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Hargeon To Magnolia [Foot Travel/ Roxanne]

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Hargeon To Magnolia [Foot Travel/ Roxanne]    Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:40 pm

The night brought a chilling breeze that could only be produced by the depressing cold of winter. The crisp sound of dead leaves crunching beneath Roxanne's boots, placed her in a serene sort of mood.  For a long time she had become something of a hermit, even the guild had forgotten of her existence, something she was pleased with. A cutting wind blew across her reddened cheeks and pale face. Pulling the collar of her coat up to protect her neck from the winds she trudge along the road away from Hargeon. Roxanne didn't have a set destination, she never did and usually settled wherever she stopped.

It was always a pain in the ass to travel by foot. Thinking about it now she really needed to get a few gigs under her belt. Her hands shoved deep in her rather empty pockets, the cold didn't bother her since she had become... A wolf? Or something like that. She still hadn't managed to understand fully what she was now but she knew for a fact she was no longer human. With each passing day she was getting use to the heightened senses that came with becoming whatever she was.

Her memory took her back to when she first started having symptoms of change. The mornings were dreadful as the blinding sun literally burned her eyes and the noise of people drove her mad. It took some time to get use to it, but eventually she did with some trial and error on her part. Pulling a flask from her jacket she took a swig from it, letting the liquid inside try it's best to do it's job. A dark smile came over her face as her feet took her to a new town, hopefully with some money or at least a warm body to enjoy.

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