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Distraction [Manji]

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Quest: Distraction - D

Jelies Sov: Jelies is the head guard of the noble family. Oddly enough, he isn't a very powerful person. He managed to secure this position by bluffing his way up. One of his lieutenants, for example, is multiple times stronger than him. Sometimes Jelies can be seen wandering into town asking putting up quests in order to continue living his bluff.

Summary: The Muramasas are having a large event in a few days, and many noble families will be visiting. It is a source of a lot of excitement, but for Jelies Sov, it is just one big headache. The coordination for security is a big enough issue for the event, but on top of that, he has to deal with Leis. The old man is almost comical with his senile ranting, but having a feeble man spouting ridiculous nonsense right in front of the entrance to the castle would bring nothing but shame on the Muramasa family. He can't deal with this himself, so he is employing someone to distract the man for the day, and make sure he doesn't come anywhere near the castle.

Leis: Leis is known as the village-idiot. He begins his day by spouting about satan in front of the noble castle each day. A few years ago he broke his legs during an accident and tragically lost his wife, he's been preaching from a wheelchair since, that was until a street urchin stole his wheelchair. Enil and some other citizens got together and made him a new wheelchair.

Objective: Keep Leis away from the castle.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Intelligence


  • Create a topic in Orchida Streets.
  • You will be waiting outside the castle a few hours before the event, waiting for Leis to show up at his usual time.
  • When the crazy old man shows up, you need to do whatever you can to keep him away. You can try luring him to follow you, convincing him of better places to create a ruckus, attempt to talk him down and rattle him out of his craziness for a while, or whatever. Just get him away from the castle.
  • Leis won't put up much resistance, and will allow you to lead him off somewhere else as long as you put some effort into your argument, and the two of you will go through the streets of Orchidia. Leis will act a little crazy, but also have some surprisingly melancholy moments where he talks about his wife.
  • Eventually, he will ask you to lead him back to his house, and will thank you for spending time with him.
  • Once the event at the castle is over, report back to Jelies, and he will give you your reward, thanking you for your time.


~ "If you cannot find this girl, nor her allies, I will ask of you to do something in the meantime." the voice called to her as she bowed her head to the shrine. She had her own mission to fulfill, and she was within reach of herself. . .  ~

The memory of the night before was fresh in her mind. She was going to travel all over Fiore until her pilgrimage was done. She would do this for her fahter, not this nameless deity. She would obey her direction to follow into the steps of another girl. It was then that she would learn of her heritage, but she was granted something else.

She offered her soul, the only thing she had of value. It was at that moment she heard the laughter of that being, and was allowed to glimpse into the power she could have. She saw the village from another country and all of the warriors that trained with this ancient magic. She saw the hatred and the war and them all fighting back the threat. However, while watching this war, she could see that this people had been using the same magic to attack these Manji warriors. Some were even captured.

But why did this matter?

She knew that the Manji were never defeated. She knew that with the power of the spirits they could call upon all kinds of old powers. But if people had learned this magic in secret, if they gave their souls to demons and darkness, they could call upon unrighteous things for aid in this battle. It was not the failure of the magic, it was the manifestation of the magic in one of it's most potent forms. If Sekiya could understand and refine this art, she could be stronger than anyone.

It was all thoughts and hypotheticals at that point. Her magic was aligned to darkness, proof of her mother's taintedness. She was banished for some unknown reason, and with her father she should have been blessed with the pure form of the magic.

She sat on the steps of this castle, hoping to find this ridiculous old man. It was not her plans to even aid anyone, but with the being requesting her to seek out a girl from Fairy Tail, she would have to spread her own fame by doing good deeds and jobs to help tolks folk wherever she traveled. It was tedious, and part of her hoped it would fail. She wanted nothing to do with-

"OOoooOOOooooOOooOHHHHhhhhh!" the voice drew near. The girl would turn fast to find the old man.

"Leis," Sekiya would call out to him, "I'm so glad you're here. Did you hear about the boy who summoned Satan the other day?"


Without time to waste she would take the hand of the old man and begin to lead him away from the celebration and gathering of nobility in the castle. She had to get him away from them so the party could continue as usual. Hopefully another issue wouldn't arise from the midst of the gathering, but that wasn't her task.

"I heard he rose from a dark pit within a summoning circle. I think the child offered him a great blood sacrifice." She told the man complete lies. She would take him around the town, leading every which way to where they would get lost.

She only had to stall long enough for the celebration to come to an end and to send the man home. He was a fool, and it was simple enough to follow. She only hoped he would be as compliant as others said he normally would be.

"GREAT GOD, MAY YOU INHERIT THIS WORLD FROM OUR FEEBLE GRASP!" he exclaimed, following Sekiya obediently.

She would begin to walk through the busy night streets, watching the night life creep onto the roads. The man too would be mesmerized by what seemed to be a night festival. Sekiya figured it to be a birthday or some wedding or other celebration, but Leis would silently believe it was for Satan himself.

~ "There is no such thing as gods, nor evil devils." she told Sekiya as she bowed her head, "They are called guardians. Each has a name and each belongs to a patheon. I had a name long ago, but I was also received a blessing and a curse. One that would grant me many names and titles. My true name lost to time."

Sekiya would bow, knowing what her true purpose would become. She could only obtain power as long as she served this god. If she could recover the lost name of the deity, she would be granted her freedom along with the eternal magic. She was becoming obsessed with it. She could taste it .

" . . . Where are we?  " the man spoke, Sekiya's train of thought leaving the station, only to grasp reality on a loose grip.

"I think the house was over here? Somewhere. . . "

"Missy, we've ended up at my own home." He stared at the house in front of them. "Satan will have to wait tomorrow. Leis is tired. Leis will find him tomorrow . . " He would yawn and almost mindlessly wander to his own front door.

Sekiya would look up at the dark night sky, hoping it was enough to satisfy. All she did was take the man in and out of the streets of the city. It was so simple, was this really her job? To babysit an old man?

She would sigh and make her way back to the castle. She would busy herself with whatever would be left of the celebration. Hopefully a small meal could be scavenged from it all, and with it, her payment for being a a babysitter for the senile.

She would turn to walk by the wedding and the parties that all seemed to share the same night. She smiled at the thought of having her own party. Her own birthday date itching at the back of her mind. Perhaps she would have a party here too.

Just maybe.


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