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Searching again [Foot travel to Baska]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Searching again [Foot travel to Baska] Empty Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:48 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena emerged from the dense forest feeling refreshed. The sun was shining, warming the area around her which was a pleasant change from the usual bitterly cold morning she was used to in these winter months so far. Selena actually felt a twinge of warmth which overall put her in a better mood. Selena was still annoyed about not being able to win all the carnival games at Halloween but she had won enough for herself. Although she never done anything with the pops, she kept them of a souvenir. A reminder that she was so unlucky that she shouldn't bother with many more carnival games or even chance games for that matter. No instead she was going to try and stick to more skill reliant tasks. Speaking of which Selena was feeling as if she overstayed her welcome here in the sea of trees. She had only planned to come here for the pops and then continue to look for her cousin, but one thing led to another and well she did not! "Okay Ring, You know who I want to find, so lead me in that direction. I want to find my cousin who is in the Rune Knights along with myself." She instructed. The small jingling daggers of the ring began to slowly glow to life. One thing Selena could say she benefited from by staying in Worth Woodsea was that she managed to figure out how the ring worked. She realized that as long as her mind was set on the thing she wanted to find the ring would respond. Her incantation needed to be somewhat relevant too but if she only had said an incantation without really wishing to find what she was looking for it would really not work very well. Selena watched as the small daggers all began to glow brightly as she held the golden ring in her hand. They were all pointing one way, which gave Selena a sense of accomplishment. Not only had she gotten what she wanted but she wasn't far away from it! Not only that but the ring's daggers did not deviate so she knew this was correct. It also told her that LAcie had not tried to join the Knights. Sighing light Selena would make her way to the road. The ring had luckily picked a delicate path for her to take this time.

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Searching again [Foot travel to Baska] BLlZQ5m

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