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Hargeon Foot Travel to Dahlia

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#1Namé Les 

Hargeon Foot Travel to Dahlia  Empty Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:29 pm

Namé Les


With no real direction or guide, she would be lost. At least, it would seem that way.

Namé still had Baron's map. That alone would guide her to the next spot she needed to go.

"Dahlia." she read to herself. She looked at the horizon and begun her journey again. She didn't do this for him, nor the world around her. She was on her own mission, and with it, she had her own tasks. There was duties she had to fulfill and to discover the next shrine would be just as difficult without a guide to show her the way. There was no map to follow to this location, she had to rely purely on instinct alone.

With a sigh, her first step was taken. Time would continue to pass until she finally left this town. Looking back she couldn't help bu wonder what would become of Baron, but it wasn't important. People would come and go, her god was eternal.

Her mind was focused, her mind was clear. She had one goal in this life. She was going to honor her family name. If her blood was too weak, then her body would be given up for her honor.

There was a bloodline to protect.

(Exit to Dahlia)

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