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Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura]

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#1Sage † 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:57 am

Sage †
Sage was wearing his woodland wyvern armour as it was his shift to patrol the Holy Capital of Fiore, Crocus. Sage paid extra attention to the details, it was like as if he was Sherlock Holmes, only that he isn't as that smart. But he read every single people he sees, sometimes the horses and the caravans. He gave suspicious looks to street merchants, especially the ones that block people's way. He was aware of the dark alleys, made sure no one is bullied or cornered, or probably raped. Sage checked the items that street merchants sell, he doesn't want people to buy things that are not good anymore.

Sage sighed, he was bored actually, without any partners his job seems like a job for lonely people, and Sage doesn't want to be a lonely person. Only if he could find a suitable partner that is the same rank as his, but that seemed a little bit scary as people in his rank are salty, very salty, and he doesn't one to be salty like they are, he wants to have fun and probably kick some ass while doing so. Sage walked across the street and he saw that dark clouds are looming over.

He knew that it was going to rain, but he didn't seek for shelter, just because he was worried about the citizens of Crocus. He didn't even bring along an umbrella. Raindrops fell from the sky, it dropped on Sage's armour and made the 'ting' sound. Sage looked up, and billions of raindrops fell from the sky. It wasn't a rain anymore, it was a storm, but still Sage didn't seek for shelter, he still roamed Crocus, because he was scared that if a crime would occur during his shift, so he walked around Crocus with his armour, freezing, but not showing that he was freezing.

#2Fiammetta Barone 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:48 am

Fiammetta Barone


Fiammetta Barone

"Are ya fuckin' kiddin' me!?"

Of course it was raining. Of course Fia, while stuck in one of the most monotonous and boring patrols of her life, now had to trudge through the horrendous weather as well. And the grumpy young Knight did just that as she fulfilled her duties, a perpetual scowl on her face as she did. It probably helped to scare off the ne'er do wells, at least, as there were very few people willing to pick a fight with someone who looked like they'd be the throwing the first punch. Of course, the number of people willing to fight Fia would dwindle down even further if they knew just what she had in her arsenal.

But, alas, no such chances to show that incredible strength arose during her patrols. Most people had sought shelter when the rain had come, even more when it had shifted into a storm. Between those fleeing the weather and those cowering under Fia's scowl, there were no suspicious people to be seen doing anything that might get them in trouble. But, nonetheless, Fia continued to carry out her duties. She wasn't interested in getting yelled at by her superiors more than she already did, after all.

Soon enough, as Fia would have known if she'd paid attention, her patrol path was set to cross with that some other knights'. As the grumpy lass rounded a corner, she spotted one of them, a redhead in a shiny new armor who wore a serious and stoic look.

"Oi, Red!" She'd call out to him, assuming he was another Rune Knight. Why else would someone be trudging through such a path in armor in weather like this?

"They got you workin' in this weather too?" She'd query with an agitated look, before raising an eyebrow at his armor. "Hey, ain't it a bad idea bein' out in armor like that? I mean, I ain't a scientist or shit, but like, don' it make you a big fuckin' target fer lightnin' or somethin'?"

#3Asura Nightshade 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:57 pm

Asura Nightshade

Absolutely wonderful.

If Asura actually had the confidence to say it out loud, she would have told the Rune Knights Headquarters to do a rain check before sending them on patrols. Like, literally a rain check. Because, it was pouring down in dozens. Asura stood underneath a small roof that more or less, kept the pounding rain off from her. The small holes within the roof sent little droplets to the ground but it wasn't anything she couldn't avoid. What bothered her more was how drenched her uniform was and how she was practically shivering underneath the freezing downpour. Asura held her hands up and hugged herself, rubbing her arms to get some warmth. She looked up towards the grey sky and wondered when the rain would stop. The place where she stayed at was quite a walk from here and without any umbrella or coverage, Asura did not want to venture into this cold hell.

She just stood there, lightly shivering, watching as a few people on these relatively empty and small streets huddled over to their houses. She was sent to this place for a patrol as it was considered a relatively dangerous part of Crocus and here she was underneath a roof that could break down any second on her, just watching the empty streets as they drowned underneath the rain which eventually, seemed to be turning into a storm. Fucking wonderful. But she really didn't have it in her to step into it. But at the same time, what if something bad was happening and she couldn't help because she was too worried she'd get colder? Straightening her shoulders, Asura let her arms down and ventured into the storm, deciding that she'd take one round and then take shelter again. She huddled her arms over her head and walked through the streets until, a shout caught her attention.

Turning her head slightly, Asura tried to focus on where the sound came from and eventually, made her way to a pair. One female and the other one, someone she recognized.

"Sage?" Asura questioned as she approached the pair. "Are you here on patrol as well?" She asked him and then glanced towards the other girl who also seemed to be a Rune Knight. "Oh, hello," she greeted the other girl whose identity she did not know yet. She wondered if the two of them knew each other.  

#4Sage † 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:42 pm

Sage †
Sage looked up, he heard someone said the word 'red', which is very triggering to him as his hair colour is red in colour. He could see a girl with brown hair heading towards him, Sage could already sense her hyper-activeness and then she told Sage that lightning might hit him with his armour on, she was saying true facts, "Well then let's take shelter in a place warm enough, I think nobody is going to commit crime in the rain.". Sage then could see a coffee shop not far from where they are.

Then he could hear a voice that he is familiar with, he looked towards the direction of the voice saying his name, and he was right, it was Asura, one of his teammates. "Oh he Asura, yeah I was just patrolling.". Sage would then sneeze loudly, "I guess we need to hurry, follow me." Sage couldn't stand the cold anymore, he should make a note to himself never to act so bravely and heroic, plus he won't get any extra jewels for doing so.

Sage ran to the cafe he just saw and if Asura and the other girl followed him he would open the doors for them to enter first. Sage then entered the cafe with him being very wet. The worker and the customers noticed Sage, but he couldn't care less. One of the workers gave him a towel and helped him to take off his armour, Sage said, "Thank you." to the worker. Sage dried himself and sat at one the tables available.

The cafe was very generous to Sage maybe because they recognize him as one of the Seated's, but Sage doesn't want to think about it, he was freezing, "Can I have a hot mocha latte please?" Sage said to the waitress, if the girl with the brown hair sat down on the table with him he would ask her. "So what's your name? I've never met you before, oh and the name's Sage.", he wanted to pull his hand out to give a handshake, but he was too cold to do so.

#5Fiammetta Barone 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:54 pm

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Much to Fiammetta's surprise, the diligent Rune Knight took her words to be true (even though she was unsure of them) and suggested they take shelter in someplace warm. While Fia wasn't quite the most social person, she'd been trying to get out more with fellow Knights, and wasn't about to pass up an excuse to get out of the rain. "Heh, sounds like a plan, Red. I ain't fuckin' around in this rain any damn longer..." Fia groaned, eyes following Sage's to a nearby coffee shop. She would've preferred something stronger, but it would do.

Before they could get going, it seemed a third Rune Knight was stuck out in this weather, maybe one that even knew 'Red' judging by her introduction. "Hey." Was Fia's return to her equally simple introduction, the hazel-eyed girl already trying to think of something to call her... Fia was a fan of nicknames, and just using her regular name wouldn't cut it. Fia looked over the girl, her hair, her clothing, her distinctive boots... Boots? Yeah, 'Boots'. That worked.

'Red' suddenly sneezed, urging them along. She'd nod in affirmation before following the red-haired boy and 'Boots' along. He opened the doors to seemed to be a run-of-the-mill cafe, not the kind of place Fia frequented, but it was enough to get her out of the run, she supposed. The workers seemed decent too, offering the poor kid something to wipe his armor down with. Eventually, the trio was seated, their orders ready to be taken.

"I'll just grab a hot chocolate." Fia said with a dismissive wave of the hand as she sat down at the table. She'd never really been a coffee person, so a hot chocolate was all she really felt in the mood for. The boy - who's name was apparently Sage - asked for Fia's name, as she leaned back in her cheer and began to wring out her jacket.

"The name's Fia. Nice an' simple, so don' forget it." She gave her stock standard introduction, before looking to the other girl if she'd followed. It seemed she already knew Sage, but Fia didn't know her name. "What about you, Boots, got a name?" She'd inquire, wiping off rainwater where it still stuck and awaiting that nice warm drink.

#6Asura Nightshade 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:48 pm

Asura Nightshade
It was Sage's sneeze and words that eventually reminded Asura that they should probably find shelter somewhere. She wasn't opposed to that at all as she had never wanted to even come out into this goddamn storm in the first place. So, when Sage started moving into a café, Asura followed behind, just glad to be able to go somewhere warm and shelter themselves from the rain.  

The red head girl had replied to Asura's acknowledgement with one of her own which for the time being, until they reached the café, was more than enough. Once they entered the café, Asura released a little sigh as the chill evaporated slightly once the door closed. The workers of the café all seemed extremely hospitable as they provided Sage with the towel. Behind them, Asura also requested for one to dry herself off with and draped it around her uniform as she unbuttoned her coat to let the shirt underneath dry easier. She put the towel on top of her hair and tried to get the water out of her blonde strands. Once she was done drying herself to a certain extent, Asura followed Sage and the other girl over to a table. Seeing as both of them gave their own orders, the sudden urge to have hot chocolate hit Asura too after the red headed girl ordered for it.

"Can I get a cup of hot chocolate too? And if you have some desserts, I'd like that as well. Thank you."
Asura gave her own order, practically craving something sweet. After this horrendous rain, the only thing that would lift her mood up would be some good quality desserts. Her ears perked up as Sage asked the girl what her name was and upon her reply, Asura didn’t think she'd forget the name. The girl had a very significant pattern of talking that you would not normally see; Asura didn't think she could forget her even if she wanted to.

Upon the red head's question directed towards the blonde, Asura tilted her head very slightly, in a quizzical manner. Boots? She decided not to stress too much upon it and looked at Fia as she replied, "My name is Asura Nightshade. Pleased to make your acquaintance." As soon as she said that, the waitress returned with their specific orders placing a piece of chocolate cake next to Asura along with her hot chocolate. She bowed her head slightly to the waitress in a form of gratitude and took a sip of her hot chocolate, letting a sigh fall from her lips.

#7Sage † 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:49 pm

Sage †
Fia, an interesting name, Sage sneezed again, and he was hoping for his coffee to come fast, because he was still cold. As Asura and Fia to know each other, Sage looked out the window, the sky sure was grey and there isn't much to talk about. But he must get the conversation going because he doesn't like any awkwardness.

"So Fia, how long have you been among the rune knights?", Sage asked out of the blue, just to keep things interactive among the three of them. Some time later, a waitress came and served their drinks, Sage couldn't wait to take a sip of his. "Thank you," Sage said to the waitress with a big grin, he couldnt help it but be happy about the coffee.

Sage took a sip and it made him a little bit hungry, then he said to himself, 'maybe i should treat myself more.', he look at the orders that were set on the table, after scrolling through different pastry and dessert, Sage shouted to the nearest waitress, "Can I have a strawberry croissant please?", some people would be alerted by this plus the fact that Sage eats strawberry, well strawberry is his favourite food and if anybody has a problem with that, they can get lost.

#8Fiammetta Barone 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:59 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

They were a polite pair, Fia thought to herself. Asura and Sage definitely seemed more like your typical Rune Knights than she did, that was for sure. Hell, Fia couldn't remember the last time she'd heard someone say they 'pleased to make her acquaintance'. Certainly not the kinda thing you'd here amoung her crowd. "Yeah, uh, ditto." Was all Fia offered in response, another testament to just how casual and rough she was compared to this soft-spoken pair.

Their drinks came soon enough, a delicious looking hot chocolate being set down before the hazel-eyed girl, whipped cream and all. "Aw, hell yeah!" Fiammetta proclaimed in excitement as she eagerly sipped from the cup, seemingly apathetic as to how hot it was. With her tongue now a little burnt, Sage suddenly chimed up, asking a simple yet standard question among their faction.

"Well, been a Knight fer... Shit, gotta be about a month now." Fia answered as she leaned back casually into her chair. "Didn't exactly get into fer the usual reasons, jus' liked the deal the came with the job, so ain't really been at it fer long." She admitted, recalling her talk with the Neko Rune Knight who'd roped her into this little faction. With her answer given in as much detail as she cared to give it in, Fia turned her attention to the other two knights, figuring it only best to return the query.

"What about you too, huh? You been Knights fer long?"

Not long after she'd asked that, Sage decided to treat himself to his own desert, and Fia began wondering if she should follow the trend. But decided against it, preferring instead to save her appetite for a bigger, heartier meal at the inn she was staying at with Esperia. Besides, she'd never had much of a sweet tooth anyway.

#9Asura Nightshade 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:39 pm

Asura Nightshade
Fia's manner of speaking and behavior was interesting to say the least. Asura hadn't been a Rune Knight for long and hence, had only met with a few people but they all matched the description that she would say that a Rune Knight would fit. Fia seemed far from it but Asura liked that. She was relaxed, in it for simple reasons and just seemed generally carefree and unconcerned. Maybe Asura didn't know her that well yet, but from what she had seen, Fia had a very delightable personality and in this world where so much pressure is placed on a Knight's shoulder, it's good to let lose in a while.  

As their order came and the hot chocolate along with the cake were placed in front of Asura, she wanted to cry out of happiness. After being in this stormy, freezing temperature for so long, it felt nice to see something she absolutely adored in front of her, no matter how small it was. Asura took a sip of her drink and sighed lightly, almost unnoticeably, in content. Although she was gleaming from the inside, her outward visage remained monotonous, just holding on it the slightest of glows that signified that she was indeed, very delighted.  

The blonde shifted her focus to Sage as he asked Fia how long she'd been a knight and Asura was surprised that it had only been a month. That was very short time but then again, it was longer than Asura's time period within the Rune Knights. As she went into the specifics, Asura put her cup down and picked up her fork to dig into the cake and raise the delicacy to her lips as she chewed. She listened to Fia and nodded in her direction. It was understandable reason for joining. Although Asura preferred if people were to join for the sake of making a difference and helping others, she wasn't against anyone who joined otherwise. After all, everyone had their own reasons.

As Sage ordered himself something, Fia asked the same question to the duo. The blonde swallowed the bite she was eating, wiping her lips with a napkin kept nearby and turned to Fia to respond. "I've been in the Rune Knights for a little less than two weeks now. Crocus is the first city I was dispatched to for a few small quests." Asura then focused her attention on Sage, wondering how long he'd been a Knight. From what she knew, Sage was relatively much stronger than her and had been recruited by Haru and Akira but the specifics, she still had no idea.

Pressing the cup to her lips yet again, Asura slightly glanced around, feeling at peace, for the first time in a long while.  

This is nice.


#10Sage † 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:47 pm

Sage †
Sage was happy that both Fia and Asura enjoyed their warm drinks. Fia replied his question with enthusiasm, saying that she'd been a rune knight for almost a month. She then asked him and Asura how long they'd been a rune knight. Asura answered saying that she had been a rune knight for almost two weeks. It was Sage's turn to answer, he said, "It'd been a week since I got recruited.", Sage said with a normal tone, a tone of his that is calm. But actually, deep inside he knew he was lying. He joined the rune knight long ago but left for a reason that he doesn't want to even think about.

He regretted asking Fia that question. Then his strawberry croissant came, he was delighted, his sadness inside slowly floated away. He smiled, a smile of his that's a virtue to him. He won't get this far as a mage without his mage. He picked a fork and a knife and gently cut a part of the croissant, jabbed it with his fork and drive it into his mouth. The sweet taste of it made Sage smile even more. "So where are you guys planning to do after the rain stops?" Sage asked while looking out the window, the sky still dark and rain pouring non-stop.

#11Fiammetta Barone 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:08 pm

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

To Fia's surprise, she was actually the most senior member of the Rune Knights among them. At least, in terms of time served. It was highly possible either one of them outranked her, as she'd not been terribly focused on climbing the ladder herself. Her service to the Rune Knights was but a means to an end to her, as cold as that sounded. Truthfully, her joining them was for the sake of others but, well, she didn't at all feel the need to add that. It was a whole can of worms she wasn't interested in opening...

Neither Sage nor Asura gave their own reasons for joining the knights, though Fia could guess they were nobler her own. Both had just simple stated how long they'd been there, in Sage's case, very simply, almost as though he wanted to move the topic on quickly. Odd, considering he'd brought it up in the first place. But Fia wouldn't pry, she just leaned back and continued sipping at her hot chocolate as the other two enjoyed their food, before Sage suddenly raised another question.

"The usual, I guess." Fia stated with a shrug, glancing at the window herself. "Meanin', if there ain't any more work to do, I'll finish my routes, clock out, and head to the inn for a few rounds. Simple shit, simple day." She'd elaborate casually, not finding much more interesting to explain. Of course, she did consider offering to have the other two join her for some post-work drinks, but quickly realized that neither of them looked quite old enough for such activities...

#12Asura Nightshade 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:32 pm

Asura Nightshade
While Asura had previously met Sage before, they hadn’t talked that much as they were too engrossed in finding their fellow teammate Akira who’d disappeared off the grid. Hence, the knowledge that he had been in the Rune Knights for lesser time than she did, albeit only a few days gap, surprised her quite a bit. She’d thought that he’d been in the Rune Knights for much longer considering his strength which from what Asura heard was quite incredible. He was rather calm while saying it, a little too calm perhaps which made Asura wonder why that seemed weird. But she shrugged it off thinking of it as one of her usual misplaced feelings.

Asura took a sip of her hot chocolate again, relishing it’s taste as she then hopped onto take the last bite of her cake as Sage’s strawberry croissant came. That cake had definitely managed to hit the spot and paired with the hot chocolate, the blonde began to feel a little drowsy and wondered when the rain would lift up so she could go back to the inn she was staying at and sleep for some time.

As she wondered that, the boy piqued a similar question at them, asking what they planned to do after the rain. Fia answered first, her description being almost the same as the blonde’s train of thought except in a far more...informal way? But, yes, the same. Once she was done, Asura put her now, half empty cup down and nodded at the duo. “That goes for me as well. I think I’ll head to the inn I was staying in and catch some sleep. This weather has managed to make me more tired than usual.”

She looked towards Sage wondering what he planned to do next. Asura briefly wondered whether going back to rest was the best idea. After all, it wasn’t everyday that she met up with fellow Rune Knights and sat to have a chat. Most days, they greeted each other and went along with their duties or partners whom they were close with. Asura didn’t really have that and although, Sage, Akira and Haru were teammates, there was still some time before she’d consider them as “friends”. It was more to do with herself than the others. And now, with Fia, she hoped that the two could be on their way to becoming friends too, though acquaintances would be fine as well, she’d suppose.

Asura wondered if she should pose a question revolving around trying to wander outside after the rain together but her self-consciousness and fear of rejection sealed her lips and tied her teeth from asking that question.

#13Fiammetta Barone 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:13 pm

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It looked like the Rune Knights weren't that dissimiliar, in spite of their differing levels of formality. At the end of the day, they both wanted the same things, or so it seemed. They just wanted to head home, after a long day of work, and rest their weary heads someplace comfortable. Though, perhaps Asura and Fia might've had different steps in between. After all, the Barone girl had a certain someone waiting for her at the end of her hard and grueling days as well...

Just the thought put a smile on the Rune Knight's face as she leaned back and sipped at her hot chocolate. This had been nice, the little shelter from the rain, among comrades in arms. Fia rarely got the chance to properly socialize with those of her occupation, so having the chance to sit down and chat with some of them, and find out they weren't too dissimilar from her, meant a lot to the hazel-eyed girl. She grinned, glancing outside to see that the rain that had forced them indoors was now starting to let up. Just in time, too, as Fia finished off her hot chocolate, setting the mug down on the table in front of her before pulling out a few Jewels as payment (plus tip) and laying them on the counter.

"Well, I dunno about you guys, but I reckon I'll head out finish my shift. Y'all can feel free to come with, if ya want." Fia would announce before excusing herself from the table, giving one last friendly nod before heading off, with or without her newfound acquaintances.

After that, it was just another day in the life of a Rune Knight. The same old work, but admittedly, with a few new allies at her side.


#14Asura Nightshade 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:45 pm

Asura Nightshade
It was not long after that the conversation came to a lull. Asura had finished her chocolate cake and was almost done with her drink, as well. Sitting in the warm confines of the coffee shop, the blonde had warmed up quite a bit albeit, her hair was still a little damp. The rain was showing signs of letting up soon as the heavy pour minimized into a light shower and then to a drizzle. The sky yet remained grey, no signs of the sun anywhere in sight with the air heavily laden with a sting of cold into it. It wouldn't be too long before they all would decide to leave because, after all, in this weather, a warm bath and a cozy sleep sounded just about right.

It seemed as though they all were on the same train of thought, more or less as Fia exclaimed that she should probably be leaving and finishing her shift, considering that the rain had completely let up at this point. She offered for them to join her if they wished and seeing as Asura was quite drowsy especially, after filling her stomach, the walk back to the inn would feel like quite a long one hence, she decided she'd take Fia up on the offer.

"I'd like to come along, if that's okay. I was planning to leave anyways too."
The blonde got up and turned to Sage, bidding him goodbye as well with hopes to see him some other time if possible. She returned the towel, kept her jewels on the table along with Fia's, thanking the employees and headed out with the other Rune Knight.

However, too soon after that, the duo would part ways. "Well, it was lovely meeting you, Fia. Hope we can run into each other sometime again. Take care." Asura would then, turn the other way, into the opposite street of the one Fia would take and headed towards her inn where she'd pamper herself to a cozy evening.  

A light smile, one very rare, graced her features. After all, she had managed to make some new allies today.


#15Sage † 

Meet the Girl's Squad [Sage|Fiammetta|Asura] Empty Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:36 pm

Sage †
As the girls leave Sage looked at them \and smiling, he didn't know that there are such nice people in the world and all he could do is smile a little. He looked outside and the rain started to stop but for some reason, Sage felt like sitting there and just look at the rain falling, maybe some lightning and thunder too. For some reason, he felt weird, a feeling he could not describe. Maybe he just needs this, a relaxing time not doing anything but just sit there.

When the rain fully stop and Sage finished his drinks, he felt like it was time for him to leave and get some things done, probably head back to his hotel and take a shower. Sage walked to the counter and paid for the drink and food. He then smiled at the cashier and left the cafe. Sage breathed in the smell of the rain, and it was so refreshing that Sage felt like he could do just anything. Sage walked across the road, his pace slow and calm. He noticed some birds chirping and flying through the sky. It was peaceful, very peaceful, and he wants things to remain like that after all, that's why he joined the rune knights. 


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