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Remove the drunk [mission\ solo]

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#1Sora Mamoru 

Remove the drunk [mission\ solo] Empty Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:37 am

Sora Mamoru
Sora walked through the streets of Orchidia wearing his standard black tank top with a black pants outfit. His Lamia Scale mark resting proudly on the inside of his lower left arm. He just did his first mission a couple of days ago and was now on his way to his second mission.

Sora walked into the bar he was supposed to do the mission. It was some security mission though so it pretty much fitted him. Used to being part of a dark guild would make him go a bit over the edge a bit but Sora never really cared about that. Sora did everything as long he got the job done.

Sora took a seat on a bar stool at the bar so he had a clear view of the place without having too much trouble looking over things. The owner walked up to Sora and nodded towards him. Sora looked at the owner when he walked up to him and placed the mission letter on the bar. The owner nodded towards Sora. "Nice to meet you. I am Enil the owner of this bar. I mostly hired you to keep an eye on Mitya since he gets pretty rowdy when drunk." Sora simply nodded towards the guy knowing enough.

Sora was just calmly sitting at the bar observing a bit while he takes a sip of his drink ones in a while. He liked getting free drinks on a job like this that is why he prefers to get a job like this. The bar slowly got more crowded over the day and when the night fell it was almost stumped. Mitya showed up though and he took a seat at the bar on the other side of where Sora was sitting. Sora had a pretty clear view of him though but he couldn't hear what he was saying so he kept an eye on the owner as well in case the owner would give him a sign as well.

It all started off pretty calmly with just some easy talking to other customers. Sora just kept quiet while he sat at the bar. He wasn't in the mood to talk to people although people wanted to talk to him since he was the new mage of Lamia Scale. Being a new mage mostly made people curious about what he was planning on doing in the guild. How powerful he was and all that. Sora didn't really care about any of the questions though. He was here to do one thing and one thing only and that was to do his mission.

Sora looked around ones more for the millioned time. He took another good look at Mitya one more time and saw he was getting rowdier. He looked towards the owner of the bar and he nodded towards Sora. Sora nodded calmly back and sighed a bit. Sora stood up from the stool and made his way towards Mitya. Sora placed his hand on Mitya's shoulder before saying "Well time to go. Don't you think?" Mitya would jank his shoulder loose out of Sora's grip. Another sigh escaped Sora's lips before to gripped Mitya's shoulder again. "Listen we can do this the easy or the hard way. Your choice" Sora said calmly towards him.

Mitya looked at Sora and jacked his shoulder lose again. Sora just grinned by now "Well your choice it was" His hand shot towards Mitya's back of his head and slammed Mitya's head against the top of the bar before lifting his head quickly up again. Sora's hand grabbed the back of Mitya's back he started to escort Mitya out. While escorting him out Sora was pushing his head down while having a firm grip on the back of Mitya's neck.

He pushed Mitya out of the bar. Pushing the guy diagonal down so the guy would fall on the ground for sure. Sora just looked at Mitya wondering if he would get up while he kept standing in front of the door making sure no one could get in or out at this moment. Sora looked inside for a second before he looked towards Mitya.

Mitya walked back towards Sora and tried to get back in. Sora just calmly stopped him and pushed him back every time. "I will give you three chances Mitya to walk away or things get ugly." Sora said towards Mitya. Mitya kept keeping back though towards him. When he pushes back Mitya for the second time Sora calmly cracked his knuckles "Well It is just going to be like old time."

When Mitya walked towards him again Sora calmly made a fist with one hand. His hand was warming up. Sora's hand made a swing when Mitya come close making his fist connect with Mitya's cheek. The punch would leave a nice bruise together with a 1st degree burning on his cheek. Sora just looked at Mitya. "I told you not to come back though." Sora said with a simple shrug before turning around and walking back into the bar. Mitya would be laying on the ground knocked out.

Sora walked calmly through to bar towards the owner before saying "Mitya won't come back today or tomorrow. He looked a bit too deep into the glass to you better call a doctor or something since he lays in front of the bar" Sora said calmly towards the owner. The owner just looked confused at him but after a while the owner nodded at him. Sora just calmly stood there though doing nothing really special. "I haven't seen a mage like you in many years. You remind me of a farmers boy that used to live close by." Sora simply nodded towards the guy and took his reward of his mission. Sora turned around but before he walked out he simply looked over his shoulder "I am that boy." Sora said calmly before walking out.

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