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Feed the fish [Solo Quest]

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#1Victor Garrett 

Feed the fish [Solo Quest] Empty Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:42 pm

Victor Garrett
Victor and Raina sat at her lab, she toyed with a strand and chewed on the end of a pen as she analyzed the results. 'So, what is your full name?' he asked softly, giving her the chance to ignore the question, should she choose to remain engrossed in her work. But even that soft sound startled her out of her train of thought, with a slight jump she turned towards Garrett and smiled, 'Oh.. er my name is Raina Burke... and' she laughed to herself nervously before asking 'I've already spent so much time with you, but I never asked you what your name is...' her voice trailed off towards the end.

Victor scratched the back of his head... 'That is true, my name is Garrett. Victor Garrett.' he said extending his hands out of formality. 'Nice to meet you... officially. So what else have you got in store for me?' She looked up at him hesitantly, then she looked at the watch that hung on the wall behind him. 'Well the next thing that I need to get done, isn't really part of the job strictly... and usually I do it alone... But..' she stopped herself, looking down at her notes and scribbling something on them uselessly. 'But?' Victor encouraged, leaning in closer. 'I'd really like it if you came with me...' she said in a small voice. The blonde smirked to himself... too easy. 'Of course I'd like to come with you, where are you taking me?'

She looked away slowly and added... 'Well, I'd like it to be a surprise and I'll have to go on ahead to make some arrangements,  I need you to head to the warehouse, its a few buildings away... here I'll draw you a map.' she said taking his hand into hers and drawing a simplistic map and then placing a pair of keys on it. 'There is a bag of fish food, please fetch that for me and meet me at the shore near the estuary?' she requested. Victor closed his fingers around the keys and nodded. 'Sure, alright. I best get going.'

It was a bit of an anti-climax when she mentioned the fish-food, but Victor could remain patient and do what was needed, a little struggle made it more fun, although the only obstacle here was time, he was fairly certain he already had her wrapped around his fingers. He opened his palm and followed the directions and then her instructions, soon he found himself inside a musty cellar, he picked out the bag she wanted and began walking towards the estuary. Victor took his own sweet time though, he intended to leave her waiting. It may prove to be beneficial, also acted as a bit test, to see if she appreciated his presence enough to wait and trusted him enough to return.

Finally, he saw her waiting by the show, anxiously scanning the place finally when she spotted him, she beamed and then quickly looked away. Victor walked towards her briskly, feigning urgency. 'Sorry Raina, I think I got lost on my way here... Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.' he said smoothly. 'Oh no, not at all...' she responded, too kindly.


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#2Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett

His crimson eyes fell onto the boat that was anchored into the sand. 'So... listen... Remember I said I've never taken anyone here?' she asked as she readjusted her glasses. The blonde man just nodded slowly. 'Mhmm...' constantly having to prod her to complete her sentences was getting a little old, she was really trying his patience now, especially now that she'd started repeating things, Victor had to try hard to make sure his smile didn't falter. 'That's because no one worthy has ever come along... Usually, I'm too busy with work, but on the occasion that I make time to try and get to know someone, they're always being so condescending about my work... Some are outright pessimistic...' Victor placed an arm on her shoulder and with the other hooked his finger under her chin, hoisting her face up so she would face him, with as much sincerity as he could muster he said 'Haters gonna hate... You can do better than all those losers anyways.' and winked.

She blushed and wrapped her sweaty fingers around the hand that Victor had placed under her face... Slowly she tugged him towards the boat. 'You're right!' she said brightly. 'That's why I chose you.' she added. Victor just chuckled nervously and allowed himself to be taken towards the boat. He stepped into it and helped her inside after. She reached for the oar and he stopped her. 'Let me handle that... You just tell me where to go.' He patted the plan in front of him as he took a seat. 'Come sit here...' he said and shyly she agreed, nestled between his knees with her back against his chest. Off they went, rowing into the river and then slipping into a canal. The water was quite clear, the oar made gentle ripples in its surface. Raina extended her hand over the side and let her fingertips sway through the water and she appeared fascinated by its texture and the way the rippled collided into one another...

'It is beautiful isn't it...' she commented idly, lost in her own thought as Victor continued rhythmically rowing. Finally she asked him to stop... 'We get off here, there is lovely pond in the distance, it is a no fishing zone, it broke off from the river and it has its own special flora and fauna... You'll see!' she exclaimed, clearly this destination was very special to her. There were mountains to the left, so Victor was a little confused, but he anchored the boat and stepped out, taking the fish food with him, he followed her. He could see water sparkle between the curtain of algae and weed that adorned the entrance to a cave. The made their way into the secluded cavern, the clear water was home to a variety of interesting creatures indeed. A school of silver fishes greeted their arrival as she escorted him to a stone that jutted out from the edge... making a sort of natural love seat.

Victor perched himself beside her, casually throwing his arms around her, while they sprinkled food pellets into the water for the fish to consume.


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