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The Monthly Activity System

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The Monthly Activity System Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:55 pm



The Monthly Activity System is a way for the forum determine the activity of members. With many items being limited, the inactivity of members determines how long a member gets to keep their limited items before it is stripped away.

In the first week of each month, a topic will be made in the Monthly Activity forum located inside the News & Announcements forum. Each month, we require our members to post in that topic and using the bullet code to proof that they have made at least 10 roleplay posts in the previous month. Do note that quests and travels count as well.

In case the user gets less than 10 roleplay posts 2 months in a row, their limited items will become unlocked and can be purchased by others. Should the user pick up activity again in the month, the items will become locked to their profile once more. Picking up activity is consider by posting 20 posts within the current month or 10 posts within the current month and 10 posts for the next month.

Returning members may reclaim their items which allows them to secure their items as though they had kept up with their activity checks, they must however meet activity check requirements of 10 posts for that month. Returning members are considered members who return to the site after 3 months. This reclaiming policy may only be done once every 6 months

To compensate our members for taking the time each month to report their activity, rewards are handed out. For each consecutive month of activity the rewards increase, should the user miss one of their months, they start back at 1 again. Month 1 is considered the first month in which the user has reported their activity and met the 10 post requirement.

Additionally, members who boost the Discord server have their activity check requirements reduced to 8 posts. This is reduced by one additional post per month that they boosted the server, down to a minimum of 5 posts after 3 months.




Month 1: 50,000J  
Month 2: 1x Statistic Potion  
Month 3: 1x Lesser Mana Potion  
Month 4: 500 Points  
Month 5: 250,000J  
Month 6: 2x Statistic Potion  
Month 7: 1x Mana Potion  
Month 8: 500 Points  
Month 9: 500,000J  
Month 10: 4x Statistic Potion  
Month 11: 1x Grand Mana Potion  
Month 12: 500 Points  

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