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Story Game Time [Baron&Arisa:Closed]

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Story Game Time [Baron&Arisa:Closed] Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:46 pm

It was night time and it was time to back their things or at least some of it. She really wasn't going anywhere, nor was Baron. They were really only going outside of their penthouse rooms and to the huge balcony set up like some camp. There was grass created by magic on the floor of the balcony, some firewood and two tents. 'Thank god' she thought. Yawning softly she saw that the stars were out and so it was perfect timing to do this too! She once dreamed of having children and taking them camping - telling stories too of her life.

That wasn't going to be an option anymore unless some magic happens. She doubt that Noel will want kids anyways since he had some with someone else. She understood that there were many reasons, the possibilities of the reasons. She grabbed her blanket, pillows and a cooler with some alcohol, water and juice. Another cooler had some food as a box had things for smores, hamburgers and wursts. ''Dooo doo diddly dooo.~'' she spoke and hummed while packing things, dragging them all outside balcony. She wondered what to do for fun while they smoked some food, smores and drank alcohol and had some water on the side.


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Baron was watching his soap opera again, this time his nimbus cloud outside of the window. He and nimbus had been getting along well though it had no way to communicate with him properly. He sat cross legged as he watched his protag go on about his days living on his own with nothing to his name but the shirt on his back and little else, just like him. He cheered for him, he cried for him, there was so much like him in this one man he wanted to cry even louder. There was nothing he could do to help the fictional man but cry for him. He rubbed his eyes and sighed to himself and nodded to himself. There was still hope for them wasn't there? Yeah he just had to keep things going, that was all. This was a good thing, his was just his life and he had to play the hand he was dealt. Yes, yes, everything would be fine from here on and life was going to be a heck of a lot better. This was good, just watch the TV and let things go. He wiped his eyes again and turned off the TV sitting in silence for a moment.


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After setting everything in the right locations, she sighed and plopped on the sofa in the living room. Baron on the other hand was on his cloud-like creature, tearing up. ''Uh...'' she was kind of speechless as she gazed at him, eyebrow upward. ''Why are you crying?'' she wondered and then turned to the T.V which was off by the time she sat down. Arisa didn't understand the concept nor really seen a guy cry before. If Noel was crying that one night, it was hidden in rain, but Arisa couldn't tell. Other than Noel, she has only talked to Grim when it came to male friends.

''What was the show about? Seems interesting... '' she started and then realized that they could just talk it over with some food, simple booze and the night sky. ''Yo! Let's talk about our shows and tell stories - the such while we chow down.~'' she chuckled and smiled happily. She felt happy as they already talked about what happened during that messed up day on their walk today. (Open the Gate Topic). It was good between them, but Arisa still was curious on one subject... He saw her eat a woman alive -tore the woman's neck off and the woman - her clone had black eyes. It was weird to imagine.


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Baron nodded at the mention of telling stories, "Sure... And I ain't crying... I'm fine..." he wiped his tears on nimbus and sent the cloud off to go wherever it went when it wasn't with him. The Nimbus flew into the sky into the night air probably to sit with the other clouds. He looked back at Arisa and smiled, "Sure... We can do something like that... I guess..." he rubbed his eyes and tried his best to not look as weak as he was currently presented he didn't like showing so much emotion but it was hard for him he couldn't get himself together. He looked her up and down and nodded again, "Can you please go first, I'm a bit of a mess and need to get things together a moment... He kept wiping his red eyes on his shirt and sat on the floor cross legged as he waited for her story. Was it going to be scary? Short? He wondered what she had in store for him, was it going to be a fun story? He had no clue what she might have had a nice one in store but he didn't know what to expect from her at this point.


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She stretched and yawned as she pierced her eyes to look at him. Her golden eyes were no longer golden as they turned silver due to the night showing up. They were mirrors of metallic silver - no pupils. Her blonde hair was down and in pajamas. She decided to plop her butt on a pillow from the other side that Baron was on. The flames were roaring in front of them, swaying left and right with the crisp unknown airs of the sky. The moon lit up the sky with the shining stars across the galaxy. It was quite the view of the sky having blue, some purple and a little white mixed within the sky's color.

Her hands rose upward and towards the fire, but not too close. She endured the light and took a deep breather before looking into the fire. Her full lips of gloss pink spoke, departed to tell a story. ''Once there was a girl, a girl with nothing, a girl with just herself and the family she lived with. Her family was rather filled with greed and determination of what 'they' wanted - themselves you could say. Or there is this story of adventures on a pirate ship... Many chapters!'' she tried to say and looked at Baron with a tilt of her head.


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Before Baron had known it he had found himself on the patio balcony thing the hotel had. It seemed build like a little slice of heaven fire pit and all. He looked at her eyes and they were different, eerily different. Silver instead of gold? How did that happen? When did that happen? Perhaps it came with the drugs they took or maybe her eyes were never gold in the first place Baron couldn't properly tell. He would just look on blankly, almost dreamily at them as he tried to figure out what exactly was going on with the woman infront of him. She was changing, which wa sometimes good but given the rate at which she was doing so he was unsure rather or not this would end well for him. She was powerful, he remembered that much but apparently had jaws like a shark as well. There was nothing he could do about it other than smile, so what if she killed someone, who was he to judge? In fafct he would just listen to her story about the pirate girl and a family that wanted stuff.

"Well me about the family that wants... Themselves I guess. hit me with your best.. I could listen to either."


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She wanted to tell stories, to forget about that club day, but his facial expressions told her another story. She felt like she knew a story finally to tell him, but it wasn't either one of the two she gave an option to. She relaxed, twisted her body, grabbed a stick and a marshmallow.

''Want one Baron? I'm going to tell you another story... neither of the two that were options.'' she spoke softly now and motherly while she grabbed another for Baron if he said yes. If he did say yes, she reached over as she used her right hand to go around the fire and passed it. Smores were amazing as far as she knew. One, two, three marshmallows on this stick as she sat it by the fire, but not too close so it burned. Twisting it to have the same level of burn on each side of the fluffy goodness. ''Alright... Once there was this girl who lived in a huge manor in the Country of gold, beauty and culture - Sin. She had many siblings, a loving mother and father - or so she believed they were her parents. She was so loving, heart-filled and yet sensitive to what she sees. What that means is that her brain mentally erases things from her mind that it doesn't like seeing, but also the good things that were by that one memory. '' she started and roasted her mellow.


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Baron listened to her delightful story and nodded at the exposition, this was strange. Seemed she really liked this story or telling it was making her sad, just listening was making Baron sad and he didn't have a clue what she was talking about. A country of gold was no place for him, he didn't know of any such place he grew up in a brass ring house there was always hard work and determination there was no inbetween everything hurt everything was poison everything had to be earned and not taken up like it was this free... nonsense. Gold and land, pssh, there was no such thing in bosco, bosco was man land. Only men survived there and he was one of the hardest mo fos to ever grace it. Then again he really liked her story and laid on his stomach as he listened, that and she was really hot so it was easy to tune in and listen to her talk. He could watch those lips work all day if he had to but for now he'd just listen to them tell cute little stories about gum drops and light and dark... What was she... Wow, what a great story.


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She explained the landscape of mountains, Sakura trees and how their housings were in a pattern up the mountain and on the end of that path was a shrine. Her lips curved into a frown as she explained that shrine. ''The Shrine inside was big enough for a family of twenty at the most. In that Shrine was a well that was covered in ribbons of red and covered with a lid of course under all that ribbon.'' she started. The thought of what was in that well was disheartening as she didn't know till she was... well.. till that day. ''Everyone as nice. Helped each other with their chores and the girl was favored by all for some reason - even by her mother. The father ended up dying, but before dying he told the girl that he wasn't her real father as the real father left when she was born. The girl didn't understand much of it as she was only about six years old. The mother brushed it off every time the girl tried to ask her about it. She learned all sorts of music and knew how to sing. She was a prodigy. It was all a good life till her seventh birthday...'' she started and ended it there for a second while she then grabbed some crackers and chocolates.


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She continued with the story and Baron's mind began to drift just a bit. How was she here alone with him agian? Beautiful woman like her needed to have an arm around her this time of night. Of course independence was key but it was the middle of the night and here they were eating treats and telling stories... It was kind of silly but he liked it. He liked being able to be silly and just do all around strange things with this woman. The drugs were bad but he didn't mind them too much when he finally came down from his high. Arisa was a nice woman, he could tell now, were they friends? Yes and no, more so yes because she really took care of him when he needed her most and a little bit of no because she still gave him all of those drugs but through and through they were good friends and she helped him open the gates not long ago. This was a fine day for spam and a fine day for the gates. He smiled at her warmly and listened to her story before stopping her just a moment, "You're really nice Arisa, thanks for helping me out."


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She was all wondering what he was talking about. He spoke about a different subject than the story. Was something on his mind. Her head tilted a little towards the right in curiosity and made a goofy smile. ''Uh, yea! No problem. I like helping people.'' she spoke with a cheesy smile and brightened up - starlit eyes of silver mirrors. Next she nommed on her smore and relaxed a little. After that she grabbed her drink, opened it up and took a drink for the food to go down easier. She wanted to continue the story and so she did.

''So... The night was darker than usual as the moon was red. Lunar - they called it. The girl was in her bed, but out of no where she saw a dark shadow in the corner that swiftly motioned towards her and snatched her up. She blacked out, but woke up next in some basement looking area. The walls were rusted looking, old like a pasty brown and orange color. She could hear drips of some liquid falling against metal as she was blind folded, tied from her wrists and ankles. Her mother used her for some ritual that was unknown to her and still unknown to her on this very day. This made her question on rather or not she was really her mother, but she never found out. Once she escaped out of that basement, she started to run off to find no one around. The children weren't around, her mother wasn't around.... no one....'' she drifted off during the story.


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"I wanna help you too, in a way." he nodded, not that way but he would if she wanted he was enjoying the story. It was pretty awesome, he didn't entirely understand but he tried his best. He wouldn't interrupt either, it was rude to do so and he thought she was doing a good job of doing so. He smiled up at her when she kept telling it to him. The bits and pieces all coming together as she explained part after part, it amazed her she had such a story memorized, there was no way he could piece one together so good. He gasped when he heard of the girl getting snatched he felt like a kid again listening to this. His reactions all genuine and happy. He made sure to pay extra attention and when she dozed off he looked concerned when she began to drift off, "You okay there?" he tilted his head, maybe this story has a personal tie to her? He wouldn't be surprised, she was a special girl after all and the change in her eyes told that exceptionally well.There must have been quite a bit to this story, more than Baron coudl comprehend.


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Arisa shook her head to snap out of it as soon as Baron spoke. ''Huh what?'' she spoke for a second kind of surprised. ''Oh..'' she spoke calmly now with her normal calm and warm expression. ''Yea. I'm fine. Let's see... where were we...'' she wondered and looked into the fire. ''Oh right...'' she spoke next and spoke again, but was just with story. ''The girl ran into town to see if they were perhaps all there, which was weird. She saw no villagers and then roamed up the hill to the shrine to then see them all there. Everyone. The towns people, her siblings, the leader of the village... Everyone but the girl's mother. She walked slowly forward to see her siblings - or the children that lived with her all lined up, on their knees with their wrists tied, ankles in a bind and their eyes were covered by cloth. The villagers all were circled as if they were to watch something. 'Oooh, you're on time. You're the last one we waited for.' he told the girl as he snapped his fingers. A tall hulk-type of man picked her up, tied her like the other children who lived with her and told her that this was her mother's fault. The woman they lived with....'' she began...and took a deep breather as she continued on.


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When she came to he felt relaxed and relived, whatever was wrong seemed to be lingering but he wouldn't be calling her out on it just yet. It seemed she was collecting herself well and that was so good. She looekd so good in the moon light and her butt in those pajamas. Gates out of 10. She was just magical tonight so magical that he could kiss her. Not that he'd try she was married or something so insead of that he'd think of something else watching and listening as she continued the story. Again it seemed rather personal, he wondered what his friend was doing and thinking. He tilted his head at her and wondered what was wrong yet again he couldn't help but wonder. He wanted to stop worrying but every time he thought about all of the events so far she worried him more and more, she could have been fine sure but she could have also been in alot of pain and that was something that cared him more than anything. If only there was something he could do for her like playing her music or making her something to eat. Oh why did she have to be so strange.


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She snuggled with the flames warmth as she was done with her smore. She continued with the story non-stopped. ''She was blinded, terrified as she was only seven years old. She heard screams of different tones one by one as each child was killed different one by one. One, violated by a man. Another had their heads shoveled in half and another was just dead... had their neck broken as they wouldn't stop crying. 'It's your turn my dear.' they spoke as she felt the steps come up to her. The girl was scared as her heart pounded...

'Why? Why me?! What have I done? You all were wonderful people... so why?' she cried out to them all. Truly some of them felt bad, sorrowful even, but something was wrong with the leader yet none of them knew. The girl was in the middle of it all as her cloth was removed from her eyes to see all the death, incense smoked the area with the smell of hell for her. The ground was carved in symbols and swirls of eternity as they never ended. The girl? She was the spirits main course and dessert as they chanted a call in a sync.''.

She continued on. ''The girl blacked out from the smoke and woke up with a dazing and blur vision. She was being carried by someone unknown. The smell of honey and lilacs, but they were manly hands. She was carried to another man who was at the docks and the ship sailed away as they girl escaped the Country. How exactly? No one knows how and no one knew who saved her...'' she ended it there and looked at Baron. ''Any questions?'' she spoke with a motherly smile.


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Baron was bewildered by her story and finally came to when she asked him if he had any questions, he shook his head and smiled at her. "Nah, that was an awesome story though, you're pretty good at story telling." he pointed out as he stroked the stubble on his chin, there was nothing like a good story under the night sky to get one's heart going he could feel himself waking up a bit more now that he had a good story and a meal. He ate a cracker and looked back at her, "I guess it's my turn huh?" he swallowed and thought about it, he thought on and on about a story as he racked his brain for something he could tell. He could tell her his but that wasn't interesting he could tell her one of a man and woman but that was cliche, he could tell her so many he had seen on TV but that wouldn't be original. If only there was something he could do or say to give her a good story, he would have no choice but to make one up it seemed, or maybe he could tell her a genuine one from the barn.


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She turned towards the right to grab a bottle to drink it as she was getting ready to listen to Baron and his story. What kind of story was he going to tell? There were many stories as her story had about everything. There was obviously romance; A story about the people who were on their ship plus her own romance story! There were romance stories about some people in Fiore too! So many stories indeed. The other type of Stories were adventure and horror. There were stories from her travels on that ship when she was a child and stories of in Fiore, but they weren't as good as the ones on the ship - about the men on her ship.

The other genres were mystery and well just random things! Stories had multiple genre's, but most people just look for a specific one. Real life experience is the best story in her opinion - which was why she had more to tell... She always had more as she then drank more of the booze in the bottle while looking at Baron. She didn't have any attraction towards him, but that was because she was 'Demi' ? She heard that word was used for people who have an attraction to only specific people rather they be a female or male and Noel took the cake.


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"I'm not one for making up stories, so I'll tell ya uh... When I lost someone close to me." he sighed, this story was a bit of a tight one, he didn't know how much would be true and how much wouldn't. It was based on a true story sure but he would likely have to masks a few details to hide his own foolishness. "A while back ago I... Wasn't as good looking as I am now." he laughed, "I was young and dumb, I was a trouble maker and I had no one other than this one girl I knew... uh..." he thought of a good name for her to sub in for the actual one, "Sophia was her name, we used to do everything together man, I was so awesome we went bike riding, hiking, camping, at junior prom she was my date and first kiss, though he ended up punching this one kid that was mocking us all night that night for going with one another." he nodded, "We never really dated but we were close, really close, and she was always by my side." he chuckled at the memories, "But then... Uh... She..." he cleared his throat as he felt himself get teary eyed... This was a terrible idea.


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She listened as he was starting the story. What was it about? She didn't know till he got to a pause in the end. Arisa laid back and covered herself up with a blanket as he was telling her a story. For her to actually listen and think about his words she had to get comfortable. A small smile went to her lips, sweet and sincerity. She would never make fun of a man for feelings such as sadness and despair, not this part of her anyways. He seemed to feel sad about this woman who he most likely fell in love with, but what happened to the girl was unknown.

''It's okay Baron, you got this.~ It's better to tell the story to get it off your chest instead of keeping it all in. Your soul will feel trapped if you keep horrors and sorrows to yourself.'' she explained and started to drink out of the same bottle again. The flames were still roaring finely as it wasn't too hot nor was it getting cold. The stars were sparkling like ever-lasting fireflies of white in the sky while the moon was beautiful and half-cut like some white cheese.


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"Guess you're right..." he cleared his throat and nodded, "Soon though she changed, she used to always be open with me but then when we got in upper schooling she just stopped, she stopped talking to me entirely and when she did it was always about some guy she liked whoever it was that week... There was something off about her, not only did she not talk to me at school but she wouldn't talk to me at all," Sophie was again a stand in for another girl, but that was besides the point the story was becoming all too real for him at once, "One day I finally went to get house to talk to her, turns out she got a boy friend and he moved in with her and her folks which was fine I wouldn't have been jealous if I didn't realize what they were doing." he shook his head, "The reason i was so afraid of you was because you reminded me of her, that night when I saw you or whatever bite that chick it was because I saw Sophie do something similar, she and her boy friend turned into murderers, people started missing all around town and eventually I found out where they all went, her basement.. Five people, all gutted and covered in bite marks. in her basement and her family didn't even know." .


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There were answers she wanted to know about certain things and one of them was exactly what he told her. What he saw during that club night. It was her, eating a woman by the neck, gnawing through the flesh. She wondered something else, but she was going to wait until he finished talking. It would be rude if she talked in the middle of a sentence of his. He explained that the girl turned into some murderer and so did some guy? She tried to put 1 and 1 into two. Her eyes of silver looked through the fire and at Baron as she was some owl. That's what her reminded her of! Owls had some pretty eyes as the one she thought of had silver orbs that were wide and beautiful.

His story almost sounded like hers, but different. ''I see... Damn. Reminds me of this mission when people were missing and through the fog me and Alisa had to search for the towns people to find them all crazed up. Some were killed in the process - but we also found out it was because of these groups of people turned the supply into some test - some virus of some sort.'' she sighed and nodded her head to motion for him to continue.. unless he was done of course.


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He would soon crack a smile, "I joke, I just wanted it to sound interesting. She actually just moved away, she writes me every now and then and even asked me to go with her but I couldn't I wanted to see Fiore instead. I dream of one day going with her, but that'll be a another time most likely for now I'm just here." he stood up, "You can come warm up by me, you look cold." he patted the seat next to him, "And don't worry it's not cheeeating if it's just sharing body heat." he shrugged with a sly smile, While he was certain she was a good friend he wanted to try his luck just one more time before talking to her more. he sat on his bum and looked at her waiting for reaction. Last time she slapped him, this time would she throw him off of teh balcony? That'd be scary if she tried he wasn't good at falling and landing on his feet after all, "One more thing, I know that what I saw that night wasn't you, but what was it? Was it a shadow? Anything?"


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She gave him an unamused facial expression as he offered for her to sit by her. 'Ugh....' she thought and sighed. 'Typical...' she thought and chuckled, closing her eyes a little before opening them back up to gaze at him. ''Nice try, but no.~'' she spoke and cat-smiled at him. She heard that he was kidding about the death thing and all that jazz when it came to that girl, but it was whatever. It was night and it was time to make up things or tell stories of truth! She didn't care which one he chose, but he better not say shit like 'it really happened' sort of thing when it really didn't. She hated liars...

He asked one more thing, about that night as if it was or what it was that he saw. She looked away and then back at him through the fire. ''What you saw... was sadly a fragment of what is apart of me. The part of me I mentally locked away, what was locked up within my body. It only really appears when something bizarre happens... Truly I didn't do that as I was just eating candy that was shaped as a person. Haha.~'' she spoke with a smile, trying to be optimistic.


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Soon it will be night and Baron had realized they had been talking for a long time. The two would close their talking and story telling and go to bed. While she went to bed he looked out at the city infront of him with a smile, what an interesting day this was. He couldn't believe so much had happened. he stretched his arms and looked at the city wall, where he would need to report tomorrow for his first assignment. He would probably have to head out to the local base to get his partner and all. He looked down at his hands and up at the sky before turning to put the fire out. After that he would enter the room again and turn off the lights, turning on the TV and watching the rest of the night he looked at the TV screen for a moment and yawned.

There was no use in being so tired at this time a night but he was sort of hungry as well. He went to the kitchen and fixed himself a meal. He was pretty tired and laid on the couch for a moment looking at the TV before he would finally fall asleep.



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Arisa noticed that Baron no longer responded and perhaps it was time to let her eyes and body slumber for the night. The lights around them started to dim as the night started to go sour, turning to day. She was having a dream of perhaps having a family, someone to call her husband and as a family, have children. Rather or not they were human was in question, but rather or not they were human Arisa would not mind. The children could have some demon blood and Arisa wasn't going to mind at all. This was for another reality of course as she remembered the day the gods took her child, the one that became stillborn and the only closure she had with her past.

Arisa will never get to really have that closure of having a child - being the better mother than the one who acted as her mother. That slumber gave so many questions yet no answers at all. It was a saddening night, dreams and til the day and dawn of anew, Arisa was going to wonder if she'll dream of it again. Soon there was going to be a war and hopefully she will succeed while fighting this war...


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