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Mapping Theft [Quest: Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Mapping Theft [Quest: Lacie] Empty Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:53 am

Lacie Eventide
As she had worked very hard the last day, her feet had been sore from walking throughout the docks for at least forty-five times, which surely hurts everyone their feet, especially walking in heels that were not comfortable. The problem for Lacie was, which also was the reason why she went to bed late was because she had been packing, unpacking and so on for the last couple of days but she decided to leave to Baska today. But there needed to be a little more money than she had anticipated. Or well, she believed so, she had spend her money carelessly for she had not thought to need it for anything important such as her health. She had basically been running away from Alice at first, spending her money on expensive hotels and sort of security while she actually bumped into Alice while doing groceries. A person had to live after all even if she was coughing blood the whole time. That had gone and she had spend her money on expensive hotels again because she simply liked the luxury of having one more room while she actually stayed in a place for a long time. Especially because most of the time, Lacie Eventide, stayed inside. She needed to do research, find the location of her sister and plan her route to go to her and destroy her as she had planned before. Only this time she wouldn’t be the one to destroy her sister, she had no idea how that really worked, but that didn’t matter for now. At this moment miss Eventide was still asleep in a bed that looked like a mess, as she had thrown her blankets around and simply looked out of the earth. She had forgot to remove her make-up, which would bring her to swear the moment she would notice in the mirror. Which would only be a matter of minutes.

Her red hair had been in a ponytail and that was super messy, she should actually cut it short to get rid of all the annoying moments but that would only make her face more round and she definitely couldn’t use that. Her mascara was on the top of her cheeks, making it look like she cried, well Lacie couldn’t even remember when the last time was that she cried.. oh wait. She did cry in front of Alice when she was in Era. She would rather not think about that, but her dreams were confusing about her health, the lacrima, her sister, the stupid baby and again she realized life had not been fair to her. The nightmares only proved it but that wouldn’t stop her. Soon Lacie would walk up, she stretched herself out and looked around to remember what she had been doing. Well at least most of the packing was done. The letter has been send or had it? She needed to write one more to Selena and she had to scry for her dad for she had no idea where he could be in Baska.


#2Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She brushed her hair out of her face, she had no idea yet how her face looked but it was nice to hear a popping sound of her muscles relaxing. She got up slowly by pushing the sheets away and sitting upright, stretching her feet forward to make sure that everything was wide awake. She made her way to the edge of the bed and hopped out of it, walking towards the make-up table to see what she should do today. She sat down on the stool and looked up in the mirror, staring with big brown eyes at the mess that was on her face. Thank god she had not been wearing lipstick, that would be somewhere around her ear right now. She quickly worked her way to clean her face with some facial tissues and warm water. It would clear up a lot of things, after that she would work on her hair. Trying to look how it really looked if she would cut it off but still believed that her face would be too much pouty and round if she cut it. Which was in the end still no option and yet she wanted to do it to look more different from Alice. All she could see if she looked in a mirror or at her sister if she ever got the opportunity again to see her, it would show her that she was fatter, more round in her face, her hair was less wavy and simply stupid straight and okay, okay she was done for today. She got up when she fixed her hair and Lacie Eventide quickly grabbed the last of her stuff. She would definitely needed to face her fear of leaving as well as bumping into Alice, which had been her original plan all along when she went to Hargeon and here she was! While her sister was in Baska. So she grabbed the last pieces of clothing, pushed her shoes in the trolley, except one pair of course and made sure that it stood nice and clear next to the door, so she wouldn’t be able to miss it.

All she needed was to make breakfast, see what she could do with the last of her groceries, check out, head to the Rune Knight station and leave, either with or without Judina. It was no longer a excuse to wait and not see her friend or not talk to her and so on because well that’s probably what she was using as an excuse anyway. The death of her dear beloved sister couldn’t get quick enough, imagine the child of her and Kon! Was there anything worse in this world, don’t answer that. She told herself clearly as she fished the last blouse out of her wardrobe, she would put it on after working in the kitchen. She didn’t want it to get dirty but placed it on the kitchen table, one she had barely used and it was clear for it was filled with magazines and other things that weren’t needed on a kitchen table.


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Lacie Eventide
While she finished her falafel wraps, she felt hungry but she would take her time and she would sure to pack a little because she wouldn’t be able to eat all when the point came to it. She finished cutting a bit of lettuce and stared at the leftovers, what did she do with that? Would it be bad to throw it away even if half of it was at least left? She should give it to the homeless or so but who would want lettuce, and lettuce alone with some peppers and perhaps wraps.. but she could make lunch for later when she needed food while she was travelling. So she prepared some extra and found something to put it in. The Hotel wouldn’t miss it, so that was alright. They would already have to deal with a half burned bowl for salads. So that was their first issue, she could go on next and just see how it would all work out once she was outside this town. But for now, she decided that one more round would be nice. But first fix the table, she needed to figure out if there were things she wanted to keep or not. But apart from a hand full of post-its, most were magazines she read once and never used again. So she stacked them, put them on the coffee table for the next person if the Hotel would allow and put on her blouse, her trench coat and took a hold of her purse and trolley suitcase and walked down the stairs to the main building of the hotel and thus the reception. With that she paid her amount of jewels that she had kept separate for the hotel as a payment for her days for staying here and asked if her suitcase could stay here for as long as she needed her walk of Hargeon towards the Rune Knights and perhaps find Judina.

The hotel agreed to keep her trolley save and sound and she headed out, hearing the familiar click clack of her heels on the pavement as she made her way downtown. Where she met up with Reagan rather surprisingly, she had not expected to see him, hear from him or see anything at all. He ushered her into an alley and ask her if she was able to do a job for him. Which involved night time business and would mean she would have to stay another night. She couldn’t take apartment! That might give her the idea to immediately leave tomorrow after she would see Judina at that point hopefully, so she agreed to doing a job, but only for today. She didn’t want to bump into him again and again and again to do jobs every single day. She had thrown down the towel and decided to leave, finally. So she listened to Reagan about the job and headed back to the hotel, saying she didn’t feel well and asking if she could stay another night in just any room that would do.


#4Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
So she was stuck in a room that was definitely not her taste, pretending to have a headache and not wanting to see anyone, thank god she had her lunch so to say that was also now her dinner. Finally when it was night time, she managed to sneak out of the room as well as past the reception without someone seeing her. She had left her trench coat as well as her blouse because it light blue, and was now dressed in a black top and a black pair of jeans that she had found somewhere in her suitcase. She didn’t even knew she had it. But she needed to sneak into the towns hall, which was more like a film movie than she ever expected, using pins from her hair to open the lock of the back door, which took way more minutes than it actually did in tv series of films anyway. She had to make sure that she wouldn’t be spotted by the security, again her cousin wouldn’t be able to buy her out of it and she didn’t want Selena Maelstrom to be involved in any way in her now new crimes. She sighed softly and walked around on the flats that she had taken from the hotel, it were actually some inside slippers but it didn’t make the click clack noise of her heels so she came prepared. She finally found the storage room and hid herself in there, locking the door and giving herself the opportunity to search with the lights on. She made sure to block the light underneath the door so no one would see it and went to search for it. She actually found it quicker than she had believed, it wasn’t even for display but it wasn’t hidden as well and she simply took it.

But as soon as she took it, an alarm went off and she wasn’t sure if it was this or something else but it meant they were locking for her, she quickly switched off the light and took her jacket. She couldn’t get out the way she got in and she wasn’t sure if opening the door of the storage room was a good idea. But there was a window and Lacie wasn’t made for this but she would give it a try for the idea of not been seen and she opened it, the locked door would give her some extra time, until the guards would realize that they should get the other way around and wait for her outside. There was enough space in the window sill but she needed to get two floors down, so she had to lower herself and tried to catch herself on the next window sill, which was still a little drop but after that was the biggest. Thank god this back door that she had used, had a little roof where she could fall on, which made a lot of noise and she stayed so still that she even forgot to breath. She dropped herself on the ground and made a run for it. She found Reagan rather soon near the fountain of Hargeon town and gave him the map rather quickly while taking the money and she hurried off to sneak back into the hotel and prepare for tomorrow by sleeping.


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