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Conman Coward [Quest | Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Conman Coward [Quest | Hatsuharu] Empty Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:42 am

Akira Shimada
It was odd for Akira to find herself in a bar. Upon completing the long arduous journey from Magnolia to Crocus, all by herself... She almost missed her annoying partner by her side. The problem was, they hadn't set up a way to find each other upon arriving here. Checking confectionaries was Akira's first go to plan, but hosting herself in the inn took precedence.

She picked the most popular Inn in the Capitol. It was rather simple given its fame... Simple and efficient the girl couldn't complain. Upon settling down in her room and freshening up, it was time as usual to explore the town. Her throat was parched, so she settled for a quick mocktail at the bar before setting out and it didn't take a genius to figure out that the bartender... and it was very apparent that the innkeeper, was agitated.

Unable to stand his passive-aggressive attention seeking, as he wrung his hands, groaned, whined and frowned at every available instant, she finally asked him what the matter was. He relayed a pitiful story about how a man had sold him some special liquor and certain other substances, but it turned out it was just some cheap bootlegged crap. He beseeched Akira to go retrieve his money and went on to describe the conman. Hoping she could use this to get a discount on the inn, she agreed, she had to prowl the city for her partner anyway, this gave her a secondary motive.


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After reaching Crocus and dropping his luggage at the nearest affordable hotel he found, Haru immediately began patrolling the streets. He was extremely tired, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep unless he investigated more. The first option was obviously the Rune Knight’s headquarters. This was the first time he was going to be there. So, it took the guards quite a while to find his paperwork and confirm that he was who he said he was, before letting him in. In fact, Haru found the security to be a lot stricter than expected. After almost half an hour of waiting, he was finally allowed to enter the headquarters and he officially registered with the organization. He was handed the badge and thankfully, after that, he was allowed to move a muscle without raising an alarm.

Once all the formalities were done, Haru walked up to the main door’s guard to ask about the rumour. “Hey! Is it true that we have information on an incoming attack?” he asked, keeping his voice down so that only the guard can hear him. “Umm… Yeah… That’s what they have been saying. All the lieutenants and captains have been acting weird, but they don’t tell us anything,” he said. Before Haru could form any ideas about approaching a higher official, the guard warned him. “Don’t go around asking that to everyone though. They think there is a spy in here. If you seem too interested, they will start investigating you.” Haru’s eyes widened and he chose to leave the scene. The last thing he wanted was to get caught in a misunderstanding when he could be helping with the investigation.

He quickly left he headquarters and headed for the streets to see if there were any suspicious activity. When he scanned the streets, he thought he saw a very familiar dark-haired figure and ran towards the girl. “Hey! Akira!” he yelled from behind her, trying to swim through the crowded street to reach her.


#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The streets were teeming with people, jostling their way through their mundane lives. There seemed to be a sense of forbode in the air, but not everyone was attuned to it, nonetheless, it was contagious. Those chosen few who either knew more than the others or could sense that something was off, like Akira, wore long faces, creased with worry. If she wanted to gather more information without obviously asking people about it, she was, unfortunately, going to have to stick around amidst the crowd, in hopes that maybe she'd overhear something worthwhile.

That's when she heard her name being called, that familiar voice, was a gentle wave of comfort. She turned swiftly to find the poofy orange hair racing towards her, but just behind her partner, her eyes caught a glimpse of an oily looking man, fitting Batra's description quite well. In earnest she held up her hand, violently waving it back and forth instead of side to side, hoping he didn't mistake it for a wave. It was to make him stop, she tried to tell him to turn around and grab the man behind him, but it was probably difficult to explain with just gestures. Through all this, the girl herself slipped through the crowd proficiently, having mastered it over the years, once close enough to him, earnestly she said, 'That man, stop him.' her finger rising to point at the culprit.


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Haru was a bit worried if he had mistaken some random girl to be Akira, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. The figure turned around hearing his call and it was Akira. Haru gave her his wide grin, truly happy that his partner had made it to the Capitol safely. He wondered what her waving was about. She was not one to greet someone so extravagantly. While he knew it wasn’t a wave, he had no clue what she was trying to communicate to him. “WHAT?!” he yelled, but even his loudest was drowned amongst the noisy crowd. Finally, Akira made it to his audible range and he turned towards the man she was pointing. There was no time to ask for details. The man noticed Akira pointing at him and he tried to sneak out of the crowd.

However, Haru was too fast for him.

Haru ducked and weaved through the busy street until he was ahead of the target, and then swiftly dashed in front of him, stopping his escape route completely. “Oh! How can I help you?!” he asked. Haru wished he had something to say, but he didn’t. So, while stalling for Akira to make her way here, he pretended to investigate suspicious activity. “Umm… Could you please step to the side for a moment? I wish to ask you a few questions,” he said, keeping it all general.


#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada

Akira had trouble keeping up, Tsuru was much faster than her... As he'd so gracefully proved back in Magnolia. It irked her, to have him surpass her with such ease, but she had tricks up her sleeve that he didn't. She followed, through the crowd again muttering 'Coming through.' Till she noticed her partner having pulled the man to the side. She sighed softly and strode towards the pair with purpose.

Taking an intimidating stance, she went straight to the point. 'You owe Mr. Batra money. Hand it over or things get ugly.' she said monotonously. With her hands on her hips, glaring at the man with slick hair. It bothered her, that people would be wasting time on petty crimes when a greater danger loomed overhead, it annoyed her even more that she had to be fixing up these small crimes instead of getting intel on the big job. Surprisingly, the man, while looking a little squeamish apologized and gave the money back.

'Here ma'am... I'm sorry.' he said wincing. She took the money but eyed him warily. Without taking her eyes off him, she handed the sack to Tsuru. 'There is an Inn 'round the corner, give this to the bartender, Batra, see if it is the right amount, till you return, I think I'll stay with this man'


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Lucky for Haru, he didn’t have to stall for long; Akira popped out of the crowd and approached them only a few seconds after he had caught the man. Apparently, the guy owed someone money. Haru did not like the way Akira asked him to pay it back, like she was some hired thug. That was not the way a Rune Knight should behave. But he decided to have that conversation at a later time. For now, they had to finish this silly collection quest and focus on the main threat looming over their head.

The man gave them the money without any resistance. It seemed so easy that even Haru found it a little odd. But he wasn’t going to complain if this was legit and it got over quickly. “Batra?! Bald guy, right? I know him. I just booked a room there,” Haru said. “I’ll be back in a jiffy.” With that, he dashed to the inn and handed the money to the bartender. “Hey! That guy paid up. My partner asked me to give this to you,” he said, panting. “Oh! Thank goodness. Just a minute. I’ll check if it adds up,” he said, beginning to count the money. Haru was surprised how shiny and new all the coins were. Not a blemish on any of them. It was as though he took the coins straight from manufacturing. In less than a minute, he would know why that was case.

Half way through the counting, Batra screamed and Haru looked up at him wondering what had happened. “Hey! They are all stones. He scammed us again,” the man was on the verge of sobbing. “WHAT?! How dare he? Don’t worry Mr. Batra. My partner is still on his tail. We will catch him,” Haru said, consoling the man and hurrying back to where Akira and the con man were. When he was in their vicinity, Haru would scream. “Catch him! It was all stones,” he yelled. Whether Akira heard him or not, the culprit seemed to sense danger and made a run for it.


#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
So he did have the room at the same inn, that would make things easier later. Ever since Baska, she'd decided not to make use of the Rune Knight barracks, too many people staring down at her, too many do-gooders scanning her to find ulterior motives. She hummed and clicked her tongue, the guy next to her was acting rather nervous. 'Er Miss... Can I see some id?' he tried, meekly. She raised her eyebrows, a small crease forming between them as well. 'What do you mean?' she asked, a little confused.

'Well if you are not a cop, you can't just hold me here...' he said nervously. 'Besides, I've already repaid my dues.' he said with a nervous, toothy chuckle. He started sliding away, backing up carefully. She opened her mouth to stop him and that's when Tsuru's voice tore through the din, echoing her initial request. She rolled her eyes... and noticed the man now turning to sprint. It was her turn to at least attempt getting faster. She ran after the man with everything she had, and since he'd been so close a swift dash was all it took. Just to be sure, she procured a dark disk under the man, to destabilize him and trip him up. It was her least flashy dark magic.

With him face down on the floor, Aki just sat on the back of his legs, and pinioned his arms to his side with her knees, rendering him incapable of moving. Without warning, she began releasing a flurry of punches on his back. It would hurt, but not do any long-term damage. 'I'm not going to stop till you cough up the real money!' she said, punctuating each word with a blow. Eventually... he begged for mercy and procured the real stuff. Akira handed it to her partner once again... 'Wait for a bit, just to be sure.' She said, still sitting on the man and giving him one more punch. People had gathered around but no one stopped her, she assumed the conman may have attempted conning other merchants too... since several wore the look of satisfaction. When the money didn't change to stones, she nodded at Tsuru... beckoning him to take the money to the distraught Batra.


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Thankfully, Akira heard Haru in time and managed to stop the fleeing culprit. She used a new technique to trip the man, which he had never seen her use before. Haru’s eyes widened in surprise. He was glad his partner wasn’t goofing around and trained, but that also meant he had some catching up to do. Kyle didn’t know what hit him. All of a sudden, he was down on the ground and the dark-haired Rune Knight was on top of him, using his as a punching bag. Haru winced, seeing the number of times she hit him consecutively.

The man wailed and whined for about a minute, during which his partner kept hitting him, and then finally groaned and gave up. “Alright! Stop… please. I’ll give the money,” he said, one word between each punch. When Akira finally stopped attacking, he wriggled his arms out and fished out another bag of jewels like the last time and gave it to his captor. Haru caught the sack when Akira threw it to her and opened it to see the jewels. This time around, the coins looked original. Some of them were worn out, some had dirt; it wasn’t like the coins he had given before. Nevertheless, he waited there for a while as Akira suggested, just to make sure, and after it was long enough, he decided to head back to the inn. “Take him to the headquarters and put him behind bars. Also, get your badge when you are there,” Haru told Akira before leaving.

Batra was ecstatic when Haru came back with his money and thanked him a million times. “Thank you so much! Here is something for both you and your lovely partner,” he said. This was the first time he heard someone call Akira ‘lovely’ and it made the red-head chuckle.


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