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Magical Bait [Quest Solo: Lycoris]

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

Finally! Finally, she had found a job request that truly was interesting. Holding the flier Lycoris was almost giddy with excitement, humming happily as she walked along the streets of Hargeon. It appeared the owner of this flier had requested help on a fishing trip, and he mentioned he needed someone strong, so that could obviously mean only one thing, right? That man was going to be fishing for large fish, and if she was lucky he would even be using some special bait to make the fish put up a fight! She was almost bouncing around in joy at the thought of finally facing something interesting like this, so it was understandable that when she arrived at the harbor and spotted the young man called Jacob that she raised a hand and waved excitedly at him. "You're Jacob! Right? The guy who needed help with the fishing trip?"

The young man had just finished inspecting the tools of his trade when he heard her voice, turning to look at the girl while giving her a cursory glance. "I am, and you are?"

The girl grinned sheepishly at him, a hand raised in a playful salute as she introduced herself. "Lycoris~ So tell me a bit more about the fish you plan to catch, are they big? Strong? what about your bait?"

Jacob couldn't help but smile briefly at her enthusiasm as he realized she had indeed been the one to accept his request, and soon the young man led her toward his boat as he started explaining.

"Good thing you ask, the fish I plan to catch are called 'Giga Flounder' they are a larger variant of regular flounders, not exactly aggressive but for a fish it's pretty strong!"

GIANT FLOUNDERS! How could she not be getting excited at the idea of wrestling such a giant fish? "And the bait is premium bait I ordered a while back, you can bet we'll catch a TON today."

And she'll be able to wrestle a lot of them? This was going to become the best exercise ever! She was almost bouncing up and down in excitement as Jacob took off the boat and they left toward the sea, making the girl hum a melody in excitement. "You seem quite enthusiastic, are you a fisher fanatic also?"

Lycoris shook her head lightly, grinning sheepishly at the young man as she explained the reason behind her excitement. "I'm a mercenary, and actually I'm excited because those fish seem quite strong and a good exercise for me to help you reel them in!"

The man laughed softly at her before he nodded his head lightly and slowed down the boat to a halt. "Okay, we're here, now all that we got to do is prepare the bait and set up the rod and we can go fishing!"

With baited breath Lycoris watched Jacob set up his fishing rod, and after a moment the young man cast it into the water, the bait slowly sinking into the deep while the lass waited for the first fish to bite!

Magical Bait [Quest Solo: Lycoris] BJeupcF

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

It didn't take long for the first tug to be made against the rod, and with his experience and skill Jacob soon started to reel in the fish. "W-We got a big one!" The man exclaimed as his feet started to grind into the deck, yet Lycoris could barely contain her excitement as she rushed to his side, her hands grasping a hold of the rod as she started to help tug against the rod with all her strength! He wasn't kidding, whatever he was reeling in must had been quite strong since even their combined strength was almost making her lose her balance and fall off the ship, but her resolve to fight a strong foe like this was simply too strong, and after a moment a sudden pull made a titan of a fish flop onto the deck, desperately trying to escape into the water.

"What the hell is that thing?!"

Of course Lycoris was beyond herself of excitement, pouncing onto the fish as she grabbed a hold of it with both arms, the squirming of the aquatic creature making her stagger from side to side. "Open that container Jacob! I might be tough but this fish knows how to squirm HARD!" Jacob rushed toward the nearby container on the deck, opening it as Lycoris dropped the giant fish inside it, panting lightly from the exercise.

"Your bait... it's mana-infused, am I right?" Jacob tilted his head to the side in confusion as he nodded his head lightly after a moment of consideration. "Yeah, the merchant said it works to get the fish even higher in quality, but that was no ordinary Giga Flounder!"

Oh, she was giddy at this point, turning toward Jacob with a smirk as she explained with delight. "Mana enriches the growth of a fish, makes them swell up to large sizes but it also makes them more aggressive~ Also the swelling is permanent so they sell really well on the market for restaurants that specialize in seafood."

Jacob couldn't help but smile weakly as he responded with. "Guess we should go ba---" Lycoris wasn't even going to let him finish, taking a strong step forwards as she stopped right before him. "We're gonna keep going till all your bait is gone~ This is too awesome!"

Poor Jacob... an entire day he spend at sea with the girl, who almost seemed like a kid at an amusement park as she wrestled each fish and dragged them into the container, and while at the end of the day he made a ton of money from the sales, he couldn't help but find the girl to be quite... odd. Nonetheless, Lycoris was obviously in a good mood, humming happily as she made her way off the ship, purse with jewels in her hand as she exclaimed happily. "If you ever go fishing again, feel free to invite me over again!"

A weak chuckle came from Jacob as he waved at her, seemingly ending this rather unusual tale...

Magical Bait [Quest Solo: Lycoris] BJeupcF

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