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Worth Woodsea to Baska [Foot Travel]

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Worth Woodsea to Baska [Foot Travel] Empty Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:37 am

It's as if she spent longer in Woodsea than she initially planned. She came here in search for her sister but instead found...more games. Though one thing was for sure she definitely did have fun in the games, she didn't know exactly what to expect. What was all the pumpkin pops for, though she knew in a hurry when a booth appeared what she was going to use them for - experience and stats. Yasuki knew that she had to appear to be a little stronger than what she was, she knew that because of the other Lamia Scale members she's met, including her sister. When she looked at herself she wouldn't even guess that she was from Lamia Scale, her tiny body though her height was tall, she was only average at best. Some reason she felt a calling to hit the road once again, with her companion Nami by her side. "Whatever is out there, we need to see for ourselves." she said in a hushed tone as she hit the road once more to travel to a unfamiliar town, she didn't know exactly where but she would know she's in the right place when she stumbled upon the city. Who knows, maybe she felt a calling to travel because of her sister. "One thing is for sure, when I get there as I look for my sister, I need to uhm... hide these." she would say referring to her ears as they pointed with curiosity.

The journey started, one foot after another Yasuki and Nami walked towards their next destination. Not sure of how far their destination was, or where exactly they were going they looked towards the sky in the distance. The sky met with the road and then what looked like a glimmer appeared in the far distance, "That's where!" she would exclaim letting Nami know where they were going as if Nami could talk back. Yasuki always dreamed of having a companion, someone or something to always have by her side as she traveled from town to town - especially since her sister always seemed to be in a rush. "Even though I know now where we're headed.... I'm still scared. Call me crazy but what if she doesn't recognize me, I mean, I hardly recognized myself!" Yasuki said as her and Nami continued on their way towards the destination.

Not knowing how far she had to travel was one thing, or how long it would take. Though she felt a strong pulling towards this destination, so she didn't mind. Heck, she could of had to walk ten times longer to get to any destination and if it meant finding her sister so she could see the transformation that happened to herself, Yasuki would travel anywhere. Though when she got to her destination, she knew that she would just want to have a tall glass of orange soda. And just like that she saw a sign and felt like she was at the needed place as she read the sign that said 'Baska Town.'



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