving Tsuru's hand, till he marveled over the structures. Upon realizing that he had his vision too, she pulled her hand away from his grip, perhaps a little too sharply. He probably thought she was mad at him for not keeping it down since he followed her gesture with an apology. She shrugged and reassured him 'Doesn't matter again...' her words were habitually soft though. It was obvious whoever was in here already knew the two were here. They'd probably just stepped onto something that gave that away. The well-crafted gates swiveled open to invite them in, to step into the maw of the challenge. Akira sighed.

Tsuru took her nonchalance as a license to yell and simply ask if anyone was around. Aki couldn't complain it wasn't like she had a plan this time around. So she just joined in. 'We've been sent here to speak to you on behalf of-' she stopped mid-way wondering if it was a good idea to bring up the dwelf, Doya, or not. Her partner then braved the dangers and walked through the gates before she could protest. She followed suit watching the gates as they swung to a close behind them. Now in the arena, she slowly inched towards the large gargoyle. 'Anyone here?' she tried again. 'We need to have a little talk...' she added, looking around at the vast arena carefully, now stopping her use of her spell. There was enough brightness here, so much, in fact, that it actually hurt her eyes.

'This is such a drag...' she muttered softly, once she'd caught up with Tsuru.

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The scarlet-haired Rune Knight was amused at everything he saw within the cave. He couldn’t believe such a large thing existed right out of Crocus and nobody knew about it. Making his way slowly towards the stone gargoyle, he walked around it, keeping a good ten feet distance between him and the gigantic thing. The gargoyle was completely inanimate, but Haru was no fool to believe that’s how it was going to stay for long. It was right in the middle of a huge arena and was surely not there for decoration.

Unfortunately, this seemed to be a dead-end. The door they came through seemed to be the only point of entry or exit. However, considering the one inside could close and open entrances at will, Haru wouldn’t be surprised if this was done deliberately to trap them. Even the gate they came through closed shut. Unsure what was expected of them, Haru yelled again. “WHAT NOW?!”

This time, they got a response.

“Welcome, challengers!” a voice that was neither Haru’s nor Akira’s echoed across the arena. It was a very jovial tone, but got so creepy so fast when it began bouncing of the walls and merged into gibberish that bore into their skull. The man’s laughter that followed did no good either. He then began speaking and somehow it wasn’t echoing anymore. “Welcome!” So, he did that purposefully.  Haru wasn’t happy with that and his frown showed it. “What do you want?” he asked, a little annoyed.

“Oh but I thought it was you two who wanted something from me,” he replied, laughing again. Without the echo, the laugh was actually charming. “So… Which one is it? The crystal or the gun?” he asked.


#32Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Even with entities that had not yet revealed themselves, apparently, Tsuru took the lead in commencing the conversations. He was now demanding to know what they had to do next. The duo both warily eyed the gargoyle. Akira resisted the urge to jump a little as a voice responded, but there was no one in sight. This reminded her of the attack they'd witnessed on the towers at the Westgate... It was certainly not a good memory. Her hand rose to her chest as she gasped softly, a little overwhelmed with unpleasant memories.

Her anxiety was highlighted by the strange sounding echoes that the man's voice faded into. Upon better focus, it sounded like broken conversations, that he'd had with others in the arena. Most voices sounded as shocked and annoyed as her partner's. Some scared others overconfident... The laugh that followed sent a chill down her spine. She bit her lip, skirting around Tsuru to scan the gargoyle for clues. She also surveyed the arena, suspecting it to be some sort of an illusion, but before she could relay her thoughts to Tsuru, the voice spoke again clearer this time.

It spoke of business. It was Akira who responded. 'What do you mean a gun? You have the original gun then?' she asked frowning, she wasn't as loud as Tsuru was... But she had a feeling the man would know exactly what she was saying anyway, this was his dominion he probably had a way to amplify the sound should he want. At least they wouldn't have to waste time explaining. Akira speculated that Doya may have sent others in here before her... Did they make it out? Clearly not with the crystal... Unless this entire thing is some elaborate plan.

Akira was done with this game of hiding and seek. It was successful in pretty much traumatizing her, given the large space... and the bright light... The picture painted and the circumstance was so oddly similar to the one she had encountered when fighting against the new king's forces. 'Show yourself.' she demanded. Though not entirely sure if that would make any difference, they were in his lair after all.
~Exit (To be continued)~

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