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Feed the Fish [Quest: Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Phoebe] Empty Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:58 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
So she got some job done, and apparently Persephone had found it very interesting. Sure humans did annoy her for polluting the waters around the town but she seemed to be glad to know that Raina was working on that and she had not called Raina a monkey, there was hope for humanity if it came to Persephone her thoughts. Phoebe was of course glad that she simply shushed her mouth for now, she seemed to be in such a good mood that she even purred a bit, which was a strange way to describe things but Phoebe had no other word for it. She was on her way to the exit, wondering what to do with the jewels that she now got. Her wardrobe needed changing now that she had lost her fire magic but if Chelvaric was able to help more once she would go home, she definitely wouldn’t need new clothing. She held her thoughts quiet for a second but this time Persephone didn’t seem to bother by her own thoughts. It was mean that she couldn’t even think to herself anymore. But she let it be for now and simply placed her hand on the door knob to leave until she heard Raina, her quick footsteps behind her, ”Phoebe stop. I was wondering if you wanted to join me on another job.” Which made the now Nature-mage turn around and tilt her head a bit to the left, ”What kind of job is it?” in which she heard Persephone immediately wake up to the sound of Raina her voice and eagerly listen to what this could be.

Raina explained that she feed the fish in the local pond, which was bigger than you would think and asked Phoebe if she would come along since she had been so excited about the water test. Which made her in her mind point out at Persephone but the Goddess was immediately excited to see how that would go. So Phoebe agreed, while Raina turned around to get the food can for the fish, she noticed it wasn’t there where it use to be so she asked Phoebe to help her search for the can of fish food. Which was a tiring job to do as Raina didn’t seem to be so orderly. She looked left and right and moved some papers, only to move it back because who knew if Raina had a system. After all she said the fish can wasn’t at the right place, there must be some structure in this mess. Phoebe almost suggested that she would clean it up here but Persephone told her not to, since if it was possible she would do more jobs for Raina. And thus Phoebe simply kept her mouth shut and went to look, when she finally heard a: I got it!. It seemed that Raina hadn’t checked the original spot properly as it had fallen between the papers, but that didn’t matter; it was here now and Phoebe would let it be.


Feed the Fish [Quest: Phoebe] VZmj2zD
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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
So she would follow Raina out soon after that and head towards the local pond. She expected to be standing next to Raina watch her throw the fish food into the water and see small fish coming towards the shore to get it, but the pond was much bigger than that and there was a small row boat on the shore to take Raina along, which made Phoebe turn to Persephone, wondering if this was her idea of fun but the Goddess only hushed her and continue to walk while Phoebe had no longer a saying in this matter. As a fire mage, she had never been a fan of water but she would have to change that idea thanks to no longer being a fire mage and who to blame for that but Persephone. So the two of them pushed the row boat closer to the water and stepped in, her high heels a bit wet, which she definitely didn’t like in the winter: IT WAS COLD.

But Phoebe didn’t say anything, as long as Persephone was happy, she didn’t feel like she was having a headache. So she started to row Raina towards the middle of the pond and watch her feed the fish. It was an interesting show for all different sorts of fish came up to the water surface to eat the little bits of food that Raina threw into the water, she heard Persephone in her head be delighted by all of this, ”Believe me I have nothing with fish but this looks cute.” yeah whatever, as Phoebe thought more often with Persephone her babbling on about nature things. But she let the goddess be this happy and stared at the fish as well. When Raina was done she embraced herself to row back to the shore and step out of the row boat to pull it better up onto the sand. Which was definitely not the easiest with high heels but thank god Raina helped out instead of being a stuck up person and remain seated. She asked Phoebe to come along for a cup of tea and to hand her the jewels which were in the warehouse. Which sounded like a whole better plan, so she followed; took her shoes off once she was in the warehouse and warmed up a little with the tea and the idea of having done a small job for the same amount of jewels as testing the waters. But she wasn’t going to complain, she thanked Raina for the opportunity out of being polite.. and because Persephone pushed her to say that and she was thanked by Raina for her help. Which was a good thing, she didn’t mind Raina much it was Persephone that made the whole job unbearable but she let it be and left soon after the tea to go and do something else, she had the idea of going to wash her feet and go for a run around Hargeon town, to do something active instead of sitting on her butt all day.


Feed the Fish [Quest: Phoebe] VZmj2zD
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