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Ex's Closet [Quest: Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Ex's Closet [Quest: Lacie] Empty Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:15 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie had realized that she felt less lonely when she was busy. Which was something that she definitely needed; because it was shitty to feel lonely and realize you had no one to lean on? Or well she had Judina, but her only friend was obviously busy as Lacie had spotted her brother here in Hargeon. Her lost brother, and Lacie had found him! She was very proud of that but that didn’t change the fact that her friend was now busy with that or so Lacie assumed, as well as that she was a hard working Rune Knight. Like the rest of Lacie her family. She sighed, because this meant that she had to do the jobs all by herself as well. Though she could ask perhaps but it was not something she wanted to do. She wanted to be a good friend to Judina, which was a first for many other things. She wondered how to start her day, the best idea was probably to go to Hargeon Town centre and find the quest board and find a job to do. She stood up from the couch she was sitting on, shut the book in her hands with a hard sound and placed it on the coffee table. Since she had the hotel room or more like apartment for herself again, she could leave her stuff around again. She felt relieved that her plan failed and that she was sort of released from her own stupidity. She should never do it again and leave things like this to people like Lucifer.

This reminded her that she still had not done anything for him yet. No information about the Rune Knight nor about her sister. All she knew was that Selena had said to write a letter to knights if she needed her but she was sure she didn’t need Selena, maybe to feel less lonely but she didn’t want to give in to that problem. She should make more friends, maybe that should mean that she would need to go to another town instead of Hargeon but Judina was here. On the other hand, Judina would meet more with her sister than her so did it all matter? She sighed again for her own drama and walked into the kitchen to drink some water before she simply went to fetch her new coat and purse before she headed out. She walked slowly towards the quest board but it was empty. She had made the decision to go on a job far too late and she looked left and right, what was the solution to her problem now? She pondered about what to do and stared at the empty board. That’s when she realized, she had her way into another market of quests and a small grin appeared on her face. That might be more satisfying than other things and she headed over to one person she knew that might have jobs to do. Maxwell Buscon, he wouldn’t be hard to find.


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Lacie Eventide
It wasn’t a long walk but she assumed he was at the same warehouse where she had met him before when doing a job with Baron. She hurried there, making sure her heels wouldn’t tick to loud, even though Selena wasn’t in town she had the feeling her cousin could jump up here in any location, in every second because she was doing something wrong. But of course that was ridiculous. She talked to Maxwell about a yellow box he needed from his ex’s apartment. She nodded a couple of times when he mentioned a dog and she would see what happened, animals tend to like her, but she didn’t like them. She hurried immediately to Brittany her apartment when she was to work, but before she could enter the apartment she noticed a fluffy little dog and she stared at it. Was this the vicious dog he talked about? She hunched down and lifted up her hand so the dog could sniff it to see she meant no harm and she rubbed his chin. The dog soon stopped barking and started to lick her as she petted him more. She stayed there as long as needed before entering the apartment and trying to find the box. Maxwell had mentioned it was in one of the closets so she went to look for it, it was easy to be found as it was yellow. She tugged the box underneath her right arm and headed out. She closed the door, petted the dog and walked quickly on tiptoes away so her heels wouldn’t make a sound. And now all she needed to do was show Maxwell that she got the box. She decided that it wouldn’t be smart to complain about how vicious the dog was because it obviously wasn’t that scary at all and easily to avoid. When she finally was far enough away, she walked on normally and pretended that it was normal to have a yellow box underneath her arm and to walk back to a warehouse.

When she arrived she handed Maxwell the box without much ado and didn’t say much more about it. She wasn’t entirely sure what she should more do or say and waited for him to get the jewels that he now clearly owned her, he talked to her about the dog and she only nodded and made approving sounds like: ”Mhm.” Once he gave her the complete amount of jewels, she headed off. Back to the city centre to find another quest and wondering if there would be a new ones, this one wasn’t as thrilling as she had hoped and thus who knows; it might be better to do a good quest. A honest one as she would like to say, this one had been dull and she wondered if it might be smart to try and find something to eat, because working on an empty stomach wasn’t the best idea. So many options but she didn’t know what she liked to do.


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