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Simple Introductions [Tien]

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Simple Introductions [Tien] Empty Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:37 pm

Arisa yawned as she laid in the grass not so far from the arena. it reminded her of how busy it got that year and the time. This year there wasn't going to be any melee contests and even if there was, she wasn't going to join it. After that one she realized that it wasn't really good for her anyways. Was there ever going to be a magic one? That will be interesting if there was one. The weather was warm compared to the rest of the winter that already passed and probably the future to come. The wind felt just right against her clear skin as her golden eyes of gold honey glistened.

The grass hasn't died, felt soft and almost as if spring was getting closer and closer. Technically it was, but right now she just wanted to think about taking a nap perhaps. There were clouds, many clouds in different shapes. 'That one looks like a fluffy bunny...' she thought as some arrow shape cloud appeared. 'There's an arrow...' she thought coldly and then saw that the cloud went through the bunny.....

''Well, that's sort of depressing then... Even in the sky things die I suppose.'' she spoke softly and calmly, relaxing.

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