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M. I. A. [Social | Akira, Asura & Sage]

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Haru had tried his best to stay awake and keep an eye on his partner. Akira had been restless even though the doctors sedated her; he could see white and black mist ooze out of his partner, with the two opposite elements coming into contact with each other once in a while. Every time they did fuse, they annihilated each other creating a pop and a bright flash of light. The reactions made Akira twitch and struggle; the strain in her face clearly marking the pain she was in. Haru had no idea how to subdue the pain and from the looks of it, none of the doctors in the hospital did either. “We have never seen anything like this. She seems to possess two opposing elements within her and with both of them fighting for control over the other, it is eating away at her both physically and mentally. We have done what we can to keep her stable… But… I’m not sure she will make it,” the doctor told him, patting his shoulder.

Haru couldn’t believe what he heard. There was no way he was going to let Akira die. He frowned at the doctor and stomped away, refusing to take that for an answer. He marched on to the hospital’s library and began searching for books related to healing light and dark magic users. After all, he was a healer too. Even if the other doctors gave up, he was not going to. He browsed every book possible for any such cases treated before… but he didn’t find a single one. I’m not giving up… The Rune Knight kept piling books on his table; none proved useful unfortunately. It was almost past three in the morning when he finally couldn’t keep his eyes open and his head hit the huge book he had in front of him. After all, he had had a terribly tiring day too.

Less than three hours later, the morning sun’s warm rays woke him from his stupor. He woke with a dull throbbing pain in his head, almost not remembering anything. And then, in less than a second, everything came back to him and he jumped off the chair, rushing towards Akira’s room. He opened the door and stared at an empty bed; and she wasn’t in the bathroom either. Wide-eyed, Haru rushed to the reception and inquired of his partner’s fate. “Akira Shimada. Where is she?” he asked bluntly. “Umm… She left this morning. We told her not to, but she didn’t listen,” the receptionist said indifferently. “LEFT?! What the-” he wanted to yell at the hospital staff, but he had no time for that. Instead, he rushed out of the building and started running through the huge Capitol’s streets frantically.

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Asura Nightshade
For Asura, it was just another ordinary day filled with a few small quests, lots of walking around and the wind blowing lightly over her neck. She sauntered through the streets of Crocus, already accustomed to the environment after spending a few continuous days here. Eventually, she'd have to go back to Era, to the Rune Knights Headquarters in order to report all the events that occurred while she'd been in Crocus, but that would still take a little bit more time. For now, she could rest a bit and look around the Capitol a little bit more. After all, who knows when I'll come here next?

Asura glanced around her, at all the people that roamed the Capitol: a few seemed to be tourists but most were residents. She simply walked past every single person with a blank stare of monotony though in her head, she was looking at them all. Slightly envious, she looked at people who were out sightseeing with their friends, family, significant others and looked around her to notice that she was all alone. Releasing a barely noticeable sigh, she shrugged, merely thinking that it couldn't be helped. She wasn't social and she was still a relatively new Rune Knight so of course, her making connections was still a long shot.

As she kept walking, observing the various faces around her, one particular face stood out. Asura stopped in her tracks and stared at the person who had caught her attention. Scarlet hair that stood out along with a black cloak that seemed to cover the man from head to toe. Asura scrunched her eyes slightly as she tried to recall where she had previously seen him, this man seemed oddly familiar. Did she see him in the streets of Crocus? As she thought about it, she finally took a good look at the expression the man was wearing. One of distress and panic as he seemed to be aimlessly running around the streets of the Capitol. He seemed really frantic, running around almost as if he were looking for something. She wondered what he was so upset and distraught about when it suddenly clicked in her head. I remember!

This man was a Rune Knight! She'd seen him at the Crocus Rune Knight Headquarters! It all suddenly dawned on her which now, made her even more curious as to what was wrong. Normally, Asura wouldn't approach people out of curiosity, too conscious of their response to function properly. But, this time, whatever was going on seemed serious. And he was a fellow Rune Knight. She couldn’t possibly leave him alone when he seemed to be in trouble. Hence, she did what she never thought she would ever do.

She approached him and asked, "Excuse me? You're a Rune Knight, right? I'm Asura Nightshade, a fellow Rune Knight too. Is everything alright? You look really worried."

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Sage †
Sage was walking around Crocus, he was patrolling around the city, checking if everything's ok or not; plus when he visited the Rune Knights Headquarters in Era, his rank amongst the rune knights was instantly raised as a Seated's, which shocked Sage beyond words. Now he felt like a big responsibility was placed on his shoulders all of a sudden, so he must check the city to do his job.

Sage didn't realise this before but he saw Hatsuharu, and just from looking at Hatsuharu across the street was enough to tell Sage that he was in distress. As Sage was about to walk to Hatsuharu, a young woman came towards Hatsuharu and judging by their faces Sage was sure that they aren't that close (yet, lmao). Sage then remembered the woman which Hatsuharu is devoted to, the one with long black hair, Sage look around to check if she is near or not, but he couldn't see her, Sage looked back at Hatsuharu and he immediately concluded that he was looking for Akira, the woman he would never leave behind.

Sage walked towards Hatsuharu, but it might take awhile as there were lots of people blocking Sage's path.

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Akira Shimada
The nightmares were the most striking feature of the few hours of sleep, or rather unconsciousness she was graced with. One could have hoped, the light would have granted her peace. It was what she had once craved, to be accepted, to be approachable... to be happy, light magic was likely to have granted her all that. But no, instead, she was gifted with this entity now, after she had learned to make do with her darkness after she had learned to temper it, to control it... to almost wield it perfectly, manipulate it into aiding her. Her darkness and she were allies... Till light butted in. No warmth, or peace, or restoration came with it either, instead, it brought conflict and turmoil.

In the nightmares, the darkness was in combat with the conquering light, struggling to hold its own, while using the familiarity of Akira's mind, as an advantage. The shadows fought in known territory, on home turf... But the light blasted through. Akira's physical form probably convulsed through the duration of her sleep. She had been lucky, that when she woke up, it was nothing too dramatic, just a soft gasp nothing too noisy, to wake her snoring partner. It was kind of Tsuru to have stayed at her bedside... That's when she noticed the dark aura that flowed around her, pinpricks of light issuing from her, puncturing it ever so often.  

It had taken eons of training to get her darkness in check, now it felt betrayed and lashed out, against her and her new friend. This could be bad... very bad. She was now a threat to everyone in her vicinity. So she did the only logical thing she could think of, gather her things... with the intention to leave. Tsuru would probably have to handle Batra, given his moralistic nature, he'd probably pay up for her, she'd left her share on her hospital bed. If she'd had the time and strength to leave a note, maybe she would have, but time was of the essence. At least she wasn't the sentimental sort, that would have made this so much more difficult. Yet her eyes did linger on the face of her partner for longer than she had anticipated...

Initially, the girl had to ignore the beseeching hospital staff, she assured them she was fine, with much strain. But she was barely being able to contain the contradicting magic inside her, it made everything such a drag. One of them must have seen a wisp of darkness, eerily in combination with the white light...  Because suddenly they were eager to let her go, at least it made things a little easier. She calmly paid for the stay and treatment nonetheless.

With no plan... She ambled the streets of Crocus, in the wee hours of the morning, just as the moon was exiting the stage of the sky.

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The scarlet-haired Rune Knight paused for a moment amidst the busy streets of Crocus, panting, while his eyes darted towards any dark-haired girl he spotted. Focusing so much on finding Akira, he had completely missed the young blonde-haired lady walking up to him. It wasn’t until she spoke to him that his brain registered her presence. He heard her words, but couldn’t process it immediately. He took about ten seconds, during which he stared at her blankly, before responding. To Asura, it might seem like the man was retarded and lagging, but it was mostly because he was extremely exhausted and stressed.

“Er… Yes! My partner… Patrol partner, I mean. She is missing from the hospital. She was in no shape to be roaming the streets and her life is in danger,” he said. He still couldn’t understand why Akira would leave the hospital. Did she not value her life? Had she given up without even trying? He was so frustrated that he almost asked Asura all these questions. But he stopped himself, realizing she would have no answers for him and it would be simply be unnecessary venting. “We must find her. Will you help me, please?” he asked, his voice laced with desperation. If she agreed, he would go into further details, describing Akira’s looks. “She is short… About two inches over five feet. Sixteen years old, very skinny. Has short black hair and black eyes. Always has a cigarette between her teeth, although I doubt that will be the case today. At least, I hope not,” he ranted.

As he was speaking to Asura, he saw someone familiar from the corner of his eyes. He instantly recognized him even among the huge crowd; it was Sage, whom he met and recruited at Magnolia. Haru raised his hands high in the air and waved at Sage, beckoning him to cross the street and come to him quickly. Once Sage was close enough, Haru would explain the situation to him and ask him to help too. Hearing Haru explain with urgency for the second time, an old man who was sitting behind the vegetable stall on the side of the street would approach them. “Hey… I think I saw the girl you are talking about. You see, I come here very early in the morning to set up the stall and I happened to see a young, meekly girl walk past here and go through there. I remember because it was very early in the morning and it was completely deserted except for her,” he said, pointing towards a small alley that branched away from the main street. Haru immediately knew it must have been Akira; she always loved deserted, dark alleys. Thanking the old man, he began running towards the said direction and hoped that the other two would follow him. “Let’s go… We don’t have much time,” he said.

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Asura Nightshade
Never had Asura heard a voice filled with as much urgency as this man's voice which was worrying fervently over the disappearance of his patrol partner. It seemed as though that was the only thing that occupied his mind for he forgot to introduce himself but looking at the state that he was in, Asura decided that she would ask for his name later. As he talked to her, a slight gnawing sensation filled Asura as she herself became worried for the young woman's safety and upon the man's request for help in finding her, Asura wasted no time in nodding her head and agreeing, "Yes, of course. Of course, I'll help you find your partner."

The man then went on to explain her appearance and Asura ran it in her head, wondering if at any point, she saw someone with that description. However, with the amount of different people she had seen in Crocus, it'd be difficult to remember a single face and thus, nothing cropped up in her head. But regardless, she would help in her search not only because he seemed extremely exhausted and tired to search for her by himself but also, because they were all Rune Knights and they should be sticking together and assisting each other at all times.

As the duo were about to depart, the man seemed to stop and wave to someone else. Asura turned her head, wondering who the scarlet haired man was waving to. Did he find his partner? It seemed not as the person who approached them was another man and Asura was sure that his partner was a female. Regardless, she watched him explain the situation to the other man. It seemed that they knew each other. Well, this was good, the more there were, the faster they could find her. An old man caught their attention and relayed details of the missing female; this was good. A lead gotten faster than she had hoped.  

Asura ran behind the two men as they entered the dark alleys and decided that it would be a good time to ask them their names. "I haven't been able to get any of your names." She said, while running alongside them. Turning to the other man, she lightly bowed her head and introduced herself, "I'm Asura. Pleasure to meet you." She would wait for the other male to introduce himself before turning towards the front and saying, "Don't worry, we'll find her. She won't be too far."

#7Sage † 

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Sage †
Hatsuharu noticed Sage, and both of them quickly go to each other, Sage asked, "What's wrong Haru? Where is Akira?" he asked as he gazed at the other lady that's with them but not saying a word. Haru then explained everything to Sage, and he was right, Akira is missing. This is the first time that Sage cursed at his right predictions. Then an old man came towards them and seemed to overheard them, the old man seemed to know how Akira looks like so Sage told himself that Hatsu must have told the other girl about how Akira looks like and that she's missing.

They were searching, searching for Akira and while they're at it, the blonde girl asked them what's their name and she said that her name is Asura. "The name's Sage.", he ended his sentence while keeping his eye keen to the surrounding people. After searching and searching Sage said to himself that they won't find Akira if they don't have any clue about her whereabouts except the clue that the old man gave, "Hatsu, do you know where Akira is? or probably is?" Sage asked Hatsuharu, because maybe. just maybe Hatsuharu had a hint on where she was.

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Akira Shimada
She dwindled and dawdled through the streets of Crocus, she probably appeared drunk to any passerby that happened to notice her. In her weak state, she often found herself leaning against walls as she moved. The few that saw her gave her a wide berth, as usual, at least Akira was accustomed to that and this time was actually glad for it. Yeah stay away from me, never know when I could burst into smithereens... she thought to herself as her eyes lazily fell onto the elderly vegetable vendor, shivering gently in the cold morning breeze as the man diligently set up his stall.

So many people worked hard, like this man... Every day just to earn their bread. She turned away and continued walking, surprised at the soft sense of warmth the man's face ignited in her as their eyes met ever so briefly. A hint of a smile crept up onto her face, almost in a greeting, before she winced as another spat of light vs darkness began inside her. The man probably found her strange, but she didn't have the strength or time to turn and check.

Her energy sharply waned at a pretty bad location... It was the worst time to be there now. Soon people would accumulate, to practice their morning rituals, to soak in the sun... to enjoy the crisp breeze. She cursed herself as she flopped on the bench, cuddling her rucksack like it was her favorite soft toy. Her lack of strength had deprived her of any other options, she'd have to pause here... Despite the danger, she put others in.

Idle thoughts of her past seeped into her mind. The girl grew homesick... She craved a hug from her mother, to feel safe in her arms. Other faces streamlined into her mind, even her cousin Mits, didn't seem as annoying as the one did, Aki felt the need to make peace, but she didn't feel like she had enough time, the conflict inside her grew stronger... A fond letter from her mother slipped out of her bag...

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As the three began running towards the direction pointed by the old vegetable vendor, Haru realized the blonde girl had given her name but he hadn’t given his. He shook his head in disbelief and quickly apologized. “I’m sorry! I was so focused on searching for her, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Hatsuharu,” he said. He was about to introduce Sage, but there was no need; the boy did so himself. “Thank you both for coming with me,” he added as they turned into the small alley.

When Sage asked if Haru had any clue as to where Akira might be, the scarlet-haired man sulked and shook his head. “It’s my fault… I should have kept an eye on her. I dozed off and… she was gone,” he said, his voice ridden with guilt. “I have no idea why she would even leave, let alone where she might go…” he said, wondering more to himself. He really couldn’t understand why Akira would leave the safety of the hospital at her condition. He remembered the sparks and flashes around her as she lay restlessly on the bed, and the answer to his question struck him then. “Oh crap! I think she believes she is a danger to those around her. That’s why she must have left. So… She will definitely be somewhere where there are not many people,” he would say, looking around to see if there are any other civilians who might have seen her walk by.

Without the details of what actually happened, this might be a confusing for the other two. But, unfortunately, for the time being, they will have to trust the man and follow him. As they half-ran and half-jogged, looking around frantically, Haru ran into a lady sweeping the streets. “Excuse me… Have you seen a black-haired…” he went on to describe Akira and ask if the woman had seen her walk past. The lady stood there thinking for a while, tapping her chin. “Umm… I’m not sure… What did you say her name was?” she asked. “Akira!” Haru exclaimed immediately. “Oh yeah! When I was sweeping the floor, I found this enveloped under that bench there,” she said, pointing her one hand towards a bench under a tree to the side of the road, while fishing into her pocket with her other hand. She then pulled out an opened envelope and gave it to Haru. “I only opened it to see who it belonged it so that I can return it to them… And the recipient’s name is Akira. Maybe the same girl?” she said.

Haru opened the letter and saw the name. It was addressed to ‘Akira Shimada’. His eyes widened in joy and he thanked the lady for her help. “Let’s go… We are on the right track,” he said to his two Rune Knight companions and began running again.

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Asura Nightshade
Sage and Hatsuharu. That was the name of the two men Asura was accompanying to find this 'Akira' person. Whoever she must be, she's probably very important to Hatsuharu for causing him to fret so much. Asura jut hoped that they would be able to find her soon and that nothing bad had occurred to her; that would be disastrous. No, that wouldn't happen. The woman was a Rune Knight, Asura hoped that she would be able to get herself out of any trouble if she got ever got into one.

Haru thanked the two for coming to his aid and Asura shook her head lightly as she looked at him. "No need for gratitude. As fellow Rune Knights, it is our duty to help you."

As Sage, whom probably knew who Akira was, asked Haru where he thinks she might be, the man frantically relayed that he probably didn't know and that it was his fault for dozing off and leaving her alone. So, she left of her own accord? Why would she do that? Just as the blonde was going to ask that question, the scarlet haired man in front of her abruptly exclaimed his thoughts. "Danger?" Asura whispered lightly. Why would she believe herself to be a danger to those around her? The urge to question was very strong however, the blonde thought that perhaps, later would be a better time though the curiosity of what exactly happened did eat at her.

As they stopped to ask an elderly woman if they had seen Akira, she handed them a letter. Akira Shimada. So, that's her full name. The duo continued in their search, the blonde glad that they were at least, on the right path. So, she had passed this little park. Asura wondered what the contents of the letter were but decided that was probably too personal.  

As she ran alongside Haru and Sage, glancing at their surroundings to see if she could find anyone matching Akira's description, Asura looked back and decided to voice her query. "Hatsuharu," she called out, while running, trying to get his attention, "You said earlier that Akira probably thought of herself as a danger to those around her. If you don't mind me asking, why is that?" Asura looked at him, slightly skeptical, as she waited for his response. To add onto her query, the blonde justified it as she said, "I'm merely asking, as if she does pose a danger to others or even herself, we should probably find her faster or get more people to help."

#11Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage was quite, the whole time. When it comes to searching, he will use his fullest potential to find it. He listened to the conversation Hatsuharu and Asura had, also with the old man and the new clue, the old woman that found Aki's letter. Only if one of them had a tracker spell, they could've found Akira by then and further possible injuries could have been avoided. Sage shook those thoughts off his head, he doesn't want to think about bad things, only good things.

Then Asura said that they must find Aki fast, Sage was getting more worried, he just wished that there's something useful he could do at the moment, then he had an idea, it might be ridiculous but it might just help them to find Akira. "You guys keep on searching, I'll try another way to find Akira," Sage said to Hatsu and Asura, then sprinting away just like that, leaving the two of them. Sage felt guilty for not explaining what he wanted to do but it was for the best, they have no more time to waste. He headed towards Crocus' Rune Knight Capital office, once he reached there Sage asked the administrator for rights to check the security camera all over Crocus, and the administrator allowed him to as he is a Seated, so there must be something going on.

Sage headed towards the room where all the security cameras are being watched and recorded, he burst open the door and showed the pass to the the rune knights working there. "Scoop." Sage said to the person sitting on a chair in front of the computer where all the data of the security cameras of Crocus are being monitored. Sage looked for the place where the old woman found Akira's note and he watched the scene from daybreak, and slowly he fastened the recording, and there she was, Akira, Sage then kept track on her until the current time, and boi it aint an easy task, so Hatsu and Asura have to wait a little before they could meet Sage.


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Akira Shimada
People must have thought she was bonkers. With flecks of blood still adorning the creases of her forehead, and a wicked grin on her face, Akira looked like quite the piece of work. At least she was used to this, people staring at her funny, so it didn't bother her in the least. The only problem was, whenever she tried to approach someone to get directions to the hospital, or at least to the garden, they just ignored her, or called her crazy.

If only I hadn't accidentally almost shot that healer, I could've asked her where the hell we were.... Although the hideout effect that the place had, the woman would probably not reveal much anymore... She thought as she walked backwards for a bit, looking for landmarks around her. Crocus was still new-ish to here, plus she was still a bit giddy after employing so many of her spells. While the element of light was still a little bit easier to control, the conflict she'd endured through a large portion of the night, still left her a little weak.

In any case, Akira had no idea what she was going to say, particularly to Tsuru... At least she sort of had a good story up her sleeve, the encounter with the healer had been interesting for sure. It was so ridiculous, that he'd have to believe her. From the height of the sun in the sky, it was predictably sometime after breakfast... Probably nine? Consciously she kept rubbing her forehead, to try and get the blood off... But she had no idea exactly how much there was of it there was... It still felt odd on her forehead. At least one thing was for sure, any citizen that did see her face this morning, was probably not going to forget it anytime soon.

Finally, something familiar appeared, at least vaguely, it was a shop she'd crossed earlier on her way from the garden with the mysterious woman. Her memory was blurry, but she could swear she was on the right track....

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The trio jogged along the street, looking around to see if Akira was anywhere in the vicinity. Haru was glad to hear Asura’s response when he expressed his gratitude. Half way along, he heard Sage say he would try searching by other means and then watched him sprint away in the opposite direction. Haru wished to know what these other means were, but there wasn’t the opportunity or the time to discuss it. “Alright… Thanks again,” he yelled as Sage turned a corner. He figured it was better to split so that they can cover more ground and hoped that was Sage’s idea.

Once he resumed his search, he responded to Asura’s questions. “Some mysterious man ambushed us last night and he messed up Akira’s darkness magic. Now, there is both light and darkness within her and the two opposing elements are clashing for control over her body… If she is does not get proper care, this could be the end of her,” he said, gulping at the last sentence.

The sun was finally well above the horizon, beginning to shine through the sparse clouds. It must be mid-morning. It has been several hours since sunrise and the old man said he saw her very early in the morning. He hoped he wasn’t too late.

The street winded into a sharp turn, and as he turned, he could see several pedestrians stand where they were, and all seemed to look towards a particular direction. Haru instinctively turned towards the general direction and he immediately spotted the familiar physique. She may be bloody and struggling to keep on her feet, but he still knew it was her. “There!” he exclaimed to Asura, pointing his hand at Akira, and then begun running as fast as he could to his partner. When he was finally within her earshot, he screamed at the top of his voice. “AKIRA!” He had a million more things to yell, but first things first. He had to take her back to the hospital.

#14Asura Nightshade 

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Asura Nightshade
At Sage's mention of having another method to find Akira, Asura watched him sprint past them until she could no longer catch sight of him in the bustling crowds. She heard Haru respond to him and hoped that whatever method Sage had in mind would help them find Akira faster. The duo, now Haru and Asura, continued their search as Haru relayed to her the answer to her previous query about why Akira was a danger to herself.

The blonde's eyes widened lightly at the prospect of what had happened. If it was true, which of course, she had no doubt about, then the longer it takes to find Akira, the worse the consequences would be. Despite never meeting her, Asura prayed for her safety and hoped that they would find her as soon as possible.

Whilst in the middle of searching for the missing Rune Knight, Asura turned to the maroon haired man next to her and relayed another query that sat in her mind, "Do you have any idea about the man who attacked the both of you? If and when we find her, it would be beneficial to know more about this man. Maybe he can tell you a way to better control her abilities." That was indeed crucial for two opposing elements such as light and dark as them being present simultaneously in the same body would undoubtedly wage a war that would most likely, drain the person of all their energy and who knew what could happen once that came to pass. The blonde yet again, wondered where Akira could have possibly gone and how long it would take to find her in the huge capitol of Crocus.

Just as she was thinking that and glancing about, a shout from Haru startled Asura, causing her to flinch lightly. However, his words stopped her as she gazed in the direction Haru had screamt in. There she was, a slightly bloody and staggering woman that eerily matched Haru's description of Akira. It must be her, Asura thought, it doesn’t look like she's in a good condition.

When Haru would race towards Akira, Asura would be hot on his heels, having within her mind the same thought of taking Akira to the hospital. If Haru held Akira to support her, Asura would assist by placing one of Akira's arm on her shoulder and trying to hold her by the waist. Albeit she was a stranger, Asura hoped that at least, in this moment, Akira would realize that she was a friend and not a foe and was here to help. Regardless, she was ready for any resistance that Akira would put forth.

#15Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
When she heard him call out, her ears almost twitched, she towards the sound and spotted his poofy orange hair. The sight of him racing towards her almost made her giggle, she played her own part dramatically, racing towards him like they were long lost lovers or something. 'TSURU!' she responded, trying to alleviate the tension she knew would be sitting between them the moment she got closer.

Then she stopped midway when she noticed the girl behind him. Now that there was a stranger around too, she felt the need to awkwardly curb her rare spike of giddy happiness. 'Er...' she said. Feeling a little nauseous after the sudden sprint and becoming acutely aware of the fact that she still hadn't regained all her strength. 'Whoops.' she said as the dizziness made her sway gently.

The blonde girl who had followed her partner, quickly put an arm around her. Helpful... How kind... Aki thought as she smiled at the lady and leaned on her a little. 'Why thank you... And who may you be?' she asked, her voice was at a much higher pitch than usual, sweeter, merrier... Tsuru would probably not even believe it was her. 'Did the Rune Knights replace me already?' she asked, winking at Tsuru as she laughed.

'Oh, you won't believe what I've just been through... So strange.' she added, her eyes darting between the blonde and her partner, or was it ex-partner now... She hushed the tiny voice in her head that seemed genuinely irked at that prospect and was voicing protests in a rather concerned manner.

Despite having steadied her balance, she didn't push away the girl, for once attempting to deal with proximity rather than try and escape it. Tsuru looked pretty cross and things were likely to turn bitter between the two once Aki rolled off of the high that came from the fact that she wasn't dying today... But if she could ride it past their encounter right now, perhaps things would be easier to manage.

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Haru shook his head, almost ashamed, when Asura asked if he had any clue as to who the man that attacked them might be. He wished he knew more, but there was nothing except for his physical features. “We heard a noble was kidnapped and went to the outskirts to investigate. We found the noble and saved him. I think this man who ambushed us was the actual kidnapper, but I can only guess because he instantly immobilized me and insisted that Akira fight him alone,” he said, trailing off in the end of his sentence, remembering the horrific night. “When a higher ranking Rune Knight came to our rescue, he did this to Akira and escaped,” he added in the end, to give it a closure.

Before he could elaborate further, he had spotted Akira and rushed towards her. The girl almost fell face down, trying to run towards him after hearing him. Thankfully, Haru was quick enough to dive in and stop her from falling, and immediately after Asura came to assist. So, he managed to keep her up. “Where did you go?!” was obviously Haru’s first question, but he wasn’t sure if she was in any state to respond. The dark-haired Rune Knight was extremely uncharacteristic. She was never a chatty, and now she spoke more than Haru did. She seldom smiled and she was all grins this morning. And her voice… Haru wasn’t sure what happened to her voice. It was high-pitched and sweeter than he remembered. Looking up at Asura, he shook his head, looking almost scared. “I think she has lost it…” he said, worried that the two clashing magic had taken her sanity.

Seeing people began crowding around them, thereby slowing them down, Haru frowned and slowly let go of Akira after warning Asura. “Hold her still for a second. I’ll make this quick,” he said, before putting his palms together and creating his Nimbus. The large three-meter-wide cloud would form underneath them and lift all three up to five meters above the ground. After that, he slid Akira’s arm over his shoulders again and held her steady by one hand, while using the other one to control the cloud. With no pedestrians to gawk and stall them, the three would soon reach the hospital.

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Asura Nightshade
Higher ranking Rune Knight? It came as a bafflement to Asura upon how another Rune Knight could do this to one of their own. Had they no idea what could have happened? But seeing as the mystery person had escaped, it appeared highly likely that whatever was done was on purpose, perhaps? Whoever was after Akira certainly managed to achieve their goal, at least to an extent, if that were the case.

When the duo had finally found the raven that went missing, Asura held her up and was frankly, quite surprised at the delirious state the other Knight had ventured within. The blonde's supposed thought that she might be pushed away was horribly wrong when Akira turned to her and thanked her, before proceeding to ask who she might be and asking if the Knights had replaced her. Wait, does she think I'm Hatsuharu's new partner? While the thought itself was absurd, considering that Akira was missing for only over half a day, she would suppose that seeing the condition that the Knight was in, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume her conception of time had become rather, disbalanced. The same seemed to be the case for her sanity too. And, it appeared that Haru was on the same train of thought as he exclaimed that she had well, lost it.

The blonde held Akira when Haru instructed her and proceeded to use his magic to make them a...cloud? During the time that he did that, Asura turned her sapphire hues towards the other female and decided to answer her initial question. She didn't know whether Akira would remember later on but she supposed that the raven still letting Asura hold onto her while Haru didn't showcased some form of trust on her part.  

"My name is Asura Nightshade. I am a Rune Knight as well and I was merely helping Hatsuharu look for you." The blonde stated, hoping that her answer would be enough to convince the girl that she was not his new partner for Asura could guess in this state, it would be easy for Akira to develop a grudge against her and she'd rather not have to deal with that.

As Haru finished forming the cloud underneath them, a trick that highly impressed the blonde leading her to believe that he may have cloud magic about which she'd ask him later, Haru took Akira's weight and held onto her as the blonde was sure that he wanted to from the very beginning. Seeing the direction that the cloud was heading within, it was safe to presume that they were going to the hospital. Good. The blonde turned to Haru who held Akira like his life depended on it and proceeded to say something that had been on her mind since a while back.

"Hatsuharu," she called for his attention before continuing, "you said that it was a Rune Knight who did this to her, right? Despite the fact that he came to your rescue, this is a very serious matter. Akira's life is at stake here. Have you reported this to HQ? I feel like this is something that they should know about." Asura waited for Haru to reply as she glanced downwards to where they could spot the hospital at a small distance. It would only now, take a few minutes or less for them to reach. The blonde wondered as her eyes glided above the city as to where Sage could be. She hoped that he would somehow know that the duo had found Akira and could head to the hospital quick, if it were possible.

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Akira Shimada
She just smiled and waved her hand, grinning she simply said 'Psssshhht.' As the girl explained, it was dismissive and to reassure her that she needn't explain, just the introduction was fine. 'So you already know who I am... Good good.' She said now leaning onto Tsuru as well. Her dizziness returned as the cloud she was escorted onto rose. Following which, she lost consciousness and she wasn't sure why. With that, she fainted, presumably held up by the fellow Knights.

When she stirred again, she was back in that infernal hospital bed. Memories of her escape earlier that day clawed their way into her mind. Was everything that happened between then and now some sort of a twisted dream? Did she never actually escape the hospital. Her eyes opened a crack as she looked around. The first thing she noticed was a man standing by the door, he looked worn and tired, much like her probably and he spoke to the occupants of her room, she craned her neck to see who they were... Their presence did make her feel a little warm inside, although that could just be her new element.

'Stick together please.' The man said, steadily, but his anxiety seeped through, clearly, the things he too had seen and endured, or perhaps that he knew of, were rattling him. 'We will need all the help we can get, but I would recommend each of you fight in squads...' he said and then rubbed his chin and scratched his cheek. 'In fact, I'll get my assistant to fill out the paperwork to make you'll a team.' he said, his tone changing to sound like which was less a suggestion and more an order. 'Look out for each other, a Knight must always have their comrades' backs.' he added.

Then his gaze roved around the room and pinned each of them down, starting with Akira, as he turned away, she could swear she saw a ghost of a smile on his face before he softly added. 'I'm proud of the kind of people we recruit...' she wasn't sure if that was meant for her or not, it definitely seemed more directed towards the others. Still not quite up to having a conversation and unsure of everything that had transpired, Akira just felt like getting more rest. The turmoil in her seemed to have calmed and... maybe... things were looking up? She closed her eyes and pretended to still be asleep. As she sorted her thoughts out for later...


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Thanks to the cloud, the trip to the hospital was a much shorter one. Haru felt extremely dumb for not having thought of this before. He could have searched for her while on the cloud from the very beginning; the height would have given them a bird’s view and would have helped plenty in quicker navigation. In any case, he was glad it worked out and they found Akira. But he still wasn’t sure if he made it on time. He couldn’t shake the thought that maybe he would have made it on time had he been faster.

Swimming in his guilty thoughts, he felt Akira drop her head and found himself supporting a lot more of her weight. “She blacked out,” he said, panic obvious in his voice. He tried accelerating the cloud, but it was already going at its maximum velocity. Not too far now…

Just when the hospital came into their vicinity, he heard Asura question and realized she had misunderstood his previous explanation. She didn’t blame her; in the state he was in, he probably did say something completely ambiguous. “Oh no… It wasn’t the Rune Knight who did this to her. He came to help us. It was the man who ambushed us that did this,” he clarified before apologizing. “Sorry about the terrible explanation. Bad morning…” he said.

They had finally reached the hospital and two nurses rushed out after seeing Akira. “We told her not to go,” they exclaimed as they brought a stretcher along. Haru helped the nurses place Akira on the stretcher and they pushed her into the wards quickly. The healer was right on their heels until the point where they asked him to wait outside while they did their magic. The same doctor that dealt with Akira before rushed into her room and checked her condition. After several minutes of urgent healing rituals and potions, he walked out, looking extremely tired. “She is stable now… It’s a miracle. There is no more conflict of the magic within her. They seem to coexist, but I don’t think it was because anything I did,” he said. It didn't matter to Haru who fixed her; all that mattered was that she was fixed. He thanked the doctor, as he left.

The scarlet-haired Rune Knight opened the door to Akira’s room and would hold it open for Asura if she wished to come in too. Once inside, he saw that his partner was still unconscious. The nurses warned him not to disturb her and he nodded; he was a healer himself and he completely understood their concern. As all the doctors and nurses left the room, another man entered. Haru turned to see who it was and it was the same lieutenant who came to save them the other day. He spoke in soft whispers to avoid waking Akira.

“Hey… I heard what happened. Great job bringing her back,” he said, turning towards Asura and appreciating her initiative to help in such a dire situation. “I know it’s not the best time to ask this, but I’m afraid we have confirmation that the city is going to be attacked. You all, stick together please,” he said. He went on to further details about making them into a squad, but Haru eyes focused out. It really was a bad morning…

Finally, after the man left, Haru fell onto the couch in the corner with his hands on his head. He looked up at Asura and smiled weakly. Despite all this, there was some good news. “Welcome to the team…”


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Asura Nightshade
As they headed towards the hospital, it appeared as though Asura had misunderstood what Haru had previously said about the Rune Knight. "Oh, I see." The blonde said as she sheepishly felt slightly embarrassed for not understanding properly, "It was my bad then." Regardless, it did lift some worry of her shoulders that at least, the Knights were okay and that no one within them was a potential enemy to be worried about. That was good.

They descended to the hospital and as Haru had claimed before, Akira had fainted while on the ride. A few nurses who seemed to be well acquainted with the duo came to get her while apologizing profusely and it occurred to the blonde that Akira went missing from the hospital so, they probably felt guilty for not taking care of her properly even though it wasn't exactly their fault. She followed closely behind the scarlet haired Knight and listened to what the doctor had to say while examining Akira. Oh, good. It was indeed, a great thing that she was finally stable and Asura couldn't help but release a small sigh at the revelation. She entered Akira's room as Haru held the door open for her and upon looking at her sleeping, she turned to the other and could see him sag in relief. The blonde shot a light smile at him as she spoke softly, in order not to wake up the raven that lay on the hospital bed, "Seems that everything ended up alright, huh?"

Not long after, a man entered the room and Asura could recognize him as one of the higher ups from the Rune Knight HQ. He commended them on finding her to which the blonde nodded respectfully. At his mention of the hearing reports about the city being attacked, Asura scrunched her eyebrows and looked at him in a slight state of surprise. Crocus was going to be attacked? Even though she was glad for Akira's safety, a slight feeling of dread now enveloped her at the prospect of a potential attack on the city. He instructed them to stick together and further elaborated that he wanted them to become a team. Team? That was indeed, surprising. Asura had hardly ever worked with someone before and suddenly being put into a team even if it was with people she knew was a little overwhelming. But with news floating around of an attack, she supposed it would be the best course of action.  

Before he left, he turned to the blonde and smiled lightly at her. "Asura, right? Well, if it's alright with you, I'd like you to come with me to HQ to give us the entire details of what all happened. We have a basic report but a further elaborated one to store in our records would be nice. Wait here for a bit while I handle some formalities at the hospital and then we'll leave, alright?"

"Yes, sir." She replied to him, nodding and bowing her head as he left. Immediately, Haru sat down on the sofa, clear signs of exhaustion written on his face as he weakly told her that she was welcome to the team. The blonde, lightly smiled at him, as she walked towards the door to meet up with their senior. "Welcome to the team, indeed. I look forward to working with you in the future." She opened the door and looked back towards Akira before sliding her sapphire gaze to Haru again. "Rest up a bit, alright. You look exhausted. And, take care of her," she said, tilting her head to Akira's direction, "Until next time, Hatsuharu."  

With that, she left the room and met up with the man at the front of the building as they headed to HQ together. Throughout the entire trip, a gnawing feeling enveloped the blonde, making her uneasy. But, at the same time, a slight feeling of happiness blossomed within her at the team that she had just been put in.

Eclipse, huh. It has a nice ring to it, I suppose.


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