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Translate the Note[Quest; Rin]

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Translate the Note[Quest; Rin] Empty Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:09 pm

Rin had been in Crocus for quite some time now to see the sights and maybe find a job or two. As luck would have it, she ran into someone who needed to have a job done. The lady was named Luciel, and she asked Rin to translate a note written in the ancient Valan Runic Language. Luciel claimed she didn't have the time to do it herself and promised Rin she would pay her for the help. So, since the young ice mage was in need of some cash, she figured why not help the woman out with such a simple task? Rin headed straight for the local library after receiving the note in question from Luciel. According to what she was told, she would have to find a dictionary for the Valan Runic Language that was said to be kept at the library here in Crocus, to translate it. Rin found herself an empty table in the section of the library where most dictionaries could be found. She set her belongings and the note down to start her search.

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After searching on the lower shelves for the dictionary for awhile, she wasn't able to find it. There were dictionaries for the Fae language, Elven language, and other Runic languages but the one for the Valan Runic language was nowhere to be found. However, there were shelves further up than what Rin was capable of reaching at arm's length. She briefly walked away in order to search for something that could help her continue her search. It didn't take her long to find a rolling latter a few shelves down. Rin grabbed onto the sides of it and pulled it to the book shelf she needed it at. However, now she was facing a slight predicament. If she were to be up on the latter and someone happened to pass by and see her undergarments, it would be an embarrassment like no other. While worrying over that matter, a young man with light hair and glasses walked her way. That's when it hit her, she could ask them to go up on the latter for her. She turned to face them, and called out to get his attention. "Excuse me, could you possibly spare a few moments to help me?" The young man met her gaze, and immediately began to blush. However, that was no surprise given how beautiful Rin was. All the boy could was nod while being at a loss for words. "you see, I need to get a particular dictionary from a higher shelf but, going up on the latter presents a problem. My skirt is a bit on the short side and it would be very embarrassing to have my undergarments showing. If you could, would you be willing to go up on the latter for me?"

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