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Feed the fish [Quest Baron]

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Feed the fish [Quest Baron] Empty Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:26 pm

Baron tossed and turned during another sleepless night, he saw her again and this time she was so much more real. The woman with long flowing black hair, he fell for her again. He couldn’t believe it, she was so beautiful, he wanted her more than anything, but couldn’t have her. She looked away away from him on the cliff she stood on with crossed arms. He watched her from the bottom of the cliff, she looked down at him and put her nose in the air,. He needed her, he wanted her, but to get to her he had to climb the cliff, thus he tried. He made his way up the cliff, he put his fingers against the gravel and tried to pull himself up. Every minute he climbed he tried his best to get up to her, his fingers ached, his les shook, he was only a few feet from the ground and did his best to get up to her. His heart hurt, but he did all he could. He went up the cliff anyway, he dug his fingers into the stone and tried his best. She was his goal, he needed to see her, she woudln’t look at him, but he would make her look at him, he would earn her favor one way or another even if it hurt him. He pulled his way up the mountain and reached for her, he tried his best every day and now he couldn’t give up again. She was so radiant from atop the mountain, as that is what the cliff grew into, a mountain. He kept climbing, he had the heart to do it, he kept striving, he kept working, he couldn’t let up, her love wouldn't come easy, but he wouldn’t quit, he couldn’t quit, he wouldn’t quit. He kept going and climbing, he coudl feel himself nearing the top, the cold on his fingers felt real, his aching body felt real, and soon he would reach the mountain’s summit. He looked up at her with a smile as he finally managed to reach for her flowing white garb. She was in a beautiful white dress, he reached for her, he could almost touch her, she was so close to him yet so far. He needed her more than anything, he had to reach for her and do what he could to get her. She was the best he could do. He wanted her more than anything, she was greatness at its peak and he could finally get her. Or so he thought, one of her heeled boots pressed into his face, he got a last glimpse at her, he wanted her more than anything. He had to get her some how, he wasn’t sure though, but before he could speak she pushed him back down the mountain with a single shove. He opened his eyes, and looked up at her as he fell. He fell down the mountain, he waved his arms as he tried to reach her once again and fell anyway. He did his best and failed anyway, even in his dreams he couldn’t get his dream girl. But one day, he’d find her. She had to be real, she was so beautiful, there was no way she was a dream. He was going to go on the hunt for her, he would find her. He would have to get her, he wanted to be a beast and when he hunted for her he would go after her and he wouldn’t give up on her. She would be his one day, no matter what it took, he would see her again, no matter what it costed or what hurt him. His eyes opened at 4 am sharp, he looked down at the job he had taken earlier that day and ran for it early. He showered brushed his teeth and did all he could to look good today incase he saw her. That’s what he would do, he would look good everyday until he saw her again. He waited by the canal, soon a woman would approach, she wasn’t the one he was looking for, but she was darn close save for the hair. He helped her out to the canal, he went with her up the pond, she fed the fish, he looked at her while she did it and when she was ready they backed back to shore and went with her to her office so he could get paid. He offered a kiss instead of pay but she declined and shoved jewels into his hands. Maybe he should have been focused on the black haired beauty after all,.. One day he would get a name though, he had to. She was the one for him after all. One more day.


Feed the fish [Quest Baron] MJmwSQc
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