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All Along The Watchtower

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All along the watchtower

Princes kept the view

While all the women came and went

Barefoot servants, too

Outside in the cold distance

A wildcat did growl

Two riders were approaching

And the wind began to howl

#2Gwendolyn Pendragon 

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Gwendolyn Pendragon

The sheet of ice that covered the ground, as if it was a blanket keeping the grass warm had been gradually disturbed. All around the soldiers and forces that had came to protect the Holy Capitol were be ushered and ordered around as the first wave from the Etherion Cannon came down. Luckily, Gwen hadn’t been in the vicinity of the first blast. So she ran towards the walls barely being hurt after the blast put holes through the wall. The cold air seemingly getting colder, as everyone knew and felt that today was a day that would change the course of everyone’s lives.

As she ran, approximately fifteen meters away from the wall. Her hand would be rested on the hilt of her sword, Yoru. With her fingers gripping the handle of the sword that was tightened on her back via a sheath. She would be ready to attack anyone that she would deem the enemy at a moment’s notice.

“Gwendolyn! What is happening!” Screamed the Frosty Spirit, Eros. Gwen had came across the sassy spirit only months before and they barely got along. Eros didn’t really like Gwen, but the Frost Mage knew that it was only a front put on by her, so that she could appear to be smart. Gwen would only cast a smirk. A smirk that would have probably sent fear into most people’s heart if they had looked upon it. She knew what was happening, but she didn’t want to attack Eros with the hard information. Having been ordered to tell those post on the walls the best defensive measures. Gwen knew that her job was one that would be the key point into protecting the Holy Capitol, her home. Footsteps could be heard from every direction as she finally made her way to the spiral stairs that led to the top of the wall.

Her feet would move quickly, but also with order as she didn’t want to trip and fall back down the stairs. As she ran, Eros matched her pace by moving as quickly as she could to her right. And all while doing this, her left hand still rested on the handle of Yoru. “The walls are damaged! Get the mages ready for any wave of forces that dare make their way towards the walls. We need to get a move on repairing those walls quickly!” Screamed Gwen as she attempted to issue out the order that had been given to her. She doubted anyone could hear her from the howls of orders and screams of the people, but she knew that there was the slight chance that they heard her. However, she didn’t just stop after saying that. She kept repeating the same thing as she ran along the walls. Ducking and dodging people as they did their best to mend the walls and watch out for any oncoming enemies.

The winter air would be sure to set everyone off. As the cold was even getting to the Frost Mage, something that had rarely happened to her. Soon, she would come to stop after making her way to the middle of the wall. As she stood on the wall, her eyes peered over the edge of it as she waited for any enemies to make their way towards it. Behind her was a wall as she was standing within an observation tower. This would be the most idle place for her to watch the action that was about to unfold on the Holy City. She only hoped that this wasn’t her last stand. Her life hadn’t even reached its peak yet. And she vowed to not die here. In a place that she considered her home.

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While, Aniz was guarding the watchtower. He thought that "Is history going to repeat itself or something with Grimoire Heart the crazy dream of Grimoire Heart." Aniz and Eru were standing with other mages of Allied guild forces of mages of C to D-rank near the watch tower and other's are fighting with the two mages of the Grimoire Heart which showed them self from the mist of air somehow, when a cat shouted. Aniz says to Eru "Eru go check the status of the battle go on there." When Eru goes to check the status of the battle, Aniz see's a girl standing their with a companion of her. Aniz see's if some of the members of Grimoire Heart escaped from that fight or not and then, Eru comes from back from the fight and tell Aniz "Master, the fight between the mages going furies and everyone is fighting to save the corcus town and the citizens." Aniz thinks if this fight is going that much furies so what the fight which is going inside the town to save the citizens.
Then, once again Aniz checks the area of the corcus town if there is any member of Grimoire Heart coming from any direction or not. Aniz see's a some of the people coming from the other direction to destroy the holy capital corcus town. And some of the Fairy tail members are their for some other reasons to fight for because Grimoire Heart killed the leader of the Fairy Tail guild and they were here to get their revenge on the Grimoire heart. They don't want their master's death be in vain and Some want to save the Corcus town.
"Because of the Grimoire Heart, History is repeating itself which will cost many death of the mages and citizens."
The war was started and because at the watch tower their was low ranked mages like C or D-rank mages of the guilds. Some of the Members of Grimoire Heart escaped the fight and entered the battle field inside the walls where normal citizens lives which have no magic to save themselves from the pursue of the Grimoire Heart which will cause so many death of the citizens.
Aniz was their where the wall breaked and He could only do a thing is that fight with them in hand to hand combat or magic to magic combat and because of that thinking many of the mages died there who only done a single thing good but just died for the citizens of the country Fiore kingdom where they used to live. But, Aniz and Eru are one of them which want to save the Fiore kingdom and corcus town from the grimoire Heart. Because Aniz have dark magic also he and the opponents are unable to do any damage over each other. So, they tried to do a hand to hand combat with each other. So, the fight between the mages have started and the other are fighting with other mages. Aniz land a kick over the face of the mages fighting him but, He was able to save himself's but Aniz don't want to get lose from some of the dark mages who don't have any existence and want to get it by doing bad things and want to destroy the holy capital of the fiore kingdom. So, Aniz continuously lands the punches over and over him and then uses a some more tricks that he learned from the quest he done yet over and over to complete his quest.

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#4Gwendolyn Pendragon 

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Gwendolyn Pendragon

Still standing the Watchtower, Gwen didn’t really know what to think of the situation. From behind her there was the sound of battle. Causing her left ear to keep twitching, as she her wanted to join in order to further protect the kingdom. She felt like she couldn’t do that if she were to continue standing on the wall. However, she had been given rather specific orders and it wasn’t time to abandon them now. Her heart thudded, as those her if they blocked out the sound would be able to hear the quick and precise beats. She wasn’t scared, no, that was really a long shot from the truth. This town was really her home unlike most from the Allied Forces.

So, she wasn’t just here to protect the Holy Capitol. She was here to protect her home and she had to do that. Even if she died trying in the process. The howl of the wind still caused Gwen to worry. As if a Demon was slowly making its way from the distance. In order to further the destruction that was currently happening in Crocus. Though worried, Gwen felt like that she could take out and destroy any demon that care her way. She was a Demon Slayer. One of the few people in the world that possessed a magic so powerful that it was able to destroy demons. Though, unlike most, Gwen had came to acquire a blade that was made solely for the slaying of demons. A blade so large and powerful that it casted fear into the heart of everyone it had come to face.

Her hand would continue to tightly grip Yoru. It was a blade that she had yet to mastered, but knew if she was to in a sticky situation, it would quickly help her get out of it.

“Gwendolyn, how do we know if the battle is over and that we have won!?” Asked Eros in excitement. She was acting pretty timid at the moment. Most likely due to the stress that was falling upon her from the attack of the Grimoire Heart members. A frown would come to appear on Gwen’s face. Unlike most people, Gwen were attached to any and all of her companions. Eros was like the little sister she never had and she hated to see when the Frost Spirit was scared. She would answer Eros’s question, but not at the moment. She would let it take time. Allowing a few seconds to pass, as she waited on the ideal moment in the time of war to tell her. “I don’t know Eros, but when the time comes. We will move from the wall and go deeper into the city where the fighting is happening. Though I want you to stay here. I won’t allow for you to get hurt on my watch, ever!” Exclaimed Gwen as her body yearned to turn around and see the situation that was unfolding behind her.

Eros seemed pleased at the comment Gwen made, but she knew that if she stayed along the walls. She would be able to help protect and give Gwen assistance when the time came. “Gwendolyn! We are a team.” Screamed Eros in a childish voice that most didn’t even take serious. She was a young spirit, being quite new to the world. It was hard for her to comprehend slight things. Such as always calling she Gwendolyn, when she clearly wants to be called Gwen. “I will follow you into battle wherever we go. As long as we are together we won’t be defeated.” Said Eros, as she floated closer to Gwen as if in a means to protect her. Gwen would only nod as she etched closer to the window of the watch tower. She would lean on it. Her right arm resting in the window seal, as she peered out. Watching for any troops that would dare come into her line of sight. At the moment, her Frost Demon Slaying Magic wasn’t much, but it would surely get the job done whenever the time would come. Her instincts would kick in. Making her grip Yoru even tighter. Perhaps if she was stronger the blade’s handle would have probably broken from the pressure behind delivered by her grip. Though, even she wasn’t strong enough and doubt she would become strong enough in order to do something on that scale.

Those along the walls had seemed to calm down now. Everyone had been acquired who was either hurt or had been killed from the knock of the Etherion blast. It wasn’t a good sight to see, but it was amazing that some people had survived the blast. With the injured being carted away. The chaotic scene that was once there had shifted off. Now everything was more calmer, with everyone doing their best in order to finish their jobs. This would cause Gwen to scream out the orders she had been given. As she was sure this time around the people would hear her. “The walls are damaged! Get the mages ready for any wave of forces that dare make their way towards the walls. We need to get a move on repairing those walls quickly!” When she said that, she would move from the window as she came to look out of the doorways of the Watchtower. Many people would come to look at her and nod as they knew that it was the best defense for the situation at hand.

Now it was merely time to prep the wall for battle once again like in the history books. No one truly knew the outcome of the war at the moment, but with the Allied Mage Forces having the most people. One could assume with math that they would come to be on top. But the enemy held the ferocious Etherion Canon. This was truly the Final Countdown for any on either side.

Exit (Event Quest Complete)
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While Aniz was fighting at the other side of the watch tower. He and Eru both hear's a sound of blast done to the other side of the wall and then Aniz say's to Eru "Eru, please once again and get me the status of the other side of the wall, if every one is alright and if they were defeated send a message to the another side of the wall." Aniz said this to Eru while he was doing his combat with a dark mage which have power's a lot like a demon himself standing and facing against him. While Eru is gone to check the status of the other side, Aniz was only thinking " If every one is alright and if they have defeated the demon of their side, then I have to defeat demon on my side also." On his combat, Aniz kills man demon but they were still increasing and outnumbering the mages of that side and the disadvantage Aniz was thinking "I wish if some one have light magic on this side of the mages." But, no not a single mage have the light magic on their side.
After a while, When Aniz clear's the area where he was fighting, Aniz see's Eru was coming back happily without any tension or stress in his mind and then Aniz ask's Eru "What happened there Eru?, just tell me don't be so happy." After Aniz asks this Eru replied Aniz "Sir, every thing is alright their they defeated the demon's of their side. And now you also defeated them Master." After Eru say's this Aniz see's a army of dark spirit's coming from the base of Grimoire Heart, then Aniz say's to Eru "Eru" Eru say's "Yes, master." Aniz say's "See there It's a huge army of dark spirites coming from that direction Eru." Eru replied "What will we do now master." Aniz replied to Eru "(What will we do?) What a joke Eru, we have only one way and it was to fight with full power and fight with what we have write now." After saying this Aniz say's Eru "Eru find a place to hide. I may get rid of them all at once." After saying such word's Aniz goes near and much near to the battle field and use's his spell Soul Extinctor to get rid of them at once but no those spirits regenerated themselves and comes with more speed once again. Then at the back Eru flies away to the mages on the other side off the wall to tell them "Some one help my master was alone fighting a huge army of the demonic spirits."
Then Eru comes back from their with the army of mages of allied guild forces to defeat them at once. At that time Aniz thought "Now, I have a real friend or I say family member of my in from of my companion Eru. He was a real friend and family of mine." And now every one is fighting with their full potential of their mana and source of energy to protect the fiore kingdom and the citizens of the fiore kingdom and corcus town.
Aniz and the other mages of allied guild forces are fighting them very well like this battle is their last battle and they don't even know if they were be living or be dead after this furies battle of the watch tower and Aniz was thinking "If every thing is alright inside the corcus the holy capital and every one is alright. If Allied guild forces' have won inside the country." Every mage fighting here is living or fighting his final battle here anyway. While battle is going on Aniz calls Eru in the middle of the battle and tell's him "Eru, Call the user's who uses' healing magic into the battle field, so they could heal the injured mages so, they could help us in the battle." after Aniz says' this to Eru, he replied "Aye Aye master as you wish.
I will call the mages who uses' healing magic as fast as I can."
After Eru goes to call the mages who users' healing magic. After all while Aniz and the other mages of Allied guild forces defeats' the dark spirits' and takes some fresh air on the battle field after defeating the dark mages and demonic spirits'. Then After a while Eru, also comes and says' "I came back master with the mages' who uses healing magic in this whole fiore kingdom. So, they can help us and you and other mages defeated the dark spirits' also master." Then after a while Aniz comes near the healing mages' and says' "I want your help guys, see here on this battle field their are many mages who are still alive and are just only injured and can live their lives.I I want you guys to help them before healing us who battled these spirits'. So lets' get started to work guys." And then Aniz and the other mages helped the injured one's and they won the battle of the watch tower. And the only battle left which is going inside the corcus town. Then Aniz and the other mages of the allied guild forces sits’ for a while their before heading inside the battle field inside the holy capital corcus which is in fiore kingdom. After a while Aniz and the other mages of allied forces checks’ the area once again to see if there is any enemy. And they finds not a single enemy.

~exit~ { Event Quest Complete}


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The Nature's Bonder
There was a lot already occurring.

The force of all the chaos moved further and further inside of Crocus, most of the guards near its main entrance had already been taken out and during the very current moment in time, Liana appeared to be running around, her head turning from one side to the other, a hand positioned just above the hilt of her katana in case someone decided to surprise her. There were still areas of the wall which were thankfully in more peace than others, those used as stations for the guards to heal from recent battles. She decided to use that to rest for a while.

"It just doesn't stop..."

The elf mumbles to herself, carefully moving up the stairs to lead herself to a higher position on the walls, looking about to see if there were any more Grimoire Heart mages approaching. And the moment she peeked was the moment she saw a bolt of lightning being shot straight at her, the girl lowering down just in time for it to pass right above her head. It appears the enemy still had reinforcements, stationed in more secluded areas just outside of the capital. "So they still have more..." Liana mumbled to herself before proceeding to crawl back to the stairs and look down, spotting a few of the guards who were still recovering, and two or three others who were assisting them in such.

"You all... Grimoire Heart is keeping reinforcements on the outskirts. We should find a way to prevent them from getting in."

One of the guards eventually began to step up the stairs, also lowering himself down similar to Liana, stopping right besides her. "We could use the lacrima ballistas, but we are out of bolts. We can't leave our positions either. Though, if you could go get them for us, that would be helpful..." It appeared she had a new task this time. Though, that caused her to go around the capital once more, which was slowly being filled with more and more of the enemy.

Either way, Liana proves to not be scared, nodding once at his request. "I can do it." She says, only for the guard to add as she began to walk down the stairs once more. "Oh, bless you for the aid. We'll be waiting here." And with everything said and done, the elf proceeds to sprint off, wondering just where exactly she could get the necessary supplies. Most likely in a warehouse of sorts, but where could she find one? That was up to her to find out.

Yet, she knew that she wasn't going to reach her destination without having someone in her way.

"Lookie-loo. Aren't we lucky? To have the pleasure of battling a madame." A somewhat sassy, yet still manly voice reaches her ears as three men approach her from one side, appearing from an alleyway. The girl immediately pauses, a single hand coming to grasp the hilt of her katana. Matter of fact, she hasn't used it yet and against three enemies, perhaps that would be ideal.

A male stood in front of two others, as if they were his actual subordinates. In her mind, according to their outfits, that appeared to be the case, one wearing a light armor of sorts whilst the others sported simple leather garments. A glare and a smile, that's what the former offered Liana as they continued to slowly approach.

"Stand back, garçons. I should be enough."

And just as he drew out his own sabre, Liana did the same, using one hand to pull out her katana before assuming a stance, both hands firmly grasping its handle, tip of the blade pointing at the male's throat from the distance. She didn't even mutter a single word, attentively eyeing her opponent. Which actually appeared to somewhat stress him.

"No langue? Did the cat steal it from you? Perhaps it's about time I also take something away from you. Your poor existence."

He was the first to charge then, beginning to thrust his sabre forth, hoping to land a piercing it on her. Yet, using her katana, she'd parry some of his strikes whilst avoiding others by weaving her body in multiple ways. "Grrraaaah!" She was concentrated on every single move of his as he ferociously launched thrust after thrust. Suddenly, her back went against a wall as her eyes widen. A mistake of hers, failing to be aware of her surroundings.

"C'est fini!"

The man shouts outwards as he launched an even faster and mightier slashing motion, in hopes of gashing her right across her entire torso, from one shoulder to the opposite side of her waist. And just in the nick of time, she was able to rise up her katana to block the strike. Unfortunately, he kept her against the wall, blocking any methods of escape. He didn't strike her back immediately, instead deciding to glare at her right in her face, breathing heavily in boiling rage.

"You annoy me with that silence of yours, you know? Are you too scared to even mumble a single word? It won't be fun to finish off someone who is incapable of mere speech. After all, I won't be able to know what your last words would be. Ouais, enfin…" He sighs before allowing a couple snickers to escape his lips, Liana gritting her teeth in quite some struggle. Was this small mistake really going to lead to her last breath? She just couldn't accept it.

"... Now... Partez...!"

Just as he grumbled such, he'd keep one hand on his sabre to continue pinning her against the wall, the other led over to her stomach as its palm began to glow a deep black. Is this truly her end? Is she going to have to somehow save herself or is there someone else around to do it? Merely the future could tell and that one was near.

"Darn it... I need to do something here... Or else..."
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#7Asura Nightshade 

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Asura Nightshade
Sprinting, Asura jumped from small buildings to more small buildings, her Warrior Sword clutched in her left hand as her eyes peeked at the ground beneath her. She had just escaped from a confrontation with another mage, who didn't seem to be on their side, that would have ended up extremely dangerous for her had she not left. She briefly wondered what that mage would do now and whether she would ever see him again. Heaving a sigh, Asura merely hoped that her words managed to reach him in one way or another and that he would decide to focus his strength on helping others. After all, from the little she sensed, his power was one to be feared; it was indeed strong, far stronger than her current level of strength. Even though she was slightly guilty for running away, a apart of her was intensely glad that she avoided facing off against him. The result was obvious; he was in a completely different league, she would not have emerged as a victor.

As Asura swept her gaze through the ground beneath her as she kept jumping from building to building, a familiar face entered her vision and Asura stopped on top of one of the structures, gazing down at the scene below. It's that girl. The same girl whom had assisted Asura in her previous fight against the Grimoire Heart mage. From the looks of it, she was up against three of them now, absolutely not signifying a fair fight and wasn't in a relatively good position. They had her pinned to the wall, her katana being the only thing stopping the attack by the man's sword headed her way. The blonde girl seemed to be in quite a bit of trouble. Asura narrowed her eyes slightly as she pursed her lips at the Grimoire Heart mages. Why are they doing this? I don't understand. However, there was no time to think. It was time for Asura to return the other mage's favour.

Asura jumped off the building, bracing herself for the land as she landed on her two feet, crouched to keep her balance. Her Warrior Sword still clutched in her left hand and her Shoulder Blades gleaming underneath the light of the sun, she stood up, leaning against the side of the building. Asura had jumped onto a side, out of the Grimoire Heart's mages field of vision but one that the other blonde mage would be able to see. If the other mage spotted her, Asura would nod at her lightly, signifying that she was here to help and that she'd get her out of this pinch.  

The blonde transferred her sword to her dominant right hand as she swiftly and quietly ran up towards the man that had the other blonde mage pinned, and crouched down, hitting him hard on the side with her sword's hilt enough to send him a few feet away from the two females and ending up in him, falling to the ground with his sword alongside him. His companions only noticed what occurred after it had happened and so it took them a few moments to react. But, they didn’t have time. Asura looked towards the other blonde mage and nodded yet again. "I'm here to help. My name's Asura. Let's finish this."

She quickly looked towards one of the other two and charged at him, her sword clutched tightly in her hand. She aimed her blade diagonally towards the side, aiming to cut him slightly enough to injure him but not heavily. However, before she could, he intercepted her with a dagger of his own. How foolish. Asura chuckled internally. To think that a plain old rusty dagger could go against the Warrior Sword, despite its not so significant strength, was stupid. However, the glare in the man's eye told her he did not intend on losing. Well, neither did she.

Asura removed her sword from against his blade, moving back a few steps and charging in again. The man intercepted and this went on for a few rounds. His reflexes were good and once or twice, he had managed to land a hit with his dagger on Asura as well though the blonde managed to negate them by making it hit her Warrior Shoulder Blades. Their scuffle went on for a minute or two as Asura remembered that there were two more Grimoire Heart mages and the other blonde might need help. Asura quickly glanced in her direction, wondering how she was faring up and then looked at the one she was facing. She charged again, the Grimoire Heart mage raising his dagger, ready to intercept however, as Asura rose her own sword and let it clash harshly against the dagger, she used the momentum and the sword's obvious advantage in height to lean slightly downwards and aim a kick at the other mage's shin. He tumbled down, not anticipating that as Asura once more, kicked him in the face as he fell down, making sure he was unconscious.

She didn't want to kill anyone, yet and the day that she would was still too far away. These mages who were out to attack the civilians were scum but even they didn't deserve death. Instead, they deserved to wallow in the fact that they were utterly and humiliatingly defeated and live with that. Asura turned her attention to the other blonde mage, ready to step in at whatever's moment notice if she needed any assistance whatsoever.  
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Items Equipped: Warrior Sword & Shoulder Plates (+10 STR)
Total STR: 1 + 10 = 11
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#8Rishi Namatzu 

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been waiting for the fun to start while she was waiting on the watchtower. Today was the day that the dark guild called Grimoire Heart would come to attack the holy capitol, and Rishi wasn't going to let them get through. She could see two mages on the other side fighting off the dark mages, and others had been repairing the walls. Of course the white haired girl had been helping rebuild the wall as well, and she was doing it fast. Her work wasn't sloppy, but she could see more of the dark guild coming in fast, and she wasn't going to let them fight on their own. There were already many injured people, and Rishi's eyes had been starting to tear up. These mages were causing lots of damage to the capitol and it's people, and the fire mage wasn't going to let that continue. She finished up rebuilding her part of the wall and ran the rest of the way up the stairs, making it to the top of the watchtowers. She ran out and onto the wall, peering over the side of it.

There were small fights going on at the bottom, and Rishi had felt a little helpless. She felt like there was nothing that she could do, and that she was just there to watch. This had started to get a bit more than stressful, and she could barely think straight. Her sight had been blurred, and it looked like the world was starting to spin. She had to shake it off fast though, as the enemies were getting closer. She had to get rid of them somehow, and she didn't have much time to think. She pulled out her katana and adjusted her ring, getting ready to fight. The wind had been howling, and as she ran down the stairs, shivers had been sent down her spine. What if she couldn't do this? What if she really was helpless and did nothing but get in the way? These were things that had ran through her head as she made her way down the stairs.

She had made it to the bottom, but was hesitant to leave. She wasn't planning to get hurt today, but that was a major possibility, and it was something that would play a big part in the fight she was about to get into. All she had to do was keep herself safe while fighting off anyone who dares to mess with the capitol. One person she thought about while she was preparing to fight was her sister, Audrey. She knew that her sister was a part of Grimoire Heart, and she was hoping that she didn't end up seeing her today. She didn't want to have to fight her, and her small companion was fierce, so she didn't want to have to deal with her either.

Rishi stepped out of the stairwell and onto the battlefield, prepared to fight. She kind of wished she had a companion by her side as well, but that was of no importance right now, she had to focus on the battle. She had her katana in hand, and was ready to fight off the attackers. There had seemed to be a blond mage running around giving orders and things as well, and Rishi was going to defend as it seemed those orders were being given, she had got into a slicing stance and was ready to fight the attackers that were rushing to attack the walls.

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Word Count: 586/1500
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

All Along The Watchtower Untitled_drawing

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The Nature's Bonder
The time the man endlessly spoke, sharing his anger for the young Sylvaine's silence, her gaze would actually roll to the side for a single second, to notice the slow and sneaky approach of the knight she had fought with before. It hadn't actually been too long and Liana was actually glad the other female was able to escape from what could become their most dangerous opponent. Especially as the former had been temporarily ditched by the elf herself. If something was to happen to the fellow blonde, then Liana was surely not going to take such well.

"I'm glad..."

She thought to herself in relief, looking down now as the male began to charge some sort of black mana near her stomach area. Her eyes close and at that point, she was just waiting for the other woman to actually come to her aid. And that would exactly come after not too long.

"--... G-Guh...!"

The man had been hit right on the side, pushed away successfully into a fair distance, farther from the two females. That's when the elf's eyes open, a soft smile overtaking her features at witnessing the just in time appearance of the fellow blonde. "Thank you, Asura. I'm Liana. I apologize for not staying with you before. Though, I'm afraid we can't waste too much time chatting. Careful, behind you!" She hoped to warn the woman in time at the two bandit-looking Grimoire Heart folk withdrawing their own weapons. While the Nightshade faced those, the young Sylvaine would be able to continue her battle against the frenchman. It was time for her counter-attack.

After the save, the elf would lean away from the wall, assuming a kendo stance once more, feet firmly planted on the ground as both her hands valiantly grasped the hilt of her blade, its tip aiming straight at the male's general direction, yet not with the intent to maim or kill.

"So now you must have heard me talking. Are you satisfied?"

Liana said such in a somewhat of a teasing tone, smirking at the end as the male bit his lower lip and groaned in clear displeasure. "Mnnn... Mooouurriiiiirrr!!" And that's when he charged forth. Though, his continuous boiling rage was to become his downfall. He continued to launch thrust after thrust, now in an even more ferocious manner than before. Yet, due to that, he had made each of his strikes appear more linear, easier for the girl to avoid.

"I'm sorry..."

She merely mumbled, eventually parrying one of his thrusts, though in a much more lasting manner, applying even more strength against it. Once she was able to drive his own sabre away from her, Liana would rapidly dash forth in hopes of making her way right behind him. His eyes widen, though, they'd close only two or three seconds afterwards, as the pommel of her katana ultimately found its way to the nape of the Grimoire Heart mage, finishing the fight with a simple knockout.

Eventually, he'd fall to the ground and she'd allow a deep huff to escape her parted lips, carefully sheathing her sword. At the end of it all, she'd turn her attention back to Asura, noticing she had managed to also defeat her own opponents.

"Thank you for the save. I wish we could speak more, though I actually have a task to perform and all of this already delayed me enough. I hope that we can meet another day."

And with that said, she'd turn on her heels and sprint off, to resume her search for the ballista's bolts, all the while adding with a shout.

"Stay safe out there!"

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#10Asura Nightshade 

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Asura Nightshade
A sigh released itself from Asura's lips as she witnessed that the other mage, Liana, her name being, had managed to defeat her opponent without any form of causality. But then again, from the little that Asura had seen before, she had seemed strong, stronger than her, at least. However, it would appear that neither of the two had any time to waste as Liana quickly bid her goodbyes, off to do what she had initially been on her way for. As she screamt at Asura to stay safe, the Rune Knight slid her own sword in its sheath and shouted back, a hand at the side of her lips, "You too. Stay safe! Hope we can meet again!" And with that, Liana had left and Asura stood there, one hand clutched on her hip and the other on the hilt of her sword.

It had been a long day and this was starting to get exhausting. This was the first time Asura had faced such an attack in such a state of pandemonium and frankly, it was draining the energy out of her fast. But then again, this is what she had become a Rune Knight for.

Asura swept her gaze across the three men that lay on the ground and tried to go to each of them to make sure that they were knocked out. She didn't know when they would wake up or when Grimoire Heart would stop their invasion, but she hoped it would be soon. For the time being, she should focus her efforts on trying to help whoever she could.  

The blonde left the scene and ran towards the borders, hoping to be of some help at the source of where the Grimoire Heart mages were entering from. Surely, if they could stop them there, it would lessen the destruction within the city. From what Asura knew, there were Rune Knights bases stationed all across the wall, trying to stop them at the borders with whatever they could. However, the Grimoire Heart mages seem to be no easy feat to vanquish.

Asura ran as fast as she could and made her way to one of the Rune Knight bases where she reported in to the higher ups, relaying her situation to them. She clicked her foot and saluted one of the Seated. "Asura Nightshade reporting. The city is in a state of chaos however, most civilians seem to have found safety. Other guilds are actively helping at keeping the Grimoire Heart mages at bay within the city." The Seated nodded his head and instructed Asura to help the other Rune Knights in defending the wall and to join the Seated that was positioned on the roof, trying to keep the Grimoire Heart mages out. His face seemed extremely tense and it was obvious that this was pressuring the Rune Knights and the council both. Just what did Grimoire Heart aim to achieve from this? It was beyond Asura's comprehension. However, as she climbed the stairs, leading to the roof of the walls, Asura knew for a fact that larger issues were at play here. Something just wasn't right. To be honest, Asura was surprised by how many civilians managed to end up safe. There weren't that many causalities, at least when concerning the civilians of Crocus.

For some reason, the Grimoire Heart mages seemed to actively seek out the Rune Knights, from the little she could hear of various conversations as she climbed up. It was almost as if this was a war only against the Rune Knights, the council and the kingdom; not against the people. As she reached the top and the harsh winds blew her bangs out of her face, she kept a hand on her face to block it as she kept on wondering why. Staring at the faces of the Knights that had determined expressions to help out those in need, she wondered what really was going on. But not, at this level. At the higher level, there was clearly more at play. Everyone knew the Rune Knights were the kingdom's own puppets, but she wondered till what extent did that go.

"Hey, you, Blondie!"
A Rune Knight, seemingly an apprentice called, "Hurry it up and stop standing there. Come and lend us a hand!" Asura nodded and rushed towards them, leaning at the edge of the wall as they loaded up canons to fire at the Grimoire Heart mages. She helped them in loading the various canons and tending to injuries of those Knights on the roof but, the time entire time, her mind was somewhere else, occupied in thoughts that questioned what really was going on.

I wonder.

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Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

This was it. The time had been right, and this would be the first fight she had ever gotten in, and she was determined to win. The blade of her katana had been tilted slightly, and the sun had made it glimmer elegantly. There seemed to be a few that the blonde mage had been dealing with, and then out of no where another blonde mage had jumped off a roof and they had helped each other defeat them. Rishi had watched for a second in amazement. They seemed to have a lot more than a bit of battle experience, and that left her feeling sort of empty. This was her first fight, and she was going into it with no experience at all. This left her thinking about whether or not she should get some type of trainer, who would help her develop her fighting skills. That was the only thing she really wanted at that moment, and one day she was going to get that. For now though she had to put that thought aside, as there had been a Grimoire Heart mage rushing towards her.

As he had been running up, Rishi's face had developed a small smile. She turned her blade to where it had been straight and adjusted her ring again, ready to attack the opponent. Of course she was going to let the man move first, as it would be easier to predict his moves from the first move that he made. It had seemed he had an ax in his right hand, which would make this fight much easier. "Come and get me!" she said, her grin growing. "Why must you tease? It's not like you're going to win anyways," he said with determination. She could tell he wasn't planning on losing today, but Rishi wasn't going to go down without a fight. He had swung the ax at her head, and she could already tell that this was going to be quite easy. "Why did he throw the most obvious attack? What was the point in doing something so reckless?" she thought to herself as she had blocked the attack with ease. Her blade had been swift, and it had seemed like she had cut the air in half as it moved. She had thought that it was going to be hard to control the katana, but it was pretty easy to maneuver the light sword.

It had seemed like the world had gone silent for a second, and the world was in a life or death situation, and this fight would determine it's fate. This was the rush in her life she had been waiting for. The feeling of a fight had filled that empty hole that she had once felt and she had finally been completely happy. This was a feeling  that she had never experienced before, and it had made her heart happy. Were there other things that could make her feel like she did now? She really did wonder this as she fought. The only time she had ever felt the slightest bit like she did now was when she was talking to Kazuki, and that was when she had been in Magnolia. She wasn't there now though, and she had no idea where he was, so there would be little to no chance of seeing him again any time soon. That kind of made her sad, but just as all those thoughts were zipping through her mind, the man had swung at her again, this time aiming for her hip. She had dropped as low as she could, and it had barely missed her. She needed to stop thinking of such pointless things and focus on the battle. Playing around like this could get her really hurt, and that's not really what she wanted. She had really only wanted to come out with a few scratches at the most, so she had to turn her brain off for a bit and make sure that she wasn't going to die in this fight, as it was an easy one.

She hopped up and sliced the man's arm, and he had immediately dropped his ax and went to hold his arm to stop the bleeding. The cut really wasn't too deep, but it seemed to bother him a lot. She put the katana into her right hand, and her left hand had gone swiftly, impacting the man's face. He had been on the floor a few seconds later, and there had been another attacker rushing at her. Her face had showed the biggest grin that anyone had ever seen, and her red eyes had shone brightly before she rushed towards the attacker with all of the speed she owned.

She had been running at him, and he had pulled out a dagger. She hadn't seen this weapon until it had been on her face, and she couldn't stop running until she had passed him. "Hahahaha! That was pathetic!" he said laughing. The white haired girl had felt a little embarrassed and had looked down, only to notice a puddle of blood on the ground. Her pale cheek had been dripping with blood, and it had stung. She wiped it with her hand, and then licked the droplets off of it. This made her not really notice the wound at all anymore, and it had just made her ready to fight with a large fire burning in her heart. She charged at him, and as he went to swing at her again, she had bent down and sliced him in the legs. He fell to the floor and Rishi had gave him one good stomp to the face, knocking him out. She had wiped the blood off her face, though that didn't really make much of a difference, seeing as it was still dripping anyways. She wiped the blood off of her katana so that it was sparkling clean again, put it back onto her back, and had walked away, ready to get some rest. Today had been tiring, and it would probably take her a few days to recover. She was happy she came out though, and was eager for the next time she would get to fight.

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