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Overtime Shift

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Zane, after suffering an injury during the battle of Crocus, needed a way to get money back to pay for not only repairing his equipment, but also to repay the medical debt that was needed in order to fix up his shoulder. So, here he was working part time at the diner. He served as a waiter: while he would much prefer to be in the Kitchen, this was admittedly a lot more.. relaxing, to be honest. There was a lot less heat and yelling. Maybe this wasn't so bad, seeing a restaurant from the other side. His non-talkative nature didn't help with orders, though. He was very quiet, and he swore that he wanted to die whenever the customers tried to make smalltalk or wanted to ask what was recommended by him. Though, if he was a big talker, he'd definitely recommend the cream and mushroom soup. That was delicious.

A new customer had taken a seat, and it was time to ask them what they wanted. Zane took a deep breath in and began to walk up to the customer, wondering just what it would be that they would say - and order. He was working overtime now. He better get some good tips.


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Crimefighting was a hard thing to do. And after all hard things, one's stomach began to rumble, and the need for a human being to have food became more and more apparent. And hey, a hero had to have some good food! Not that boxed stuff you get at the store. So Raphael sat down at this diner, as the waiter came by. Raphael, being childish, left the tip on the table before the man even asked him. "Hey, there's your tip!" he said, trying to look cool and make this poor waiter's day. Not everyone could have a cool, hero job like him!

"So yeah. I'll have 2 number nines, a number nine large, number six with extra dip, number seven annnndd.... two number forty fives. And a large soda too, please."

What could he say. A man had to eat. So Raphael would lay back and relax for now, a day of hard hero work having come and gone. The time to feat had begun, and he had probably just ordered what was worth half his funds - and tipped the other half to look cool. What a real cool guy!

He then remembered one last thing, stopping the waiter before he could go anywhere. He forgot to order a fortune cookie. "And a fortune cookie!" he yelled out to the young waiter, who would hopefully hear it. He had to know the future after all.

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Christian blinked. There were a lot of things about this man and his order that were in all senses very confusing to the elf boy. First off, the tip was left before he even left, and second off, holy shit that tip was huge. Christian took it ASAP and slipped it in his pocket. Next off, the man's order. He basically wanted half the menu, and honestly, Christian didn't even know there WAS a number forty five. But regardless, Christian took the time to write down the entire meal. And the large soda, of course. "I'll tell the cook." he said simply, as he would begin to walk off, hearing the fortune cookie bit. So Christian took the order, pasted the paper on the shelf for the cook, and what did he do after that? Well, he got the hell out of this restaurant because that tip would probably be feeding him for a good 3 months. Thanks, random blue haired guy! He really was a hero. An economic hero, really. Think about how much business that man just gave the place! Christian put on his coat, humming as he walked outside to the snowy streets of Crocus, ready to get spending all that money he just made.



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Raphael was a happy boy. He was sure the boy he gave the tip to was a happy boy as well. Raphael hummed music, annoying the other customers before his food was finally served. This would be worth every penny that he spent, both on the waiter and the price of the food itself. First, the two number nines. The delicacy of the onions made every bite feel a bit different, with the crunchyness bringing a whole new level to the texture of the dish. The number nine large's flavor amplified this even more. Next up was the number 6, which of course came with extra dip. This dish was not very good. Raphael's dissapointment was immeasurable, and his day was ALMOST ruined. The two number 45's however, that was where it was at. He bit into them as if they were heavenly, and hell, they might as well be. This bounced the whole meal around.

And the soda was cool too, he guessed. Really helped wash down the number nines. He probably should've ordered two though..

And so, he left the diner with a full stomach, but an empty wallet. Someone really should of taught him how to budget and control his spending, geez...


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