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Wendigos [Plot/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The air had settled around the manor in a odd and anticipated way. It lied a feeling most would call anxious or anxiety ridden. Leon had his cat ears lied flat on his face sitting at large table. Fay sat a one side looking down at the glossy finish of the expensive table. It was not a lap of luxury but it was pricey. Across from him was Mr. Nakamura, he endured this long stare at him waiting an answer. The female kitsune remained distressed face. The motive for this meeting was quite clear with the dead Wendigo skull lying on the table and the urgency of this whole situation was starting to unfold a bit quickly. Finally, he was going to get answers.

For some time now, since the late summer he had been digging at something going further into finding something out. It was like chasing an endless goose chase. Leon was gettig no where with anyone or anything. Abraxas sat next to her master on the ground in an alert position. The room they were in was the dining room as art of the Nakamuras of the past hung along the walls in painted portraits. One recent one of Hikaru, Ryu, and LeeAnn. There was a newly hung one of Gala by himself. He did not look too happy in that painting. Must of been tired that day or something. Fay stayed silent as Mr. Nakamura spoke up. "You go my attention, Leon. What is your sudden urgency" he spoke to Leon. The neko looking at him address his presence. "I was on patrol with Abraxas here and we ran into this creature called a Wendigo. I am sure you are familiar with it" he said. The man nodded knowing what it was. Fay was starting to get a little clammy and sweaty as she spoke more of this Wendigo. It was a creature that was a pure evil spirit once human. A human who grew greedy and was a cannibal would turn into this creature slowly consumed by the unsatisfaction of this bottomless hunger. They were creatures worth to take serious. In ancient times, they feasted on the natives of the land and warriors and merchants. They were only a story to most, but to Mr. Nakamura this seemed a little too familiar.

The look in the old man's eyes spoke of a horrible feeling and seeing his mouth twist into a painful frown. This was very much the same feeling he felt when that Wendigo said he was LeeAnn. Its been on his mind ever since. It was that one lingering question no one would ever let go.

Who are you?

You look like someone I know.

You look fimilar.

I swear are not related to LeeAnn?

It made him itch every time someone asked those types of questions or made those comments. LeeAnn's father finally spoke up. "Yes, I know of it...too well...it was the cause of my grandmother's death and almost mine as well. What exactly happened" he asked. Leon went on to explain how Abraxas freaked out and he was lead to this creature in the abandon industrial park nearby. Though, he paused when he came to the part and began to call him LeeAnn. "It said I was LeeAnn. I do not know how true this is, but I thought you might wanna know" he said.

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#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Mr. Nakamura was not phased by this at all. It was like he was expecting this all along. He gave Fay a face of questioning. The stare made her a bit more fidgety and shaking even more violently. Eventually, he spoke. "Fay, is there something you want to add" he asked. The female kitsune slump lower into her seat like a little kid, refusing to answer. Leon gave his fiance a worried look yet stern. "Fay, are you okay? Is there something you need to tell us" he asked, worried. He approached to the young, white haired kitsune. Her blue eyes widen as she moved her arm away when he reached out to gently rest his hand on her forearm. The sudden weird behavior made him grow even more suspicious.

"Fay, what are you exactly hiding" asked Leon, in a really deep and serious voice. He sniffled about to cry. It was a subject she had not wanted to talk about. A substance that has haunted her since she remembered it. Her blue eyes looked at Leon and Mr. Nakamura. Once more the man spoke, only this time he was getting a little agitated by both of them. "Fay, just please tell us already. You are driving my patience" he finally spoke. He grit his teeth with speaking emphasising he was not a happy camper. Leon gulped.

Fay sighed. Her shoulder risen as her head lowered. It was hard for her to even speak with such a dry mouth and choked up with nerves. Finally, after five long minutes she spoke. "I...was the one...who did this to you Leon. I did a soul transplant on a temporary body for the both of us but" she said. She paused getting chocked up. She glanced at Leon, who's eye was widen. He slowly took off his eye patch, which he had never done before, only in his private quarters. Giving her a widen stare, he only stood up with his hands flat on the table. Muscles tense and a jaw slightly open in shock. This was not what he had expected. "You...hid this from me? After all that I have told you about my guilt and what I have done to you. I tell you EVERYTHING and this the most biggest secret of my life. Something that I have been searching for and you just now spill the beans" he said. His voice slowly started to grow more and more angier. Angrier than he had ever felt. Leon HATED people lying and keeping secrets from him. If it was about him or someone he cared about, he had to know. On some circumstances, he would understand, but some others he did not give two ten buck twos.

Leon heaved deep and heavy breaths as his claws unsheathed. "Why? Just why in the world you NOT GOD DAMN TELL ME i WAS LEEANN NAKAMURA?! WHY" he yelled. He was now in her face. Abraxas and Nicolas pulled him away from Fay, who was shaken up a bit. Leon calmed down and gave a long deep heavy sigh. He growled under his breath.

"I did it because of that thing. That thing is hunting you down and the family. My job is to protect you. I am really Hans" she finally revealed and finished. Leon was still quite furious to the point he had to walk out for a moment real quick.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Leon had already put the pieces together. It was quite easy once he figured it out. Hans was a white, nine tailed kitsune, so was Fay. Leon had the same color eyes, same exact eye patch, and the same exact markings. The pure anger towards Fay and the actions she had done to not tell him, even it was for his own protection. What exactly was threatening him? Why? Leon got up and stormed out to collect his thoughts. It was a tornado case of emotions and thoughts haunting his head. He walked outside of the manor where the light was setting for the evening. The fall leaves stormed around him with a upcoming windstorm. It was quite cold as time grew to a rest for the day.

He looked around the whole garden looking for some place to sit down. He saw an old bench with dead vine s around it. Leon went forth and sat on the old, rickey bench to calm down. A pattern of deep breaths and calming thoughts about a meadow remained his cool. Though, this was not for long until a sharp shoot pain went up his back causing him to fall to the ground with and Oof. This pain was all too familiar to the neko. The parastic marking pushed itself up to his neck and covering hte right side of his face, much like LeeAnn. He took off his shirt to check if it had grown. His once unscarred body was now filled with scars and cuts. On his left arm, a word was written and scarred over saying 'Ruined'. The pain had finally seethed in again and slowly sizzled. Now it was bare able. Leon grew a bit worried and in panic. He grabed his shirt and ran to Fay and Mr. Nakamura. Running into the diner in slight distress, they both looked at him interrupting a conversation.

Heaving in breath in and out, trying to catch it. Their eyes only stared at his chest. Mr. Nakamura was confused on why he was stripped. Fay already knew. "Oh no, the spell is wearing off" she said. Nicolas looked at the kitsune. "The spell? How" he asked. Fay glanced back at him.

"When I did the soul swap, I casted a spell on the bodies to help seal our identites. Normally when you do that the new bodies form to your previous body. This spell helps conceal their original identity. Leon is turning back into LeeAnn basically. Its a slow process, but its already starting to show" she explained. It was a little confused to the elder Nakamura, but he could understand a little. Back to the subject, Leon panted. "What exactly are you concealing us from exactly, HANS" he said, with a bit of anger. Fay only lowered her ears.

"Huh? I'm waiting" he replied. Leon crossed his arms and tapped his foot showing he was not messing around. Fay gave a sigh. "The Wendigo...why...I dont know" she replied.

His, now, father had a spark his eyes that reminded him of a story. Slowly, he raised a finger showing he was goiing to be a minute. Nicolas ran off real qucik out of the room. When he came back, he had a book of the Nakamura clan history in his hands. "I think its time you both know" he replied. Leon tilted his head slightly. Really, confused on what his father was doing. "Now that you remember who you are and we know for sure you are LeeAnn. Hans I think might remember this. Lee, there is a secret that only your mother and I possess. Our family is known by famous Lightning mages and tradesmen,
but there is more of us than you and your brothers realize. Long, long time ago, when we were first just settling here. There lied a redhead much like you named Homura. She was the most beautiful female in the village. Though, only person caught her eye. A kitsune man with white hair and nine tails. He was known as The Fox King, it was only a title, but the was the only known kitsune that would slay thousands of criminals and beasts alike all for the sport of it. He, too, has his eyes on Homura.
They would spend a lot of time together. He taught her fire magic. They became lovers and married. The village they lived in became terrorized one day by creatures called Wendigos. Homura and the Fox King, protected their family from the Wendigos. The Nakamuras were all lightning mages, she was the only fire mages. Wendigos hate fire. So, she and her lover became The Fire Gurdians of the family. These Wendigos realized they were up against The Fox King and both of them are long time rivals"
he paused. He show picture that were drawn in the family history book. It was an old dusty book that looked to be needing some TLC.

"For years, the two rivaling spirits had a long term wages war. Members of the Nakamura family would turn into these Wendigos with the illness I think you have. It was a curse.
There was no cure for it. It spread like wild fire ad there was nothing the couple could do about it. They decided to move to Hargeon. Apprently the clan was wrong. Homura ordered the clan to spread out to the entire continent. Homura and some of the members of the Nakamura clan stayed in Fiore. Homura and The Fox King placed one of the most powerful spells in history of magic. They put a bind on both of their souls. When one dies, the other one dies with them, but with this price, they were gained recarination only different each time. The only distinction was the hair colors of both of them. So every other two generations a redhead is born of the descendant of Homura as a redhead. That one is you Lee. You and Fay are Homura and The Fox King"
he revealed.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#4Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Leon sat there realizing and trying to take all of this in. He just sat there really not knowing how to respond to the man he was now going to call father. It was like finding his long lost family. Now that he knew hew as originally was a female before hand. This now felt really weird and was slowly changing back to his original self. Was he now male or female? Either way, it was what it was. His gender was not that important right now. What was the story that his father was telling. Apparently, this Fox King and Homaru was him and Fay. They look at each other for a moment blinking. Fay already had the idea she was Hans. Though, Leon on the other hand still had to let this sink in a little bit. His eyes only could give a confused answer.

He grew a tiny bit clammy from all of this new information. Abraxas leaped from her chair and sat by her master's side for moral support. The dark companion provided comfort to the young knight leaving him to bare a smile. His hand scratched her on the head and behind the ears making her urr with pleasure. "This is a lot of information to take in, Mr. Nakamura...er....father" he said. Still not used to now calling his former boss, father. Nicolas only gave a warm smile to Lee. "Its okay, Lee. You can cal me anything you want. I am called many things just nothing rude. It will take some time to sink in and everything. Do you still not remember your past, Lee" he asked.

The neko shook his head, only fragments came back at a time. Though, nothing all that important. Fay stood by her fiance and Abraxas. Nicolas paced a little scratching his head. "See you and Hans have been to many places. But where is one that would spark up something. Somewhere....OH!! Baska! Go to Baska Town, that's where you became a Neko in the first place and had the most recent memories of. Go there, you might gain some memories back there" he suggested. Fay had almost her full memory back and remembered they were there. That's where Lee entered the tournamet, but was beaten in the first round by Rowan. Though, the two became good friends afterwards.

Abraxas stood up with a look in her eyes determined to assist her owner into their quest. Her red eyes peered at Leon's then to Fay. Quickly, she sped out of the room and into the entrance way. "By the looks of it, she already wants to leave" said Fay. Leon got up and look his, now, father. Gently, he placed a hand on his dad's shoulder with a small smile. "Thanks for everything you've done, father. We'll go to Baska immedaitely. Though a quick questions. How long did you know I was your...missing...or LeeAnn before I did" he asked. Nicolas smiled and chuckled a little.

"A father always knows his children.
Since the time I first seen you, I have come to know you and Hans's little games by now"
he replied. Leon gave his father a long and needed hug. The man has been a moral support to him his entire life and never once really appreciated him for it. Leon felt a little bad he now had to leave him since Fay and Abraxas were now ready to leave. "Listen, I do not know how much I say this in the past, but...thanks, father. For everything you've done. Love you" he replied with a sweet smile. He turned back and headed out the door and with a final wave they were out of sight.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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