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Rat Race - Mission - [Arisa&Baron]

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Rat Race - Mission - [Arisa&Baron] Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:42 pm

Yawning softly she stretched while still laying in bed that felt so comfortable. It wasn't too soft like those memory foam beds, but it wasn't hard like those normal one's neither. She smiled as she yawned once more and curled up with her blanket and pillow, pretending it was the one and only, Noel. 'I miss you...' she thought and frowned with sorrowful eyes. Was he going to be mad at her for her appearance changing again? It wasn't her fault though! The sun did this... She remembered that time as if it was yesterday, but it was a few days ago.

She was alone like the day she died and the sun blazed her with light as it transformed her body into someone new. Was this the Holy one's embodiment of a true Seraphim? She didn't know and it was questionable. She had to get up though as she got some letter from someone who requested them, yes 'them' - her and Baron to do this mission to catch some Rat problem and take care of it. She rolled off after letting everything go to stand up straight. Arisa grabbed some clothes to then enter her bathroom, closing and locking the door once again to get on her clothes to start this crap.



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Baron was still asleep when Arisa awoke he was deep in a dream imagining himself being surrounded by beautiful women and food, some of them were feeding him, others were simply admiring him he had been chewing on his pillow all night and kissing it in between imaginary meals. He felt himself getting hungrier and hungrier the women were beautiful and looked similar to some he knew but he didn't know what to do at this point, he just ate and ate. He was talking to himself in his sleep and wouldn't wake when Arisa got up to go to the bathroom. He relaxed in bed and coiled himself in his blankets a mess of his body and the blankets.

He would wake for nothing, he was out of it far too hard forgetting about their mission. He began chewing on his pillow again as he began to dream again about food. It was sop delicious but a real mouth full. He wouldn't get full for anything and the cuties were keeping him well fed. He began to snore loudly after a few moments asleep and rested deeper in his nest of blankets and sheets. He was at this point hogging the air.


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Yawning as she was getting ready in the bathroom, she took off her long pink gown and decided to wear jogging pants, long T-shirt that was black and normal sneakers with white socks. It felt like a normal day. For her hair she decided to have her hair up in a simple bun. 'Wonder when he will wake up.' she thought and then opened the door to see him making out with his pillow. ''Man... that's.. just no.'' she spoke softly with a 'I feel bad for you' look. She walked up to his bed and smacked him with a pillow. ''HEY get up! Time for some money making.~'' she said in a rather teen-hyped way. She smiled happily as she was ready to get this stuff done. She was excited though that she finally was going to do a mission. It was ever since that foggy mission with Alisa - and that was quite long ago.

She locked up her suit case, put it back in the wardrobe and sat on her own bed to wait for Baron. If he didn't get up, she was going to put his finger in some cup of water. She heard stories of what happened when people did that. It was funny to think of it. She waited for about a minute or two at most. Arisa yawned and grabbed onto her blanket to grip tightly, leaning backwards and forwards like some impatient kid. ''Waiting. ~ And more waiting.~ '' she started to say and looked one final time to see if he was up.




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Baron felt himself get hit by a pillow and groggily opened his eyes to see the wall and his pillow soaked in salive and littered with bite marks. What a day he must have been having.. or night, whatever. He looked at Arisa who seemed to be waiting for him, she spoke about money. "Yeah sure money and stuff." he nodded in his sleep as he got up. He was in a pair of boxers and not much else as he dragged himself to the bathroom with some random clothes from his bag. He did most of his routine except for styling his hair, it was fine how it was and he preferred it that way.

He dragged himself into the bathroom and did everything that he normally did, just finishing up mostly and making himself look presentable. He was wearing a track suit, black with blue stripes on the sides. It would do for now even though he didn't remember anything about a mission last night. He rubbed his eyes and sat on the bed next to her, "What mission are you..." he yawned, "Talking about?" he looked at her for some confirmation of what they had picked before leaning back on the bed.


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Rat Race - Mission - [Arisa&Baron] MJmwSQc
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She yawned as she waited and thankfully she didn't have to get the water as he woke up. She wondered if he remembered anything from yesterday - the club incident. She looked up at the ceiling as he asked about what mission they were taking. '"Well...'' she started and then went to the elevator, motioning her head to tell him silently to get in. As soon as he did, she pressed the button. ''We're suppose to ask around about some rats - something like that and then kill it or them... I'm not sure if there is more than one.'' she tried to explain half-assed.

She didn't really care about details, just the main grub. ''Alright, let us get out and ask around in the lower parts.'' she explained to him and went towards that direction. She went around asking some women who sat down for some tea outside. They were disgusted and left because rat conversations and eating/drinking didn't go along. Next she went to some old man who was in the street laying there - turned out he was actually a hobo who died. She gulped and sighed with a sorrowful facial expression and walked off to the next person. 'This place is quite depressing for some fancy rich place.' she thought and continued on her search. She went to search for Baron to see if he found out anything now. Finally, her eyes saw Baron and waved. ''Baron! Did you find anything yet?'' she wondered curiously.



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She moved a bit too fast for him to keep up before he knew it they were in a elevator going down he leaned against a wall and nodded to her as she spoke about a rat. He was so sleepy he agreed with no question to do the mission. He laughed to himself and held the rail of the elevator as they kept going down. He had a hang over, a pretty bad one thanks to her and all of the crap she gave him.. Then seeing her do whatever she did scared the piss out of him, not literally but it was pretty damn scary. He rubbed his cheek and looked over at her, "Sure... We split.."

he went around asksing about big rats he would find an answer almost immedately and when she met back up with him he'd explain what he had found out. "There's a big ass rat in a building down the way if we hurry we might find it." he nodded pointing the way, he sort of caught what was said but it was an easy assumption to follow as the building was the only one that seemed savafeable. This would work out well for them surely.


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She listened to Baron explain what he had found out. Supposedly they found a rat in some abandoned house not that far from here. She turned towards the direction that Baron was instructing and walked that way that soon turned into a steady jog. ''Let's go then!~'' she spoke playfully and smiled. The set mood was to be positive and happy right now as she was going to enjoy killing this... rat. She didn't like rats as their long tails seemed rather weird to her - quite twitch feeling. Her blond hair flowed a little from her clip she had up and bounced a little with each jog towards the location.

Soon they did get there, but the place was run down and wasn't sure why a rat would live here. 'This place were to have no food for the ... rat. Why would it stay here then?' she wondered as her golden eyes studied the location. Slowly she walked up to the house, opened the semi-broken gate and walked into the yard. The grass around the walking path was taller than normal grass so she made sure not to step in the actual grass as something wild might pop out of no where. Arisa went and opened the door slowly to hear the door creak. ''I can't understand why someone hasn't destroyed this place yet.... It's condemned.'' she whispered for Baron to hear as she slowly walked in. It must have been a really nice house when it was brand new of course! Soon enough though she found the rat, squirmed and pointed her finger at it, ran out of the house with baron in hand, dragging him out and started.. It was thinking of running at her till she screamed. ''Sickness must be purged!'' as a small beam went towards the rat that was about nine meters away from them. (It was a large house). The house with the rat was destroyed, but so was the rat! It was dead and thankfully never having to see that rat again - or so she thought because she then remembers that they have to find it and then also find a place to bury the ugly thing.. far away from here.




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Baron scratched the back of his neck as they went after the hulking rat He didn't know what to expect from it at this point he was quite fearful that it might jump on him and he'd have to kill it. He hoped arisa would take care of it with her powers, whatever they may be. He looked over to her as they approached hoping she would do her thing and get all evil. This would be good, just really good. Yeah, she could handle it. She was strong and big and tall and muscly. She was so cute and hot and pretty and gold she could handle this. If only the snakes were here to handle the rats, he hid behind her large behind and peaked only when she said they got there. He was so fearful, before he knew it she had already destroyed the thing and he looked from behind her. "Wow, you did that fast." he put his hands on her shoulders and looked from behind her, "You were really fast, like really fast." he shook her a bit as she just got done with ehr little uh, display of power. He was glad she did it so quickly.

He would let her go and bounce away from her and run out of the place before putting his hands on his knees and panting wildly he was so glad to be out of there already that place was so gross and scary.He needed a hot shower, a nice hot shower with tons of oil, so much oil. He needed to get clean really clean so clean that he wouldn't even look like himself anymore that's how clean. That rat made him feel super dirty and it wasn't cool at all, he needed a nice bath.


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She stood there while steam was still coming from that abandoned house, but she had to go in there and move away boards and find that rat. This was going to be like some game of 'Needle in the Hay stack' kind of shit. She bit her lower right lip and put out her hip towards the right, right hand on the hip while the left arm dangled against her side. ''I guess I kind of made it more difficult for us. Haha...'' she small smiled and looked towards Baron. Hopefully he wasn't mad, but she just thought that rat was gross, filthy and needed to die. Her heart pained with disgust as she felt like getting sick - thinking of gross things that just made her want to be sick.

She sighed, took a breather and walked forward to pick up some wood after turning to look straight. Her hands made sure to not get any splinters as those really hurt and were hard to get out unless you had tweezers and some other tools. One board after another she threw in the garbage can tub - thing. She wasn't sure what to call it since it was just some other form of a trash can. Yawning softly after covering her mouth, she sighed. She didn't want to yawn in the chemicals of this rat nor the bacteria this place probably had. Arisa tried to imagine all of it, the amount of bacteria... It was just crazy. Why would someone let this happen?

''Alright then, let us start cleaning the area and find it. Throw away the boards in that large trash bin there and ... '' she just realized one of them will have to touch the rat, carry it for a bit to find a place to bury it as well. Her hands twitched as she could visualize her doing that. ''Eh... one of us will have to carry that thing...'' she spoke and twisted her body to face Baron again with a frown. Her stomach turned at the thought once more, sickly feeling about this whole thing.




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He wasn't sick or anything just scared there was so much gross rat stuff around, he didn't want to get into this he just wanted to go home and shower. He hid behind Arisa and hoped she was done, she spoke about picking up the rat and he did so with two fingers. He would carry it out of the place and put it in a bag, a random one that just kind of popped up out of no where. "You did great Arisa, you looked super sexy killling that rat ass mouse." he complimented tying the bag up and threw it over his shoulder as he looked back at her this was good. This was really good, the mouse was dead and there was no issue but the one. What did they do with the body? He coughed into his hand and waited for her to come out as he swung the bag a bit and tossed it in the trash. He dusted his hands and sighed to himself. She seemed to be getting sick just sitting in the place, she was so strong she killed the rat without even a second glance like she didn't even try at all.


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As she fell some nausea, she was still cleaning up the area that she exploded with her spell. 'Maybe I over did it a little much...' she thought to herself while her eyes were scanning the area. The wood pieces were really stinking, worse than skunks as the wood had mold on it. 'I'm going to have to wash my hands now...' she thought as she picked up more pieces. Some pieces of sink, bathtub and kitchen things were seen around as well - thrown in the trash can. Arisa ignored the 'sexy' part out of Baron's words, but still chuckled to let him know that she didn't ignore him. ''You're silly.'' she said innocently.

Soon enough most of the house was cleaned up and a truck came to take the trash wood and polyester - with many other things. She saw the rat just laying there dead, but ooze of aura that was very toxic came out of that rat. ''Ugh...'' she complained with a noise and disgusted facial expression. ''Alright, am I or you picking it up?'' she questioned and turned towards Baron to look at him. ''We have to walk out of the city and bury it deep into the ground so nothing gets to it. Rather not have more of ... this...'' she tried to explain politely. She couldn't help it. The damn thing made her squirm with disgust. They were ugly, their tails and the fact they were just nasty. She studied the rat, but stayed about a meter away from it. If Baron wasn't going to get it, she would have to use her magic....




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Baron watched as she was fairly nasus from the sight of the rat he didnt know what to do besisde maybe chuckle at the sight of her about to lose her lunch over something so little, or well large. He would take the other rat and bag it again looking at her for a brief moment before yawning to himself and closing the bag, tying it tight and throw way the other rat. Now it was gone and she didn't have to look so sick because of it. It was a tiny little rat it wasn't like it'd spring back to life or anything. WHy she was so powerful but easily turned by a rat was so strange. She killed a woman just the other night yet here she was feeling ill over mice. What a strange woman she was but he couldn't judge her stuff happened and if she wasn't feeling too well nothing could be helped that was life and he wouldn't make her endure the displeasure of picking the thing up after she had already killed it with relative ease. Though it still confused him why she was so squamish all of a sudden, he wouldn't asks but the question would lingering on hid mind for the time being.

With the rat thrown away she could relax, he moved away from the trash can after throwing the rat away and gestured for her to leave the building they could go now after all and there was no reason to stick around int the broken place. It was a mess there was no use sticking around and the only thing less gross were the floor boards and maybe the roof it wasn't so run down that was about it now they could get to the hotel room.

He broke the silence with a cough into his hand as he looked around the building. There must have been years of wear on it, what was the use of killing the rat if it was just living in this rundown hole anyway? outside of allowing the poor to live here there was no use for it, there was no home for rats in the city it seemed this would be a fine place. Then again he still wasn't in the right state of mind to be making judgement calls on rats and all of that good stuff.

For a moment he thought back to the club and just how dark things were in this city, how Arisa had turned bad in one night. She killed people, spilled blood for... no reason, Baron didn't know why, but he couldn't blame her if the people did deserve it. After all, it was her fight and he wouldn't stand in the way. He took a deep breath and stood up stretching his arms and legs once again. He was getting tired, but he had a lot of work to do before things were over for him. The fight was still to come and the demoness was still to be seen.


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She sighed and wondered if Baron was judging her for that one night. She wasn't even herself during that! It was something or someone else taking over her. Arisa didn't know what was wrong with her, but when she saw someone that needed justice, punishment... she goes crazy. Those people were bad, right? Yes. Those people did terrible things to not only her, but other innocent people. She frowned and started to continue picking things up as soon as Baron pretty much silently offered to do it, but he didn't take it to bury it - no. He took it and threw it in the can in which was wrong. Was he now hating her because of her biting into that woman?

Her eyes glared towards the opposite direction of Baron and where he was standing. The place was starting to get cleaner than it use to be which was great! She should be happy that this mission was almost done, but she wasn't. What was wrong with her? Was she a monster? An angelic monster? She held what she wanted to do, cry. She just continued on her stuff silently as she then took the chemical filled rat that was in a bag, dug a hole of her own that was deep and buried it. Her heart was pounding fast as she felt iffy again. 'No, stop it...' she thought as she saw the rat no more nor the bag it was in. Swiftly with that she walked off after the thing was all done. She wanted to get rewarded so she could go into her own sectional room in the penthouse. ''Thanks for getting it done.'' was said with a little more being said. Rather or not Baron followed was on his own part, but she left with her own reward, showered and locked herself in her room.





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Baron took his part of the reward and watched her go. He wouldn't follow, not right now he was getting kind of hungry and felt like getting noodles. Noodles were really good and he'd take her back some. It wasn't like him to just go and not bring back for others. She let him live in her room after all that was more than enough to garner a meal. He wondered on about what she had done but that was alright, it was natural to wonder. She killed those people, but seemed to have her reasons. It wasn't just a random act of violence at least he hoped it wasn't. He waved bye to her and looked back at the abandoned building once again. He was so confused by all that was happening, his life was so strange. He was supposed to be some spikey haired guy without a purpose yet here he was hanging out with demons, angels and everything in between. Maybe he was lucky to have such a life or maybe he was cursed to do so/ There was no telling, such was life and such was the will of the universe he wouldn't question it he would simply go with it.

He would head to the nearest noodle cart and got himself a bowl of spicy and a bowl of miso for Arisa maybe it would help brighten her mood or maybe she'd try to kill him as a result for doing this. Eh, he didn't mind either way he just wanted some noodles and thus he's go.



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