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Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:50 am

Lacie Eventide
Now that she thought about it, sitting in her hotel room, simply on the couch. She had not heard anything from her letter towards Judina and she wondered if the news had reached her. She quickly stood up, this was too important to simply sit down and not tell her friend but where would she have to find Judina? Were there posts of the Rune Knights in town where her friend would possibly be? She took her coat and her purse and closed the door in a hurry behind her and hurried into the town to find her. She could in the mean time pick up a job now that she was early. So she made it towards the quest board, also half hoping Judina might be around the town centre because of jobs there, maybe patrol or anything? How did that work? She should have asked Selena.

With a sigh she took a job not much later as she had not found Judina yet. She put the paper in her purse and went on to one of the Rune Knights to ask about Judina and to tell this person that it was urgent. She had no other idea but to go around town and she didn't feel healthy enough today to do that. It wasn't like she was going back to her unhealthy body, it was probably just a cold.

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#2Judina † 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:43 am

Judina †
Judina seemed to take her time getting for once today, giving the quiet to settle her mind and worries much like she normally would, just simply in her sleeveless under shirt and pj pants she opened her window in wonder and peace, Looking at the bright sun she would be figure it would bright enough time of the day when she got up that she did not feel lazy or exhausted she would start off with morning meditation and then she would start on her day or work.

She would be just getting on her robe and stretching out while walking out of her door, With a cup of green tea in her hand like it was just normal day with a peaceful smile upon her face. It wouldn't be until she was out of the door of were she was staying that she would hear some one was looking for, Wondering who it was Judina would head towards the sound of were it started.

Realizing it was Lacie and walked toward she. "Good morning Lacie what brings you here again?" She said putting her cup of tea down on something something so she could used both hands to button up her robe you could still see the undershirt she wore for a bit while she button from bottom up, also taking her time to put one of the cross like symbol she had in her hair and fix up her her pony tail,flinging it to her back she would pick up her cup of tea and stood how she normally would while waiting.

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#3Lacie Eventide 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:00 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie had been looking left and right but she had not been at the Rune Knight office in Hargeon for it had not been of any use to find Alice there so she had not tried. She wasn't entirely sure where to find her but suddenly Judina stood in front of her face and she was a bit taken aback for she had not expected her yet, "Judina, I was looking for you." she was talking too fast after that, forming no words and ways of telling anything to understand what she was trying to say, "Last week, I bumped into Waylon." she said after she finally had caught her breath and had taken a few seconds of silence to be able to talk at all. "I mean, his name was Waylon, daydreamer, wanderer, here in Hargeon and and and.. well I believe it is him."

Wasn't she a good friend to immediately try and find Judina, which was something she had said as well in the mix of words but since it wasn't that important, she didn't repeat it now. She tried to get a tissue out of her purse but dropped accidentally the job issue that she had just gotten from the quest board, she quickly picked it up and let it linger in her hands. She would wait for Judina her reaction now.


#4Judina † 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:46 am

Judina †
Judina looked and then too Lacie by the shoulders and looks at her in the eyes."Settle down and breath, Lacie." She mentioned to her since she seemed maybe she was a bit overly excited or something was going on anyway."You are not speaking words currently."Judina mention taking a moment to relase her and then pick up her cup of tea to take a drink.

Since Lacie managed to actually settle and breath Judina did hear her but seemed to wait until she stopped stumbling to continue. "Sounds about right to be my younger brother, If he isn't day dreaming alone he is with his best friend." She mentioned."Only thing also weird about him is how much he eats." She mentioned one of the many things she kept track of."He also generally keeps his hair short and a white coat on him." She seemed to be making sure a lead is a lead so if this  was sure, she would be following it.

"But we will talk about it shortly, What else do you have on you?" Judina kind of pointed out she knew and saw the paper, But made it no rush as it seemed she was making a rush of everything else. "We can talk about my brother on the way of anything else I maybe need to do or you maybe need to do as well."Mostly she saw no point in standing around and doing nothing so she was more then ready to do what else she needed to do, so far not much has shown up on her end to do for the moment the town was peaceful.

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#5Lacie Eventide 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:49 am

Lacie Eventide
It was good that Judina took Lacie by the shoulders, made her realize to come back to earth and focus on the here and now and her breathing so she could form words. She would take a deep breath a couple of times before finally answering that she was looking for Judina because she had seen Waylon recently. She told Judina why she thought so about the daydreaming and the like and Judina asked her more to make sure perhaps if it indeed was Waylon and Lacie could only understand but she nodded, "Yes too all. I met him in a restaurant in 8-Island and he ordered a lot, especially compared to me and short blue hair and I don't know for sure but I believe I have seen a white coat but I could make that up right now."

This is the moment she dropped the paper of the quest and got it back up in which Judina pointed it out in her hands, "Oh it's nothing much, just an easy job but if you would tag along, that would make it more fun and we can talk while walking there. It's at the warehouse from Raina Burke, the marine biologist." She replied when Judina asked if she had something to do and she would walk towards there if her friend agreed to come with so that they could go and do the job while Lacie informed Judina a bit more about things she perhaps needed to know.


#6Judina † 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:02 pm

Judina †
It seemed like luck was returning to Judina a small amount anyway Waylon was in the area and hopefully he was not going anywhere any time soon, Knowing Waylon he would be here for a small while he likes to move but sometimes if he was comfortable he would stay in one spot for awhile too if he was eating he had needed to rest for a while most likely or he was with Arisa, Both were options just which one it was in the end she did not know everyone was busy with something one day or another, but it was good news nonetheless.

"I know of her, I would not mind going with you."
She would not mind going and see Raina again after working with her before, Even with the slight awkward ranting she had did it was a pretty nice and peaceful in the end."It would make me wonder what else she needs done, Hopefully the last job i did for her ended out well."Judina did not fully remember what she did and how it all worked it she was fine with going again and seeing her.

She would be ready heading off at any point,just mostly she would be checking on Lacie to see if she was ready to do as well so she would mention she was."Well since I said yes, I can drink this on the go, What are we doing and were are we going?" Judina mentioned with a smile.

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#7Lacie Eventide 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:09 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie wasn't sure exactly what she felt, perhaps jealousy that someone was so happy to find family again, Alice had wanted to kill her, which only proved to Lacie how crazy her sister was. It was as if she was forgetting that she had done the exact same thing and had only wished for her sister dead. She had cried so much when Konstantin had told her, her sister was alive. And how the stupid girl got everything she wanted. Which she wondered if Alice had told Judina but for some reason she didn't want to pry. She didn't care about Alice her private life, she did care about what Judina thought of her.

Apparently Judina had also done a job for Raina, well that would have probably gone better than her job for Raina since Judina spoke about hoping the job would have ended well, Lacie couldn't care less, "Oh have you met her before as well, she is facinating isn't she? She just asked on the towns board if someone wanted to help her feed the fish."

She would wait for Judina to be ready before starting to walk and she nodded to the question, "We meet Raina at her warehouse and pick her up together with the fish food, she needs help with stiring the little boat on the water so she can feed the fish in there. It is probably something for another research, but she didn't put much information in there." It wasn't that far of a walk towards the warehouse and Lacie knocked on the door, she immediately asked Raina, after greeting her, if it was okay if both Judina and she herself would join Raina, which the marine biologist didn't mind.


#8Judina † 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:49 pm

Judina †
It sounded quite simple enough to do, Well she thought anyway would never know until she got there with Lacie, With it being slightly quiet and now calm Judina then asked."Do you need anything to drink before we depart?" Making sure after all she had tea and Lacie had well nothing to speak of to drink, It was rude not to offer anything before they left to get this job done."It is good to be sure now then later when we are half way to were we want to be and need something."Judina did think for a moment she might be just over checking a few things but she really did not seemed too bothered, it was slightly important to do after all.

She then realized her hands were still on Lacie's shoulders and then let go for a moment letting that moment kind of set in."If you do not need anything else then we should not be too much longer, Raina will not be out there forever." She mentioned, But did not sound she was in a rush to leave, Judina was either all work or calmness but she also not wants to seem a little too out of a place at this HQ so that might been something else as well she was most likely mentioning and checking for anything else.

Letting out a small laugh as well."The fish also must be really hungry as well." Being back to her relax and lightheaded herself around Lacie while they seemed to be off if they did not need anything else.

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#9Lacie Eventide 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:10 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie was excited, which was strange normally she didn't care even a little bit about others. But for Judina she could be happy and exicted, She said no when she was offered a drink, she was fine. She nodded though when Judina said she had to be sure, she had enough, she never was thirsty and she barely ate but she was working on that very carefully, steady, eating more, getting herself to drink something but right now she had no need.

When Judina said that they should go because Raina wouldn't wait forever, she immediately sort of jumped up to take the first step to the warehouse and she giggled because of the hungry fish, "I'll bet." She guided Judina to the warehouse even if she had been there before and she knocked on the door to talk to Raina about the two of them coming to join her on the quest, which apparently made her happy. She quickly grabbed her coat and the food for the fish and closed the warehouse door behind her, "Follow me, to the pond." With one look at Judina, Lacie followed.

Raina would point out the boat as soon as they reached the shore of the pond, "You two can paddle." Oh great, Lacie wasn't even sure if she was able to but she would try and in the end she was able to. When they were in the middle of the pond, Raina would feed the fish and after that they could paddle back. Once back on shore Raina paid the both of them for their help. Lacie would ask Judina if she wanted to come along on another job, for it was more fun.


#10Judina † 

Feed the Fish [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:29 am

Judina †
It did not seem to take very long after choices were made to depart, Always needed to be sure if anything it wouldn't be that long until they all set off forth for the job much like any day was, It felt normal an odd kind of normal since Judina never thought this was how her life went, But never had a plan for it to start with so maybe she shouldn't think that way as much as she thought.

It was a peaceful walk to the ware house for the most part, Mostly because Judina had ran out of things to talk about or mention it seemed for the moment Judina was more content with the peace and quiet. The walking, quiet sure but did not seem to take very long to arrive.

And with them arriving it wouldn't be much longer until they already seemed off to go work. Listening to orders for the most part, The casual greeting form Judina to Raina was just she being herself while keeping it all normal for her, following like she would any other job.

It is a simple thing,Paddle if need be Judina would do, since it was a simple stop and go it was all very nice to do, It wouldn't be very long either the boating and such fish feeding was a lot more relaxing she had not done something like this before nor had she been boating in a while. After getting the job done she quietly depart with Lacie and said good bye to Raina, She would join her in other jobs

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