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You are LeeAnn [Solo/Plot]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

You are LeeAnn [Solo/Plot] Empty Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:32 pm

Lee Nakamura
Leon stood on the same grounds as those before him. He did not think of anything that much. Abraxas and him stood in the middle of the night. The streets were dead for the most part. Only streets lights and themselves stood there. Both were on high alert as usual. A lit cigarette hung from his mouth slowly smoking like a dying campfire. The taste did not bother him as much as some other foods and what humans called 'food' or 'edible'. He could barely keep things down. Events had calmed down now since last month. No answers regarding in his past and working for Mr. Nakamura. He was a pleasant man and he saw why he was well liked among everybody. Spending most of his time working and training his body kept his mind busy and off on his worries. Fay had gone quiet but remained faithful in finding answers.

They walked down the streets, alone. Fay was not with them nor was no other soul. The only other sound that could be heard was the shuffling of his heavy footsteps and their breathing. Abraxas was quiet on her paws, as trained to. She was a comfort to him. Leon hated walking in the dead of night. The air always gave him a little of a spook. A eerrie glow that comes from the atmosphere giving him enough to not sleep for a few nights at a time. He stopped and puffed out some smoke to calm his nerves down. It was not something he did often, but if his anxiety was bad enough. He would smoke. A safe way of not setting the town on fire. Finally, He sat down next to his companion. Her red eyes gave him a stare telling him she was a bit bored.

"Oh I know, not much going on tonight. Was suppose to be on patrol with a few other knights, but they had other things that came in. Guess its just us two, huh?" he smiled. she rolled her eyes and shaking her head. Abraxas only gave a deep, long sigh. "Hey,
it's not that bad. Sheesh, lighten up"
he replied. Abraxas then heard footsteps coming from behind them. It made her jump back and growl deeply. A sound he had never heard from her before. She never gotten this threatened before. Abra had always remained completely calm. This was new side to her she had never seen. The Umbreon's fur stood up sharp like needles

Leon looked to see nothing uphead. He heard no sound but only footsteps. The edge of Hargeon was surrounded by forest at one end and ocean on the other. They were near the forest side of the city. Leon had grown to know this town with numerous errands and patrols throughout his days here. Completely, he followed the source of the footsteps with Abra leading in a slow pace, careful at what might jump out. He was lead on the outskirts of town near abandon buildings nad factories. This part was never used and was considered trespassing when you were walking on the grounds. Leon had permission overrided by Mr. Nakamura. These factories had shattered windows and boarded up entrance ways. It creeped him out a bit expecting yellow perciing eyes to spot and stare at the two of them. Only Abraxas's golden rings glowed providing a source of light.

They heard footsteps get closer to them. It was until then Abraxas dragged Leon into an alleyway, hiding behind an old dumpster. They both peeped around the corner of the dumpster, carefully to not be seen. Carefully, using his night vision Leon could seen a tall, leaky creature that was at least seven feet tall, not much taller than he was. It's body. Oh go, he could make out it being sickly thin as if it had not eaten in days. He could see its dark fur mangled and covered in what looked like blood. The head and eyes freaked him out the most. HE had seen some pretty strange things over the course of recovering some of his unexplained memories, but this took the cake. This creature's head was in the shape of a deer skull with sharp teeth. The eyes sockets were completely black with a white beady circle as the eye. "What is that thing" he whispered.

The creature froze dead in its tracks. The eyes pierced right at him. They stared at each other Leon could not move. He had faced monsters and other creatures bigger than this thing. Though, this one was different from the rest. "What are you" he asked. The creature tilted his head and repeated exactly how he said in the same exact voice only...monotone. Abraxas glared at him to not move. This thing freaked him out most.
"Abraxas I am not going to do anything stupid" he whispered. She doubted that. instead the creature still remained near her master only standing in front of him for protection.

Leon stood up from behind the old, rusted dumpster. The 'thing' grave a low growl at Abraxas. They had a stood off until the 'thing' taken a step close used one of her lower ranked spells to attack to scare it off. It only scatched the creature barely. It barely hit. Quickly, he rubbed the small cut and without a moment's noticed lifting his long, sickly hand. Leon's eye widen. It had claws about a meter long. The 'thing's' claws slammed Abra into the side causing her to smash into a brick wall. "Abraxas! You asshole" he growled.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#2Lee Nakamura 

You are LeeAnn [Solo/Plot] Empty Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:53 am

Lee Nakamura
The creature remained unphased. He had not recall seeing anything like this before. For some reason, it scared him. Making his blood go cold. Abraxas heaved and wheezed as the air was taken out of her. Leon could only watch. Anger and fear reaked in his scent as this so called being came closer appearing more taller than he was thin. Its long, claw-like fingers reached to him slowly. Fire emerged from him surrounded his hands and shoulders. This sudden blaze startled the creature. It screeched seeing what was in front of him. The fire mage walked closer causing the thing to back away with each and every step. It was until Leon asked him. "What in the hell are you" he asked.

The creature blinked out of confusion and fear. It did not answer his question. Leon repeated himself again only more loudly and stern. "Let me ask again, what THE HELL are you" he cried, loudly. The creature saw the sudden burst in flames as it repeated what he had said in that same creepy voice. He felt it was playing a game with him. Leon shot a burst of flames at this creature again barely missing it. It was done on purpose to scare the creature. It stammered and spoke in a groggy, raspy voice that was monotoned like before. "You...You're the missing Nakamura. Only she bared that mark...just what we were looking for" it said. Leon's flames went out not believing what he had heard. Abraxas blinked understanding what the hell was going on. In a trance, Leon tried to comprehend what was just said. Quickly, the creature lunged forward and started charging at Leon. It then Abraxas rushed past him and did another defensive spell to keep it out of the way. Her red eye looked back at her master.

"Umbreon" she called out to him. Breaking his trance, the creature was no where to be seen. Quickly, feeling a heavy breath behind him. Turning to see this creature towering over him. "You're a Nakamura. You...and the Fox King will be mine" it growled. Leon somehow gotten angry. A sudden unforgivable grudge emerged. He hated this thing. Not for hurting his companion, but for what he was saying. This felt all too familiar. As if he had lived this before. A moment where he blacked out from all the anger. Not fainting, but going uncoincious and not aware of what he was doing.

Leon spliced, slivered, punched, mutilated, and finally executed this creature. When he came to his senses, he saw this creature so disfigured it was barely recognizable. Leon heaved deep breaths from all the anger. "I...am...not...LeeAnn. Or..am I" he asked. This question haunted him and will for now on until he has answers. Leon for some reason walked up to this creature seeing it as it was and too the skull. It was a souvenir and would help him find out what this thing was. He would have to do some research when he got back to the Nakamura Manor. Leon stared back at his companion. Abraxas was all bugged eyed shaking never seeing that side of Leon before. She knew not to piss him off.

"I think what we saw Abra, was a Wendigo. Its haunting the Nakamuras. Nicolas has to know immediately" he said. He recalled reading something about it a few weeks ago. Sightings of one in this part of town when travlers passed by and hanging around the Manor now that he thought about it. Perhaps, this was a missing piece to what exactly was haunting this family.


You are LeeAnn [Solo/Plot] Tumblr_oua5s27DHT1v5lsxco4_r1_500
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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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