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Let's Get Physical [Quest | Akira]

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Thanks to all the strict security in Crocus, it took Haru almost an hour to enter the Rune Knight office in the first place. And when he finally did was about to get his badge, the clerk behind the counter decided to shirk some work to him in exchange for ‘giving him the badge without trouble’. “With all that is going on… I can’t just hand over the badge without a thorough background check, you see. But… You seem like a nice guy, so I’ll let it slide… on one condition,” he said. Apparently, Ser Bartholomew was supposed to train the young kids aspiring to join the Rune Knights, but couldn’t make it because he fell sick. Now, it was Haru’s responsibility to fill in that morning if he wanted to get his badge. The scarlet-haired man frowned and left the Rune Knight office, heading towards the park. He was sure the clerk was supposed to do this, but was too lazy to. Haru frowned; he never liked lazy people much.

Well… At least I get to spend this lovely morning with a few kids. Hopefully at least some of them will understand what it means to protect and not hurt. The older teen had high hopes and entered the park. Like he was told, there were five hyperactive kids there, chasing each other and screaming. One of them spotted Haru and stopped suddenly, and the one chasing the first crashed on him. “So… Kids! I’ll be training you this morning,” Haru said, grinning widely. “You?! Where is Ser Bartholomew?” a girl asked. “Unfortunately, he is ill and I’ll be filling in just for the morning,” he replied. “Now, let’s get started.” None of the kids seemed excited about the fact, but that wasn’t going to stop Haru from training them.


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Akira Shimada
'I'm here for my badge.' Akira said simply, her tone bored and flat as she addressed the man behind the desk while stowing away her handcuffs. Just like she hadn't graced the man with her complete attention, the man didn't either. After a brief spell of silence when she finally tapped on the desk and stared at him, without looking back at him he asked for some identification. She burrowed into her rucksack to present her documents, sliding them onto the table.

They went back and forth for a bit, while he double checked her data and confirmed the details. Finally, he slid a large form towards her. 'Fill that in return it to me with your sign and everything...' he said, while still flicking through some papers, not even bothering to make eye contact. 'Fine.' she responded, snatching the form from the desk. She sat on a chair and began filling it. It asked for some details about the kind of requests she had completed, also asked her to list a reference for each request should the Rune Knights find the need to check the authenticity, she wondered what kind of things they'd actually say about her. The girl tried to recall the names of the ones she'd helped. As her pen hovered over the paper, as she tangled herself with contemplation, were they going to strip her of her rank if she got bad reviews?

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“Alright! Line up,” Haru said, standing in front of the five kids. It took them a while, but they finally managed to stand in a line, with just two of them fighting to be on the same spot. Haru pulled them apart from each other and put them on different ends of the line. “Now… First things first. We need to warm up. We will be doing fifteen jump squats. Get ready. On my count,” Haru said, ignoring the moaning and groaning of the kids. “Can’t we just fight each other?” one of them dared to ask. “Being a Rune Knight is not about fighting. It is about protecting. Besides, if you don’t train your body, your defence will be weak and you will be needing protection instead of the other way around,” Haru explained patiently. With that, he began the count and did the jump squats with the kid. After that, it was ten push ups. “Go down as much as possible. Try touching your nose to the ground,” Haru said, struggling to accomplish it himself.

A dark-haired boy stopped doing the push-ups and decided it’s better to laugh at their trainer instead. “You can’t do it yourself! Ahahah!” he laughed, and the other kids were distracted. Haru smiled and kept trying. “At least I’m trying and so are your friends. If you don’t do it with them, they will be stronger than you and you can never beat them,” Haru said, calmly. This made the rest of the kids try harder and watching them made the boy get back to doing his part quickly. Haru smiled and continued with the count.

Haru understood what the kids wanted out of this and played them well. To each kid, the other kid was a rival and they wanted to be the best amongst them. Telling them the only way to achieve that was by working harder than the others worked like a charm.


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Akira Shimada
Baska's representative wasn't so bad, she could reliably believe the surgeon would grudgingly say good things about her, as would that tailor. The problem was Magnolia, memories of her encounters made her shudder... Perhaps the teacher... Probably the smith too...  But then the Rune Knights seemed like a lazy bunch and the ones who were not would probably be more occupied with things that really mattered, and not paperwork, she thought and shrugged. Under that assumption, she quickly jotted the names down and filled the other details.

When she returned with the form, he scanned it carefully and then finally looked up at her, with a grin. He plucked out a badge from the drawer and began sliding it towards her. Just as she reached for it, he pulled it back towards himself. 'Not so quick... There is one final test before I can hand this over to you.' Akira sighed softly if this was another test like the one Alice had put her through, she was probably never going to get the badge.

'What is it?' she asked, grumpily. 'My boss, Armin, he's very big on training younglings that show promise early...' he started, then went onto explain how the Seated Knight would arrange classes, twice a day, once a week and she'd need to teach the students before he could give her the badge. 'Fine. Where do I need to be?' gleefully he gave her the location to this class and sent her off.


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After squats and push-ups, Haru made them do some crunches. By the end of this, the bunch of kids were sweating and panting. “Okay! Now that we are all warmed-up, let’s stretch and begin the actual training,” Haru said. The kids couldn’t believe what they were hearing. “But we are already so tired,” one of them whined. Haru shook his head and said, “You can’t get better if you don’t push yourself a little further every day.” Somehow, his words seemed to inspire the kids, and this time, they lined without him having to ask.

Haru did his typical stretching routine with the kids, going from feet to neck and finally the arms. When he was done, he began teaching them the defensive stance. He went to each kid and corrected their posture, giving them tips on how to place themselves during a fight so that they can effectively block or parry an incoming attack. “I find parrying to be the most efficient means of a defence. You use the moment attacker’s momentum against them and save your energy,” he said, walking around the five kids, checking one last time to see if their stance is correct before going further.

Then, he picked the dark-haired boy to come forward and asked him to jab at Haru’s stomach. Haru took the defensive stance he taught them and when the boy jabbed, he effortlessly parried it with his rear guard arm, moving it only a mere inch to divert the attack. “See how little I moved? It’s not necessary to make extravagant movements and waste your energy. Now, I want the four of you to pair up and try this. We’ll switch partners every minute so that everyone gets to work with everyone,” he said. The eager kids paired up immediately and began practicing.


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Akira Shimada
She sauntered through the streets through the designated park. Wondering what she was going to say to these kids they couldn't be much younger than her if they were already training. Maybe if they were good enough, even without being officially part of the guild, they could aid in fending off the rumored attack. She chewed on her lips as she finally reached the ground. She heard a boy guffaw as he relayed a story about some fight he'd had earlier that week, the four others laughed. They looked about a year younger than her, maybe some were her age. She shook her head... Bunch of unruly teens.

She approached them and cleared her throat... Once... Then twice... Then again. Till finally one of them looked up at her and spoke with a mocking tone. 'Oh look a girl wants to join us!' he teased. 'The Rune Knights needs strong men, go play with some dolls. Don't worry we'll tell MewMew for ya!' Another joined in. MewMew... wow Akira thought, her eyebrows twitched. So they thought she was here to learn with them... and they were sexists little pieces of crap. This was going to be... such a drag. She had to think of a way to make them listen to her and she had to do it quickly. All this for a stupid badge. She sighed softly and placed her hands on her hips. 'Don't you see? I am playing with dolls, or will be soon.' she said smirking, staring each of them down.


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As promised, every minute, he switched partners around so that he can see how the kids are parrying and correct them if there were any tells or mistakes. It went on for about half an hour, when finally Haru decided it was enough for the morning. “Alright… You all did great. That’s it for the morning. Unfortunately, Ser Bartholomew can’t make it this afternoon either. But don’t worry. Someone will be there to fill in, just like I did,” he said, dismissing the kids. The five boys dragged themselves towards their bags and doused themselves in water inside and out. Haru chuckled, remembering how hyperactive they were just about an hour ago.

Once the kids left, Haru began walking back towards the Rune Knight office. Half way through, he decided to turn towards Ser Bartholomew’s house and check up on him before heading back. Everyone knew the man; so, finding his house was not a problem. He knocked on the door, and a lady opened it. “Umm… I’m here to check on Ser Bartholomew,” he said, and lady let him in. “Hello Ser. I trained the kids this morning. Just wanted to check if you were feeling better,” he said. The knight was confused as he had asked the clerk to fill in for him, but decided to investigate that later. “Ah… Thank you so much. Please! Accept this as a thank you,” he said, struggling to pull open his bedside drawer and hand Haru a small bag of Jewels. “Thank you, Ser! I hope you get well soon,” Haru said, before leaving and heading back to the Rune Knight office to get his badge.


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Akira Shimada

All of them looked at her now, their faces displaying much-wounded pride. 'Oh what you think I can't take you on?' she added insult to injury. 'But that isn't my job... So it'll all just have to be play.' she said smirking. The boys started hurling a flurry of insults at her, they all spoke at the same time, so she didn't really get a chance to get any of it anyway. She held up a hand, calmly. They didn't stop and it made her heave another sigh.

'You'll are making my job so easy, thanks. I was supposed to scout for the best of you today, I'll just tell Ser Bartholomew none of you made the cut.' She lied slowly turning away. With that silence fell. They turned to look at each other, suddenly sizing each other up. She used that moment to set the first take. 'If you guys are still interested, time to begin taking laps. You'll be ranked in order of fastest to slowest, based on when you finish! GO!' she barked.

Complains still hung in the air, she heard them mutter about how annoying it was to have a female testing them, they didn't think she had it in her, and maybe she could have used her darkness to strengthen herself and prove them wrong, but it just wasn't worth the trouble. She leaned and watched them run. Stamina was surely something that would aid in battles...

Idiots, it was probably going to take them the rest of the evening to complete the laps... She just had to sit and watch. Idly she picked up the gear that they'd hoped to use and shoved back to their designated shelves. When they were on their last few laps, she just thought it'd be ok for her to just leave, she'd technically completed the task and she didn't want to have to deal with them. She headed back to the headquarters, to finally collect her badge...

She noticed a slightly sick looking man giving the clerk who had her badge quite a earful. 'I told you, I wanted you to train the kids, not pawn it off to everyone who comes to hand in their paperwork.' The situation became quite apparent quickly and Akira just shook her head. She explained she had them running rounds and the flustered Seated, just offered her the reward, snatched the badge from his junior and handed it to the girl. with a pat on her back. 'Off you go! Make Rune Knights proud.' he said, and turned to scowl at the clerk again.


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