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Translate the Note [Quest|Rishi]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

Translate the Note [Quest|Rishi] Empty on Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:29 am

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been in Crocus today, and she had been up from her resting after the battle that she had fought in a few days back. She had never been in a fight before, so it had taken a lot more out of her than she had expected. She had been resting for a few days to get all her energy back and heal up the wounds that she had gotten while she fought. She had been running low on money now though, and she couldn't live another day with the amount of money that she had. She would need to buy food, and she had to pay for the hotel room she was staying in again.

Today she had been at the library, looking for a book to check out and read while she was finishing up her resting. A woman had walked up to Rishi while she was in the autobiography section on flame mages and had asked her if she could translate a note. Rishi had been told that she would be getting paid for translating this note, so she had accepted. She needed to do whatever she could to get some money, and translating a note didn't seem too hard. Though she didn't speak or read any other languages, but she was told that there was a dictionary located in the library somewhere that would help her.

The note was in an ancient runic language, and it wasn't used in normal life anymore. She wasn't sure what it meant, and the way it looked kind of scared her. The writing wasn't even letters, it looked like a bunch of small doodles that didn't resemble anything. She had left the section of the library she had been in and went to look for a dictionary that would help her translate this note.

She had to go and ask one of the people at the desk, because this had been the first time she had been in this library, and she had no clue where anything was. She had actually never been in a library at all, so all the shelves of books in one place was a whole new concept for her. She didn't really like books anyways unless they were on her magic, and she had never even really found too many of those books interesting anyways. She wasn't sure what the point of reading was. Yeah, sure, you could learn a few things from reading a book, but it's not like it would do you much good in the afterlife. She had searched around for the section of the library that the person at the desk had told her the dictionary was located in. The library had been quite large, and the fact that she had never been in a library before made it all the more reasonable for her to be lost. There were just so many books, and it had started to make her head spin. So many words in one place, and they all happen to fit. How did they do this? Was it some kind of magic? She didn't really understand who would want to read so much, but it seemed that there were people who would spend their time doing such a thing.

Tags: @quest
Word Count: 543/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#2Rishi Namatzu 

Translate the Note [Quest|Rishi] Empty on Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:31 am

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had spent a lot of time exploring the library, finding things that she hadn't seen before. There were so many hidden things all around the place, and the flame mage had been quite astonished on how many different things she found. There were many different types of books for many different types of people. Rishi didn't know that so many different kinds of books could exist. There had been books on animals, magics, locations, people, history, and those were the smallest percent of the categories. These were all things that she really didn't need. She needed to find the dictionary, and she couldn't let herself get off track again.

She had wandered around for a bit longer before finding a book called "Valan Runic language" and it had seemed to be a dictionary. It was high up, and Rishi had to climb the unsteady ladder that led to the top of the bookcase to get it. She pulled it out and slid back down the ladder, making it look easy but really she had been holding on for her life. She went back to the table where she was having a book about fire spells and an odd looking note, and now a dusty book. The dictionary looked like it hadn't been used in decades, and that made the white haired girl a bit nervous. This could end up being the wrong book, and she would have to go through the jungle of madness again.

She opened up the book, only to find that the book had contained a lot of dust, and the squiggly line like writing that had been written on the note. The lines had been translated into a language she could actually read, and that made her life a whole lot easier. This was going to be easier than she had thought, and all she had to do was write the translations down in small size in the corner of the page. She pulled out a pen and started writing, scanning the dictionary as she wrote.

It had turned out to be an... old grocery list? She had spent a bit looking up words in the book, and it had turned out that the words on the note were, "Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves." Rishi had found this a bit odd, but it seemed she had learned something new anyways. She didn't even know that such a language existed, and it was nice that she had gotten to learn more than a few words in the language. She closed the book and put it back from which it came, and she had promised herself that she wouldn't go back up the ladder after that day. She took the note up to the desk and there was a pouch with her name on it. She set the note down and picked up the pouch, and walked out of the library, feeling happy with herself. She had gotten things done, and she had learned something new. This was something she liked to do, and she hoped to do it every day from then on.

Tags: @quest
Word Count: 1043/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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